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Herman Cain Sexual Harassment PSA

Obviously he’s innocent until proven guilty, but one thing seems certain enough: Herman Cain is an idiot.

Herman Cain Sexual Harassment Ad - watch more funny videos     
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‘Dream Machine’: New wave disco and beautiful vintage celluloid
11:58 pm


New wave
Dream Machine
Vintage cinema

Late 1970s/early 80s dance grooves intermingle with beautiful hand-tinted and b&w vintage movie clips to create a rhythm you can dream to.

01. “Hard Times” - The Human League
02. “Why Can’t I Touch It” - The Buzzcocks
03. “Journey” - Delta 5
04. “Keeping Up” - Arthur Russell
05. “Theme For Great Cities” - Simple Minds
06. “Pata Piya” - Manu Dibango
07. “We Don’t Need No Fascist Groove Thing” - Heaven 17
08. “Death Disco” - Public Image Ltd.
09. “Warm Leatherette” - The Normal
10. “The Jezebel Spirit” - Brian Eno/David Byrne

Alternative mix after the jump…

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UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi’s walk of shame

Waddling like a cocksure duck, Lieutenant John Pike pepper-sprays a group of peaceful protesters. Your tax dollars at work.
Earlier tonight approximately 1000 Occupy Davis student protesters gathered outside the office of the school’s Chancellor Linda Katehi in a peaceful demonstration condemning the violent actions taken by police, which included the use of pepper spray, against the students on Friday, November 18. The police were acting under orders from the Chancellor.

Students and faculty members are calling for Katehi’s resignation.

During tonight’s sit-in, the Chancellor remained inside the school seemingly afraid to confront the students though she was in no way imperiled.

Katehi refused to leave the building, attempting to give the media the impression that the students were somehow holding her hostage.

A group of highly organized students formed a large gap for the chancellor to leave. They chanted “we are peaceful” and “just walk home,” but nothing changed for several hours. Eventually student representatives convinced the chancellor to leave after telling their fellow students to sit down and lock arms.

As Katehi left the building, the students, led by one of the victims of Friday’s police violence, sat in silent protest as Katehi took her “walk of shame.”

This video captures a moment that shows to the world how effective and powerful peaceful dissent can be. Right on Occupy Davis! There will be a rally at UC Davis this coming Monday at noon.

Via The Second Alarm

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Punk the 1%: UK Uncut pranks Revenue & Customs boss Dave Hartnett

UK Uncut describe themselves as “a grassroots anti-austerity network”. In the footnotes to this video, this is how UK Uncut they describe the boss of Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs:

Dave Hartnett, head of HMRC, has spent the last few years shaking hands on sweetheart deals with multinational corporations. Vodafone were let off upwards of £6bn in tax, Goldman Sachs were let off over £10m in tax. By pure chance, Dave Hartnett also happens to be Whitehall’s most wined and dined civil servant, accepting expensive dinners and drinks from companies such as KPMG, Ernst and Young, PWC and, of course, Goldman Sachs.

On 9th November Dave Hartnett was delivering the keynote speech at the Corporate Tax Conference, the biggest annual gathering of everyone who’s anyone in corporate tax. Some UK Uncut activists dressed up as Vodafone and Goldman Sachs execs and surprised Dave to say a huge thank you for his kind favours.

Here’s what happened when they met:

For more info on UK Uncut, visit their website

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‘The Art Of Sounds’ - terrific documentary on the French composer Pierre Henry

Some more vintage electronic French pop to round out the week on Dangerous Minds. Some folk may not know the name Pierre Henry, but they definitely know his music - well they would know his music, were it not for the fact that what they are hearing isn’t actually him. I’m talking of course about the Futurama theme tune, and how it is a blatant rip-off of Henry’s classic ‘Psyche Rock’ from 1967 (more specifically, the Fatboy Slim remix).

Now, don’t get me wrong I love Futurame, but it’s to Matt Groening’s eternal shame that he did not just stump up whatever cash was required to purchase the original track. What we now have in its place every week is a lame facsimile, that some people even confuse with the original track. Oh well. That’s entertainment!

Regardless, The Art of Sound is an excellent French (subtitled) documentary directed by Eric Darmon and Franck Mallet from 2006 that follows Pierre Henry as he collects unique sounds for his compositions, sets up an even more unique live concert in his house, and generally looks back over a career in music that spans over fifty years. It’s intimate and revealing, and its central figure comes across as quite the character.

No, scrub that - Pierre Henry is the shit. He went from being a pioneer of musique concrete with Pierre Schaeffer in the 1950s to creating psychedelic sound-and-light shows in 1960s Paris that could match anything dreamt up by Pink Floyd and the Grateful Dead. He composed music for abstract ballets that still sounds genuinely psychedelic and like nothing else today. He may come across as crabby and extremely eccentric in this film, but I still hope I end up as cool as this guy if I get to be his age. I mean, you have to be pretty awesome to attract a steady fanbase to abstract electronic recital shows in your own bloody house, right?

More psyche-pop magic, this time with Henry & Colombier’s “Teen Tonic” (1967) set to footage of the 1960s German TV fashion Show Paris Aktuel by YouTube uploader Cosmocorps2000:

Pierre Henry & Michel Colombier “Teen Tonic”

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Kenneth Anger & Brian Butler’s Technicolor Skull

A reminder about the Kenneth Anger opening party (which is confusingly being held a week after the exhibit actually opened to the public) tomorrow night at MOCA. Featured will be a live musical interlude via Anger and Brian Butler’s Technicolor Skull project.

Technicolor Skull performs their first West Coast appearance at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in Los Angeles on November 19, 2011, as part of the opening reception for Kenneth Anger: ICONS. This exhibition will showcase the films, books, and artwork of one of the most original and enigmatic filmmakers of post-war American cinema. This coincides with the release of Technicolor Skull’s self-titled recorded debut, a one-sided, bloodred 180 gram 12” vinyl LP limited to 666 copies.

Technicolor Skull is an experiment in light and sound, exploring the psychic impact of a magick ritual in the context of an improvised performance. With Brian Butler on guitar and electronic instruments, and Kenneth Anger on theremin, their collaboration is a performance contained inside a ritual of unknown origin, tapping into occult stories that extend musical language into initiation. Hidden messages escape through gesture and light, manifesting as a one-time-only event.

The record will be available directly from and at the MOCA store.

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Hunter S. Thompson: Live at UC Auditorium, Boulder from 1977

Audio of Hunter S. Thompson at UC Auditorium, Boulder, Colorado, from November 1 1977, where the good doctor discussed:

01. Intro, American Dream, Tex Colson
02. Nixon and Football, Vietnam Books
03. Tom Wolfe
04. Trudeau, Running For Office
05. Rockefeller, Tri-Lateral Commission
06. Rush, Eldridge Cleaver
07. VD, Disco & Rolling Stone
08. World Series, MK - Ultra
09. Kesey, Canada
10. Evil As Nixon?, Uganda, Degeneracy
11. Steadman, Gonzo
12. More Kesey, Avoiding Jail
13. Silver Platter, The Slide
14. Carter Argument
15. Drug Question, Drunk And Loud
16. Three Wishes, Fascist
17. Grateful Dead


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How to Survive the Apocalypse: A Burning (Man) Opera
02:00 pm

Pop Culture

Erik Davis
Burning Opera

Burning Man enthusiasts who live in Southern California have a second chance to catch How to Survive the Apocalypse: A Burning Opera this Sunday night for one performance only at the King King nightclub.

How to Survive the Apocalypse: a Burning Opera was scored by Mark Nichols, with libretto by noted counterculture writer Erik Davis. Inspired by “the Burn,” the show combines rock opera, an electronic dance party, and a pagan revival show. The workshop version premiered in early 2009 at Stage Werx in San Francisco, and the Original Cast version ran in October the same year, with nine sold-out performances at Teatro ZinZanni. The San Francisco Bay Guardian’s theater critic Steve Jones wrote that the show is “both engrossing musical theater in its own right and a piece of art that truly captures the feel of the event and the Zeitgeist of its attendees.” Writing about the Ghostlight Gypsies’ successful production of the show in Los Angeles this summer, co-directed by Nichols, Stephan Hues, and Julie Lewis, the LA Weekly’s Bill Raden raved about the show’s “anarchic spirit,” and described the show’s score as “a Hair-era musical vocabulary of R&B and acid rock by way of Kurt Weill.”

The origins of How to Survive the Apocalypse lie in a Porta-Potty line at Burning Man in 2006. Ron Meiners made the comment to a friend that only opera could capture the multidimensional experience of the festival. Composer Mark Nichols, in line with his singer partner Julie Lewis, overheard the remark. As a stalwart figure in the Seattle music scene who had already written a number of demented pieces of musical theatre, Nichols loved the idea. Meiners brought in lyricist Erik Davis, a cult author and journalist who had been attending and writing about Burning Man since 1994. Davis in turn brought in director Christopher Fulling. With producer and creative advisor Dana Harrison in tow, the main team was assembled and creative obsession began. Today the project continues to evolve through the vision of Ghostlight Gypsies, with future shows in the works.

An abridged version of the score, recorded and produced shortly after the 2009 Original Cast run has recently been released on CD. The music is also available digitally through iTunes and Amazon. For more on the Original Cast recording and performance see

King King, 6555 Hollywood Blvd., Nov. 20. Doors open at 7:00pm with the show starting at 8:00pm. The event is 21 and over. Tickets on sale here

Below, highlights of the original 2009 production in San Francisco.

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Occupy THESE idiots: Fox News is the 1%

Robert Greenwald of Brave New Films was on MSNBC’s The Ed Show last night to discuss the completely idiotic way Fox has bashed Occupy Wall Street.  (My former company released several of his documentaries on DVD including OutFoxed: Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism, a project I was proud to have put some money behind).

Watch the opening montage: How could anyone save for a totally uninformed pisshead take Fox News and what these people have to say seriously? It’s simply dishonest reporting yet the Geritol set and thick people all over the country take this shite as the gospel truth. Who benefits from keeping the common man ignorant and infuriated? (The 1%?)

It’s just bizarre to watch this, having visited Zuccotti Park several times personally. What they describe bears little to no resemblance to what I saw with my own two eyes on several occasions. They are flat out liars and fabricators.

Why NOT occupy Fox News? It would give them something legitimate to complain about and man, would that be a whole lot of fun.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

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A girl’s best friend is her guitar: PJ Harvey
12:00 pm


PJ Harvey

I’m posting this for no other reason than that it exists.

Thanks to Copyranter for reminding me of the important things in life.

“This Is Love.”

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