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David Lynch is now designing women’s sportswear!
10:29 am


David Lynch

I’ll be honest, I’m not that shocked by David Lynch’s new venture into lady’s workout clothes. The man has his own signature coffee—he will not be boxed in by your preconceived notions of what an eternally boyish American surrealist filmmaker is supposed to do! I guess what surprised me was the relative tameness of the designs. It’s not like I was expecting inspiration from Eraserhead—he’s always preferred his leading ladies in feminine get-up—but the look is unexpectedly… wearable. I would totally do pilates in that.

The line is actually a collaboration with model Alyssa Miller (the very Lynchian-looking doe-eyed brunette you see above), and a company called Live the Process—from what I can gather, it’s some kind of lifestyle brand, but the corporate New Age speak is a little vague. The venture was inspired by Lynch’s notable commitment to transcendental meditation, a practice Alyssa Miller recently undertook as well, and some proceeds go to Lynch’s meditation-focused non-profit. From the website:

David Lynch wants to bring Transcendental Meditation (TM) to anyone interested in practicing.

The award-winning director/writer/producer—best known for films like Blue Velvet and Mulholland Drive and seminal TV series, Twin Peaks—has worked to raise public awareness of TM via his namesake charity, The David Lynch Foundation (established in 2005). Now, DLF, model Alyssa Miller and Live The Process are collaborating towards this shared goal, with a capsule collection, as well as an exclusive t-shirt designed in association with New York artist Jason Woodside communicating “Change Begins Within, Live The Process.” The collection will be available at Barneys New York with a portion of the proceeds going towards funding for DLF’s mission to make learning TM accessible to everyone globally.

Barney’s? Swanky! If florals aren’t your thing, the line also comes in a classic cheetah-print—a good workout look may cost you $150, but it’s perfect for cardio in the Red Room.

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