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Desiree: Sixties ‘baroque pop’ group Left Banke reform (and sound pretty f’ing amazing!)
11:53 am


Rickie Lee Jones
Left Banke

When I clicked on the email just now from my pal Chris Campion that was titled “Left Banke reform,” I duly hit “play” on the YouTube clip not really expecting much from a bunch of guys pushing 70, if not well past it.

Boy was I surprised and completely and utterly wowed by how gorgeous this is. Watch the “baroque pop” vocal group of the Sixties (best known for their hit “Walk Away Renee”) collaborating with the NYU All University Choir as the special guests at their “Drama Cantorum” performance on December 10, 2011.

This choral version of their “Desiree” number is simply breathtaking. Lush. Polyphonic Spree eat your hearts out.

Seriously, do check it out, it’s practically guaranteed to improve your day at least a little bit.

Bonus: Rickie Lee Jones doing a stunning cover of “Walk Away Renee” from her 1982 Girl at Her Volcano EP.

Via Chris Campion/David Arnoff

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A Japanese ‘young lovers’ sex guide from the ‘60s
10:59 am



Hello Damage posted this rather odd Japanese sex-tip book from the 60s online. Now, I can’t read Japanese, so I don’t know if Hello Damage is pulling non-Japansese speakers legs with the translations or not? You decide. And if you haven’t figured it out by the title already, it’s probably NSFW.

(via reddit)

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Happy Birthday Beth Gibbons of Portishead

Beth Gibbons, vocalist of both Portishead and Rustin Man, turns 46 today. Here’s to one of the best, most soulful, female voices English music has ever produced. After the jump a selection of her best clips, but let’s start with this haunting cover of the Velvet Underground:

Beth Gibbons & Rustin Man “Candy Says”

Thanks to Grizz Gom Jabbar Robinson.
After the Jump, videos for “L’Annulaire”, “The Rip” and “Glory Box” (live)...

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The Rolling Stones, live at the Marquee Club, 1971
10:27 am


Mick Jagger
The Rolling Stones

Well, it’s certainly an improvement over some of the other outfits he wore that decade…

Although there is much debate about when the Rolling Stones “peaked” or what their last decent album was—I still loved Goat’s Head Soup, thought It’s Only Rock & Roll was okay and felt the same about Black & Blue. I drew the line at Some Girls. You may feel differently—having said that, music aside, what about Mick’s clothes from about 1970 onward?

His fashions started going downhill a lot earlier than the music did.

For a guy who dressed so damned cool in the 60s, by the time this short live show was shot at London’s famed Marquee Club in 1971, Jagger’s much-vaunted fashion sense had clearly turned to shite. The guy who looked so spooky and satanic in the Uncle Sam top hat and cape get-up during the 1969 tour was now wearing a glittery mid-drift “top” with a sideways-cocked, multi-colored silk baseball cap???

Imagine what the rest of them thought when they realized they had to go onstage with this git dressed like this… It’s a great set, Mick Jagger just looks like a bit of a dork here.

Live With Me, Dead Flowers, I Got The Blues, Let It Rock, Midnight Rambler, (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction, Bitch, Brown Sugar.

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Kraftwerk’s album cover for ‘Tour de France’ gif’d
10:00 am


Tour de France

I’d love to give credit, but I don’t know who made this.

(source: KMFW)

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The saddest video of a cat playing a piano you’re ever going to see
08:58 am



Before there was Keyboard Cat, there was this little guy playing “Jesus Loves Me” on the 1950s children’s TV show Andy’s Gang. As Robert Popper puts it, “Well, I’ve seen many things in my life, but…”

(via The Daily What via Robert Popper )

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Dance music classics turned into jazz songs by 3iO

3iO’s Robert Mitchell
Music that has a sense of humor tends to get a hard time among people who consider themselves “serious” music fans. Why is this? Is it because music itself has to be seen to be serious? That the music makers have to mean it (maaan) and it’s impossible to wear your heart on your sleeve if it’s matched by a raised eyebrow and a smirk?

3iO are an acoustic jazz band who last year released an album called Back To New Roots, which features jazz-style covers of a host of big dance tunes from the last 15 years. LOL!! Right? Or is this an acceptable style of guffaw on a par with coffee table favourites Nouvelle Vague? Here’s a bit of info on the band via the Soundcloud page of their excellently named record label Hell Yeah

Let’s keep it simple, this dance meets jazz concept started as a joke: take a bunch of friends, discover that they are highly talented jazz musicians and propose them to do something a bit different, play and perform your favourite E-dance / alternative hits / chill out timeless classics into their contemporary jazz style…. shake it as it was your cocktail of choice and you have Serotonin Fuelled Jazz Covers.

3iO are Richard Maggioni (piano), Juan Manuel Moretti (double bass) Matteo Giordani (drums), they are not newcomers in the italian jazz circuit, they have already two albums on their back and with BACK TO NEW ROOTS they challenge themself with a new repertoire: Fat Boy Slim, Groove Armada, Chemical Brothers, Royskopp, Underworld, Spiller, DJ Shadow… just as you never heard them before.

So is this “serious” music? Or is it just a big joke that can be easily dismissed as not being worthy of much attention? While there is definitely a smirking knowingness about this project, the lol-factor is not all that great and I think some of this album actually sounds really good. But I will leave it up to you to decide whether this is “real” music or not (bearing in mind that we’re big fans of both Zappa and Sparks here, two acts who feel no fear of adding humor to their work): 
3iO “Right Here Right Now” (original by Fat Boy Slim)

3iO “Born Slippy (nuxx)” (original by Underworld)

3iO “Organ Donor” (original by DJ Shadow)

You can hear (and purchase) 3iO’s album Back To New Roots in full here.

Thanks Tara!

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Lee Hardcastle: John Carpenter’s ‘The Thing’ retold in 60 seconds with Pingu

“Possibly the best thing we have seen over the entire festive period…” says John Robb over at Louder Than War, and who could disagree? Animator Lee Hardcastle retells John Carpenter’s The Thing in 60 seconds, using claymation and children’s TV favorite Pingu. Sheer bloody magic.

Director’s Cut: ‘Pingu’s The Thing’, after the jump…
Previously on Dangerous Minds

‘Eraserhead’ in Sixty Seconds

Via Louder Than War

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Pop Stars in Drag

A selection of pop’s bold in beautiful in drag.
Robert Plant and Roy Harper.
Annie Lennox in “Who’s That Girl?”
Previously on Dangerous Minds

Film footage of The Rolling Stones in drag from 1966

More beautiful people after the jump…

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Montana high court upholds ban on corporate election spending: Citizens United sinking?
04:15 pm

Class War
Current Events

Citizens United

Wait a minute, is this a dream or.. or… what?. This just in:

The Montana Supreme Court restored the state’s century-old ban on direct spending by corporations on political candidates or committees in a ruling Friday that interest groups say bucks a high-profile U.S. Supreme Court decision granting political speech rights to corporations.

The decision grants a big win to Attorney General Steve Bullock, who personally represented the state in defending its ban that came under fire after the “Citizens United” decision last year from the U.S. Supreme court.

“The Citizens United decision dealt with federal laws and elections — like those contests for president and Congress,” said Bullock, who is now running for governor. “But the vast majority of elections are held at the state or local level, and this is the first case I am aware of that examines state laws and elections.”


A group seeking to undo the “Citizens United” decision lauded the Montana high court, with its co-founder saying it was a “huge victory for democracy.”

“With this ruling, the Montana Supreme Court now sets up the first test case for the U.S. Supreme Court to revisit its Citizens United decision, a decision which poses a direct and serious threat to our democracy,” John Bonifaz, of Free Speech For People, said in a statement.

Read the entire article at the Great Falls Tribune.


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