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Dangerous Finds: Josh Duggar is a loathsome dipshit; China’s Commie Illuminati; Sarah Palin on Trump
01:17 pm

Current Events


Josh Duggar is a loathsome dipshit: Admits to porn addiction and being ‘unfaithful’ to wife: ‘I have been the biggest hypocrite ever.’ It pisses me off to even be typing his name. I don’t want to know anything about this man’s dumb life and yet I do. That’s just plain WRONG. Lord Jesus, make it stop! (Raw Story)

The Secretive Beach Retreat Where China Leaders Plot World Domination: Welcome to the beach resort where the Chinese Communist Party’s major players convene each year to set the country’s geopolitical and domestic agendas. (The Daily Beast)

Bernie Sanders Announces Bill to Abolish Private Prisons, Hints at Marijuana Policy Platform: Sanders isn’t done talking about criminal justice reform — in fact, he’s merely getting started. The presidential contender continues to rise in the polls and sensible Drug War reforms will only increase his standing with the Democratic base. (Marijuana Politics)

London’s sky pool will let the super-rich swim through the air: Developers in London are building what they claim is the world’s first “sky pool” — a 25-meter long swimming pool suspended 10 stories in the air between two blocks of luxury flats. Prices in the building start at one million dollars. (The Verge)

Noam Chomsky: Why America Is the Gravest Threat to World Peace: What, exactly, is the alleged Iranian threat? (AlterNet)

A factor behind Bernie Sanders’ appeal: Changing attitudes toward socialism: The independent Democratic candidate has repeatedly upheld his socialist views throughout his presidential campaign. (The Christian Science Monitor)

Audi is to unveil an electric car to rival Tesla’s forthcoming Model X that the German marque says is capable of travelling at least 310 miles on battery power alone: The Volkswagen-owned carmaker will display the concept, a sport utility vehicle provisionally called the E-Tron Quattro, at next month’s Frankfurt motor show and plans to put it into production in 2018 as its first mainstream electric car. (Financial Times)

An Open Letter to My Future Parents In-Law Who Won’t Attend Our Wedding: Should be mandatory reading for all anti-gay bigots. (Huffington Post)

Republicans Can’t Face the Truth About Iraq: Gov. Jeb Bush repeated one of the biggest falsehoods of our time during the recent presidential candidate debate: “we were misled (into the Iraq War) by faulty intelligence.” US intelligence was not “misled.” It was ordered by the real, de facto president, Dick Cheney, to provide excuses for a war of aggression against Saddam Hussein’s Iraq. (The UNZ Review)

Conservative radio host’s comically horrific immigration plan: Let’s reinstitute slavery to build Donald Trump’s wall: “What’s wrong with slavery?” Jan Mickelson asked on a recent radio program. (Salon)

Millennials ‘heart’ Bernie Sanders: Why the young and hip are #FeelingTheBern. (Raw Story)

Sarah Palin Likes Her Men Dumb And Drunk, Like Donald Trump: Watch the Republican Party die a little bit in real time. (Wonkette)

Hillary Refuses to Take a Stance on the Keystone Pipeline: She can’t keep this up for long. (Charles P. Pierce/Esquire)

Donald Trump: Brothers who beat and urinated on Latino man ‘want this country to be great again’: They have a novel way of demonstrating their patriotism, no? Assault he inspired was “a shame” says the xenophobic GOP frontrunner. (Raw Story)

Below, Herman’s Hermits sing “No Milk Today” in 1966:

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OMG, there are ‘Doctor Who’ Weeping Angel lights that blink at one another
09:47 am



What a brilliant and clever idea: Doctor Who Weeping Angel string-lights that blink at one another.

Multiple strings can be plugged into each other, so you can basically have as many Weeping Angels in one place as you’d like. Honestly, one is too many for us. And yes, like we said above, the you can set the lights themselves to blink. We’re not entirely sure what that means in terms of quantum locking, but with Weeping Angels it’s pretty safe to assume it probably isn’t good.

In the photographs they show the Weeping Angels strung high on a porch, but I’d much rather see them lighting up a Christmas tree. Why? Because there’s also a Weeping Angel Christmas tree topper. I mean, if you’re going to do it you might as well do it right.

The Weeping Angel light set can be purchased at Think Geek for $24.99.


via Laughing Squid

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Uplifting movie themes played in a MINOR key suddenly become evil, oppressive, militaristic
09:46 am



Last week I posted here about a musician who had taken a handful of iconic horror soundtracks and turned them “soothing, triumphant, and dorky” by reworking them in a major key.

One of my favorite things about blogging stuff I think is cool is that sometimes the people you are blogging about read what you wrote and respond to it.  In that previous article I had mentioned that John Carpenter’s Halloween soundtrack, playing in a major key, sounded a lot like the Chariots of Fire theme (mashed up with “Baba O’Riley”).  I went on to say, ” the Halloween theme left me wondering… what would the Chariots of Fire theme sound like in a minor key? I bet it’d be scary as hell. Perhaps Mr. Gordon can get on that and let us know?”

Well folks, Mr. Gordon DID get on that and Dangerous Minds got a nice email from him:

I’ve taken Christopher’s advice and converted Chariots of Fire plus a few other classics to a MINOR key.

So here we have the themes from Indiana Jones, Police Academy, The Great Escape, Chariots of Fire, and Jurassic Park—all reworked into a minor key. The results here are just as interesting as the major key horror soundtrack revisions.

Indiana Jones in a minor key suddenly sounds militaristic and would be an appropriate theme if the Nazis had been the film’s protagonists, seeking to rescue the ark from the idiot American archaeologist with no idea of its power.

Police Academy in a minor key suddenly becomes an epic sword and sorcery theme. It’s the sound of Conan (the barbarian, not the late night host) marching through the desert, trying to solve the riddle of steel and defeat the evil Captain Mauser.

The Great Escape theme sounds like a montage sequence from a Jewish comedy.

Chariots of Fire, as I imagined, does indeed sound like a horror soundtrack. Specifically one that is very ‘80s and very Italian.

Jurassic Park‘s theme in a minor key is utterly oppressive. It sounds like slavery.

Check them all out here:


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Delightful photos of heavy metal fans, captured in mid-headbang
08:56 am



One of the aspects of heavy metal music that keeps it a young person’s game is the centrality of headbanging. For instance, it is very, very difficult to do your taxes while headbanging, and this fact constitutes a central part of its appeal. Along with pogoing and moshing, there is a visceral thrill to headbanging that perfectly fits the music to which it is linked.

Danish photographer Jacob Ehrbahn spent the summer of 2012 traveling to various European heavy metal festivals (specifically Denmark’s Copenhell, Germany’s Wacken Open Air, and Sweden’s Metaltown) and capturing those jubilant instants in time when the heavy metal fans were at the moment of extreme exultation—in mid-headbang, naturally.

Ehrbahn’s intense, joyous portraits of music fandom in action have been collected in a book called Headbangers, which will be available in September and is available for pre-order.

We’ve collected a few gems here, but you can see more at the Great Photojournalism website.



More pics after the jump…...

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Bernie nooooooo!!! Bernie Sanders released a pretty terrible spoken word folk music album in 1987
08:27 am

Class War


Cassette cover for Bernie’s album
Since Bernie Sanders announced his run for President of the United States of America, his lack of polish has been far more endearing to the public than his detractors ever imagined. He’s not a slick baby-kisser; the man talks serious social democratic policy and stays on message with a self-possessed intensity. However, if Bernie’s impersonal style has given the impression he’s completely devoid of sentimentality, “Brothers and Sisters,” let me assure you otherwise! In 1987, Bernie Sanders released a spoken word album of lefty folk standards, and it is bad—positively Shatneresque, if you will.

According to Vermont blog Seven Days, Burlington-based musician Todd Lockwood got in touch with Sanders out of the blue to pitch the idea—they had never met before. At this point Bernie was the Mayor of Burlington, so Lockwood just called the Mayor’s office and left a message with a secretary describing the project. To his surprise, Bernie set up a meeting, later telling Lockwood, “I have to admit to you this appeals to my ego.” Originally, Bernie was supposed to actually sing the songs, but they quickly realized he can’t carry a tune in a bucket, so they went with spoken word. You can hear samples of the results below; all I can say is that it’s good that he’s never run on anything but the issues, because he is not winning any votes with his musical talent.

If you’re just dying to hear the whole thing (for who doesn’t require a recording of an old Brooklyn Jew sternly intoning the words to “Where Have All the Flowers Gone?”), you can actually purchase the entire album, We Shall Overcome, on Amazon.

Via Talking Points Memo

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‘Pesterminator,’ the shit video game that advertised Western Exterminator
07:42 am



The 1990 video game Pesterminator: The Western Exterminator is not as Burroughsian as one could hope. In fact, it’s not Burroughsian at all; it’s a disappointment in every way. The box promises nine infernal levels, the perfect number for a Dantesque descent into a rat-infested hell, but in fact the game only contains eight, one of which is the moon. Yes, the moon, from which Ronnie the Super Rat is “radiating the Earth with his powerful PEST BEAM,” causing our planet’s rats and bugs to rise up and demand what’s theirs. Do you really want to interfere with Ronnie’s project? I, for one, incline to the view that these noble species deserve their turn at the top of the food chain.

The hero of Pesterminator is the Western Exterminator mascot, the stern-looking, long-nosed person with the top hat and the hammer who overlooks L.A.‘s Hollywood Freeway and is variously known as Kernel Kleenup, Inspector Holmes, Mr. Little and the Little Man. Though he’s probably best known in the states where Western Exterminator has offices (California, Nevada, Arizona), I once saw a Kernel Kleenup figurine in a Philadelphia warehouse, and Van Halen fans will recognize his image from 1984 tour merch.

The game was produced by Color Dreams, a notorious manufacturer of unlicensed cartridges for the Nintendo Entertainment System whose subsidiary Wisdom Tree later produced many of your favorite Bible-themed video games. As an irate video game reviewer says on YouTube:

Games like Pesterminator are so horrible that they make you wonder why they were ever made at all. Who in their right mind would want to waste their time on such a futile endeavor? Color Dreams made it? Huh—well, that explains everything. They always seem to waste everybody’s time making shit, but this game is really dreadful, even for them.

“ANOTHER FINE AMERICAN MADE GAME,” the copy on the box boasts:

When you’re bugged by nasty pests, it’s time to call Kernel Kleanup [sic], the familiar character from Western Exterminator. Ronnie, the super rat, and his friends are pushing for a hostile takeover and their territories cover Houses, Office Buildings, Warehouses, Hotels, Swamps, and even the Moon. Watch out bugs, PESTERMINATOR has a big surprise waiting for you!

In the early days of the home video game console, one of the fun things that used to happen was this: you would visit your schoolmate at his mom’s condo and he would spend an hour or two “showing you how to play” his favorite games, after which it would be time for you to move on to a different activity or go home. Today, you can relive those precious moments by watching someone else play Pesterminator below. Let’s hope Ronnie and his army of plague-carriers annihilate the human race this time!

H/T Ben McKean

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Vintage Paris ‘pleasure guides’ for horny tourists
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Despite suffering so many casualties in WWI that its military-eligible population was still decimated when WWII came around, France’s economy bounced back fairly quickly in the wake of Europe’s devastation in the “War to End All Wars.” That 1920s recovery was partly based on two enduringly popular items which were made abundantly available in Paris: alcohol and women’s bodies. Americans, flush with cash in a stock bubble and weary of the prudery that led to alcohol prohibition, visited Paris for cocktails and cockteases. Paris’ sexualized entertainments ran the gamut from mere topless revues to outright sex for sale, and the publishing industry capitalized with “Pleasure Guides” for horny tourists.

Now, some of these were pretty much ordinary tourist guides tarted up with sexy cover art. This English-language guide below, via, is a browser widget that lets you actually flip through the book. (The entry on page 79 for the notoriously gory Grand-Guignol is priceless, as it’s demure to the point of deceptiveness.) It picks up a bit of steam on page 121, a chapter titled “The Worst Parts of Paris.”



In front of the Métro Combat, a little to the right, after nº 120, stretches up towards the Buttes-Chaumont the small rue Moniol, which the rue Asselin cuts across, cutting out from the centre of said cross a block of dingy houses called the «Monjol fort», a citadel of love in which a dozen groundfloor rooms each hide in the mouldering walls three or four women, all fallen to the last degree of the vilest prostitution.

Bepainted, scarcely clad in a mere unfastened dressing-gown of oriental colours, they await, watch and call the stevedores and the «sides» who swarm at that hour in the bars around, and who prowl about and succeed one another at their half-closed doors, bespattered with a wan light from within.

You’re just crazy-horny now, aren’t you? Say what you will, that second ‘graf is poetry.

But of course, while the tamer guides were legit tourist resources with a few references to the sex trade—disguised as warnings to provide cover to both the reader and the publisher—other books were just straight-up lists of bordellos. UC Berkeley professor Mel Gordon, in his forthcoming Feral House book Horizontal Collaboration: The Erotic World of Paris, 1920-1946, writes

Paris, universally referred to as Paname by the locals because of de rigueur hats worn by male fashion plates, was back in business. By 1923, over 250,000 American tourists had made their way across the Atlantic to explore the French capital. Fleeing their country’s draconian Prohibition laws and flush with wads of hard currency, the worldly trekkers weren’t just there to inspect the landmarks and museums or ferret out its fine dining establishments. They were drawn to la Ville-Lumière for a more unconventional list of enticements, many of which were primly catalogued in the city’s official directories or featured in the voyagers’ naughty guidebooks.

The classifications of the brothels in many ways resembled those of hotels or restaurants. In general, they were broken into three categories: mammoth luxury establishments, where customers might spend the better part of an evening (masons de tolérance); intimate, more personal-sized dwellings (maisons de ren- dez-vous); and dirt-cheap lairs that mimicked the speed and efficiency of a factory assembly line (maisons d’abattage).

Annual directories and business cards advertised and updated the latest additions to the maisons closes. Smaller houses relocated with some regularity and, occasionally, the names of competing brothels — based on street addresses or landladies’ nicknames — were confusingly duplicated. So there were multiple Château d’Eaus, Chez Billys, Chez Suzys, Le Hanovres, Le Panier Fleuris, and Temples of Beauty. Guidebooks, like the ubiquitous Guide Rose or Guide-Indicateur des Maisons de Plaisirs et d’Art de Paris, were essential aids.


More après le jump…

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Time to start thinking about breaking out the hooved leggings for the Pagan holidays
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It’s hard to believe that another summer’s almost over. It won’t be long before the dreaded holiday season is bearing down upon us like Bill Cosby in a rutting reindeer sweater once again. After all, there are only 126 shopping days left until Christmas. Can you believe it? With that ominous deadline looming large on the horizon, what rational person has the time to think straight, much less participate in the crass commercialization of that most holy of days—Black Friday—by getting all of the family handgun Christmas shopping squared away before Santa’s annual home invasion drill down the chimney?  Maybe it’s time to take a deep breath, wash a Xanax down with some of last year’s slightly expired eggnog, and think upon simpler times. More Pagan times.

An Etsy shop doing cosplay the hard way, Chaos Costumes, features a line of hooved leggings suitable for your next Pagan holiday celebration.

Shop owner, Blair Ondria, specializes in designing, fabricating, and selling a line of very unusual “custom fantasy costumes and accessories.” Most of her designs are based on creatures with hooves—from horses to fauns, creatures both real and mythical, creatures with both cloven and non-cloven hooves. In fact, the only creature with cloven hooves whose costume they don’t seem to stock is Donald Trump.

Bear in mind that the holiday season begins with Halloween (or Samhain) —and that’s only two-and-a-half months away— so get cracking if you’re looking to receive your faun hooves in time to frolic in a glen (or whatever) on October 31st.  Just add horns, a tail, and a pan flute, and you’re either a satyr dreaming of nymphs, or a hirsute Zamfir ready to serenade his flock.

Halloween out of the way, we have to deal with the agony of a traditional family Thanksgiving. I suggest you score a pair of these werewolf stilts, brandish a turkey drumstick in one hand and a flagon of mead in the other, and attend your own private Bacchanalia until the alcohol and tryptophan kick in to put you out of your misery. With any luck, the synergistic effect will allow you to sleep until December 5th.

Or perhaps line the family up for the traditional holiday Osculum Infame.
December 5th (or 6th, depending on your ancestry) is Krampusnacht, on the eve of the feast of Saint Nicholas. In Alpine folklore, Saint Nicholas, who rewards good children, has an evil, devilish counterpart called Krampus , who appears on Krampusnacht to punish the children who have misbehaved. This antithesis of Saint Nicholas is a hairy beast with cloven hooves and the horns of a goat. Needless to say, a pair of cloven-hooved leggings are tailor-made for creating a Krampus costume to wear on Krampusnacht while running wild in the streets, whipping townfolk with branches, and stuffing children into gunny sacks.

“A tisket, a tasket, stuff this brat into a basket.”
Continues after the jump…

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Drunk man digs up father’s grave to argue with him
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Current Events


Some people just have to have the last word, don’t they? Meet Michael May, a 44-year-old Lincoln, Kentucky resident caught allegedly trying to dig up his late father’s grave in a Baptist cemetery in order to argue with him. YES, in order to settle a score. Because Kentucky?

Sadly, the police report doesn’t say exactly what it was that May wanted to get off his chest and communicate to the deceased.

May was arrested for “violating a grave, public intoxication and possession of marijuana.”

via Wave 3 and Death and Taxes 

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Intimate Catherine Wheel performance on Italian television, 1998
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Catherine Wheel circa 1992
Catherine Wheel circa 1992

Here’s a pretty rare glimpse at an intimate performance from 1998 by the Catherine Wheel on TMC2 or Telemontecarlo, a now defunct Italian language television network that was broadcast out of Monte Carlo from 1996 to 2001.

So unseen is this footage that Catherine Wheel’s bass player, Dave Hawes posted the ONLY comment below the video saying he had never seen footage in its entirety. It was also the first time the band had ever been to Italy which is revealed during one of many interview segments that are conducted on the stage by host Red Ronnie (aka Gabriel Ansah) and CW vocalist, Rob Dickinson.

There is some additional banter during CW performance that is insightful, silly and enjoyably awkward. Especially when Red Ronnie coyly asks Dickinson if he knows Iron Maiden vocalist, Bruce Dickinson (the two are real-life cousins). It is one of many moments that makes this video time-capsule a really fun watch.
Rob and Bruce Dickinson keeping it in the family
Keeping it in the family. Rob and Bruce Dickinson

The band performs three songs from from their excellent 1997 album, Adam and Eve -  “Delicious,” Ma Solituda,” and “Phantom of the American Mother” as well as a killer version of the song “Heal” from CW’s 1995 album, Happy Days and “Crank” from their 1993 album, Chrome. Dig it!


Previously on Dangerous Minds:
‘Sense of Doubt’: David Bowie on Italian TV, 1977

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