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Dramatic footage of escaped chimpanzee
12:11 pm



Here’s some truly nail-biting footage of an escaped chimpanzee named Cha Cha stuck on an electric pole after being struck with a sedative. The primate escaped from the Yagiyama Zoological Park in Sendai, Japan and led police and zoo staff on a dramatic two-hour chase. The end of the chase was captured on film. It’s heart-pounding.

According to ABC News, Cha Cha survived the fall.

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Beautifully grotesque illustrations highlight death and rebirth in the animal kingdom
12:14 pm



I’m really loving St. Louis-based painter and illustrator Lauren Marx’s series “The American Wilderness” which highlights the grotesque, yet strangely beautiful circle of life in the animal kingdom. I can’t keep my eyes off her work.

“Animals always have been, and always will be, my passion. They have been the subjects of my drawings ever since I was a child. I blame it on weekends spent at the Saint Louis Zoo and endless hours watching National Geographic’s Mutual of Omaha: Wild Kingdom

“They influenced my desire to learn about biology while attending high school. While in high school, I began collecting bones, feathers, and books. Over these past few years, my passion grew to zoology, cosmology, and mythology.”

You can see more of Marx’s series at her website.


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Trump, Putin and Obama cat scratching posts
10:10 am



We’ve blogged about political leaders cat scratching posts before here on DM. Awesome, yes, but the problem with them was the price! Each one was selling for £4,500.00 a pop! That’s nuts! (At least it’s not practical).

If you just gotta have one, there’s a more affordable option: Politikats’ Trump, Putin and Obama cat scratching posts! So far they’re only prototypes and it’s on Kickstarter, but if Politikats’ make their goal, each one will retail for around $139.00. Not too bad.

My only complaint is that The Donald’s signature combover could be a bit more extreme. Also, he’s not orange enough. Or mean looking enough.

Having said that, I’d really love to see my cat tear the shit out of Donald Trump. She’d show him who was the pussy.





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Cyclists chased by a hell-bent ostrich
10:07 am



Cyclists competing in the Cape Argus Tour in South Africa were chased by what appears to be a hell-bent ostrich on methamphetamines. It’s actually pretty comical to watch the bird pull a Road Runner and keep up with the cyclists. I had no idea they could run that fast!

From the YouTube description:

On Friday, to stretch out the legs we went on pre-race ride [~130km why not?] to the Cape of Good Hope [I love this name!]. The road by the ocean side was quiet and a little deserted.

Suddenly, I spotted a white ostrich on my left, then this beast jumped on the road from the right and started chasing my friends! It was a little scary at first, but then I thought I was gonna fall off my bike from laughter. The ostrich didn’t have any problem keeping at up at 50km/h and apparently they do 70km/h with no sweat.

If I had to place a bet on who finished the pre-race ride first, I’d go with the ostrich.

via Arbroath

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11:08 am



Okay folks, this post is going to be short and sweet. It ain’t about the words here, friends, it’s about THE TRIPPIEST CAT VIDEO ON THE ENTIRE INTERNET.

“That’s a rather subjective opinion,” you say? But is it really?

Nope! There is no competition. When you click play on the video below, you’ll surely be obliged to agree that it’s hands down THE TRIPPIEST CAT VIDEO ON THE ENTIRE INTERNET.

Because it just is.

For one thing, it’s probably the single highest-budgeted trippy cat video to be found on all of YouTube, at least one that wasn’t originally made as a TV commercial. Obviously shot on 35mm film, the clip is taken from the Walt Disney movie The Three Lives of Thomasina, which starred Patrick McGoohan, yes he of The Prisoner fame (and director of the rock and roll Othello movie, Catch My Soul). McGoohan plays a bitter widower, a brusque veterinarian who has lost his faith in God after his wife’s death, and been left with raising a young daughter. He does something altogether stupid, which I won’t go into here, that results in her pet cat dying and then we see this kitty’s amazing journey to a wonderful cat heaven.

The 1963 film was based on Paul Gallico’s novel Thomasina, the Cat Who Thought She Was God and directed by Don Chaffey, who directed the classic fantasy film Jason and the Argonauts (featuring the stop-motion animation of the great Ray Harryhausen) that same year.

Since all of the felines in this cat heaven are Siamese—sitting at the feet of Bastet, a nice detail—does this mean that Siamese cats are supposed to be like cat angels?


The VO here is in Italian, but this is the best quality clip of this on YouTube that I could find and it’s all about the visuals anyway. If you want to hear the VO in English—it’s Thomasina’s “inner voice” describing the heavenward journey “towards the light” and then getting sent back to Earth because it was only her first life (we all know how many lives cats get)—you can listen here.

H/T Ann Magnuson/Matthew Amato

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Badass cat motorcycle helmets from Russia
10:08 am



I never saw myself writing “badass” and “cat” in the same sentence, but these are some seriously cool cat motorcycle helmets straight out of Russia. I dig the one that looks like an extra evil Cheshire Cat with that devilish grin. That helmet looks like it ain’t gonna take no shit.

The Neko helmets come in 12 different designs and are made by Russian company Nitrinos. The prices can range anywhere from $495 to $595 depending on which style you want.

I’m sure these things have been crash tested, but I wonder how the impact with the ears on the helmet affect the human skull? Is it safe? Perhaps I’m overthinking this?



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Watch world’s largest bat colony leave cave to hunt at night
09:32 am



Let me preface this post by saying I believe this is a GoPro advert. That being said, it’s pretty incredible footage from the vantage point from inside the cave as millions of bats fly out of it. I think I can forgive this being an advertisement because I actually learned something with this one. The cave the bats are flying out of is called Bracken Cave and it’s located in southern Comal County, Texas.

Bracken Cave is the summer home of the world’s largest bat colony. With millions of Mexican free-tailed bats living in the cave from March thru October, Bracken holds one of the largest concentration of mammals on earth.

The emergence of these millions of bats, as they spiral out of the cave at dusk for their nightly insect hunt, is an unforgettable sight.


From March to October, the bats at Bracken Cave emerge between 6 and 8 p.m. flying southeast on a collision course with bugs such as cotton bollworm moths and army cutworm moths being pushed away from crops southwest by winds.

The bats consume several tons of insects per night, which according to research conducted in 2006, saves cotton farmers in south central Texas about $740,000 a year.

According to studies, there’s an estimated roost of 30 million bats. Incredible. 

via Geekologie

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Punk doggies, punk kitties, and their friends the punk rat and the skinhead cat
09:17 am



We live in an age where the majority of world knowledge is accessible via a few keystrokes. It’s truly an amazing time wherein the Internet grants us nearly limitless access to the full wisdom of recorded human history and thought.

But more often than not, we just want to look at cute animal pix.

Tumblr page Animals in Punk Vests, home to only the punkest furbabies, is our supplier today. The collected philosophies of the great thinkers of the modern world will have to wait. We have animals in punk vests.

Punx is doggies.

Punx is kitties.

And don’t overlook their friends the punk rat and the skinhead cat…



More Animals in Punk Vests after the jump…

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Adorably gross ‘Alien’-like frog carries eggs and babies on its back
01:33 pm



The Dangerous Minds audience has shown an inordinate interest in looking at things on top of other things (sounds to me like a Monty Python category), so we humbly present Cryptobatarchus boulengeri, a frog species that mostly resides in Colombia and resembles a creature from Aliens, perhaps? The mommas of the Cryptobatrachus boulengeri species carry their offspring from egg all the way up to froglet.

The name Cryptobatrachus boulengeri honors a noted Belgian-British zoologist named George Albert Boulenger, and indeed another name for Cryptobatrachus boulengeri is Boulenger’s backpack frog. Boulenger had a notable Donald Trump tendency when it came to naming species, there’s also Boulenger’s burrowing asp, Boulenger’s short-legged skink, Boulenger’s tree agama, Boulenger’s pygmy chameleon, among others…..

If you’re looking for a stocking stuffer for your herpetologist friends (that is, lizard and reptile enthusiasts), you could do a lot worse than this page-turner from Boulenger himself: Catalogue of the Lizards in the British Museum (Natural History): Volume 2: Iguanidæ, Xenosauridæ, Zonuridæ, Anguidæ, Anniellidæ, Helodermatidæ, Varanidæ, Xantusiidæ, Teiidæ, Amphisbænidæ.

Here’s the full pic of Cryptobatrachus:

Pics of Cryptobatrachus boulengeri are not too common, but other species also deploy the same strategy, apparently, including Cryptobatrachus pedroruizi:

And Cryptobatrachus fuhrmanni:

via Neatorama

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Dinosaur egg candle ‘hatches’ baby Velociraptor as it melts
09:46 am



Since we’re cutting it close to the holidays, I thought I’d share this wonderful last minute gift idea for that special paleontologist in your life: an egg that “hatches” a baby Velociraptor when it’s melting. C’mon, this is kind of great, right? Or at the very least, quite clever.

The candle sells for $45.49 + shipping right here.




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