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Banned TV commercial for Romanian SUV
04:22 pm



Dacia Duster (not actual size).

Dutch production company Artcore created this hugely politically incorrect commercial for the Romanian automobile manufacturer Dacia to promote the Duster SUV which Dacia describes as being “simple, robust and functional.”

I can’t imaging this ad running on television in any country in the world. Perhaps that was the intention. If it goes viral on the internet, it could potentially be seen by far more people than had it aired on TV. Welcome to new era of advertising: creating campaigns with the purpose of being banned.

Via copyranter

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We have a winner in the Denon Funniest Band Name Contest!
03:33 pm



Sorry for the delay in announcing this, folks, there was an extremely annoying plumbing issue at Chez Metzger this weekend. The good news is, we have a winner! Danny Myshrall has won the grand prize of a Denon RDC-N7 stereo receiver with Denon SC-N7 speakers for his entry: Taupe Sabbath! (That’s a real beauty, ain’t it? We could all agree on that one)

The runner-ups, who’ll both be receiving Denon AH-NC600 noise-canceling earphones are “Mean Mr Mustard,” who came in second place with Ned Beatty & the Squealers (ouch!) and Perry for his brilliant entry, Bristol Palin and the Rhythm Method, which came in third. Congratulations to all of the winners!
Here are some of our other top picks from the contest:

Family Circle Jerk [Nice!]
Solo Posse
Harpoontang [If this isn’t already a porno title, it’s about to be soon]
F is for Flake [a sly Orson Welles ref, I likey]
Closet Queen (“The Completely Heterosexual
Queen Tribute Band”) [A top favorite]
Phosphorescent swirly
Skidmark Valedictorians
The Whom [If I was judging the contest solo, I’d have picked this one to win]
Fuck Owens [or this one!]
Listen Up, Missies!
Rodney On the Crockpot [Los Angeles in the house!]
The Phil Spector Wigs
Depression Era Tears
Cocaine Dust Bowl
New, Albeit, Dead [Love this one!]
Pete Best’s Luck
Early Styx [Awesome!]
Traditional [Brad Laner and I both really liked this entry]
The Palindromessemordnilap
I’m Not Racist, But ...
Does Anyone Else Confuse Rip Taylor with Rip Torn?
If You Like Pińa Colostamys
The Outsourced Love
Pest Sounds [Worthy!]
Shitty Candy
Surrounded by Ladies
Pain Grocery
The Donner Pool Party
Floppy Dicks
Gay for Pay
Morning Wood
Pinchers Of Loaf
Jacob’s Bladder
The Dyslexic Nerd Renegades!
Bob Saget’s Inner monologue (a “Sludge Metal” band, probably from a rural area)
Meth Lab for Cutie
Wizards of Banality, The
Latter Day Elvis
Dudley More
Jethro Starship
Echinacean Miracle (jam band)
Pincode Wizard
Craigslist Babies
Texting Lane [Jello Biafra-worthy, that one]
Black Lennon
Oat Foot
Poop Lamp [a fave]
Bad Night For Hands
Skirt Fur
Gay Republicans For Jesus
Shit or Get Off the Cross
Afros & Assholes
Picasso’s Last Fart
Over Before You Know It
Bill Paxton’s Uncle
Fatgirl Laugh
Fuck Me Toothless [Ha!]
Retardy Tea Party
3 Teeth Left
The Tina Yothers Experience
Cup O’ Noodles
I Taste Pennies [!?!?!]
Carrie Fisher Pity Party
Fela Cooties [Wonderful!]
It’s Longer Than You Think
The Teeth, UK.
Morning Squirt
Totally Todd
Robin Williams on Coke
I Shot the Deputy
Al Sharpton’s Sharpie Collection
Wolf Pants

And finally, honorable mention goes to:
I’m not on twit or facebook so fuck all yall nazi ass motherfuckers.

Thank you everyone for entering, it was a lot of fun to read most of your entries. Some of y’all are just nasty!

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Lou Reed, Miles Davis and Grace Jones selling Honda Scooters and TDK tape in the 1980s
01:07 pm



I owned one of Honda’s flashy red scooters. It didn’t last long in Manhattan. Stolen.

The Lou Reed commercial captures a certain nitty gritty New York vibe, the kind of place where scooters disappear.

Grace and Miles after the jump…

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The Dangerous Minds Funniest Band Name Contest!
12:23 am



First prize is a Denon RDC-N7 stereo receiver with Denon SC-N7 speakers, retail value $800!

Two runner-ups will win a pair of Denon AH-NC600 noise-canceling earphones each, a $200 value!

The Rules: You, the entrant have to “like” Dangerous Minds on Facebook or follow us on Twitter (or both). Only people who have done this will be eligible to win. You also have to “like” Denon on Facebook.

Then, in the comments below, post the best name for a band you can think of in the comments below. To be perfectly clear: Not the name of an existing or historical group, but a completely new and hopefully very funny band name.

The name that makes us laugh the hardest wins the Denon stereo system (an $800 value) and two runner-ups will win the Denon noise-canceling earphones, a $200 value!

You can enter as many times as you want!

It’s that simple. In case you need some inspiration, here’s the list of “new & improved band names” that Jello Biafra came up with. The winning entry will have to be in somewhere in this ballpark. Here are a few more.

The odds of winning (especially if you’re funny) are pretty darn good. So what are you waiting for?

The winners will be announced on New Years Day, 2011.

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Not every doggie is merry at Christmas
07:36 pm



This Christmas card is part of a promotional campaign to get people to donate a percentage of their income to a Polish animal shelter.

The target audience for this ad are actually clubbers. It’s a postcard inserted in envelope with flyers promoting cultural and nightlife events, distributed in party venues and also posters placed in such venues. Christmas and first months of New Year (when you can donate 1% of your income tax to the chosen NGO) is kind of eruption period for charity campaigns. It was the intent of this piece to be different than all the rest of such campaigns and to draw attention of people who sort of became habituated seeing tear-jerking charity ads.

It’s effective. It got my attention.

Check out the shelter’s website here.


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The magical visions of animation pioneer Richard Williams
10:20 pm

Pop Culture


Canadian animator Richard Williams is best known for his work on Roger Rabbit, but he’s been making inventive commercials in the UK and USA since the late 1960s.

Animation maestro Richard Williams (The Thief and the Cobbler, Who Framed Roger Rabbit) found great success doing animated commercials in the UK, but his greatest goal was to learn from the great animators of the past, like Ken Harris, Art Babbit, Grim Natwick and Milt Kahl, and pass their knowledge on to his own studio and the animators of tomorrow. Richard was successful in doing this and many animators who worked under the brilliant, mad perfectionist went on to found their own studios, and to work on the great Disney films of the late 1980s and 1990s.

Richard never quite finished his dream project The Thief and the Cobbler (viewable on Youtube in a Recobbled Cut), as it was eventually financed by Warner Brothers, who went cold on the idea and took the film away from him.

These days Richard is known for having written perhaps the best book ever written on animation- The Animator’s Survival Kit. Every animation student should have one, and probably does.

Enjoy these wonderful animations from Richard Williams.

Lots more groovy animated fun after the jump…

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Smart and Funny Ways to Get Your Message Across
05:28 pm



This is almost what it says on the tin - smart and funny ads, but, you know, I haven’t a scooby what they’re selling.

Previously on Dangerous Minds

Awesome Towel

With thanks to Ken Cargill

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Things You Don’t Need: Mr. Creosote Vomiting Doll
12:58 pm



It’s that time of year when department stores fill their shelves with all those things you do not need. Today I spied this on display in one well-known high street store, Monty Python’s Mr. Creosote Vomiting Figure. This allegedly “collectable toy” originally went on sale in 2004, and according to its advertising pitch:

This is the first item ever made based on the Monty Python movie, The Meaning of Life. Squeeze Mr. Creosote and he vomits! Let go, and the vomit slides sickeningly back into his mouth and down his throat. Splatter fans, this is a must-have!

“Splatter fans”? It must have been a splatter fan who wrote this 5 star review on

I love this little thing!!! It’s extremely amusing! You might even say that it’s more amusing than a slinky…okay…maybe not…BUT STILL!!! It’s pretty awesome!!!

Personally, I’d opt for the Slinky, but I doubt that’d help the Pythons get even richer.  So, if the vomiting doll doesn’t appeal then perhaps you can be tempted with a box of Mr. Creosote’s Wafer Thin Mints


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Faux indie rock music in commercials: Killing us softly with their song
12:52 pm



A song of mine was used in a car commercial. At first, I refused to sell the rights to it. I hate when rock music pimps for big corporations. The ad agency who wanted to use the song told me, in so many words, that they’d create a sound-a-like version if I didn’t relent and let them use the tune. I relented. I made money. It’s the only real money I’ve ever made from my music. Do I feel unclean? No.

Despite what’s said in the ‘Music House’ video, it’s not illegal for an ad agency to create a song that sounds exactly like someone else’s. A slight change in structure is all it takes, a change most people wouldn’t even notice.

The Wojahn brothers, composers of TV jingles/music for Taco Bell, AT&T and Home Depot, made this video and I give them credit for satirizing with merciless honesty the bullshit within their own industry. Hipster commercials make me gag.

Here’s a perfect example of the faux indie band at its absolute skincrawling worst. They’re ripping off Moldy Peaches. The Band rockin’ out:

One of the commercials that started it all after the jump…

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Bath towel for the genital phobic: The horrors that lurk down under
11:55 pm



If you got a problem with the smell of your own nutsack or somebody else’s, here’s the towel for you.

The True Clean Towel is screen printed with a diagram that specifies what sections are for cleaning certain parts of your body so, gawd forbid, you don’t accidentally wipe your face with residual sex juice or whatever.

Body loathers rejoice!

Step out of the shower and have the confidence of knowing that you are drying your freshly cleaned face with a section of the towel which has not been used to dry ‘other’ places. Reusing towels makes sense, so why not be smarter and healthier about how you use your towel.


Via copyranter

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