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Emblematic photo of London rioting
11:07 pm

Class War
They hate us for our freedom


The above photograph has been making its way around the world tonight via Twitter. As several people have pointed out, it kinda looks like a Pink Floyd album cover.

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Goofy, young Trent Reznor playing a Billy Idol song in an early 80s ‘New Wave’ cover band
09:17 pm


Billy Idol
Trent Reznor

Who’s this fresh-faced New Waver with the asymmetric poodle hairdo? (Hint: It’s not one of the Thompson Twins).

Nope, it’s future Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor back in the early 1980s playing and singing a cover of Billy Idol’s “Eyes Without a Face” with his Cleveland, OH band-mates in “The Urge.”

Both astonishing and completely ridiculous.

More baby-faced New Waver Trent Reznor after the jump!

Thank you kindly Michael Backes!

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Psychedelic Sadhu: Go go Goa mix
08:59 pm


Psychedelic music mix

For your listening and viewing pleasure, a mix of psychedelic tunes from France, India, Britain, Indonesia and The United States.

The mix concludes with two songs from one of my all-time favorite albums, “No Other” by Gene Clark. It’s a masterpiece that has been unheard by far too many people. I hope Clark’s songs included here will be a compelling introduction to those of you who haven’t heard the album and will seek it out. It’s really quite brilliant.

The visuals are comprised of excerpts from global experimental film makers, both contemporary and pioneers of early 20th century movie magic, including Larry Jordan, Jonas Mekas, Toshio Matsumoto, Segundo de Chomón and Maurice Lemaitre.


“Aere Perennius” - Docdail
“Karye Pyar” - Nahid Akhtar
“Somebody’s Calling My Name” - Baby Grandmothers
“Don’t Let It Get You Down” - Shadrack Chameleon
“Pemain Bola” - Rasela
“Child Of Nature” - The Beatles
“Love’s The Thing” - Smoke Rings
“Didunia Yang Laing” - Ariesta Birawa Group
“Forge Your Own Chains” - D.R. Hooker
“Milkman” - Ema
“Written On The Forehead”- PJ Harvey
“That Shocking Day” - Ivo’s Group
“Who Can I Say You Are” - Morley Grey
“Heavy Head” - Little Sammy Gaha
“Strength Of Strings” - Gene Clark
“No Other”- Gene Clark


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Amy Winehouse portrait done in pills by Jason Mecier
07:22 pm


Jason Mecier
Amy Winehouse

An appropriate tribute to the late singer by the always fabulous Mr. Jason Mecier.

See more of Jason’s pill portraits here.

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Fashion to die for
06:58 pm


Rick Owens

This lovely silk scarf from designer Rick Owens is from his summer 2011 collection.

“The scarf represents Rick’s dark ideology and sense of imagination, using a mixture of fine silk and hard-hitting, emotive imagery.”

Interested? You can buy one now while they’re on sale for a couple hundred bucks at Oki-ni.
Via Constant Siege.

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Grant Morrison in concert: Comics great channels the spirit of John Lennon
04:52 pm


John Lennon
Grant Morrison

Via Comics Alliance:

Just what the headline says, people. Grant Morrison performed this song during a recent event at Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles, thanks to the urging of My Chemical Romance frontman (and Umbrella Academy writer) Gerard Way. As Way explained, Morrison was given this song by the spirit of John Lennon, which Morrison communed with in a magic ritual while writing The Invisibles.

I think it says a lot about the wonderfully enigmatic Grant Morrison that the only reason this surprised me at all was that I didn’t know he played guitar. It actually sounds a great deal like a Beatles song…

Recorded at “An Evening with Grant Morrison” at Meltdown Comics in LA on 7/28/11. I’ve had two private performances of this tune, it’s quite something! Enjoy!


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Google map view of the spreading riots in London
03:57 pm

Current Events


OK, so this is getting serious - very serious. The riots in London have now spread across an area roughly 40km by 30km. To see the actual Google map page, click here.

Thanks to Paul Shetler.


Scrap that - the rioting has now spread beyond the confines of the city, past the N406 ring road and into suburbs like Ealing, Romford and Croydon. And that’s not to mention riots breaking out in Liverpool, Birmingham and Leeds. Keep looking at the Google Map for updates (zoom out if you want to see the chaos spreading around the country). This is going to be one interesting night…


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Torn Lives: blog dedicated to ripped-up photographs
03:55 pm

Pop Culture

Torn Lives

Torn Lives is a new photo-blog “that collects torn pictures along with something reflecting back on the missing parts.” 

I have a few of these torn-type photos in my own collection. My grandmother used to cut her own face out of family photos because she hated her nose. 

Thanks, Lea!

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Rare recording of Kenneth Williams reading Gogol’s ‘Diary of a Madman’, 1963

Here is a rare and rather wonderful piece of Kenneth Williams’ archive: his brilliant interpretation of Nikolai Gogol’s farcical short story Diary of a Madman .

In 1963, Kenneth Williams agreed to narrate an animated version of Gogol’s Diary of a Madman for film-maker Richard Williams. The pair had previously worked together on the short cartoon Love Me Love Me. According to the splendid biography Born Brilliant: The Life of Kenneth Williams by Christopher Stevens:

Gogol’s story gave lunatic scope to [Kenneth] Williams’s voices. It told of a lonely clerk, who is driven out of his wits by unrequited love until he succumbs to delusions that, as the uncrowned king of Spain, he is spied upon by talking dogs.

In a recording session that stretched for more than six hours without a break, Williams read from the clerk’s diary in a halting voice, like a man on a window-ledge who cannot will himself to suicide. Other personalities pierced the reading - the sadism of the office supervisor, the contempt of the boss’s daughter, the shrill proclamations of King Ferdinand VIII. ‘I was pretty hard on him, and made him read passages again and again to get the right effect. It freaked him out,’ Richard Williams recalled. ‘At one point he walked out of the studio and I had to run after him. It was a block and a half before I caught up and persuaded him to come back.’ Full of repetition and bitter nonsense, the piece is almost nauseating as the clerk slops and flounders towards insanity. While no recordings exist of Williams in his most unsettling stage roles, Diary of a Madman is proof of his merciless gift for sustained, upsetting performance.

Sadly the animation was never completed, but this incredible recording was later re-edited by the BBC and broadcast on Radio 4 in 1991.

Dramatization by James Burke
Music by Peter Shade
Directed by Richard Williams
Produced by Ned Chaillet
Re-mixed for radio by John Whitehall

Previously on Dangerous Minds

Kenneth Williams: Stop Messin’ About

Bonus - Kenneth Williams reads a classic ‘Just William’ tale, after the jump…

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The Your Name Here Story

The Your Name Here Story produced by the Calvin Company in 1960, longtime makers of “industrial films,” is the ultimate generic 16mm industrial film, built around every script and visual cliche in the Calvin arsenal. It’s wonderfully droll commentary on the process of making industrial films and of working with “budget conscious” (read “cheap”) clients. The Calvin Company made hundreds of industrial films from the 1930s until the early 1980s when they closed after more than four decades. Famed director Robert Altman got his start as a Calvin Company director in the 1950s.

The by-now legendary satire, The Your Name Here Story was apparently made for a yearly company workshop seminar to humorously instruct new employees on Calvin production tropes and poke fun at what they were doing. Read more about the Calvin Company at

Thank you Taylor Jessen of beautiful downtown Burbank!

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