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The Shittiest Record Sleeve Of All Time Award goes to…



Limp Bizkit, for their upcoming album Gold Cobra. But to make things interesting for you, dear readers, guess which one of these three efforts it is?

You can leave your answers in the comments section.

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Prisontown: The Malefactors of Great Wealth

Unique music video for “Prisontown” by a group with such a cool name, The Malefactors of Great Wealth.

The video uses seldom-seen archival footage from the infamous “Narcotic Farm” in Lexington, KY, a prison for drug addicts which once housed writer William S. Burroughs, musician Sonny Rollins, and actor Peter Lorre, among thousands of others. From the 1930s until 1975, if you were convicted of a drug-related crime, this was where they would send you. (As you might also suspect, human drug testing went on there and the CIA did clandestine research on LSD at the Narcotic Farm, too).

No surprise there were a lot of musicians about. Find out more about the Narcotic Farm here.

Thank you J.P. Olsen!

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Smart handmade clock
02:22 pm



Redditor Harry20larry posted this insanely awesome handmade clock he built himself. Harry20larry says he got the idea “from a design blog I found on stumble upon, apart from they used only 4 clocks.”  He also says he purchased the center piece at Contemporary Heaven.

(via reddit)

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Idiot preacher: Being born again rewrites genetic code of criminals

At least I think that’s what he’s trying to say?

Hesher preacher Damon Thompson really knows how to bring the Christian stupid doesn’t he?

And the way the audience just buys into his story as if it is in any way plausible, is… just… pitiful and depwessing. I can only imagine what people from outside the US think when they see shit like this! No wonder the rest of the world thinks we’re a nation of idiots… We are a nation of idiots.

Hey Damon, I’ve got a challenge for you, buddy: If this story is true—if you aren’t a liar, in other words—can you physically produce this lady with the born again Christian DNA?

If the Holy Spirit can perform such a miraculous feat, then why are you holding out on the proof that could potentially convert millions and millions of people to Christianity? Where is she, dude?

Or are you and the Holy Spirit trying to protect an admitted criminal?

WHAT is the moral of this story, preacher man?

Damon? Hello, Damon?

Via Cynical C

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Clone yourself…as a Doll
11:25 am



The Clone Factory in Japan can “clone” your likeness onto a doll, which brings a whole new meaning to playing with yourself.

Check the full story here.
A picture tale of doll cloning, after the jump…
With thanks to Steve Duffy

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Jefferson Airplane vs. Fatboy Slim: ‘Somebody To Praise’

Brilliant! You can download DJ Lobsterdust’s “Somebody To Praise” here.

(via HYST)

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A seemingly stoned Sonny Bono warns teenagers about the dangers of marijuana
10:19 am


Sonny Bono

Sonny Bono seems more than a little stoned in this US government anti-marijuana film from 1968. It includes an hilarious final piece to camera (which looks edited to best comic effect) where Bono trips over his words, as he tells the audience:

“Well now, you’ve heard from both sides of the question, but what you do with your life is up to you.

“If you become a pothead you risk blowing the most important time of your life: your teen age. That unrepeatable time for you to grow up and to prepare for being an adult that can handle problems, and make something meaningful out of life.

“Or, you have the choice to have the courage to see and deal with the world for what it really is - far, far from perfect but for you and for me the only one there is.

“While it’s true that some of you will actually go to the moon and perhaps other planets, it’s also true that in a few short years, this world will be your establishment, and you will be the Establishment and what you do or don’t do about it will be your scene. Your the generation with the brain power and the opportunity to do more for the human needs of this world than any other generation in history.

“Let’s hope your teenage children don’t have too much criticism of what you did or didn’t do because you were on pot.”

O, roll me a fat one Sonny.

With thanks to Debbie Rochon

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Hear Three New Songs by Morrissey

Morrissey premiered 3 new songs on Janice Long‘s BBC 2 radio show today. The tracks “Action Is My Middle Name”, “The Kid’s a Looker” and “People Are the Same Everywhere” were recorded last week at the Maida Vale studios, and will be included on Morrissey’s forthcoming tenth album release.

‘Action is My Middle Name’ (BBC Sessions) - Morrissey

‘The Kid’s a Looker’ (BBC Sessions) - Morrissey

‘People Are The Same Everywhere’ (BBC Sessions) - Morrissey
With thanks to NJUnderground

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‘Tracy Morgan can ____ ____’: Dan Savage’s five word speech at the Webby Awards
04:08 pm

They hate us for our freedom

Dan Savage

Well played! And well deserved, too.

Via Joe.My.God.

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Gilles Peterson: Gil Scott-Heron Tribute Mix
03:10 pm


Tribute Mix
Gilles Peterson
Gil Scott-Heron

Here’s something very special, a fabulous Gil Scott-Heron Tribute Mix created by legendary DJ Gilles Peterson. Enjoy.

RIP Gil Scott-Heron (1st April 1949 – 27th May 2011)

01. Gil Scott Heron — Offering (Midnight Band - The First Minute Of A New Day, 1974) Flying Dutchman
02. Gil Scott-Heron — Essex (From South Africa To South Carolina, 1975) Arista
03. Gil Scott-Heron — Fell Together (From South Africa To South Carolina, 1975) Arista
04. Gil Scott Heron & Brian Jackson — The Bottle (Winter In America, 1974) TVT
05. Gil Scott Heron & Jamie XX — I’ll Take Care Of You (We’re New Here, 2011) XL
06. Gil Scott-Heron — Alien (1980, 1980) Arista
07. Gil Scott-Heron — Whitey On The Moon (Small Talk At 125th And Lenox, 1970) Flying Dutchman
08. Gil Scott-Heron — Did You Hear What they Said (Free Will, 1972) Flying Dutchman
09. Gil Scott Heron & Brian Jackson — We Almost Lost Detroit (Bridges, 1977) Arista
10. Gil Scott-Heron — Angel Dust (Secrets, 1978) Arista
11. Gil Scott-Heron — No Knock (Free Will, 1972) Flying Dutchman
12. Gil Scott-Heron — The Revolution WIll Not Be Televised (The Revolution WIll Not Be Televised, 1974) Flying Dutchman
13. Gil Scott Heron & Brian Jackson — It’s Your World (It’s Your World, 1976) Arista
14. Gil Scott-Heron — Fast Lane (Moving Target, 1982) Arista
15. Gil Scott-Heron — B Movie (Reflections, 1981) Arista
16. Gil Scott-Heron — Lady Day & John Coltrane (Pieces Of A Man, 1971) Flying Dutchman
17. Gil Scott Heron & Brian Jackson — It’s Your World (It’s Your World, 1976) Arista
18. Gil Scott-Heron Gil Scott-Heron — Fast Lane (Moving Target, 1982) Arista
19. Gil Scott-Heron — Lady Day & John Coltrane (Pieces Of A Man, 1971) Flying Man
20. Gil Scott-Heron — Everyday (Small Talk At 125th And Lenox, 1970) Flying Dutchman
21. Gil Scott-Heron — Grandma’s Hands (Reflections, 1981) Arista
22. Gil Scott-Heron — Winter In America (Winter In America, 1974) TVT
23. Gil Scott-Heron — Spirits (Spirits, 1994) TVT
24. Gil Scott-Heron — Is That Jazz (I’m New Here, 2010) XL
25. Gil Scott-Heron — Rivers Of My Fathers (Winter In America, 1974) TVT
26. Gil Scott Heron & Brian Jackson — Home Is Where The Hatred Is (I’m New Here, 2010) XL
27. Gil Scott-Heron — Johannesburg (1975) Arista
28. Gil Scott-Heron — Peace With You Brother (Winter In America,1974) TVT


With thanks to Paul Cawley

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