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Soulful performance by PJ Harvey: Live in Paris, 1998
03:22 pm



Stunning performance by PJ Harvey and band. Cabaret Sauvage - Paris, September 14, 1998.

As much as I love PJ in all her permutations, it’s a pleasure to watch this footage in which she is not playing an autoharp.

01 Is This Desire?
02 Joy
03 Joe
04 Civil War
05 Taut
06 Electric Light
07 A Perfect Day Elise
08 Hook
09 Meet Tha Monsta
10 Sky Lit Up
11 Leah
12 50ft Queenie
13 Heela
14 Down By The Water

Musicians: Polly Jean Harvey, John Parish, Eric Drew Feldman, Rob Ellis and Jeremy Hogg.

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02:09 pm



“Push social norms aside and show your true feelings” with this “OH SHIT NOT YOU AGAIN” welcome mat by Coir Mats for $26.99.

Via Who Killed Bambi

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Ann Coulter—of all people—gives a reality check to Sean Hannity

Not, of course, that I’m down with where she’s coming from, but I found it amusing, if not nearly surreal, to watch Ann Coulter give a reality check—a cold, hard, blunt, old fashioned reality check—to angry Fox News blowhard Sean Hannity:

“We lost the election, Sean!”

This really happened. Someone said this on Fox News. (Keep in mind that nearly 50% of Republicans believe that Obama stole the election.)

I loathe Ann Coulter, don’t get me wrong, but she’s not an idiot. However Sean Hannity is a huge fuckwit and this was really fun to watch.

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‘Can I piss on you?’: Ed Asner gets the upper hand on Fox News weasel

Fox News decided that “radical left-wing Hollywood actor” Ed Asner needed to be taken to task for his role narrating a “disgusting hit piece” on rich people. In an animated video for the California Federation of Teachers, to make a point about “trickle down economics” and America’s outrageous and ever-widening income disparity, a rich person is seen taking a piss on the head of a poor person. (Yesterday Fox News decided that the video was “controversial” and invited the pathetically inconsequential Daily Caller publisher Tucker Carlson on to pretend he was all offended by it… as if he gives a shit.)

Since nothing gets Fox News viewers more excited than make-believe outrage—not even Viagra—Sean Hannity sent one of his minions to track down Asner and stick a mic in his face.

It didn’t go very well, as you can see in the clip. Via Raw Story:

The Fox producer asked Asner: “Do you remember the video? Do you know what I’m talking about?”

“I don’t remember a thing I said on it or a word I said on it,” Asner replied, “but I agreed to do it for California teachers. I approve this message.”

“There’s a part of it where talking about things trickling down and they have like rich people peeing on poor people,” the producer explained further.

“How disgusting,” Asner said. “It should be reversed.”

“So you don’t remember that?” the producer asked.

“Do you have any money?” Asner asked with a smirk.


“Can I piss on you?” asked the actor.

And… end scene.

Good on Ed Asner. He treated this Fox News clown with ALL the respect he deserved.

Speaking of pissing on people, if frat-boy dickhead Sean Hannity was on fire on the ground in front of me, and I’d just drunk a six-pack, let’s just say that I’d hold my fire.

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‘The Lizards and The Jews’: The documentary on everyone’s favorite conspiracy theorist, David Icke
08:52 am



You know how it is. You retire from soccer (“football,” whatever), the voices in your head tell you that you’re the son of god, you compare yourself to Jesus on national television, and then you discover the New World Order, made up of multi-dimensional, shape-shifting,  reptilian humanoid aliens (who are possibly Jews). 

Highlights include:

—Alex Jones insinuating that Icke is COINTELPRO, the ultimate “insult” meant to discredit the serious conspiracy theorists.

—the Anti-Defamation League trying to figure out if he really means Jews or if he literally is saying 12-foot lizards.

—the line, “drinking human blood, particularly the blood of blond-haired, blue-eyed people, seems to be very beneficial to holding mammal codes open.”

For the record, I have actually read most of The Biggest Secret: The Book That Will Change the World , and I go back and forth on whether or not he’s using coded anti-Semitic language. Only one thing is for sure: the lizard people are not kosher. (I’ll be here all night, folks—tip your waitress.)
Never trust a white man in a turquoise tracksuit.

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HTML for Babies: The book to get your baby started on coding
08:38 am



They’re just going to put it in their mouths
The things humans purchase for their babies are usually meant to say more about the parents than the child, but who cares?!? They’re cute little human waste machines you get to adorn with cute little accessories, like HTML for Babies until they get old enough to listen to Justin Beiber and roll their eyes at you all day!

It’s never too early to be standards compliant! Show your little ones HTML markup code along with letter forms to get them started on the visual patterns and symbols that make up the essential building blocks of the Web. The first in a three-volume set, originally designed by a NYC Web Designer for his baby, this beautiful book is a fun and colorful introduction to the world of web design for babies.

And of course the whole thing is in Helvetica…

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Dave Brubeck Quartet: In Concert, Germany 1966
07:59 pm



Dave Brubeck claimed he had 2 ambitions when he first started out as a Jazz musician - “to play polytonally and polyrhythmically.”

He also said his inspiration for rhythm was the heart beat, for this was what we heard first, and last.

Brubeck was a giant of Jazz, whose passing at the age of 91, brings an end to one of the greatest eras of American Jazz.

He popularized Jazz like few other composers/musicians of his day, becoming a household name and the first million-selling Jazz musician, who also made the cover of Time magazine in 1954. The purists didn’t like him, and many classed his brand of Jazz as “easy listening”, but this is to do him and his music a great disservice.

Take a listen to the Dave Brubeck Quartet (Brubeck - Piano, Paul Desmond - Alto Saxophone, Joe Morello - Drums, Gene Wright - Bass), filmed in concert in Germany, November 6th, 1966.

Track LIsting:

01. “Take the ‘A’ Train”
02. “Forty Days”
03. “I’m in a Dancing Mood”
04. “Koto Song”
05. “Take Five”

R.I.P. Dave Brubeck 1920-2012


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‘George Orwell A LIfe in Pictures’: Essential documentary on the author of ‘1984’
07:00 pm



There is no footage of George Orwell, no recordings of his voice, just assorted photographs, and of course, his writing, his brilliant writing, which forms the basis of this Emmy award-winning documentary George Orwell - A Life in Pictures.

This documentary recreates Orwell’s life through a series of imaginary film clips, fictional archive news stories, and the sort of documentary films Orwell may have made. Chris Langham is Orwell and he brings a warmth, intelligence and humanity to the role.

Best known for his star performance in The Thick of It, and his work with Spike Milligan and The Muppets, Langham has become a controversial figure of late as he was sent to gaol in 2005 for downloading hard core child pornography. He said he did it for research, for a character he was playing on a TV series. Well, you would, wouldn’t? You’re not going to say it was just for the hell-of-it or, you wanted to knock one out, are you? But Langham has served his time and accepted responsibility for his actions. However, this knowledge can make this excellent documentary problematic to watch, though Langham’s performance is superb, and the content of this documentary - George Orwell’s writing -  essential viewing.

Though this all perhaps raises a bigger question, as to whether creative works can be viewed separately from the lives of its creators? Can we read William Burroughs without considering the senseless murder of his wife, or his use of young boys for sex? Can we read Philip Larkin’s poetry without thinking about his racism? Or, look at Eric Gill’s vast output - from religious sculpture to typeface - without thinking he sexually abused his daughters and fucked the family pets? Unlike these reprobates, Langham has served his time, and all we can do is to be aware of what has happened, before choosing our own response to it.

Ultimately, the issue is perhaps subverted by the importance and quality of Orwell’s writing, which Langham brings brilliantly to life.


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Shit gets weird: ‘The Everything Is Terrible! Holiday Special’ (NSFW)
06:44 pm

Pop Culture


To celebrate the impending end of mankind, the weirdos behind Everything Is Terrible! are doing the impossible! As the Mayan long count is about to run out, EIT! are going to be spreading their own unique brand of Holiday Cheer ON 2 TOURS AT THE SAME TIME! What the fuck?!

This holiday season, world-famous psychedelic soldiers of found footage Everything Is Terrible! return with another epic masterpiece! Over the last 5 years, EIT! has built upon their classic Holiday Special regarding everyone’s least favorite time of the year, piling on layers of erotic Santas, Nazi elves, misplaced sentimentalities, fistfights over toys-for-tots and an endless parade of singing kids that will surely destroy us all. As they sculpt an ever-more-abominable collage out of a millennium’s worth of VHS memories, EIT! asks: will this holiday season be our last? Will our Mayan brothers and sisters of so many moons ago be correct in their prediction of doom? There’s only one way to find the answers — and that’s to watch one more crappy holiday special. As always, EIT! will appear live to present the evening’s festivities in all of their fur-covered glory — and this time, they promise to convert every stage into the tackiest winter wonderland imaginable with all the trimmings: puppets, sing-a-longs, candy, fake snow, and a visit from the big man himself. The word “miraculous” falls short to describe the happenings of this Cataclysmic Transformation!

Coming soon to your town (or one just like it):

12-7 - Detroit @ Corktown
12-8 - Toronto @ Lee’s Palace
12-9 - Montreal @ Pub Brouhaha
12-10 - Worcester @ Firehouse
12-11 - Troy @ 51 3rd St
12-12 - Brooklyn @ Bell House
12-13 - Philly @ PhilaMOCA
12-14 - Boston @ Coolidge Corner
12-15 - Baltimore @ 5th Dimension
12-16 - Pittsburgh @ Filmmakers
12-17 - Cincinnati @ Mayday
12-18 - Nashville @ Belcourt
12-19 - St. Louis @ Mushmaus
12-20 - Bloomington, IN @ The Bishop
12-21 - Chicago @ Lincoln Hall

12-7 - San Francisco @ Roxie
12-8 - Oakland @ ABCO Arts
12-9 - UC Davis @ TCS Building
12-10 - Portland @ Hollywood Theatre
12-11 - Olympia @ Le Voyeur
12-12 - Vancouver @ Biltmore Cabaret
12-13 - Seattle @ Central Cinema
12-14 - Boise @ Spacebar
12-15 - Salt Lake City @ The Coffee Pit
12-16 - Denver @ Denver Film Center
12-17 - Albuquerque @ Guild
12-18 - Tucson @ Loft
12-19 - Phoenix @ Filmbar
12-20 - San Diego @ Che Cafe
12-22 - Los Angeles @ Cinefamily

Get tickets here for The Everything Is Terrible! Holiday Special—Is it comedy? Is it found footage? Is it both? It’s just seriously fucking fucked up, that’s all I know. Don’t miss this!!!

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Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen collaborate on over-priced handbag with Damien Hirst
06:14 pm



If you’ve got way too much money and no common sense whatsoever, listen up: the fashionista Olsen twins, Mary-Kate and Ashley, have produced a stunningly over-priced crocodile handbag festooned with colorful pill appliqués, in collaboration artist Damien Hirst.

The price? A mere $55,000. I wonder if any of those pills are Xanax?

“Damien, I’ve got Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s people on the line. They want to make a hideously overpriced handbag with you. Are you interested?”

“Blimey, what a shitty idea. That’s just too fucking stew-pid not to do, innit?”

“Damien says he’d love to be involved. Terrific, thanks. You, too. Bye!”

Only twelve of the bags are available. They go on sale December 12th exclusively at

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