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Security cam footage of the bombing in Oslo
10:25 am

Current Events

Norway bombing

A security camera in an Oslo branch of the Digital Implus electronics chain caught what it was like when the mayhem erupted:

APTN has released dramatic footage of the Friday blasts in Norway. CCTV in an electronics store has captured the moments just after the blast. The footage shows windows breaking and people running for cover just as bomb detonates outside.


Via Exile on Moan Street

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Björk on Icelandic politics
09:46 am



Photography and artwork by Sam Falls

The August issue of Dazed & Confused magazine is guest edited by Björk. Dazed editor-in-chief, Rod Stanley interviewed her at home in Brooklyn. In an online excerpt from that conversation, she discusses her involvement with politics in her native Iceland.

“I thought I would never ever get involved in politics, because when I was younger you couldn’t get un-cooler than that! Then I saw how they were planning to change Iceland from an untouched natural spot into something like Frankfurt. People my age and younger didn’t have a voice.” Björk explains that she gave a concert that “30,000 people came to ... 10 per cent of the nation!” but felt that this changed nothing, and started workshops with her friend, the author and philosopher Oddn} Eir Ævarsdóttir, to encourage young businesses. Then the 2008 bank crash happened, almost wiping out the Icelandic economy overnight.

“All these economists were like our best mates by then, so we were right in the centre of it. And a lot of people in my generation who never cared about politics before were like, ‘This is an emergency situation!’ It was kind of amazing, though, because we’re such a small country that we can actually make changes.” Some of Björk’s friends even formed a political party called the Best Party, with a stand-up comedian running for mayor. “And he won! Much to his surprise! So now for 11 months all these punks have been running the city! We started a petition, and before I came here to complete my album we had a karaoke marathon for five days — it was amazing ... we got 40,000 signatures, and there are only 350,000 people in Iceland. Then we delivered it to the Prime Minister; that was a moment! We will see what happens, but at least it raised awareness.”

“It was a lot of work, but if you do all that work and don’t follow it up it’s never going to change anything.”

Read more:
Björk: Violently Appy at Dazed Digital

Below, a brilliant in-concert version of Meredith Monk’s “Gotham Lullaby.” Recorded live at Union Chapel with Brodsky Quartet in 1999:


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Hackergate: If this is true, then it’s game over for Rebekah Brooks

The Guardian reports the Police have found evidence that Sara Payne, whose 8-year-old daughter was abducted and murdered in 2000, was a target of News of the World‘s investigator Glenn Mulcaire, who specialised in hacking voicemail.

Police had earlier told her correctly that her name was not among those recorded in Mulcaire’s notes, but on Tuesday officers from Operation Weeting told her they had found her personal details among the investigator’s notes. These had previously been thought to refer to a different target.

Friends of Sara Payne have told the Guardian that she is “absolutely devastated and deeply disappointed” at the disclosure. Her cause had been championed by the News of the World, and in particular by its former editor, Rebekah Brooks. Believing that she had not been a target for hacking, Payne wrote a farewell column for the paper’s final edition on 10 July, referring to its staff as “my good and trusted friends”.

The evidence that police have found in Mulcaire’s notes is believed to relate to a phone given to Sara Payne by Rebekah Brooks as a gift to help her stay in touch with her supporters


One of Payne’s close colleagues said: “We are all appalled and disgusted. Sara is in bits about it.”

If this is true then it’s game over for Rebekah Brooks, and one can only surmise a criminal prosecution


follow soon.

Read the whole article here.
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Does Murdochgate spell the end of oldstream media?

Who benefits from Rupert Murdoch sacrificing the ‘News of the World’?

Via the Guardian

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Morrissey compares Norway massacre to KFC

This headline reads like a spoof from the Onion, but it’s not. Oh dear. Oh dear oh dear. From the Metro:

The Daily Mirror reports he told the crowd before singing Meat Is Murder: ‘We all live in a murderous world, as the events in Norway have shown, with 97 dead.
‘Though that is nothing compared to what happens in McDonald’s and Kentucky Fried S*** every day.’

Has Moz been listening to too much Glenn Beck? FFS, lighten UP Morrissey!
Sparks - “Lighten Up Morrissey”

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The 27 club
12:51 am


Jimi Hendrix


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Rare clip of John Entwistle on British TV 1973
12:14 am


John Entwistle
Old Grey Whistle Test

Mick Stadium has uploaded another super rare clip to his Youtube channel: John Entwistle on the Old Grey Whistle Test in 1973. I may be wrong, but this seems to be the first time it has appeared on the Interweb.

1973’s “Rigor Mortis Sets In” was John Entwistle’s third solo release. LP featured classic covers, new versions of Entwistle songs and then-new recordings.
LP was recorded in less than three weeks and cost only $14,000 to make (with nearly a third of the total cost spent on liquor.)

Sounds like a better-than-average Who song.

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When cocaine was cool
11:09 pm



I remember when cocaine was considered a benign social lubricant, a status symbol, and surefire way to get laid. Back when an elephant’s tusk was nothing more than a nifty accessory for the cokehound flush with money and a perverse sense of hipness.

Each of our exotic spoons, straws, and vials is delicately carved by skilled artisans from the finest center cuts of imported African ivory…the ideal coke surface. Ideal, because moisture does not condense on it, no particles will stick to its surface. The unique quality, coupled with the exquisite beauty of each hand carved design, makes each piece worth its weight ins snow.”

The company manufacturing these lovely products was located 20 miles east of Boulder, Colorado. In the mid-70s, Boulder was flooded with high-grade cocaine and some young dealers/entrepreneurs became very rich. Allegedly, some of the blow money ended up being funneled into small businesses that pioneered Boulder’s natural foods industry. At the time, no one knew just how nasty cocaine and the culture surrounding it would become. As the quality of the drug became increasingly degraded, the experience of using it correspondingly became more and more unpleasant. In the end, the scene went from being fun to being pathetic.

Cocaine is the only drug that I continued to use long after it was making me miserable. Decades later, the thought of snorting a line makes me shudder with revulsion.

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Bowie and Iggy: Hot chicks
09:43 pm


David Bowie
Iggy Pop

“Well I’m just a modern guy.”

Update: Dangerous Minds has the hippest readers on the planet. Thanks for the heads up. It seems the above photo is an altered version of the photo below of Iggy and Sable Starr.

Via Flash Glam Trash

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Jean-Michel Nicollet’s visible nightmares
08:18 pm


Jean-Michel Nicollet

Since 1970 French illustrator Jean-Michel Nicollet’s exquisite nightmares have been gracing the covers of science fiction and horror books, the pages of Metal Hurlant magazine and various comic art anthologies.

Nicollet’s early work anticipates the gothic, cyber and steam punk movements that followed years later.


More dark visions after the jump…

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Download Ghostface Killah bootleg album ‘Ghostfunk’ for free

Ghostfunk is a Ghostface Killah mashup album by the producer Max Tannone, who describes it thusly:

Released in July 2011, Ghostfunk pairs one of my favorite hip-hop artists, Wu-Tang member Ghostface Killah, with vintage African funk, high-life, and psychedelic rock music.

This is really good, and definitely worthy of a free download. You can get it from Max’s website or directly from this link.

Ghostfunk by Max Tannone
Thanks Tara McGinley!

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