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S&P downgrade

A long-distance photo of the plane and banner

By now you’ve probably heard about the plane that was flown over NYC today with a flowing banner behind it reading: “THANKS FOR THE DOWNGRADE. YOU SHOULD ALL BE FIRED.”

Fortune magazine’s Dan Primack learned who flew the plane: It was a Lucy Nobbe, a vice president with Wedbush Morgan Securities. Nobbe is a single mother from St. Louis who is angry with Wall Street and Washington and wanted to vent her frustration:

“I originally wanted to fly it over Washington, D.C., but learned that you can’t do that,” says the banker, who asked to remain anonymous for job security reasons [She revealed herself subsequently—RM]. “So I chose Wall Street instead, but didn’t specifically intend it to fly over S&P. I’m just a mother from St. Louis who feels the only reason we got downgraded was people in politics.”

More from Foster Kamer at The Observer:

A friend of the woman who flew the plane who requested anonymity spoke to the Observer by phone, confirming that her friend is in fact a single mother of two from St. Louis. We were told she is an investment banker (Fortune noted her as a “broker”) and as her friend explained to us, “she woke up pissed about everything in Washington, especially now with the downgrade.” She wanted to fly it over D.C. but she couldn’t because of the restricted airspace; her original intent wasn’t to fly the plane “at” Wall Street, per se.

“She’s not mad at S & P, she’s mad at Washington D.C. She called me up to have me talk her out of it, and of course, I didn’t,” her friend noted, “because I think it’s funnier than shit.” According to her friend, the woman “does not have a lot of discretionary cash as others are saying. She’s a single mother of two. She’s been working and paying taxes since she was 16 years old.”

Is she of any particular political persuasion? “Nope,” her friend notes. “Not really. It’s directed at Washington. The Republicans, Democrats, President. Not at S & P.” We noted—as we’ve heard from friends, colleagues, and sources that the banner is likely making quite a few people smile.

“I think she’d be happy to hear that. She can’t reveal herself because she doesn’t want to lose her job, obviously,” her friend noted, “but I think she’d be happy to hear that.”

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Inspired by the Riots: Photoshop Looters
01:55 pm


Current Events
London Riots

After the UK riots, a little light relief with Photoshop Looters, a Tumblr site dedicated to photo-shopped pix of rioters, looters and other hooded marauders.

View more here, or you can submit your pix at photoshoplooter at gmail dot com
More photo-shop looters, after the jump…

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Everything about this video is a 10
11:23 am


ice cream

Edy’s ice cream expert and taste-tester, John, demonstrates how to savor the vanilla bean.

As one YouTuber points out, “If I remember correctly, this guy was featured on Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous and his tongue alone was insured for millions of dollars.”

(via Cynical-C)

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You’re my obsession…
10:39 am


Robert Pattinson

I think this woman may want to get a restraining order against Twilight actor Robert Pattinson. He seems a little creepy.
(via reddit)

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Dangerous Minds Radio Hour Episode 26 With Guest Nate Cimmino
09:42 am


Dangerous Minds Radio Hour
Nate Cimmino

Another fantabulous Dangerous Minds Radio Hour from Nate Cimmino. These radio shows from this guy turn up here almost like an abandoned child left in a basket on our digital doorstep. Richard Metzger claims to have met Mr. Cimmino once, and not even in a past life. It’s disturbing, but they’re so good.

So, once again, Dangerous Minds invites you for another aural excursion with our host, Nate Cimmino, who as best we can tell is wandering around blissfully, sending this offering to us while he was on vacation.


01. Demon Fuzz- Past Present & Future (under intro)
02. Dusty Springfield- Spooky (mono 45 mix)
03. Carole Pope- All Touch/No Contact
04. Johnny Cash- Folsom Prison Blues
05. Gordon Jenkins- Crescfent City Blues
06. Hetten Des- Ace Of Spades
07. Moby Grape- Soul Stew
08. Mars Bonfire- Born To Be Wild
09. Dennis Coffee- It’s Your Thang
10. Dennis Coffee- Sodomy
11. Edison Electric Band- Smokehouse
12. GHP-Rolling Confusion
13. Black Nasty- We’re Doin’ Our Thing
14. Aaron Neville- Mojo Hannah
15- Exuma- Exuma, The Obeah Man
16- Moondog- Moondog Monologue

Download this week’s episode
Subscribe to the Dangerous Minds Radio Hour podcast at iTunes

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London Riots: Don’t expect the BBC to replay this clip!

Darcus Howe, well-respected West Indian-born intellectual, New Statesman columnist, TV host and political activist, is interviewed on the BBC about last night’s rioting and he eloquently states what a lot of people in the country must be thinking right about now.

“I don’t call it rioting. I call it an insurrection of the masses of the people. It is happening in Syria, it is happening in Clapham, it is happening in Liverpool, it is happening in Port of Spain, Trinidad.”

Instead of listening, the BBC newsreader keeps interrupting him with nonsense until, in the end, he just goes off on her in the most hilarious way. This clip needs to be passed around, please tweet and share.

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Great picture of London’s clean up operation
07:18 am

Current Events

clean up

Among all the pictures of burning cars, buses, warehouses and shops coming from the UK’s capital right now, here’s something from the other end of the spectrum - a great image from Operation Clapham Clean Up (#riotcleanup) proving that Londoners can come together to do something other than destroy.

Via Lawcol888 on YFrog.


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Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg warned of riots if Tories elected in 2010

Respected journalist and broadcaster, Andrew Neil posted an interesting tweet regarding comments made by the UK’s Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg.

Neil points out that last year, Liberal-Democrat Clegg warned of riots if the Conservatives were elected, and wonders if Clegg “ever thought he’d be in government with them when they happened?”

With thanks to Andrew Neil

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Independent music distributor PIAS lose entire stock in London riots

Sad news for fans of independent and alternative music - among the worst hit in last night’s large scale rioting in London were the very popular independent distributor PIAS (né Play It Again Sam) who look to have lost all their stock when the Sony warehouse in Enfield was burnt down. If you are a fan or collector of independent music you probably have a couple of releases brought to you by the company already - they distribute labels like Mute, Rough Trade, One Little Indian, Warp, Ninja Tune, Kompakt, Domino, FatCat, Soul Jazz, Rock Action, Chemikal Undergroud, and lots lots more. It’s estimated that PIAS handle around 30% of independent music in Europe.

PIAS have issued this statement via their website:

There was a fire last night at the SonyDADC warehouse which services the physical distribution for [PIAS] in the UK and Ireland. [PIAS] is working closely with SonyDADC who are implementing their emergency plans. [PIAS]‘s UK offices in London and all other areas of our business are unaffected.
More information will be communicated shortly to all our labels and partners.

A campaign has already begun to help the company, with suggestions that records or downloads from PIAS distributed labels be bought today in solidarity. A Paypal account is also being set up by Twitter user fionchadd (hashtag #labellove) for people to donate money through, which will be distributed among the labels affected by the loss of stock.

Via Drowned in Sound

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Queen of the damned: Michele Lugosi for President
01:13 am

Stupid or Evil?

Michele Lugosi



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