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And Now A Word From Our Sponsor
12:30 pm



You are reading an advertisement. Well, that’s not exactly true, you are reading what is known as “advertorial,” a paid for conflation of advertising and editorial. The four of us here at Dangerous Minds met last Sunday evening and toured the Equinox Fitness Club on Sunset Blvd in West Hollywood. Each of us will be writing about what we saw there and if you are curious, you can click here for a 3 day trial to the Equinox nearest you.

The Equinox club that we visited offers their members an ultra high end gym and spa experience. By far the best I’ve ever personally experienced, and I’m no stranger to gyms, or high end gyms at that (I was a member of what is probably Equinox’s main competitor for years, but there is absolutely no comparison). It was like being in a combination night club, luxury hotel, gym and beauty spa. Nice architecture, modern furniture, soft state of the art lighting, friendly helpful staff, a dramatic entrance, I think there was a live DJ—it’s a pretty glamorous place to work out, I must say.

The clientele, this being West Hollywood, tend to look like movie stars. Some of them, of course, are movie stars. No matter what your sexual orientation, there is some amazing eye candy working out here, but the vibe is respectful and the unspoken rule of all gyms (“Men do not hit on the women” I think sums it up) applies here at Equinox as well.

But these are somewhat superficial things that have nothing to do with how good of a workout you get. To be honest, the only thing I care about is the equipment. I want it to be new—this is really important to me, because they keep coming out with better and better machines all the time—and I want it to be CLEAN. Equinox comes up a winner in both categories. It’s as clean as a five star hotel and the machines are state of the art. They have a new fleet of Schwinn exercise bikes and they even have several Pilates Reformers for group classes, which takes the package completely over the top in my opinion.

Simply put, Equinox is the Rolls Royce of gyms. Click here to redeem your 3-day trial membership to Equinox.

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