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  • Dangerous Finds: Cincinnati braces for riots over cop video; Trump/Palin 2016; Neighbors From Hell
    02:42 pm

    Current Events

    Dangerous Finds

    ‘The video is not good’: Cincinnati braces for footage release in campus cop killing of Sam Dubose: Not exactly a city with the best racial relations at the best of times, riots are predicted by some. Chief Jeffrey Blackwell, of Cincinnati police said “We’re just trying to do our best to be prepared for whatever might come out of it.”(Raw Story)

    Sarcasm may make you more creative: Practice with close friends only. Scientists think that sarcasm may lead to greater cognitive function because in order to understand and convey a sarcastic comment, the brain uses creative thinking. (Popular Science)

    Inside Rand Paul’s downward spiral: His theory of the 2016 primary — that Republican voters would reward a candidate who promised fresh ideas and an unconventional approach — has not borne out in reality. He was once a serious contender for the White House. Now, his campaign is fighting over what went wrong. (Politico)

    Trump Would ‘Love’ Sarah Palin in His Cabinet: ‘She’s a Special Person’ sez The Donald. Well, yeah, but “special” with quotes around it. (Mediaite)

    Wisconsin Judges Receive Campaign Funding from Party Accused of Corruption with Scott Walker: Four Wisconsin Supreme Court judges dismissed an investigation into whether Gov. Scott Walker (R) violated election laws during his 2012 gubernatorial campaign and ordered that all evidence be destroyed. The justices who killed the investigation received campaign funds from the very same groups that Walker was suspected of coordinating with. He’s ‘the new Nixon’! (Ring of Fire)

    Koch brothers summon Koch-whores Bush, Cruz, Walker, Rubio to SoCal confab: The crowded field of GOP contenders is competing aggressively for the support of uncommitted conservative mega-donors who are ready to spend about a billion bucks on the 2016 election. (Politico)

    Bernie Sanders: The Vox conversation. The barnstorming socialist talks to Ezra Klein. (Vox)

    After Two Years, White House Finally Responds to Snowden Pardon Petition — With a “No”: The White House on Tuesday ended two years of ignoring a hugely popular petition calling for NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden to be “immediately issued a full, free, and absolute pardon,” saying thanks for signing, but no. (The Intercept)

    One Email That Proves Campaign Finance Laws Are A Joke: Super PACs and candidates can’t coordinate, except when they obviously do. (Huffington Post)

    Dummies for Trump: Donald Trump’s surge is all about less-educated Americans: “Trump’s support is strongest with Republicans in the Midwest, conservatives across the country who do not have a college degree and (perhaps not surprisingly) those who report the most negative views of immigration ...” Flabbergasting, isn’t it? (Washington Post)

    In the vein of ‘Go the Fuck to Sleep,’ here’s ‘Neighbors From Hell: An American Bedtime Story’ new from Feral House.

    Posted by Richard Metzger | Leave a comment
    Knife-wielding nude dude playing banjo subdued by police after two hour standoff
    01:12 pm



    Not something you see every day or even most days or hopefully ever, if you’re lucky. Neighbors of a man, identified by Vancouver, WA police as Andrew Helmsworth, reported seeing him walking around naked carrying a knife on Sunday afternoon.

    When police officers arrived on the scene, as reported by KPTV, they found Helmsworth outside his house, refusing to surrender.

    Instead he went inside, put on some short pants and picked up a banjo, which he then proceeded to serenade them with. As seen in the video below, Helmsworth was subdued with a non-lethal round and taken into custody. The standoff lasted more than two hours.

    (Rubber bullets, eh? Surely I can’t be the only one hearing about this thinking that this naked, knife-wielding guy is DAMNED LUCKY THAT HE’S WHITE, now, can I?)

    KPTV - FOX 12

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    Nuns Gone Wild: Vintage photos of sisters letting their habits down
    11:32 am



    I went to an all-girls Catholic high school. Sadly, not once did I ever catch one of the nuns who taught at my school behaving “badly” or “out of character” for someone married to Christ, but boy do I wish I would have. These nuns gave detention left and right for the dumbest, most innocuous shit ever (like my socks being the wrong shade of blue or my skirt being 1/4 of an inch too short). The nuns had it out for my ass. I was convinced they were evil robots not nice ladies doing the Lord’s bidding.

    Nuns still make me nervous to this very day…

    So to my surprise, I found these vintage photos of nuns “letting their habits down” and even a few of them being slightly naughty a turning point in my appreciation for nuns: Apparently they’re not ruler-slapping robots after all. I could hang with some of these nuns!




    More after the jump…

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    Recently unearthed ‘Dr. Strangelove’ promo reel with alternate takes—narrated by Kubrick himself
    10:29 am


    Stanley Kubrick
    Dr. Strangelove

    This fascinating footage was posted about a year ago on YouTube, representing the first time in decades, if ever, that it had been made available for public viewing. It’s a promo reel for Dr. Strangelove: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb, lasting roughly 20 minutes (it’s broken up into 2 YouTube videos) that was recorded off the wall from the projection of the scarce 35mm reel with what appears to be Kubrick himself providing a kind of play-by-play for the various scenes that are depicted—many of which have become utterly iconic by this time.

    It was the essential blog Cinephilia and Beyond who first spotted this, to my knowledge. The reel includes, as Open Culture’s charmingly Strangelove-obsessed Colin Marshall put it, “the B52s circling constantly, refueling in midair; Brigadier General Jack Ripper’s sudden order to bomb Russia; General Buck Turgidson’s wee-hour departure for the ‘War Room’; the siege of Burpelson Air Force Base; Group Captain Lionel Mandrake’s struggle for the recall code and subsequent confrontation with the ‘prevert’-fixated Colonel Bat Guano; President Merkin Muffley’s bad news-breaking call to Russian Premier Dmitri Kissoff; the titular German expatriate scientist’s plan to restart society after the nuclear apocalypse.”

    The footage is undeniably raw—considering it was filmed from a projected image—and some of the takes are unfamiliar. This was a work in progress of one of the most galvanizing cinematic successes of the 20th century, and it’s fascinating to hear the flat, Bronx-bred accent of the master walk the viewer through the movie. It’s not clear what the purpose of this promo reel was, but Cain Rodriguez at The Playlist speculates that the idea may have been “to placate investors since the satirical elements are somewhat downplayed.”

    Continues after the jump…

    Posted by Martin Schneider | Leave a comment
    Funky glasses give you psychedelic visual effects without LSD
    10:00 am



    Supplying more fun than can reasonably be expected at the optician’s, these intriguing lenses created by Hungarian designer Bence Agoston for a 3D printer enable psychedelic visual experiences while requiring the insertion of round optical lenses into the waiting slots—the effects include “a landscape modified by combinations of colors and patterns.” Anyone who remembers Dr. Timothy Leary might hear in those words connection to good ol’ lysergic acid diethylamide, which, even in this age of rampant drug legalization, is still a Schedule I controlled substance.

    The glasses came about through a class project in which each student was assigned another student for whom they were tasked with designing some personal object. Agoston and his classmate quickly found a connection in music, so he looked to design an item that would enhance the experience of listening to music. Said Agoston,

    The person for whom I was designing, whose name I pulled from a hat, first had to get to know each other to see if we could find a common point. I interviewed my “client” and luckily he really likes music and he always listens to music while he is traveling. That became the point for our connection because I also love music, but I just listen to it, really a first stage kind of activity. When embarking on this project my goal was to take it to a second stage and give the user a way to experience music by both listening to it and altering their visual experience of it.

    The frames are 3D-printed in ABS plastic and can accept up to three of the set of six patterned lenses. The lenses can be rotated in relationship to each other to provide a virtually endless array of psychedelic viewing experiences, which work especially well when looking out of the window of a moving vehicle. The glasses also partially obscure vision, so it’s quite clear that the glasses should in all instances be worn by passengers, not drivers.

    Amusingly, Agoston based his selection of colors to use in his lenses on colors most often found on album covers featuring indie psychedelic music, but he may come up with different series of colors for other kinds of music.

    via 3Dprint

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    Kinky dollhouse furniture for your own tiny BDSM dungeon
    09:35 am



    Miniature dollhouse bondage chair with handcuffs
    Miniature dollhouse bondage chair with handcuffs

    Super goth and miniature artist Jenny Nightfall is a UK based dollhouse furniture maker with a penchant for evil little things that definitely don’t belong in your daughter’s—or son’s, I don’t judge and neither should you—dollhouse.
    Miniature Customised Mannequin dressed in a black latex skirt
    Miniature customised mannequin dressed in a black latex skirt and choker

    Of particular interest in Nightfall’s large collection of unusual items is her line of BDSM-themed dollhouse furniture. Made by hand using all kinds of materials including leather and latex, Nightfall’s kinky furniture is made at a 1/12 scale. And she DID NOT skimp on the details. For instance, her miniature bondage/fetish cabinet includes an assortment of tiny implements you would expect to find in any well stocked BDSM environment like leather paddles, whips, naughty books, handcuffs, a spreader bar, rope, candles, plugs, bondage hooks, a mask, a ball gag, erotic playing cards, spiked stiletto heels and much more.

    Nightfall also has an extensive line of horror/goth/steampunk dollhouse furniture if that’s more your thing (and who knew this was a thing until now?). The BDSM pieces by Nightfall, which seem collectable on their own even if you don’t have a dollhouse, run from about $15 - $160 each.
    Miniature dollhouse BDSM cabinet with many accessories
    Miniature dollhouse BDSM cabinet and accessories
    The contents of the drawers in the BDSM miniature cabinet
    The contents of the drawers in the miniature BDSM cabinet
    Miniature dollhouse BDSM cage with pink leather cushioning
    Miniature dollhouse BDSM cage with pink leather cushioning and working door
    Continues after the jump…

    Posted by Cherrybomb | Leave a comment
    Ultimate Americana: Portraits of sleazy 70’s motels
    07:00 am



    Mike Mandel is best known in the art world as one half of Larry Sultan and Mike Mandel, the guerrilla artists that terrorized the Bay Area in the 1970s with their scathing billboard “advertisements” featuring flaming oranges and mushroom clouds. At first glance, the strange installations were graphically cohesive enough to blend in with the warm, modern scenery—the exact sort of scenery Mandel captured in his motel photography. Traveling across the country for this or that art project, Mandel started out collecting postcards from sleazy little motels, but eventually started taking pictures himself, taking the viewer on a sort of ghostly tour of long-gone 70s design and road culture.

    ...traveling throughout the country, my girlfriend at the time, Alison Woolpert, and I would stay at some, shall we say, “economy” motels. We pulled into one in Texas on a wintry night and upon waking in the morning we realized that the sheets had not been changed after the visit of the previous motel guest. When we indignantly complained to the owner he shot us back a dirty look, “What do you expect for five dollars?” What we did expect was that no matter how shabby, beaten down or forgotten a motel might have become, there was always a motel postcard to be had: a memento of a one night stop, a promotional calling card, a free mailable note card to report back on the progress of a vacation to those back home.

    We would often take the back roads, sometimes follow old Route 66, and we would find those sad, forsaken motels that had been sucked almost out of existence by the newer corporate chains situated just off an exit ramp on the newer highways. We bypassed Motel 6, Travelodge and Howard Johnson’s. After all, their postcards were usually just the same design with a different address. But we’d go out of our way to stop at every independent motel we could find in hopes of finding a postcard that would be even more banal than the one we had just found down the road.

    To the modern eye, everything looks retro and trashy (especially if you’ve ever stayed in a motel that hasn’t redecorated since this period), but the complete lack of human subjects gives the series a stark, tidy effect. I’d imagine a hotel could get some serious kitsch-seeker traffic if they tried to decorate like this today. Stay in a cheap, sleazy shithole and be “ironic.” What a great country we live in, eh?



    More after the jump…

    Posted by Amber Frost | Leave a comment
    Genius/bizarre/insane methods of beating the summer sun—Vietnam style
    06:52 am



    “Hot enough for ya?”

    Vietnam’s steamy, humid summers are no joke, and the folks in these photos aren’t kidding around when it comes to using the nearest thing handy to beat the blistering sun. Particular favorites are the moped MacGuyvers with tree branches stuffed down their shirts for a little improvised shade.

    Stay cool, Vietnam.


    More summer cooling tips from Vietnam after the jump…

    Posted by Christopher Bickel | Leave a comment
    Ministry’s Al Jourgensen guests on the new single by ONO: A DM premiere
    06:44 am


    Al Jourgensen

    Now that ONO’s second incarnation has lasted longer than its first, the theatrical gospel/avant-noise performance-poet/musicians (did I leave anything out?) seem to be picking up long-overdue steam. Dangerous Minds clued you in on them a few months ago, in a guest post by Plastic Crimewave Sound/Moonrises psychedelia pooh-bah Steve Kraków, so I’ll go easy on the history here and refer you to that post, but the tl;dr is that ONO’s singer/invoker of spirits Travis and sonic guru P. Michael Grego led the archly arty Chicago band from 1980-86. They resurrected the project with new and returning members in 2007, releasing the album Albino in 2012, and going on their first tour in 2014, in support of the album Diegesis.

    I was incredibly fortunate to have been in one of the opening bands for ONO’s very first show on tour last summer, and it is to my lasting regret that I didn’t think to shoot any video. Travis, resplendent in white (he often sports a wedding dress, to match his white beard) cut a compelling and shamanic figure while the band’s improvisations lurched about dizzyingly and unpredictably. I could not help but think that if only they had gotten out of Chicago more in their original incarnation, they’d be so much better known today. P. Michael was quoted in an excellent 2008 Rocktober article as having said “We toured in our mind, but not in our feet.” Pity. An ONO show can be described, but only seeing one is seeing one. Frontmen like Travis do not come along often.

    But cross your fingers, if we’re lucky another tour could be in the offing, as ONO’s third new album since their reactivation is due this fall. Titled Spooks, the album features contributions from Tiger Hatchery drummer Ben Baker Billington, OBNOX singer/guitarist Lamont Thomas, and I shit you not Ministry leader Al Jourgensen. Jourgensen contributed to the band’s first album, Machines That Kill People, and has significant behind-the-scenes history with ONO. P. Michael again, from the same Rocktober interview:

    We ran into this guy that was skating that turned out to be Al Jourgensen. He was in the Immune System and then he left them and then he was going into Special Affect. One night they were playing with Naked Raygun. Somehow we knew Naked Raygun, probably by going out dancing. No, we hadn’t played any shows at all, but Naked Raygun saw us somewhere. Special Affect was playing at the Exit, and Naked Raygun was opening for them. They asked us to go on after them, like at two in the morning. So the first ONO show was me, Travis and Mark [Berrand, guitar]. After that, we had gotten shows at O’Banions, Lucky Number. We played a lot of these old punk venues little by little. Mark eventually had to leave town; that’s how Ric [Graham, sax] got into the band. Al, who by then had left Special Affect and was starting up a group called Ministry, his girlfriend was Shannon Rose Riley at the time. He said, “I got somebody that would really be cool for you guys,” and he introduced us to her. She sorta played saxophone and the accordion. She was a character. She joined up with us, and Al said “I got this record deal. Thermidor Records (owned by Joe Carducci and Joe Boshard, distributed by SST) wants Special Affect singles. They had officially broken up, but he had told Thermidor Records about us. So they were interested. Al was going to go into the studio with us. We were gonna make a single. We were able to get a hold of Al and his engineer, which was Iain Burgess, so we went out to Chicago Recording Studios to record two numbers with Shannon, and Al was the producer.



    Shannon Rose Riley—who Jourgensen credits with launching his career in his autobiography Ministry: The Lost Gospels According to Al Jourgensen—is still involved with ONO, listed in the band’s Punk Database page as “Sax-Bass, Percussion and Keyboards.” The collaboration with Jourgensen is called “Punks,” and you’re hearing it here first.

    After the jump a taste of live ONO that actually captures the chaotic feeling of being there… and more!

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    New CNN poll shows Bernie Sanders BEATING Donald Trump!
    02:39 pm


    Donald Trump
    Bernie Sanders

    The 2016 election is going to be the most epicly American election in our country’s history, with all that this implies. You don’t have to be a psychic to predict that this one will be a barnstormer of high weirdness, goofy drama and unexpected twists and turns. It’ll blow 2008 out of the water and I think it’s already far surpassed 2012, which to be fair had its moments, too, but no Donald Trump or Sarah Palin.

    And as if to conveniently illustrate my point of how volatile things have already gotten, here is some new polling courtesy of CNN (by way of AlterNet) that shows self-described Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders out-polling all three of the Republican Party’s major candidates (although he’s more or less tied with Jeb Bush).

    SANDERS: 48%
    BUSH: 47%

    SANDERS: 48%
    WALKER: 42%

    SANDERS: 59%
    TRUMP: 38%

    If you limit the poll sample to just registered voters, Bush defeats Sanders by a single point.

    This is nothing short of extraordinary news. This is one political story that isn’t about Donald Trump being at the top of the GOP field, it’s about the grumpy Socialist Senator from Vermont WHO CAN BEAT HIM IN A HEAD TO HEAD MATCH-UP.

    I look at it this way: If, when all is said and done, it’s Hillary Clinton who is running against the eventual Republican nominee, hey, I will have no problem pulling the lever for her, because I would never vote for a Republican in a million years. But I am sure as shit going to be voting for Bernie Sanders in the primary, which is the vote—in Hillary Clinton’s case—that will count the most.

    I strongly believe that either one of them, Sanders or Clinton, could and would, can and will, beat whoever the GOP nominates and polling backs that expectation up. But I’ve sent Bernie money twice and I just don’t think I’d ever send Hillary Clinton a single dime. I don’t actively dislike her, don’t get me wrong, but Bernie Sanders? He’s nothing less than a great American hero in my eyes.

    Just sayin’... it’s going to get weird. Good weird. Deeply weird. Believe it.


    Posted by Richard Metzger | Leave a comment
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