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The Andy Rooney Game
11:21 am


Andy Rooney
The Andy Rooney Game

Originally posted on April 4, 24. Re-posted to mark the passing of 60 Minute’s cranky editorializer, Andy Rooney who passed away yesterday at the age of 92.

Maybe I’m late to the game—there are hundreds of these—but last night on YouTube I discoverd the Andy Rooney Game. I must have watched 50 of them, laughing my head off. The rules are simple:

“Remove everything but the first and last sentences from Andy Rooney’s segment on 60 Minutes. Then post that onto YouTube.”


More Andy Ronney Game after the jump…

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Foil the Evil Empire: Today is Bank Transfer Day

Take your money out of the Evil Empire today! Image via @SKYENICOLAS

Today is Bank Transfer Day, the day to take your money (should you still be lucky enough to have any), transfer it to a credit union, close down your accounts with the big banks and starve them of the oxygen they need to survive: YOUR HARD-EARNED MONEY.

Not everyone can be in Zuccotti Park, but YOU CAN DO THIS!

It’s Saturday. Do you honestly have something better to do than fucking over the big banks? I didn’t think so…

DailyKos blogger frustrated1 told a tale of closing his or her bank accounts, along with her sister under the title “The bank said ‘You’ll Be Back.’” I encourage any of you who are doing this today to post your own first person stories in the comments.

One thing I should probably mention is that my sister is a very successful medical doctor.  She makes a ton of money.  She also had a ton of money in each of these banks.  She decided to close these accounts out of solidarity with OWS protesters.  

At Wells Fargo, my sister walked up to the teller and politely asked to close her account.  The teller said, “No problem.”  She pulled up her account and saw the balance and told her that due to the amount she had to speak with the branch manager.  The branch manager came out.  He was probably 30 years old and was very arrogant.  He asked my sister why she wanted to close her account and my sister told him she thought Wells Fargo was part of the problem with the economy.  He went thru some talking points about why she shouldn’t move her money, but my sister didn’t back down.  When he asked her where she was going she told him that she would be banking at the North Carolina State Employees Credit Union.  She isn’t a state employee, but anyone can join if you are related to a state employee.  It turns out her husband is.  Anyway, the bankster told her “You’ll be back.  Credit unions can’t provide the services you need.”  We’ll see about that.  She withdrew over $200k from Wells Fargo.

Next we went to Bank of America.  I closed my last account with hardly any questions asked.  Of course, I had taken most of my money out so there wasn’t much left to take.  My sister on the other hand had a large balance in multiple accounts.  They actually refused to cut her a check for the full amounts.  They only gave her 1/3 of her money and told her she’d have to come back to withdraw the rest.  They claimed they were only allowed to make checks for a certain amount, and that they had no authority to cut additional checks on the same day.  Stupid BofA.   She had her check in hand and politely told off the branch manager when he told her she had to come back another day or two to withdraw the rest.  

At BofA, we weren’t the only ones closing accounts.  There was a line of people.  Most had small accounts because they weren’t even being challenged, but she actually had to wait in line to speak with a branch manager.

At SunTrust, the branch manager went off his rocker.  He just kept asking her “is there anything I can do or anything I can say to change your mind?”  He asked probably twenty times.  He even offered to have the market executive meet with her and hear out her concerns. She told him she wasn’t interested.  He really looked nervous about it.  

We then took the deposits we had to NCSECU.  The people there were busy.  There were 5 people in front of us in the line to open an account.  When my sister got to the front she learned that the credit union actually has a trust company and wealth management services. Neither of us knew that.  She is now considering moving her Merrill Lynch (owned by BofA) accounts to the credit union as well.  She’s been with her financial advisor for 15 years, so that’s the biggest reason she hesitates. 

Here’s a link to some helpful Bank Transfer Day resources at AlterNet and Move Your Money

How do I move my money out of a big bank? (Mother Jones)

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The Tea party is FREAKING OUT about Occupy Wall Street

There is an absolutely GENIUS FUNNY missive regarding “what to do” about Occupy Wall Street from one of the “morans” at Tea Party Nation that’s getting passed around this morning and it’s a fuckin’ doozy of dumb, a blizzard of idiocy and slightly more than a soupçon of BALLS TO THE WALL, AGGRESSIVE IGNORANCE. But what did anyone expect? (Even if you had the lowest expectations wait until you get to the “rape camps” section).

It’s a classic in its own demented way. This post was also apparently emailed to members of the Tea Party Nation yesterday and posted on Reddit by postirony. This is good shit. Savor it. Oh and by the way, the TPN poster goes under the nom de plume of “Jane Galt.” Just thought I’d throw that out there, it’s an amusing detail. Here’s an excerpt:

On GBTV this past Monday, Glenn Beck and his guests were discussing Occupy Wall Street ( Which has gone global, as a general socialist-globalist occupation movement now. ), and one of them said that the only way to stop socialism from taking over a country at a point like this, is just to have the police shut them down - break up their demonstrations and riots.

And I was thinking about this. We all have the right to free speech, which anyone can do at any time. We all have the right to petition the government for “redress of grievances”, which anyone can do at any time. And we all have the right to hold a rally, like the Tea Party movement has done on several occasions, though we were totally ignored by this socialist administration and most of the Congress, and even lied about, smeared and called names by the Marxists, as they continue to borrow, spend and tax this country into an eventual Great Collapse.

And meanwhile the Fed continues to devalue our paper and digital currency by constantly expanding the money supply and “loaning” ( more accurately “giving it away”, because so many in the EU can’t reasonably ever be expected to repay it! ) it out all over the world!

(How many of you have noticed a general climate of depression (malaise), especially in the business world, after the August 2nd deadline passed and it became clear that they had no intention of taking any serious steps to correct this, and balance the budget now - not in “10 years or 20 years”, which is meaningless?)

But I digress…

What they don’t have the right to do, and Glenn’s guest was right about this, is to stage - not a demonstration or rally, but an occupation, meant to “bring down” our relatively free market system, capitalism and our individual rights along with it. ( “Capitalism” is, after all, simply the right to own your life and property. )

They don’t have a right to trash things and make parts of these cities uninhabitable in the process. This is an insurrection and these are the kinds of dangerous mobs that led to socialist/communist collapses in eastern bloc countries during the rise of the Soviet Union, and the people in those countries never knew what hit them, until it was too late!

So yes, these people have said their piece, they’ve held rallies and demonstrated, but an Occupation should not be tolerated and they should now be “read the riot act” by the police, and be told to disperse and leave! And if they refuse, the police should force them to disperse!

Update 11-4-11: When I wrote the above blog, I was a little behind on my GBTV. On Tuesday, Glenn Beck reported ( with several video news clips! ) that these “Occupy” Marxist globalist insurrectionists are in fact running their occupied areas as rape camps!

Women, as well as even one man, have been raped, and they’re preventing it from being reported, “for the good of the revolution” and “for the collective good”, which of course outweighs the rights of the individuals being raped and the laws that say that felony crimes must be reported!  These crimes would absolutely not be tolerated if the right were doing them, especially the Tea Party movement! Yes, these camps should be shut down, and they should be shut down now and these Marxist revolutionary insurrections should be dispersed immediately!

Rape camps? Wait a minute, “rape camps”?

Yes. Rape camps.

It’s all they’ve got. Bless their pointed little heads.

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Total Recall: The race to erase the smile from Scott Walker’s face

With today being the first day that recall petitions can be filed in Wisconsin against officials who were elected in November 2010—like say extremely unpopular Republican Governor Scott Walker—we’re happy to report that the first paperwork has indeed been filed with state elections officials to get this sleazy son of a bitch out of office.

WI’s Government Accountability Board confirmed that the request was filed Friday, the first possible date to file a recall petition. Now it’s up to the unions and Democrats in WI to gather 540,000 in the next 60 days to force the recall election. Walker is able to engage in unlimited fundraising now that this initial petition has been filed. The game is on.

The first petition to recall Walker was filed by David Brandt of Muskego in Waukesha County. It’s suspected by some WI Democrats that Mr. Brandt is a Walker supporter who filed the petition today so that Walker’s fundraising could begin immediately. Whether that’s true or not hasn’t been determined, but apparently Brandt gave Walker’s campaign $50 in 2010. It doesn’t rule out that he came to loathe Walker like many others in the state (and nation!) came to loathe this stupid-faced scumbag.

But who cares anyway? It’s not exactly like Walker has the wind at his back or anything, so why wait even one more day? The Republicans are on the run in WI and they are very well-aware of it, too, so why not just get down to the business of ending Scott Walker’s political career ASAP?

GOP efforts to hamstring recall efforts with a plan that would require each recall petition to be notarized were defeated earlier this week and so was a motion to have recall elections take place under a new legislative map favoring the GOP.  The Republican efforts to hinder the recall efforts have been moot.

With the threat of these procedural roadblocks now behind them, Wisconsin Democrats plan to file separate recall petitions against Scott Walker and Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch soon.

Contribute to the WI Democrats efforts to get this union-busting bastard out of office.

Below, hapless Reichwing goofball Scott Walker gets a “mic check” in Chicago:

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Only assholes don’t like the B-52s (part 3)
03:46 pm

Pop Culture

Talking Heads
David Byrne

Welcome to part III of my multimedia dossiers on the wild and wonderful recording career of that great American band, the B-52s. Today’s topic, my personal favorite of all of their releases, the 1982 EP produced by David Byrne known as Mesopotamia.

Yes, what is generally thought of as being one of their least successful records—it was critically savaged when it came out—is to my mind their very best work. The hiring on of Byrne, then at the height of his creative powers—he was simultaneously producing the seminal score he did for Twyla Tharp’s Broadway production, The Catherine Wheel—I thought was an inspired move on the band’s part. Byrne introduced the polyrhythmic African beats of Remain in Light and his Brian Eno collaboration My Life in the Bush of Ghosts into the signature sound of the “tacky little dance band from Athens, Georgia’’ ” to great effect. I was a huge Talking Heads fan, so hearing elements of their “African/Eno-era” sound melding with the trademark B-52s wacky racket was heaven for me as a teenage rock snob. Byrne took their sound to a different place, and I felt nicely expanded on their sonic palette. The B-52s obviously felt differently, as Byrne was fired before a complete album could be recorded (hence an EP of the sessions was released).

Seriously, you have no idea how often I played this record. It falls into the “soundtrack of my life” category in a big way. But what many fans of the group do not know is that there are three very different versions of Mesopotamia: The “classic” short (US/Warner Brothers) EP version; the extended mix version mistakenly(?) released in Germany and in the UK by Island Records; and the 1991 CD version, which basically mixed David Byrne right out of the proceedings…

The first two B-52s albums are classics, and to my mind, perfect in every way, but a third album in that same style would have probably been one too many. Byrne’s involvement, for many fans, took the band a little too far away from their inspired amateur beginnings perhaps, but who else but Byrne was capable of coming up with such amazing grooves back then? And haven’t the B-52s always been about the beat? David Byrne was on fire then creatively. I’ve read that the B-52s felt that his production made them sound too much like the Talking Heads, but hey, what a valid direction that was for them!. True, certain elements of their sound (Ricky Wilson’s Venusian surf guitar for one) were diminished, but other elements (Wilson’s striking use of dissonance in his compositions) are given free rein with different instrumentation (like the nearly atonal horn lines). Their sound was nicely expanded upon by Byrne’s “dubbier/trippier” and more-layered production approach, if you ask me, but the B-52s didn’t ask, and it’s their call, ultimately…

Still why not release a special collector’s edition of Mesopotamia with the original David Byrne mixes, the longer Byrne mixes and the known outtakes: “Queen of Las Vegas,” (see below), the original “Big Bird” and “Butterbean” (both recut for Whammy) and the out of character Fred Schneider ballad “Adios Desconocida” (which I found here)? In any case, the longer, “alt” David Byrne version of Mesopotamia, unavailable now for nearly 30 years and never released on CD can be downloaded at The Same Mistakes blog and elsewhere)

PS I don’t hate the 1991 remix of Mesopotamia, but I’d never choose to listen to it over either of the David Byrne versions. Ever. Nuff said.

Kate, Fred and Cindy on the set of The Guiding Light soap opera in 1982 (see below for video clip)

Compare the nearly 8-minute version of “Cake” with the shorter version that was released ex-UK and Germany. This song minus the horns at the beginning? A sacrilege!

And to think that at one point, I actually thought this song really was about baking a cake… Short version of “Cake” (US version):

Below, “Deep Sleep.” It’s true that this would very much sound at home on My Life in the Bush of Ghosts, but would anyone doubt that this is the B-52s once the vocals come in?

A slamming live “Mesopotamia” from the Rockpop Festival, Dortmund, Germany, 1983:

After the jump, the B-52s make a guest appearance on “The Guiding Light” soap opera in 1982… and more!

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Classic rock album covers re-imagined with cute kittens
12:36 pm


Kitten covers

Somebody really loves kittens and rock and roll over at The Kitten Covers. I’m not a cat fan but I sure do like these covers.

Some real cool kitties.



More kitten covers after the jump…

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Occupy your police department: A useful reminder

Teargas at 14th & Broadway in Oakland, October 25 2011
This may strike some as trivial, but it can have important implications. YouTube user BLKPXLS brings us a bit of footage from the evening of Occupy Oakland’s General Strike, about which he notes:

This how to properly engage with police when they do suspicious things. We were riding by on bikes and noticed hes hiding his name and has no badge number. SO we decided to ask him. He did not answer, we asked a ranking officer is that policy? The LT. quickly went about fixing his attitude. This is a common practice among cops at occupy’s around the US .That way he/she cannot be named or referenced if he participates in police miss-conduct . Its in most police departments policies that all officers in uniform must show some form of identification. OPD does not wear badges with #‘s, how do we hold anyone accountable?

THANKS OPD LT C.WONG for stepping up and holding the officer accountable on camera!

This might remind us of the extremely salient fact that as investors in society and our police departments, we have a right to know the identity of EVERY officer enforcing the law.

Unfortunately, depending on the general temperament of the PD in your area, this could be a risky move. So be careful, and big up BLKPXLS and all camera-armed cop-watchers on the ground.


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Hulk vs. Ewok
11:10 am


Star Wars
Incredible Hulk

Here’s a battle I never thought I would see…

(via Nerdcore )

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David Lynch and ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons discuss machines and technology

Billy Gibbons Painting by Eileen Martin from Fine Art America

This is taken from today’s Guardian newspaper’s Film & Music section, which has been guest edited by David Lynch, and it makes for one of the most bizarre “music” interviews ever published:

Gibbons and Lynch – but mainly Gibbons, with the occasional “Doggone right” and “Exactly right, Billy” from Lynch – are talking about the beauty and power of industry. About the roar of factories, the growl of engines, about how the clang and clank speak to something within us. We’re meant to be talking about the block and tackle pulley system, but it’s pretty clear from the start that none of us can sustain a conversation about that, and so the block and tackle is just the key that starts the motor that in turn drives our discussion down the highway.

For Lynch, in any case, the block and tackle seems to be as much metaphor as literal device. It’s a system of pulleys, designed to enable a person to lift a greater weight than they could unaided. The pulley was invented around 2,400 years ago by the Greek philosopher Archytas, a scientist of the Pythagorean school (he’s also thought to have been the first person to invent a flying machine. Bright boy; his mother must have been proud). Then Archimedes realised the simple pulley could be expanded into something with even greater power – the block and tackle system, which he designed to help sailors lift ever greater loads, according to Plutarch. Thousands of years later, the basic system is unchanged: the block is the pulleys – the more pulleys you put in the block, the less the force you need to apply – and the tackle is the rest of the of the apparatus.

“I heard about the block and tackle and I’ve seen it work and it seems so magical,” Lynch says of his fascination. “It’s connected in my mind with the American car” – one of its common usages is to lift the engine block from the body of a vehicle – “and it’s kind of perfect that Billy talks about it. Billy had got a kind of guitar power – I always like the idea that his guitar is gasoline-powered.” That’s not quite the only reason Gibbons is joining us today. When Lynch originally asked for a piece about the block and tackle in this week’s Film&Music, we pointed out that the section dealt with film and music, rather than physics and mechanics. Lynch, though, was insistent. OK, he said, if you’re only going to do it if it’s got a film or music angle, then you can have ZZ Top talking about the block and tackle. And here we are


Read the full article David Lynch and ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons dream about machines over at The Guardian.

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Sigríður Níelsdóttir: Iceland’s Grandma Lo-Fi
04:30 am


Sigur R
Grandma Lo-Fi


Sigríður Níelsdóttir started making music at the tender age of 70. Affectionately known as Grandma Lo-Fi, Sigríður records her music on a home cassette recorder, playing keyboard to the accompaniment of pets and any household appliances that made suitably strange and affecting sounds.

Now, Sigríður Níelsdóttir is Iceland’s most productive and unusual musical artist, with over 600 songs and 59 CDs to her name, and a growing fan base that includes Björk and members of Sigur Rós and Múm.

Stuart Rogers directed this short documentary on Sigríður Níelsdóttir, interviewing the legendary star at her home, where she talked to Kira Kira about her musical career and Stórsveit Sigríðar Níelsdóttur (The Sigríður Níelsdóttir Experience), an Icelandic supergroup that comes together to play live covers of Sigridur’s songs.

Rest of Stuart Rogers’ documentary on Grandma Lo-Fi, after the jump…
With thanks to Brian Sweeney

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