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Roy Lichtenstein’s pop art BMW racing car
01:03 pm

Pop Culture

Roy Lichtenstein

In 1977, Roy Lichtenstein was commissioned by BMW to paint a Group 5 Racing Version of the BMW 320i as part of the BMW Art Car Project. He, along with 16 other artists, including Andy Warhol and Robert Rauschenberg, have participated in the art campaign starting in 1975. The most recent artist was Jeff Koons who painted a BMW last year.

I wanted the lines I painted to be a depiction of the road showing the car where to go – the design also shows the countryside through which the car has traveled. One could call it an enumeration of everything a car experiences, only that this car reflects all of these things before actually having been on a road.” - Roy Lichtenstein

Pop poetry in motion.

More art cars after the jump…

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An Ode to the Chip Shop: Tickle v Dead Prez

More Scottish food shenanigans, only this time it’s not curry or chilli but an ode to the good old humble Chip Shop by the Scottish rapper MC Tickle, set to the beat of the classic “Hip Hop” by Dead Prez. Scottish people do indeed love their chips (or “fries” for my American friends) and lots of other deep-fried delights, like Mars bars and pizza slices. So much so that it can be hard to find decently priced non-Scottish cuisine on in the major cities without paying top dollar, a fact which is reflected in the poor health of the Scottish people. Yeah, it may not be the healthiest fare, which Tickle acknowledges, but at least eating at your local chippie (rather than McDonalds or KFC) has an upside in that it is supporting your local businesses and agriculture:

“Pizza Hut we say “nuh”
We say fuck Mackie D’s
BK shut your face or that mutt KFC
Pre-chewed meat pseudo food
What is this total shit?
Try and support local business
Aye and buy a poke o’chips”

Tickle v Dead Prez “cHip sHop”

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Please help save this gorgeous puppy!
09:38 am



UPDATE: Sophie has found a great new home! Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who helped spread the word about her. Because of your help, we were able to get her adopted in under 3 hours!! Congratulations to her new owner/father Manash!

Dear Dangerous Minds reader who lives in Southern California,

I wouldn’t ask you this unless it was really, really important….

Meet Sophie. She’s part Dalmatian, maybe part Beagle and about a quarter Pit Bull. She’s smart (learned to sit in five minutes), sweet and she is oh so pretty. She’s black with a white face and paws. Totally gorgeous. When I look at her, I see “Pete the Pup” from The Little Rascals, except that she is obviously a little girl.

She looks like a really tiny Pit Bull, but she’s not that solid or muscular like a full breed would be. Her mouth is small and she has all of her teeth already, leading the vet to believe she was maybe five months old. She is 21lbs as of yesterday and the vet doesn’t reckon she’s going to get that much bigger.

Anyway, Sophie wandered into our next door neighbor’s yard and decided to stay. There she has been for the past week.

They have seven cats and rescued another dog less than three months ago and they can’t keep her. Richard and I already have two dogs, we can’t keep her either.

We’re frantic to find this sweet baby girl a home. Can you help by reposting this or forwarding this information to someone you know who is looking for a great puppy or is just a softie who’ll not want to see such a special girl taken to the pound?

If you are interested email this address RescueSophie@ and someone will get back to you immediately.

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First public reading of Allen Ginsberg’s ‘Howl’ took place 56 years ago today
09:06 am


Allen Ginsberg

“I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness…”

Over at the indispensable On This Deity blog, Dorian Cope writes that today is the fifty-six anniversary of the first public reading of “Howl” by a then twenty-nine-year-old Allen Ginsberg. It was a revolutionary moment, in poetry, in literature, and the opening salvo in the counter culture battles of the 1960s:

As the hitherto forbidden content (drugs, mental illness, religion, homosexuality) emerged, Kerouac – two years prior to On the Road – was the first to realise the magnitude of what was happening. Sitting on the side of the low stage, he began to punctuate Ginsberg’s Whitmanesque-meets-jazz rhythms by banging his empty wine jug and, at the end of each long line, shouting “GO!” Soon, the entire audience joined in … their encouraging chants of “GO! GO! GO!” driving Ginsberg to a shamanic momentum and creating a tribal unity between audience and poet. By the time he finished, Ginsberg was in tears. So was Rexroth. Everyone in the room knew they’d witnessed a rare moment of duende – that mysterious higher state brought on by a burst of genuine inspiration – and henceforth nothing would be the same again.

Michael McClure would later recall: “We had gone beyond a point of no return, and we were ready for it. None of us wanted to go back to the gray, chill, militaristic silence, to the intellective void – to the land without poetry – to the spiritual drabness. We wanted to make it new and we wanted to invent it and the process of it as we went into it. We wanted voice and we wanted vision.”

The next day, Lawrence Ferlignhetti, who’d been in the audience, sent Ginsberg a telegram. And with a nod to the past but his eye fixed firmly on the future, he borrowed Ralph Waldo Emerson’s legendary words to Walt Whitman in 1855: “I greet you at the beginning of a great career.” The fledgling publisher then added:  “When do I get the manuscript?” The publication of “Howl” is another story… but, on October 7th 1955 and on the occasion of its first reading, a battle cry was sounded and the Beat Generation was born.

Read the entire post at On This Deity

Ginsberg reading “Howl”:



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Rep. Eric Cantor:  Craven toady of the rich; man on the wrong side of history

Republican House Majority Leader Eric Cantor puked up the following ruling class talking points about Occupy Wall Street onstage at the 2011 Voter Values Summit in Washington, DC, this morning:

“If you read the newspapers today, I for one am increasingly concerned about the growing mobs occupying Wall Street and the other cities across the country.”

“Believe it or not, some in this town have actually condoned the pitting of Americans against Americans.”

He really ought to be concerned, if you ask me…

Some see the 99%, while others see only “mobs.”

It’s almost funny. Almost.

The clip isn’t online anywhere, yet, but even hearing his voice saying this shit in my mind as I read it is painful enough. I’m not sure I want to actually hear it. As TPM points out:

Seeding concern about the relatively undefined protest movement spreading across the county is a growing movement among the right. Tea Party types are turning the past criticisms of their movement on Occupy Wall Street. Meanwhile Republican presidential candidates are casting it as some kind of revolt by the poor.

For their part, Democrats are not sure what to do.

Republicans seem to have found their footing on Occupy Wall Street however, and Cantor exemplified it well today.

The “Clue Train” could smack these guys in a head-on collision and they wouldn’t feel a thing, would they?

Update: Here’s the video, it’s special:

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Scottish chilli eating contest goes wrong
06:27 am



I know this is harsh, and my sympathies go out to everyone injured (including the unlucky “Curry” Kim), but c’mon, it’s also quite funny. Sorry but it is!

From the Edinburgh Evening News:

A CURRY house is under fire after its “world’s hottest chilli” competition went badly wrong, landing two people in hospital. Emergency services had to rush to Kismot Restaurant’s curry-eating challenge, on St Leonards Street [Edinburgh], after competitors started writhing on the floor in agony, vomiting and fainting during the contest. One participant, Curie Kim - pronounced curry - was so ill after sampling the “Kismot Killer” that she had to be taken by ambulance to the ERI twice in a matter of hours.

Participants were required to sign a legal disclaimer prior to taking part in the competition, and two members of the British Red Cross were on hand, but they could not cope with the nature of the injuries sustained. Curry house owner Abdul Ali admitted that he would have to “tone down” the contest, but said the challenge had raised hundreds of pounds for charity CHAS. He added that half of the 20 people who took part in the challenge had dropped out after witnessing the first 10 diners vomiting, collapsing, sweating and panting. Previously the restaurant’s Kismot Killer dish has caused diners to suffer nose bleeds and one elderly man had to go to hospital.

Looks like the “Kismot Killer” is well named. Oh dear!


Via commenter stussyboy99, here‘s a BBC News report about the contest. Victim Curie “Curry” Kim, who is actually American, described the sensation after eating the chilli as being like “a chainsaw covered in tabasco sauce going up and down your esophagus”. Yikes!


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Pictures of Henry Rollins with long hair

I wonder if Henry Rollins cut off his straggly, rock star locks because they gave a hint of Michael Hurchence-lite?
Previously on Dangerous Minds

Does Henry Rollins pass the ‘Man Test’?

Henry Rollins’ high school yearbook photo: ‘Skate mean, live clean.’

Donald Sutherland’s hairstyles throughout the years

Photos via Hello Henry, Fuck yeah, men with long hair!, I am a mountain, you are a sin, Only The Young Die Young, Scab Boy
3 more from Henry Hutchence, after the jump…

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Charles Napier star of Russ Meyer films has died
10:46 pm



Charles Napier in Supervixens
Charles Napier had a mug that made him perfect for acting roles that required an iron-jawed heavy or psychotic hayseed. I first discovered him in Russ Meyer’s Supervixens and Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls. In all, he starred in four of Meyer’s films. He went on to appear in a multitude of B-movies, mainstream blockbusters and television shows. Napier died this past Wednesday at his home in Bakersfield, California. He was 75.

In this clip, Napier was definitely cast against type as some kind of intergalactic hippie in an episode from the original Star Trek TV series called “The Way To Eden.” He looks about as much like a hippie as I do Kitten Natividad.

No matter what role he played, Napier was never less than memorable. Whether you remembered his name or not, the face was unforgettable.

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‘Occupy Austin’ day one: 2000 gather at peaceful protest
09:03 pm

Class War

Occupy Austin

Day one of Occupy Austin has been orderly, enthusiastic, and free of any confrontations with police. An estimated 2000 people were massed in front of City Hall when I left the scene earlier this evening. It was a diverse gathering, ranging from young granola heads to gray-haired retirees, the unemployed, students, cowboys, members of the military and office-workers. The crowd was predominately white and anglo, but the number of Hispanic activists was encouraging. In Texas there can be no political uprising without the support of the Mexican-American community. Fortunately, Austin has one of the most vital, proud and potentially powerful Hispanic populations of any state in the Southwest and I think they’re going to become increasingly engaged in the OWS movement.

Overall, the atmosphere was festive, with pockets of people engaged in political discourse and speculation as to how long the occupation will last and in what form it will manifest.

It is against Austin city ordinances for the protesters to pitch tents or sleep overnight in the area around City Hall, so the occupation is quite limited in contrast to what has been taking place at Zuccotti Park in New York City. Many of the protesters say they may disregard the law and attempt to pitch tents or lay down bedding around City Hall. That would be the first test to see how much Austin authorities and the chief of police are willing to bend. So far the cops seem to be enjoying hanging out with the crowd and soaking in the sun. Hopefully they’ll continue to serve their roles as peace keepers.

I expect the crowds to grow over the weekend and I’ll be there to add my voice to the mix and film the action.

Here’s a short hi-def video I shot of today’s protest. The photos are by Mirgun Akyavas. Watch it full screen.

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‘The Ballad of Sacco and Vanzetti’: Extraordinary Joan Baez performance

I suppose this could be a well-known fact in certain circles, but until this afternoon, I, myself, was unaware that the late Steve Jobs dated folksinger/activist Joan Baez in the late 70s/early 80s and according to several sources, wanted to marry her. On Joan Baez’s Wikipedia page it says the pair split up when the matter of Baez’s age (she was in her early 40s at the time) meant children would have been unlikely. Think about it: Baez dated Bob Dylan, Steve Jobs, and she knows Thomas Pynchon! She’s still has a Bacon Number of 2 in the “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” game. How can this be?

Click here to watch an extraordinary live performance of one of the songs from the Sacco and Vanzetti soundtrack, circa 1979 on YouTube (I can’t embed the clip).

Below, The Ballad of Sacco and Vanzetti, lyrics by Baez from the actual words and letters of Bartolomeo Vanzetti, music written and conducted by Ennio Morricone. This is an absolutely incredible piece of music.

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