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Give this man a Geico commercial: The most boring/amazing karaoke channel on YouTube
01:01 pm



This morning I woke up thinking “Today, I’m a’ gonna write me a post about the Psychedelic Furs.” I don’t know why that band in particular popped into my foggy noggin early this AM while I was puttering around the house all bleary-eyed, but things can get pretty whimsical here at Dangerous Minds HQ. That’s just how we roll!

So off to YouTube I went, where I searched for “Psychedelic Furs” and then narrowed my search results to videos uploaded “this month,” which is how I found this guy who’d posted his own karaoke version of “Love My Way.” It seemed like an inspired choice of a song for karaoke to be sure, but would he try to imitate Richard Butler’s distinctive rasp? Would he, in the spirit of the best YouTube karaoke stars, give it his charismatic ALL???

Or might he have decided to do a Bill Murray lounge lizard style cover of the New Wave classic, heavy with irony, macking like a BOSS on the K-mic?

See for yourself:

Plenty more where that came from, after the jump…

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Before there were ‘Garbage Pail Kids,’ there were ‘Wacky Packages’
11:31 am



Art Spiegelman’s career has produced a wide-ranging body of work. There are punk favorites Garbage Pail Kids trading cards, his comics for Playboy, his New Yorker covers, and (of course) his Pulitzer Prize-winning graphic novel Maus, a complex and stylized account of his father’s reflections on the Holocaust. Spiegelman has worked in the “highest” and “lowest” of artistic milieus, and while Garbage Pail Kids are probably considered the nadir of his vulgarity, his lesser-known Wacky Packages series are their obvious predecessor.

Drawn primarily by Spiegelman and then painted in full by pulp master Norman Saunders, these parodies of household brands were sold in packs of five with a stick of gum. Although packaged as trading cards, they were actually stickers you could pop out, presumably for easy defacement of public property. The work was juvenile and snide, but this stuff was the Clickhole of the late 1960’s, and although reboots and new series of Wacky Packages were launched in later years (with art by the likes of Kim Deitch, Drew Friedman and Bill Griffith) it’s the early ones from Spiegelman and Saunders that really skewered brands in a fresh, irreverent way.

While Wonder Bread actually ended up including the cards as giveaways to get kids to ask their moms to buy their product, other companies got pretty peeved and tried to sue. As a result, each series only ran for a little while, so the stickers quickly developed a cult following, and are now seriously collected by fans. In fact, in 2013, the Topps company tried to sell the original art for the “Band-Ache” sticker for $1 million!


Plenty more of these critters after the jump…

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Fart in a jar: Get mail-order poop puffs delivered to your friends and enemies
06:29 am



In ye olde Middle Ages it was commonly believed that storing farts in a jar could ward off the plagues like the Black Death. Many a yokel kept farts in a sealed stone jar—only to be opened and the noxious contents inhaled once plague appeared in the village or neighborhood. The theory was similar to the homeopathic belief that “like cures like,” and it was thought the more noxious, creamy and nasty the fart, the more powerful and curative its properties. For this reason, many health-conscious types stocked up on jars of pungent goat, pig and cow fart.

Moving on quite a few centuries, and we find this history-steeped tradition has not died, nay, but has been reinvented as Send a Jart—a novel way to send farts in a container to people we don’t like.

Send a fart in a jar. ‘Cause you can.

Know someone who’s been a total assberry lately? Let ‘em know with a sealed fart in a jar. When they open the jar to read the note inside, they’ll unleash the almighty stench of our signature Ass Air© .

Boom. You win.

Jart: ‘Cause you can.
Yes, for just ten bucks you can send a jar filled with the scent of “Hungover Frat Boy,” “Competitive Eater” or the evil “8hr Trucker Fart.” “Each fart made of 100% real odor”—well, it would be kinda strange if it was made of anything else but odor… and each jar is made of “100% real glass.”

Sending malodorous missives isn’t new—Farts by Mail offer a similar service supplying mail order farts for $8.99 a pop:

Each fart comes with a greeting card with a custom message, heinous odor, and hilarious fart sound!

Mail sometimes sticks, but no one expects a fart!

Farts by Mail: Farts just like dad used to make.

It keeps people employed, right?

More of this shit after the jump…

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Watch X-Files’ Scully and Mulder sing Neil Young’s ‘Helpless’
12:01 pm



Here’s something I thought I’d never see: Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny singing a duet of Neil Young’s “Helpless” at The Cutting Room in New York. This all went down last night. Apparently Duchovny just released his first solo album titled Hell Or Highwater. You learn something new every day, I guess. I haven’t researched the reviews, or heard it, so I can’t tell you if it’s any good or not. BUT that’s beside the point, IT’S DANA SCULLY AND FOX MULDER SINGING A NEIL YOUNG SONG!

And as every X-Files fan knows by now, the show is going to return to FOX as a six-episode event series which is set to premiere on Sunday, January 24, 2016. All is good in the world.

via AV Club

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Thom Yorke is on the cover of an Iranian sex manual and no one knows why
07:07 am



Here’s just something you’re going to have to accept without explanation because apparently there is none: Thom Yorke is on the cover of an Iranian sex manual called Marital and Sexual Problems in Men. The book was spotted in an Iranian bookstore three years by journalist Sobhan Hassanvand. Hassanvand tweeted the image a few days ago.

And not only is there an inexplicable image of Thom Yorke, but writer John Updike is also on the cover. The third man has yet to be identified.

I know when I ponder marital and sexual problems, my mind immediately goes to Thom Yorke and John Updike. It just does.

Now here’s where it gets funny. Not only is Thom Yorke pimping out sexual advice in Iran, but his mug has been spotted in a Russian advert where the Radiohead frontman “will help you to forget about insomnia, fatigue, skin problems, cold, attention deficit disorder, and headaches.”


Russian advert
via Nerdcore and CoS

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‘Poorly Drawn Album Covers’: Your Facebook time waster for the day
07:23 am



I have a big weakness for injudiciously liking and joining extremely narrow-purpose Facebook pages and groups, and as such I’m a proud member of “Staring At This Picture Of Dave Navarro Until It Gives Me An Acid Flashback,” at least a dozen groups that consist of nothing but vinyl enthusiasts posting the covers of whatever they’re listening to at the moment, and OF COURSE “The Same Photo of Glenn Danzig Every Day,” which DM told you about last week. But the thing that’s been tickling me this week is “Poorly Drawn Album Covers,” which is exactly what you think. The page’s unnamed admin draws (presumably by him or herself, no artist credits are given), shoddily, in what must be MS Paint or worse, album covers ranging from iconic, instantly recognizable classics (amusingly, their Screamadelica and Songs About Fucking don’t actually look super different from the originals at first glance) to recent indie stuff—and they have quite good taste in indie, IMO. But even if you can’t name the record (they’re not identified for the reader, which I like), it’s still always a giggle. Here are a few samples. There’s plenty more where this came from, and if that’s still not enough for you, these folks have competition on Tumblr.

Bjork, Homogenic

Kendrick Lamar, To Pimp A Butterfly (which by the way is as good as everyone says)

Ride, Nowhere
More poorly drawn album covers after the jump…

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Man caught on video making sweet, sweet love to a car’s exhaust pipe
02:04 pm



Now I’ve heard of Mechanophilia before, which means having a sexual attraction to machines, such as airplanes, cars, helicopters etc., but I’ve never really seen it in action, at least to this extent…

I showed this brief video to my husband and he watched it with a furrowed brow. The first thing he said to me when it was over was “Maybe he’s just pumping the tire?” I guess he, er, could be? Nope, he’s fucking this Volkswagen’s exhaust pipe.

Whatever gets your rocks off, I guess? But wouldn’t that hurt after a while?

via Death and Taxes

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20,000 people ‘like’ THIS same photo of Glenn Danzig every single day
08:37 am



Do people actually really just love this photo of Glenn Danzig or do they simply have way too much time on their hands? Either way, I don’t know. I mean, I guess it IS a decent shot of him. The photo has a sourpuss, senior class yearbook kinda feel to it.

With over 20,000 followers on Facebook, the page The Same Photo of Glenn Danzig Every Day does exactly that. They post the same damned photo of him every day. The photo gets shared, liked and commented on each time it’s posted.

Some have gone as far as having the photo permanently inked to show their dedication to the diminutive demon rocker.

via Nerdcore

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‘Handy’ chart shows which drugs are the most popular at each festival
12:48 pm


Tags: created this awfully “handy” chart which shows what the most popular drugs are used at certain festivals. Since most people won’t freely admit to taking any illegal drugs, collected their information by using Instagram.

...researchers first gathered intel on how many Instagram posts mentioned one of the 15 festivals they analyzed (3,622,365).

From there, they looked at how many of those posts also mentioned or alluded to a controlled substance—by percentage, Marley Fest had the most mentions of drug use (pretty shocking…), and the KISS Country Chili Cook-Off had the most mentions of alcohol (which could have been inspired by the Brad Paisley hit of the same name—he headlined after all).

I’m giving this chart a major side-eye. C’mon, just using mentions on Instagram to get your statics without actually physically talking to a single person? I dunno, seems pretty pointless to me. I’d take this chart with a grain of… something fun.

via Billboard

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Cookie Monster channels Isaac Hayes for a ‘Theme from Shaft’ parody, can you dig it?
05:47 am



In 1977 disco was HUGE and everyone and his monkey was putting out a disco record—Ethel Merman, for instance. The Children’s Television Workshop wasn’t above a trend like that. They put this out as a single in 1977, but Sesame Street Fever wouldn’t come out until a year later.

This song is a straight parody of Isaac Hayes’ “Theme From Shaft,” but taking no (legal) chances, they steered clear of that type of title in favor of “Cookie Disco.”

Here are some of the lyrics:

He’s shaggy, he’s blue
And he knows how to chew—COOKIE!

Can you dig it?

You think you can munch,
Brother, you’re out to lunch
Compared with—COOKIE!

Did someone say “Lunch”?

Etc. Hey, nobody ever said the guy was subtle, but I love him anyway. Dig his Dr. John the Night Tripper/Patti Labelle headdress and outfit, too. Funky!

via Flashbak

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