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Two seasonal mixtapes from Everett True

Ex-editor of the sadly defunct Melody Maker, author of Nirvana: The Biography and now proprietor of the excellent Collapse Board website, Everett True has not one but two Christmas mixtapes available to download just now. They covers all bases from the popular to the obscure, from funk to country to punk to indie(ish) and everything in-between. Everett himself says:

I spend great chunks of early December arranging and rearranging the 1,500+ Christmas songs in my iTunes folder into various playlists: for family, for friends, not for the children, and so on. Odd that I do so, as I’m really not fond of this time of year otherwise (although that feeling is changing as our family increases). This year, my task has been somewhat hampered by Daniel (aged 2) destroying the external hard drive, just two weeks after I’d transferred my entire cache of 2011 music onto it.

I suspend most of my regular aesthetic values when it comes to this season. As long as there’s a sleigh bell or an overtly schmaltzy production or a smart-ass lyric decrying the fact Santa NEVER BRINGS ANY FUCKING PRESENTS or some soulful heartfelt emotion or … well, anything to do with the season, really … I’m happy. I do have limits of course: Fiona Apple, that excrescence of a Bob Dylan Christmas album that appeared a while back, most of the She And Him Christmas album (although they still manage to sneak onto the collection below), most of X Factor (but not all), anything too self-consciously smart and/or indie. But really. Where else are you going to find a compilation that boasts Mariah Carey, The Moonbears, Willie Nelson, Can and Wild Billy Childish’s killer cut ‘Christmas 1979′?

As ever, the following restrictions apply:

The track-listing on the mix-tapes differs slightly to the one below. Copyright considerations, and all that. Also, the compilations will be available for a limited period only. If you like any of the featured artists, please track back to their MySpace sites, record company home pages and the like, and show support by purchasing their music direct.

Download A Christmas Gift from Everett True 2011, part one here.

Download A Christmas Gift from Everett True 2011, part two here.

As he says, download these now as they’ll be taken down very soon.


Shonen Knife’s “Space Christmas” (as featured on ACGFET2011 vol two):

Full tracklistings after the jump…

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Digital Prozac for your post-Christmas blues
10:13 pm


The Good Company

Feeling a little bit of the ol’ post-Christmas blues? Well, here’s something guaranteed to lift you up or send you spiraling into an even darker hole.

These Polyester flower children seem to exist for the sole purpose of showing the world that happiness can be as facile and ephemeral as a smiley face on a tie-dyed Snuggly. Like anti-depressants, this should come with a suicide warning.

From one of the first color shows broadcast on Canadian television (it looks they wanted to insure that every color got equal airtime), The Good Company sing a medley of “face” songs as the planet wobbles on an axis of bliss and the sky turns day-glow.

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Alfred Hitchcock Presents: ‘Back for Christmas’

Alfred Hitchcock Presents…Back for Christmas, based on John Collier‘s story of a man who plans to murder his wife, and bury her in the cellar. Collier’s short story was originally printed in the New Yorker magazine in 1939, this was the story’s first TV outing, there were 3 different versions made for radio, including one with Peter Lorre, and was latter remade for Roald Dahl’s series Tales of the Unexpected in the 1970s.

Collier wrote dozens of stories, many of which were successfully produced for various radio, TV and film productions - including “Green Thoughts”, the basis for Roger Corman’s Little Shop of Horrors. He also contributed to such screenplays as the Humphrey Bogart / Katharine Hepburn movie The African Queen and the play based on Christopher Isherwood’s “Berlin Stories” I Am A Camera. Towards the end of his life, Collier jokingly said of himself:

“I sometimes marvel that a third-rate writer like me has been able to palm himself off as a second-rate writer.”

Hitchock’s version of Back for Christmas stars John Williams as Herbert Carpenter and Isobel Elsom as Hermione Carpenter, and was first broadcast in March 1956.

Part 2, after the jump…

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Some Christmas words from The Divine David

Photo by Steven Cheshire
Did you know that “Santa” is an anagram of “Satan”? The Divine David (now known simply as David Hoyle) certainly does. Here’s a couple of clips of David spreading his own particular brand of Christmas cheer, the first showing us how to alternatively decorate a Christmas tree:

Previously on DM:
It’s Christmas, the world is burning, let’s masturbate: the Divine David Hoyle

After the jump, The Divine David’s disturbing memories of Santa’s abattoir…

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T.ReXmas: Holiday message from Marc Bolan with yule log and strippers
02:19 am


T. Rex Christmas

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‘Santa vs. The Devil’: 40 song stocking stuffer
07:42 pm


Santa vs. The Devil

40 psyche-pop tunes serve as the soundtrack for the bizarre Santa Claus vs.The Devil (1959) in a special Christmas Eve mix from me to you.

01. “Is Anybody Home” - The Mirage
02. “Henry Adams” - The Frederic
03. “Princess Of The Gingerland” - Glitterhouse
04. “Travelling Circus” - The Epics
05. ‘Punch And Judy Man” - Pop Workshop
06. “Red, White And You” - Sounds Around
07. “The View” - Gary Walker and The Rain
08. “Tomorrow Today” - Kippington Lodge
09. “You’ll Find Me Anywhere” - Hi-Revving Tongues
10. Mix within the mix featuring The Groop, The Kinks,
      The Tages, The Exceptions, The Cyrkle, Frank Zappa,
      The Zombies, Mark Eric, The Sidewalk Skipper Band,
      The Beach Boys, Stained Glass, The Shaggy Boys,
      Free Design, Eternity’s Children, Summer Snow,
      The Counts, Johnny Cobb and The Attractions,
      The Family Tree (courtesy of FCR)
11. “What Are You Gonna Do” - The Summer Set
12. “Stop” - The Pan Pipers
13. “My Race Is Run” - The Motleys
14. “Buses” - The Hung Jury
15. “Alfred Appleby” - The Carnival Connection
16. “You Gotta Be With Me” - The Onyx
17. “Midnite Thoughts” - The World Column
18. “In The Land Of Make Believe” Jennifer’s Friend
19. “Walk In The Sky” The Crackerjack Society
20. “Your Way To Tell Me Go” - Plastic Penny
21. “Green Circles (Italian version)” - The Small Faces

There are so many - albeit unintentionally - disturbing elements to Rene Cardona’s film that it’s difficult to select just one. Advertised as “an enchanting world of make-believe”, it’s a whacked out battle between Father Chrimbo and Satan, who sends his minion, Pitch, to interfere in the spreading of comfort and joy. Prime nuggets? Pitch whispering to the young ‘uns that Santa’s actually a murderer (classy!) and Santa’s cloud-borne castle that looks less like a cheery base for making toys and more like something from a Bond villain’s architectural wet dream.

Enjoy the music. I don’t think you’ll miss the dialog. Merry Christmas.

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‘Pee Wee’s Playhouse Christmas Special’

When Christmas comes around, I am the Grinch. My loved ones complain that I get surly, sarcastic and generally just plain unpleasant come the holidays. I can’t help it. Good cheer shouldn’t be mandatory. I don’t like to put on a happy face when I’m being force-fed tidings of comfort and joy. Allow me to be uncomfortable and not enjoy myself.

Now, having gotten that out of my system, I must admit to secretly getting a little warm and fuzzy when it comes to certain things Christmas. And among those things are kitsch Christmas specials and really weird/bad Christmas music, which Pee Wee’s Playhouse Christmas Special from 1988 has in stockings full. This is 100 proof egg nog with a sprinkle of peyote dust on top.

Have a manic Christmas with Pee Wee and his guests Annette Funicello, Grace Jones, Little Richard, Cher, The Del Rubio Triplettes, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Charo, k.d. lang and more!

The premise of the special is basically that Pee Wee, being the overgrown child that he is can’t seem to find happiness during the holidays. Instead of getting the things that he really wants, which is everything, he continues receive crummy gifts like fruitcake!

Pee Wee’s Christmas list of wants is so long in fact that Santa has to make a special visit to the playhouse to persuade Pee Wee to shorten his list. He tells Pee Wee that his list is so long that he doesn’t have toys left for other children. Santa teaches Pee Wee a very important lesson about Christmas.

Mmmm, that egg nog is good.

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Elvis Presley: “Santa Claus Is Back In Town” & “Blue Christmas”

The jungle room at Graceland all decked out with Christmas cheer.

When he was cool, he was very cool. A black leather clad Elvis croons “Santa Claus Is Back In Town” & “Blue Christmas” as young girls swoon.

Some raw takes not included in the television broadcast version of Elvis’s “Comeback Special.” June 27, 1968

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Have a Hüsker Dü Christmas !
11:16 am



A 1986 promo item from the 1980’s greatest noise pop band, Hüsker Dü. Luscious !

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Wiley’s message to all the haters -  ‘Cheer Up, It’s Christmas’
10:15 am



And if you really, really don’t like disco, then perhaps this is more up your street. It’s an unexpected Christmas cracker by the king of UK grime Wiley, taken from his forthcoming album Evolve Or Be Extinct (to be released on Big Dada Recordings on 19th January - pre-order available here.)

This track is hilarious, the beat’s great and the sentiment is universal - about a family trying to cheer up that one misery guts who would rather stay upstairs playing Xbox while everyone else is downstairs having a drink and a laugh. We’ve all been there I’m sure:

“Go on, have a dance with aunt Shirley/
A little wind-up an’ that/
No, you go have a dance with Shirley/
Leave me alone anyway!”

I only found this track about an hour ago, and I’ve already listened to it half a dozen times. In fact, I’m going to listen to it again, right now. And you should too, it’s a future Christmas classic:


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