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What LANGUAGE is Mick Jagger singing in here?
03:39 pm


Mick Jagger
Rolling Stones

A YouTuber saw fit to offer a transcript of this amusingly incoherent live Rolling Stones performance from 1976 where Mick Jagger simply refuses to form real words with his mouth.

Name that tune:

“Yah Awa bo anna craw fah huh cay Anna ho alamo in a try ray Buh ah ray ah now yeah and fad is a gay Oh ray now, a jumpin jay flay sa gas gas gah. Ah wa lay bah a toodleh beedeh hay. Ah wa sko wid a strap rahda craws ma bah. Bahda oh ray now en fad is a gay. Buh oh ray now jumpin jah flah sa da ga ga geh “

What freaking made up slurry LANGUAGE is he singing in, anyway? What drugs is he on? I want some!

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The phone-hacking scandal that may finish Rupert Murdoch’s ambitions

In 2002, 13-year-old Milly Dowler disappeared. In the hours that followed, her family left desperate messages on Milly’s cell phone begging her to get in touch. There was no response, and the family’s messages soon filled Milly’s voice mail.

Then something strange happened - the messages were deleted. This gave the family hope that Milly was still alive.

But the truth was: Milly hadn’t deleted the messages. She was dead, murdered by Levi Bellfield.

It now turns out that it was a private detective, Glenn Mulcaire, employed by Rupert Murdoch’s paper the News of the World, who had allegedly hacked into the ‘phone and deleted the messages. As the Guardian reported on Monday:

Scotland Yard is now investigating evidence that the paper hacked directly into the voicemail of the missing girl’s own phone. As her friends and parents called and left messages imploring Milly to get in touch with them, the News of the World was listening and recording their every private word.

News International’s Chief Executive, Rebekah Brooks was the paper’s editor at the time. In an email to staff Brooks claimed she was “appalled and shocked” by the allegations, and thought it “inconceivable that [she] knew or worse, sanctioned these appalling allegations.”

Of course, this is what Brooks has to say, until there is evidence to the contrary.

Even if that evidence is forthcoming, it is unlikely that Brooks would have sanctioned such actions on her own, which opens up the whole of Rupert Murdoch’s News International for very serious and critical examination.

British Prime Minister, David Cameron has described the allegations as “a truly dreadful act”

And demanded that the police:

“...pursue this in the most vigorous way that they can in order to get to the truth of what happened.

“I think that is the absolute priority as a police investigation.”

Which may bring interesting results, as another former editor of the News of the World tainted with phone-hacking allegations is Andy Coulson, who was appointed by Cameron as his Director of Communications - a position Coulson eventually quit because coverage of the phone-hacking affair.

For those wondering what they can do to ensure these allegations against the News of the World, and other papers, are investigated vigorously, then Roy Greenslade has some pointers in his Guardian blog:

1. Boycott the paper. Treat it just as the people of Merseyside did when The Sun ran its infamous Hillsborough story in 1989 following the deaths of 96 Liverpool supporters.

2. Pressure advertisers and media buyers not to buy space in the News of the World and to withdraw ads they’ve already booked.

3. Back the call for an independent public inquiry into the whole hacking affair. It will be officially launched tomorrow at a meeting in the Lords.

4. Demand to know who has been, and is, paying the legal expenses of Glenn Mulcaire, the private investigator who was jailed for intercepting voicemail messages on behalf of the News of the World.

5. Ask the PCC if it has inquired of News Int whether it, or any of its associated companies, has been responsible for paying the legal fees of a convicted man? If it has not, why not? And is it therefore time that it did so?

Crucially, the ‘phone hacking allegations come just as Murdoch has succeeded in gaining regulatory permission for a 100% takeover bid for the British Sky Broadcasting (BSkyB), the UK’s largest pay-TV broadcaster, with over 10 million subscribers. are currently organizing a campaign to stop Murdoch’s media take-over:

We have just three days to flood the government’s public consultation with requests to stop the deal.

We’ve done it before—in the last consultation Hunt said our avalanche of 40,000 messages delayed the deal as his officials had to read each email carefully, fearing a legal challenge. But the government is pushing the deal through despite the hacking scandal of murdered Milly Dowler—the latest grim episode that shows how Murdoch’s media tramples standards and ignores ethics.

Murdoch already controls more of our media than is legal in many countries – and is notorious for using his power to skew our politics. The official consultation ends this Friday—let’s tell the government we don’t want his media empire to control our largest commercial broadcaster. Send a message now—using your own words to make it stand out—calling on Jeremy Hunt and David Cameron to refuse Murdoch’s BSkyB deal until there’s a full Competition Commission review and a full public inquiry into phone hacking.

You can add your name to the petition here.


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Abstract ‘painting’ created in abandoned pool by skateboards with spray paint
03:07 pm


spray paint

This is a lot like the light painting with a Roomba that’s been making the rounds on the Internet the past few days. However, this one is a bit more dangerous.

Experimental and slightly mental. The D*Face spray paint skateboard interface. What better way to paint the pool then letting everyone get involved? With high-tech remotely controlled spray can apparatus mounted to the underside of skateboards…every line a skater took became the paint job of the pool.

(via The High Definite )

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‘Too Drunk To Fuck’ beer ad banned
01:40 pm


Too Drunk Too Fuck

An ad for the beer Kronenbourg 1664 featuring a cover version of The Dead Kennedys’ “Too Drunk Too Fuck” has been banned.

NME reports:

Spotify have been forced to remove an advert which features a cover of the Dead Kennedys’ ‘Too Drunk To Fuck’ over fears it would encourage binge drinking.

The streaming company had been running a series of banner advertisements, which directed users to a special ‘slowed down’ playlist as part of a campaign for the beer Kronenbourg 1664, with Madness’s ‘Baggy Trousers’ and Motorhead’s ‘Ace Of Spades’ among those ‘slowed down’.

One of the tracks used was the Dead Kennedys’ ‘Too Drunk To Fuck’, which attracted a number of complaints to the independent regular The Portman Group. The complaints were then investigated and were found to be in breach of a rule which bans advertisers from “encouraging irresponsible or immoderate drinking”.

Knowing Jello Biafra’s aversion to having his songs used in ads, I’m sure he’s pleased that Kronenbourg got busted. And he’s able to get some press while keeping his karma clean.

Here’s Jello & The Guantanamo School Of Medicine doing “Too Drunk To Fuck” a few nights ago in Helsinki.

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Creative way to propose to a stoner
11:59 am



I wonder if she said “yes”?

(via reddit )

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Brian Jones interview 1965
11:06 am


Rolling Stones
Brian Jones

The final photo session of Brian Jones with The Rolling Stones.
There isn’t tons of footage of Brian Jones, founder of The Rolling Stones, speaking on camera, so this is a real treat. Usually it’s Mick Jagger who the reporters would direct the questions at (or Mick who would always answer, I suppose) but seldom have we seen Brian speak for such an extended period of time. (Mick must’ve been knackered?).

The interview took place in Montreal in 1965 and the interviewer wanted to know what the Stones thought of America. They tell him.

Via The Houndblog/Thank you Chris Campion!

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Hysterical vintage pro-smoking commercial
10:58 am


The Movie Orgy

This little gem caught my eye at the Everything Is Festival! over the weekend: It’s a trailer/excerpt from Joe Dante’s 4-hour long epic of found footage mayhem, The Movie Orgy (which they screened at Cinefamily yesterday). In it, you’ll see one of the best ads for cigarettes, ever. I’ll leave it at that, as not to spoil it.

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Alex from ‘A Clockwork Orange’ stuffed doll
09:29 am


A Clockwork Orange
Angela Tiara

Glasgow-based artist Angela Tiara makes these incredible custom order plushies. Here’s her stuffed rendition of Alex DeLarge from A Clockwork Orange. I checked Angela’s Etsy account, and it looks like she’s no longer selling her work there. However, it does appear you can still contact her on Etsy and she’ll make one for you. Her dolls sell for around $50.

Makes the perfect gift for that troubled child in your life. (Now I know what to get for my troubled child’s husband’s birthday.)

(via Cherrybombed )

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KY Tea Party vendor sells ‘Yup, I’m a Racist’ tee-shirt

Happy 5th of July! I hope everyone had a nice weekend. We certainly did, but then again, we weren’t anywhere near Lexington, Kentucky and this idiotic vendor of (patriotic?) racist tee-shirts.

The other tee this Tea partier sells reads: “INFIDEL: Everything I Need to Know About Islam I Learned on 9/11.”  Charming.

Here’s what Wonkette had to say about this gentleman and his wares:

This is how serious the birth control situation is in Kentucky, because broken condoms result in tragedies like this man, selling apparel to people who want to honor America’s founding dressed like hobo Klansmen.

This photo works on so many levels. It deserves a Pulitzer prize. So heavy meta. Someone who lives in the area should do a documentary about this guy. He’s such a ONE-MAN SYMBOL OF AMERICA TODAY.

I wonder how many of these tee-shirts he sold?

(With apologies to Wonkette for heisting their post, but this one is too good not to reblog.)

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Hear The Horrors’ new album ‘Skying’ in full

British garage act The Horrors are set to release their new album Skying through XL Recordings on August the 9th (US) and July 11th (UK), but you can hear the album, in full, via the widget below. In fact, it’s not really fair to describe the Horrors as “garage rock” anymore - that may have been their initial template when they burst onto the scene five years ago, but their sound has evolved and mutated quite a bit since then.

I admit I was put off the band when they first started getting press attention, consigning them to the hype bin based on their highly coiffured hair and dandy dress sense. But all that changed as soon as I actually heard them - here was a band that was keeping alive the swamp rock / dirt blues flame of acts like The Birthday Party and the awesome Gallon Drunk. Their second album Primary Colours, produced by Portishead’s Geoff Barrow, marked a shift in tone towards something deeper and a bit more pastoral, while retaining the all important dirt and grit. With nods to krautrock, kosmiche and shoegaze, it won the band some high praise, even becoming the NME’s album of the year for 2009.

Skying continues where Primary Colours left off, though taking us further away from the 70s and 80s influences. The ghost of shoegaze still haunts The Horrors’ sound, but now, rather than the woozy, noxious and slightly nauseous tones of pioneers My Bloody Valentine, the layered guitar and synth noise is more akin to the lush soundscapes of bands like Slowdive and The Telescopes. The early Nineties seem to be what the band are tapping into for inspiration just now, and some of the tracks even feature, surprisingly, a shuffly, Madchester-style beat. “Monica Gems” is like Suede dragged backwards through a thorny hedge and there are shades of The Doors here, but as refracted through the prism of Echo and The Bunnymen (in particular the excellent track “Still Life”) . For me the album highlight is “Moving Further Away”, which starts as gorgeous, driving Germanica before before being engulfed in layers of blissful synths and ending as a dirty rock dirge. Listen for yourselves:

For more info on The Horrors, visit their website, or their record label XL Recordings.


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