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The Generation Gap: Tea party olds take on Occupy Wall Street
03:34 pm


Tea party
Occupy Wall Street
old people

Uh oh! As if this picture ain’t worth a thousand words, the video below is pretty revealing of a certain mindset, uh, brewing, I guess you’d say, in the feeble little minds of the Tea party faithful.

Since Occupy Wall Street started, as far as I’m concerned, it’s like everything is getting kicked up a notch… Dig the comedic horn o’ plenty that was last night’s GOP debate, the Cain train-wreck and Michele Bachmann getting “mic-checked” in South Carolina today. This shit is the fuckin’ best!

As you might suspect, the comments thread at YouTube is pretty brutal, but quite funny…

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Occupy Wall Street teach-in with Douglas Rushkoff

“They say the Occupy movement has no leaders. They are wrong. YOU are the leaders! The rest of us are your followers! What you do here shows us what we can do out there.”

A history lesson about a 500-year old operating program that’s cramping our style in the 21st century delivered at Zuccotti Park today in downtown Manhattan by media theorist Douglas Rushkoff.

“If you can sleep under tarps, the rest of us can tell your story to our children at bedtime…”

Beautiful. I love it. Please spread this message far and wide. Shot by Janine Saunders.

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Listen to 10 Seconds from Every Hit Song of the ‘70s
02:24 pm


Nat Roe

Nat Roe of WFMU has uploaded 10 seconds of every hit song from the ‘70s on SoundCloud. Holy cow, Nat! That’s a lot of hard work and serious dedication. He says he’s going to tackle the ‘80s in the next few weeks. I can’t wait for that one! 

Go to WFMU to hear every hit from the 50s and 60s






Listen to the rest after the jump…

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The Dove (De Düva): Brilliant Ingmar Bergman parody, 1968
02:16 pm


Ingmar Bergman
Madeline Kahn.

The Dove (De Düva) is an Academy Award-nominated short parody of Ingmar Bergman’s films, made in 1968. They used to show this a lot in the early days of HBO. The short lampoons elements of Bergman’s Wild Strawberries, The Seventh Seal, The Silence and Smiles of a Summer Night.

Professor Viktor Sundqvist (co-director George Coe) is being chauffeured to a lecture at a university, when a dove shits on the car’s windshield. He decides to make a visit to his childhood home ala Wild Strawberries .

In a flashback, Viktor and his sister challenge Death (screenwriter Sid Davis) to a game of badminton in exchange for Death sparing her life. A dove shits on Death and he loses the game.

The ridiculous fake Swedish is a mix of English, Yiddish and adding “ska” to certain words, as in “It will take a momentska” or “sooner or lateska.”

The Dove (De Düva) is notable for being the first appearance of the great comedienne Madeline Kahn. 

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Rolling Stones 1964 TV commercial for Rice Krispies

The Rolling Stones’ Rice Krispies jingle written by Brian Jones. The commercial had a short run on British TV in 1964.

Stones in Chuck Berry mode and it actually rocks for a jingle. Snappy!

Via Open Culture

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Vintage Pathé Fashion Films from 1955

There is something quite charming about these short Pathé News Films from the 1950s.

In the first, model Carol Archer visits a boutique in Soho, London, where she tries on a variety of novelty ear-rings, including miniature champagne bottles, cuckoo clocks, and hands.

More fab fashion films, after the jump…

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Protesters Occupy Michele Bachmann today in Charleston, South Carolina

Occupy Charleston protesters confronted Michele Bachmann earlier today in South Carolina.

The Mount Pleasant Patch reports:

Michele Bachmann came to Charleston to give her foreign policy vision, but she was interrupted by more than a dozen protestors with the Occupy movement.

Roughly 10 minutes into her speech, in front of roughly 60 supporters and media, the occupy group sitting amongst the crowd stood at their seats at the call from their leader, “Mic check!”

The group then began a call and response message similar to speeches at Occupy rallies throughout the country.

“You capitalize on dividing Americans, claiming people that disagree with you are unpatriotic socialists.”

It looks like the only people to show up for Bachmann’s speech were the protesters.

More video after the jump…

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Dark Shadows comic book covers (1968-1976)
12:01 pm


comic books
Dark Shadows

The Monster Brains blog recently posted some delightful high-resolution scans of Dark Shadows comic book covers based on the 60s gothic soap opera.  I really like the top one from 1970.

Visit Monster Brains to view the rest of the collection.

One more choice selection after the jump…

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Roxy Music’s album covers

Above, Brian Ferry’s then-girlfriend, transsexual model/pop star Amanda Lear poses for the second Roxy Music album cover with a panther.

Short documentary film about the making of those iconic and sexy Roxy Music album covers. This was made for a recent event honoring Bryan Ferry in France.

Via Exile on Moan Street

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Grace Bones: Portrait of Grace Jones as a zombie
10:56 am


Grace Jones
Ben Brown
Grace Bones

Awesome “Grace Bones” portrait by Australian-based graphic designer, illustrator, and artist Ben Brown.

While looking through Ben Brown’s site, I also found his terrific Dinosaur Jr. / Planet of the Apes poster mashup for an Australian tour.

(via Coilhouse)

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