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Anatomical lingerie? Yes, anatomical lingerie…
07:33 am



You may already have the anatomical swimsuit, but what about a pair of knickers to match?

These little “see-thru” briefs have been described as “incredible,” “amazing,” “a work of art” and bluntly as “the best sex deterrent ever.” I’m not sure where you can pick-up a pair for your wardrobe, but the image comes via blogs in Spain and Japan and could be the start of a whole new trend in intimate apparel.

I wonder if there’s an equivalent version for men’s boxer shorts? (Not that I’d wear them.)

H/T Doctor Matt Lodder, via Slow.

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Roman shower: How to turn an ordinary shower head into a vomiting girlfriend?
08:20 am


shower heads

Japanese blogger ARuFa wanted to spice up his bathroom because he thought it was ugly and boring. In order to “gorgeous-ify” it, he came up with the brilliant idea of the DIY lady (girlfriend?) shower head! Now this is coming from a Japanese website and I do not speak or read Japanese so I’m at the mercy of Google Translate. I *think* this is what’s going on. I mean, he does seem rather pleased with the end results, doesn’t he?

While I applaud AruFa’s creativity—you can’t say he wasn’t thinking outside the box—but this emetophile‘s…. er… “wet dream” is the most horrifying shower head I’ve ever seen! I don’t think he has many girls over to his place, what do you think?

The step-by-step visual instructions are below. You can read them here IF YOU’RE INTO THIS KIND OF THING…





See the horrifying results after the jump…

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‘Happy Days’ created by David Mamet and other sitcoms we’d like to see

Happy Days created by David Mamet
I love these mind-bending title cards from some memorable TV series from four or five decades ago—I only wish there were more of them. They appear to be the Photoshop handiwork of Johnny Walker. To adapt a witticism of one of the commenters on the page I found this, it’s only a rumor that early drafts of David Mamet’s first play used the title Sexual Perversity in Milwaukee.

Delirious possibilities for other TV shows abound: how about Get Smart created by George Orwell? Or The Patty Duke Show created by Vladimir Nabokov? Gilligan’s Island created by Kurt Vonnegut? Saved by the Bell created by William Golding? Diff’rent Strokes created by Richard Wright?

Your turn!
I Dream of Jeannie created by Germaine Greer
Mork & Mindy created by Philip Roth
via Ken Levine’s blog

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Farting performance art from the turn of century
07:02 am


Le Pétomane

It is with blurry hindsight that we mourn theatre culture long since passed, fabricating memories of a show business that was simultaneously more passionate, yet also more genteel. Obviously, this is total bullshit, and nothing so soundly refutes that myth as the career of Joseph Pujol, or “Le Pétomane.” At a young age, Pujol discovered an unusual gastric talent, enabling him to draw air into his body and fart on command. After his service in the French Army, Pujol perfected his talent as a baker before eventually taking his singular act to the stage in Marseilles in 1887.

He was a hit, eventually moving to Paris later that year and playing the Moulin Rouge in 1892. His stage name, Le Pétomane, translates to “fartomaniac,” and his talents were admired by no less than Edward, Prince of Wales; King Leopold II of the Belgians and Sigmund Freud. He accompanied music, impersonated cannons, “blew out” candles from yards away, lit his farts on fire and even played an ocarina with the aid of a rubber hose. Pujold became famous.

Above, you can hear Pujol’s 1904 recording. It’s…er…  impressive, to be sure, but now—now my darlings, we have a brief clip of an actual Pétomane performance! The clip below was recorded by Thomas freaking Edison at the 1900 World’s Fair in Paris. At the time, Edison was working on a kinetophonolfactograph—colloquially known as “smell-o-vision,” and what better candidate for this new technology than Le Pétomane? The audio alone doesn’t do him justice—the man had a presence on stage. I suppose those farts had a certain nobility one must observe in body language. Still, there are reasons smell-o-vision never really caught on. There’s only so much gaseous nobility you can take.

This might be begging for a soundtrack…

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‘The Executive Coloring Book’ is a vicious satire of post-war America (and self-important jerks)
03:09 pm


The Executive Coloring Book

I had a pretty good laugh reading The Executive Coloring Book published in 1961 by Marcie Hans, Dennis Altman, and Martin A. Cohen. Even though this book is well over 50 years old, it’s witty, smart and still kinda… relatable? Who doesn’t want to pop a “pink pill” at the end of the day after working at a dull job? That’s evergreen. Timeless!

According to A Hole in the Head blog:

The early 60’s showed the strain on an America post-war populations that were struggling with the idea that they fought for freedom only to be forced to live in glass buildings and conform to the ‘status quo’. It was the age of The Apartment and The Sweet Smell of Success.

While some of its humor is dated, I got a kick out it. Maybe you will too. You may even want to print out these puppies and color them in all grey…






Read the rest after the jump…

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The most idiotic moment on Fox News so far today

Fox and Friends’ resident cheerful idiot Steve Doocy is obviously one of the stupidest people on television. Doocy comes off as so completely brainless that his utterly gormless co-hosts Brian Kilmeade and Elisabeth Hasselbeck look good (or at least slightly better) by comparison. One would have to think that Fox News viewers with low to barely average IQs would be perceptive enough to realize that Steve Doocy is an abject buffoon. I don’t think SNL even does Fox and Friends parodies anymore, do they? Why bother?

In any case, this morning Doocy made a game attempt to get a small number of “Fox fans” (as he called them) to react negatively to the new multigender bathroom signage at Illinois State University (This is the latest “outrage” on Fox News, in case you aren’t aware of it, even though they are for single-occupancy restrooms!)

Here’s how it went down, live on Fox News as Chyron captions read: “Bathroom Boondoggle: Are New Gender Signs Just Too Confusing?” and “Gender Bender”!

Doocy: “See, they were designated as ‘family restrooms’ in the past and now, apparently, they’re going to be known as ‘all-gender’ restrooms! Does that make sense?”

Woman: “Restrooms for both genders.”

Doocy: “That’s right. Bathrooms for both genders, or transgenders!”

Man: “Transgender, that’s right.”

Unable to rile up even the slightest bit of “moral” indignation, let alone any anxiety even among these “Fox fans,” the floundering Doocy quickly threw it back to his co-tool Brian Kilmeade in the studio who then, astonishingly, offered up pretty much one of the truest things that I’ve ever heard a Fox anchor say (if only accidently):

“Well, they’re better people than us.”

Yes, indeed they are. Most people are better people than bigoted Fox News morning show hosts, I’d have to agree with that and this segment proved it. In spades!

Just yesterday, Fox News ran a story mocking the University’s attempt to accommodate everyone with equal respect.


Bonus clip, Steve Doocy before his tenure at Fox and Friends, back when he was a serious journalist…
Via Media Matters

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‘Oh man, I shot Marvin in the face’ action figure
11:56 am


Pulp Fiction

I know, I know, it’s waaaaaaay too early to start talking about holiday stocking stuffers, but c’mon… An “Oh man, I shot Marvin in the face” action figure by GFY Toys?

Perfect if your Barbie needs a headless boyfriend!

-Each figure is fresh out of the trunk, hand painted and sealed just for you!*

-Custom blood splattered!

-Hand smashed head chunks!

-“Interactive” card art!**

-6 points of unarticulation!

-100% not resin!

-For Ages 80 and up!

-Opinions sold separately!

It’s $45 + shipping here.


via Nerdcore

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Steven Spielberg, ‘animal killer, disgusting inhumane prick’
08:29 am


Jurassic Park
Steven Spielberg

Publicly shaming poachers and assholes who kill exotic or endangered animals on Facebook has been going on for years. But this photo takes the cake of the worst kind of “hunter” on the planet! Just look at Steven Spielberg’s smug face!

Click here to see the full top image. Click here to read the image below.


via Das Kraftfuttermischwerk

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‘Ghosts’ photobomb portraits of their loved ones

Con-man and so-called pioneer of “spirit photography” William Hope made a tidy sum with his corny pictures of ghosts photo-bombing loved ones’ portraits.

Hope started his career in England as a carpenter, but in 1905 he quickly wised up to the potential fame and fortune that could be made from passing off double-exposed pictures as “genuine” images of ghosts. His photos achieved considerable acclaim with some notable fans including Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, who penned The Case for Spirit Photography in support of Hope’s work. Mind you, the creator of Sherlock Holmes was unfortunately someone who believed in fairies at the bottom of the garden.

Yet, the need of many to be reassured of life after death encouraged Hope to form the Crewe Circle—a group of like-minded spirit photographers, which included Archbishop Thomas Colley—to make money out of bereaved families after the slaughter of World War One.

Thankfully, Hope was eventually exposed as a fraud in 1922 by “psychic investigator” Harry Price, who marked Hope’s photographic plates, which when printed proved Hope was double exposing negatives to achieve his famed spirit portraits. Price wrote in his report:

William Hope has been found guilty of deliberately substituting his own plates for those of a sitter… It implies that the medium brings to the sitting a duplicate slide and faked plates for fraudulent purposes.

It’s easy to think our super-smart minds wouldn’t have been fooled by Hope’s fakes (ahem), but one need only turn on the television to witness a host of TV mediums claiming they can talk to the dead to appreciate we’re just as dumb.

Looking at these photos, it’s not the Scooby-Doo like phantoms that intrigues me, but the faces of the sitters, and their dress—heavy wool and Tweed clothes—which must have made the wearer uncomfortable and no doubt highly odorous.
More ghostly portraits, after the jump…

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You’ll Die Laughing: MAD artist Jack Davis’ wonderfully funny horror trading cards

In 1959, Topps trading cards released a set of monster trading cards, illustrated by the great EC horror comics/MAD magazine artist Jack Davis, called “You’ll Die Laughing.” From the informative page about the set on the PSA Card website:

Showcasing creatures from the imagination of Jack Davis, of EC Comics and MAD magazine fame, these pasteboards sparked controversy upon initial release. Worried that the card images would traumatize their children, a group of mothers in Racine, Wis., reportedly protested against Topps and its advertisers.

“The art on the cards was really in the tradition of MAD magazine,” explained Bill Bengen, who owns the top set on the PSA Set Registry, “and I remember my mother’s reaction to MAD magazine, she wouldn’t let me buy it. She said, ‘You can buy Superman, but you can’t buy MAD.’ Today this set wouldn’t even get a reaction. They would probably call it mild.”

With this series, however, Topps discovered that negative publicity could be good for business. Fueled by their parents’ disapproval, kids hoarded these cards and packs sold out across the country.

“The idea of the forbidden, the taboo, that definitely enhanced the sales,” said Bengen.





More monster madness from Jack Davis after the jump…

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