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Fox News predicts ‘special guest’ at RNC will be Ronald Reagan hologram
06:18 pm



I really hope to fuck that this is true! Via Raw Story:

A revised Republican National Committee schedule released Monday showed a mystery “To Be Announced” speaker would take the stage just before Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and nominee Mitt Romney on Thursday night. Even the Romney campaign said that they didn’t know who it would be.

During a Wednesday report, Fox News anchor Trace Gallagher speculated on some of the possibilities. They included Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT), former Secretary of State Colin Powell, former First Lady Nancy Reagan, actor Clint Eastwood and NFL quarterback Tim Tebow.

But Gallagher also threw out the name of the former president as potential speaker.

“Maybe a hologram of… Ronald Reagan,” he predicted. “They could do it now with technology. And the word is, maybe they just put Ronald Reagan up on the screen using a little bit of media magic to have Ronald Reagan endorse [Mitt Romney].”

“Is that actually a theory that’s out there?” host Megyn Kelly wondered.

“Yes!” Gallagher replied. “That’s a total theory. They could do it.”

You have to love it if someone at the RNC was inspired by the hologram Tupac at the Coachella Festival to reanimate the Gipper. Life in the 21st century sure is great ain’t it? Guy DeBord would puke in his mouth to see such a spectacle, but I still hope this will come to pass. If Reagan fails to materialize like a demon onstage in Tampa tomorrow night, I shall be bitterly disappointed!

(Another theory is that the mystery speaker is Clint Eastwood. Have you seen the reality show Mrs. Eastwood & Company on the E! network with his awful wife and spoiled brat daughter? Tell me that he’s not going senile. He’d have to be!)

Below, Zombie Reagan, scary as fuck, right?

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The American Taliban (Get a fucking grip CNN!)

UPDATE: CNN did finally go on air about this, but I can’t say that I was impressed.

As you’ve probably already heard last night an attendee of the Republican National Convention in Tampa was ejected from the venue for tossing peanuts at a black CNN camerawoman and taunting her with “this is how we feed animals.”

Follow up reports this morning say that there were actually two people thrown out of the convention center for this despicable low IQ nonsense and this, as TPM’s Josh Marshall writes, puts CNN in a bit of a difficult bind:

Now, one of the more interesting things about this story is that it broke on TPM. Actually, not quite. We first saw a tweet from David Shuster. Then we got confirmation of what happened from CNN and were the first to run the story. (This morning the RNCC essentially confirmed something rotten had happened.) But you may have noticed that one of the biggest news organizations in the world — CNN — has been remarkably tight-lipped about this.

So it’s worth noting why that probably is. There’s a normal and correct tendency for a news outfit not to want to make itself into the story. But this goes way beyond that and puts CNN in an exquisitely awkward position. CNN has been bending over backwards of late trying to position itself as the last holy beacon of objectivity and fairness in cable news, as Fox and MSNBC play to more clearly partisan audiences. Yet they’re under almost constant assault from conservatives for alleged (and basically mythical) liberal bias.

Meanwhile, the Republican National Convention is the GOP’s quadrennial ‘we love us a lotta non-white people’ fest. And given what I said above the last possible thing CNN wants is to rain on that parade or become the focus of a huge messaging nightmare if attendees were harassing an African-American member of their team. Certainly, the Convention organizers want to avoid discussion as much as possible too.

As a side note, one can only imagine how Fox News would be going to town over this had something somehow analogous happened to one of their staffers at a Democratic convention.

Journalists don’t tend to like non-transparency from other news organizations. And CNN’s relative silence (they did finally put out a basic report this morning) will, I suspect, generate a backlash from viewers outraged by the incident.

If this incident isn’t the breaking point for CNN, when will that breaking point EVER occur?

Aren’t any of them—besides Soledad O’Brien, who is clearly a fan of the series—watching The Newsroom?



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Roger Daltrey’s ‘Fillmore East’ t-shirt is for sale on eBay
02:36 pm

Current Events
Pop Culture


You can own the “Fillmore East” t-shirt that Roger Daltrey wore during the Who’s 1976 US tour. And your money will go to a good cause: Teenage Cancer Trust.

The shirt is being auctioned on eBay and so far is at £1,650.00 with 4 days to go. To place a bid, click here.

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Drag artists re-enact iconic Cindy Sherman self-portraits
01:14 pm



Lil Miss Hot Mess: Untitled #360
In celebration of the Cindy Sherman retrospective at the SF MOMA, SFBG online asked “four of San Francisco’s premier drag performance artists” Lady Bear, Fauxnique, Boy Child and Lil Miss Hot Mess to re-enact some of Sherman’s iconic self-portraits.

Fun stuff!

See the rest here.

Cindy Sherman, Untitled #360, 2000
Via The World’s Best Ever

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Song of Mitt’s Self: Mitt Romney in his own words (hilarious)
01:13 pm

Stupid or Evil?


Hugh Atkin, who made the viral video hit, “Will The Real Mitt Romney Please Stand Up (feat. Eminem)” is back a new winner. He writes:

The real Mitt Romney stands up and reflects on who he is, what he believes and why he is running for office.

Mitt is large. He contains multitudes.


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The Whitest Old Farts U’ Know: 92% of the Republican Party is ______?

Didja guess?

There’s much to ponder in Washington Post opinion writer Harold Meyerson’s piece in yesterday’s paper, “In modern GOP, the old South returns,” but the take-away for me was his brittle characterization of the Republican philosophy as “We’re old, we’re white and we want our country back.”

The Republican ticket may hail from Massachusetts and Wisconsin, but Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan head the most Southernized major U.S. political party since Jefferson Davis’s day. In its hostility toward minorities, exploitation of racism, antipathy toward government and suspicion of science, today’s Republican Party represents the worst traditions of the South’s dankest backwaters.

No other party in U.S. history has done such a 180. Founded as the party of the anti-slavery North and committed to deep governmental involvement in spurring the economy (land-grant colleges, the Homestead Act, the transcontinental railway), today’s GOP is the negation of Abraham Lincoln’s Republicans. It is almost entirely white — 92 percent, compared with just 58 percent of Democrats. It is disproportionately Southern — 49 percent of Republicans live in the South vs. 39 percent of Democrats.

The beliefs of the white South dominate Republican thinking. As the white share of the U.S. population shrinks and the Latino share rises, Republicans have passed draconian anti-immigrant laws and opposed legislation enabling immigrants brought here as children to gain legal status. They also exploit racist resentments in a way not seen since the Willie Horton spot of 1988. Consider the Romney campaign’s ads falsely attacking President Obama for gutting welfare reform. “Under Obama’s plan, you wouldn’t have to work and wouldn’t have to train for a job,” proclaims one such commercial. “They just send you a welfare check.” Obama’s plan, as several media fact-checking monitors have noted, does nothing of the sort. The spot clearly seeks to resurrect the kind of resentment of African Americans that the GOP exploited back in the days when welfare was a major program. The Romney campaign has evidently concluded, since virtually its entire pool of potential voters is white, that it must rouse the sometime voters among them with such expedients — which explains why it is running more of these ads than any others.

To that Meyerson is eager to add, there is a strong tradition of straight-up Southern-fried idiocy (which has nothing to do with racism) that the GOP establishment cynically embraces, religion and her superstitious handmaiden, scary, “burn the witch”-style anti-intellectualism:

In the anti-government column, the Ryan budget, which House Republicans enthusiastically adopted, would cut taxes disproportionately on the wealthy and halve the share of spending on every domestic, non-entitlement program. It would decimate education, transportation and funding for college students and scientific research. It would bring the nation down to the developmental level of the anti-tax, anti-public-investment Southern states of yore.

The ghosts of Dixie — of the Scopes Trial and the underfunding of public education — also pop up in Republicans’ willful resistance to science and, more broadly, simple empiricism. Global warming? Evolution? Homosexuality’s causation? How babies get made? Find a robust scientific conclusion and you can find a significant number of Republicans — adducing pseudo-science and faith — who oppose it.

Don’t tread on me, modern GOP.

Meanwhile, last night in Tampa: RNC Attendee Allegedly Threw Nuts At Black CNN Camerawoman, Said ‘This Is How We Feed Animals’.  (CNN has confirmed that this did happen, so the “alleged” part is past-tense at this point. Keep it classy, GOP.)

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‘Lady Terminator’ will get your rocks off, literally
05:00 am



A grindhouse favorite from the late 1980s, Lady Terminator is an Indonesian splatter fest with more than enough gratuitous violence, nudity, senseless slaughter and penile dismemberment to keep your average gore hound more than satiated. And it’s so over the top and silly that any potential psychological damage is pretty much neutralized by the sheer ridiculousness of it all.

I saw Lady Terminator at an Asian film festival in Manhattan in 1989 and it had the audience roaring with laughter and yelling at the screen…and this wasn’t at a Times Square theater. It was in the Village and the usually sedate arthouse crowd was temporarily transformed into the kind of nutzoid audience you’d expect over at The Lyric or The Harris on 42nd street. It was fucking crazy. But penile dismemberment will do that to a crowd.

The spawn of an evil sorceress and a horny sea serpent, Lady Terminator seems to suffer from some form of reverse penis envy in which she is pathologically driven to emasculate every man she comes in contact with. The hapless cock is no match for a Glock or AK47, so penises are separated from their owners with the speed and efficiency of bottles of champagne being uncorked on New Year’s Eve. When it comes to the battle of the sexes, “Lady Terminator” makes Valerie Solanas look like Olive Oyl. She doesn’t fuck around - or even when she does, she’s deadly anyway.

So here you go. A nice quality YouTube upload of Lady Terminator. Enjoy and thank me later.

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Vintage commercial that rocks: Garage band The Shags shilling for Peoria department store
04:30 am



Peoria, Illinois’ The Shags perform a jingle extolling all the wonderful shopping options at local department store Bergners.

Damn, I would have definitely met you dudes at Bergners for some of those groovy Sixties fashions and hip Peoria chicks.

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Willie ‘Loco’ Alexander: The greatest rocker ever to fail at being in The Velvet Underground
08:31 pm



Willie Alexander
When Lou Reed and Sterling Morrison left The Velvet Underground in 1971, the resulting band (still called The Velvet Underground, for some reason) was ignored at best, and condemned at worst. Their album Squeeze, was primarily written by Doug Yule, who has himself described it as an “embarrassment.” Critics and fans perceived it as a pale sham seeking to capitalize off the work of previous members, and without Lou Reed, it’s really hard to argue that point. To this day Squeeze has never been released in America on CD.

The worst part of Squeeze though, is not just that it’s a pretty mediocre album, but the fact that its embarrassing legacy absolutely buried an awesome artist. Willie “Loco” Alexander, brought in to replace Sterling Morrison, has made music consistently since leaving the ersatz VU, and has produced some absolutely fantastic stuff. (And rock ‘n’ roll nerds rejoice, Youtube makes a lot of it easy to get ahold of.)

His work with the Boom Boom Band is fun, nasty, proto-punk with a glam skeez, but he also got fairly experimental. His 1980s New Wave gem “Gin,” layers thunder and and simple synthy riffs over a New Wave ballad. It’s baffling that we’ve never heard it in the prom scene of an 80s movie.

Alexander has always had an underground following among Boston punks and in France, but it’s an injustice that his name in rock history is only significantly associated with one toss-away album that only esoteric rock ‘n’ roll aficionados would care about. A prolific and diverse artist, and one too interesting to fall through the cracks, Willie “Loco” Alexander should be known as much more than a guy who once rode The Velvet Underground’s coattails.

Below, Willie “Loco” Alexander and the Boom Boom Band, “Mass Ave.”:


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Radiohead rocks hard in Chicago, 1993: Concert plus interview
07:31 pm



I loved the first two Radiohead albums, Pablo Honey and The Bends. After that, I pretty much lost interest in the group’s recorded output. And lord knows I’ve tried to get into it. Their shows at Tramps (1995) and Hammerstein Ballroom (1997) were among the best live concerts I’ve seen. Two albums, two concerts, not bad.

This is a remarkable set from 1993 performed at Chicago’s Metro. Good quality video and audio. There’s a post-concert interview with Thom Yorke and Johnny Greenwood.

00:00 You
03:42 Prove Yourself
06:21 The Bends
10:23 Vegetable
13:29 Creep
17:36 Ripcord
20:53 Faithless the Wonder Boy
24:24 How Do You?
26:56 Stop Whispering
32:05 Inside My Head
35:35 Anyone Can Play Guitar
39:26 Pop Is Dead

Watch at 720p.


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