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Cat candle reveals skeleton as it burns
10:20 am



This PyroPet cat candle named “Kisa” is damned adorable, right? As the candle burns, it slowly reveals an aluminium kitteh skeleton. I dig it.

The candle also comes in black. You can order Kisa at the Swish website for around $34 + shipping.



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‘Monty Python and the Holy Grail’-themed killer rabbit slippers
02:32 pm




Tim: Well, that’s no ordinary rabbit.
King Arthur: Ohh.
Tim: That’s the most foul, cruel, and bad-tempered rodent you ever set eyes on!

If I bought these Monty Python and the Holy Grail rabbit slippers, they’d probably just end up being extra expensive Monty Python dog toys. My dogs are like that. Assholes.

The Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog slippers are available through Firebox for $40.89.

Update: Some less expensive ones can be found here.

Via Laughing Squid

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Taxidermied mice chess set
09:15 am



Don’t worry, I’ve got your holiday gift ideas covered this year: What about this delightful handmade taxidermy mice chess set by Etsy shop TheCurious13? There’s only one available and it’s retailing for $450.00.

According to the write-up on Etsy:

The set includes 16 light colored mice and 16 dark mice, in various sizes, pawns being the smallest. Set comes complete with wooden hand painted chess board, and storage case (not pictured).

Now I’m curious what the chess board and storage case look like.



With thanks to Gail Potocki!


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Amazingly detailed octopus coffee table
11:16 am



Here’s a stunning—and major décor statement piece, IMO—500 lb. bronze octopus coffee table by Los Angeles-based sculptor, artist and designer Isaac Krauss.

It’s pretty incredible, eh? I can’t find the price for this, but I’d wager that this sucker ain’t cheap…
You can contact Krauss via his website if you’re interested.


h/t Everlasting Blort

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Mutant, poison-eating ‘Super Rats’...coming soon
06:05 am



Mutant “super rats,” which cannot be killed by regular poisons are spreading across the UK, according to researchers and pest control experts.

Just like those creatures in James Herbert’s classic pulp horror novel, The Rats, these super rodents eat toxic pellets “like feed,” and have spread as far as Kent, the West Country and Sussex.

In an interview with Metro newspaper, Richard Moseley of the British Pest Control Association said:

“Normal rats are being killed off by poison, so these resistant species are taking their place—it’s only natural that their numbers are expanding. But they’re being found further afield than previously anticipated. They eat poison like feed; you might as well be leaving out grain for them.”

There are an estimated 10.5million rats in the UK. Rats can breed rapidly and have a gestation period of 21-days, one female can have as many as 14 “pups” at a time. It is believed that some breeding pairs can produce as many as 800 young in just two years.

While poison resistant rats have been observed in the UK for over 50 years, researchers from the University of Huddersfield have claimed these mutant rats are spreading rapidly. Last year, researchers discovered that up to 70% of rats tested in some counties were resistant to poison.

Dr. Dougie Clarke told Metro that a naturally occurring mutation of genes was most likely responsible for these “Super Rats.”

“It’s now a big problem in some areas of the south of England. The only solution is stronger poisons.

“There are concerns about poisoning secondary animals and birds but, if it’s carefully controlled it can be kept to an absolute minimum.”

Rats are considered a major health risk to the public, if their populations are left unchecked. However, Jeff Knott from the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds said:

“We cannot afford to lock ourselves into a toxic arms race we can never win, as wildlife will be the loser.”

Mutant giant rats are also a problem in Iran, Central Europe and New York, but now that Mr Herbert’s once fictional “super” Rats are spreading across the UK, how long before Guy N. Smith’s giant Crabs and Shaun Hutson’s mutant Slugs make their appearance?

Via the ‘Metro

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Cat Scratch Jesus Lizard: David Yow channels his inner B. Kliban
08:48 am



Last week, when we spoke to David Yow about his forthcoming Jesus Lizard: Book, he completely neglected to mention to us that he had a second book in the works. A book of cat drawings, and just about all of them groaner puns. Through his publisher, Akashik Books, Yow said:

I love cats. Always have. The only time I didn’t have a cat was a brief hell in Chicago where I lived in an apartment whose landlord didn’t allow them. At that place, I had a life-sized cardboard cutout of a cat which I named Toody. I also love wordplay. I’m the only adult I hang out with who still gets a kick out of puns. I make up palindromes. I used to write songs and poems (these days, I leave that for the songwriters and poets); in this book of cat-pun drawings, I have made a concerted effort to come up with ideas that range from really funny to really amusing. The entire litter of animals in this book are line drawings that are ‘coloured in’ with photographic textures, and each cat is dropped into a photographic setting. Yep, that’s the truth.

Cat Burglar
Cat Nip
Cat-O-Nine Tails
Et cetera. There are many more of these to be seen at Yow’s web site. And that’s the only place you’ll be able to see them for awhile. The book won’t actually be out until next summer.

It’s charming that he thinks people will like pictures of cats, but frankly, I’m skeptical. Who the hell buys cat stuff?

Below, fan-made video for Scratch Acid’s “Cannibal” (NSFW)

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Help stop the trade of live animals as keychain / lucky charms in China
09:50 am



0000bantrade.jpg have a petition to stop the sale of living animals as keychain/lucky charm.

The petition calls on the United Nations to:

...demand the Chinese government to ban the manufacture and sale of amulets and jewelry containing live animals.

As the petition explains, this “new fashion” jewelry in China has:

...animals living under plastic containing a liquid nutrient and oxygen that allows them to live up to 2 months.

This is cruel and should be condemned by the international community.

Though it has been claimed that the animals can live up to two months in the “nutrient” environment, this is not true, as the animals die within days through a lack of oxygen.

This story has been featured in the news since 2008, but nothing has been done to stop this horrific trade.

Please sign the petition to help highlight and stop the sale of amulets and jewelry containing live animals. Thank you.


With thanks to Lindsay Reid.

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Hell Kitty: Eerie video of the cat with X-ray eyes
08:10 am



Finnish YouTuber “markoboy” enjoys his drink and food. He’s uploaded close to 400 videos of himself imbibing booze and scarfing down gawdawful looking plates of unidentifiable grub. I couldn’t help but watch a few of his weird little displays of gastronomic gluttony wondering all the while if they’re some form of Viennese Actionist-style performance art for the Facebook generation.

I’ve come to the conclusion that they’re not. For some inexplicable reason, “markoboy” has chosen to share his goofy inbred gobble-fests with the rest of the world. The dramatic arc of his videos are pretty flat and I quickly got bored until I came upon the one featuring the cat with radioactive eyes. This one must be seen for its absolute eeriness. It’s also very “Tim and Eric.”

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Macabre Edwardian LOLcats featuring dead animals
11:49 am



There is a grand tradition of photographing cats in silly situations and adding humorous captions that’s as old as photography. Over a hundred years before and, there was Brighton, England photographer Harry Pointer and his “Brighton cats” series.

During the Victorian era Pointer discovered an untapped market for visiting cards and greeting cards featuring anthropomorphized cats with funny or sweet captions, doing things like having tea, demanding dinner, rollerskating, and taking photos themselves. Pointer created about 200 lolcat portraits in his “The Brighton Cats” series by 1884. He made a killing selling these images on visiting cards and greeting cards.




Pointer’s cats were also very much alive.

You can’t say the same of American photographer Harry Whittier Frees’ subjects when he came along thirty-six years later. Frees did similar tableaux using pigs, rabbits, dogs, and cats but usually without funny captions. Frequently dead cats, because they hold still better. Many of the twee domestic scenes he set up also included eerie-looking china dolls. He wrote in Animal Land on the Air that his images “represent an almost inconceivable amount of patience, care, and kind attention, as well as a very large number of spoiled films.” Maintaining the fantasy that all of the animals he used were alive and squirming around.

Frees wrote:

Rabbits are the easiest to photograph in costume, but incapable of taking many “human” parts. Puppies are tractable when rightly understood, but the kitten is the most versatile animal actor, and possesses the greatest variety of appeal. The pig is the most difficult to deal with, but effective on occasion. The best period of young animal models is a short one, being when they are from six to ten weeks of age. An interesting fact is that a kitten’s attention is best held through the sense of sight, while that of a puppy is most influenced by sound, and equally readily distracted by it. The native reasoning powers of young animals are, moreover, quite as pronounced as those of the human species, and relatively far surer.

Frees began his cat portraits in 1905, when he photographed the presumably alive family cat wearing a party hat at a birthday celebration. Like Pointer he made good money selling the reproductions for postcards, calendars, and publications. But it takes much of the “lol” out of “lolcat” to use dead animals in poses, like something out of Rob Zombie’s House of 1000 Corpses.



If Frees’ contemporaries knew that many of the animals in his photos were dead, they probably didn’t care. Victorians and Edwardians had no problem photographing dead things, including their own relatives, going so far as to pose with them in depressing family portraits before burying them. There are still people who take pictures at funerals, but come on, North American funereal customs are awful enough without that being a widespread practice.

The amount of patience required to take a camera-phone picture of live, active, wriggly, uncooperative cats is impressive. But using the old-school photographic techniques? Pointer must have had a Zen master level of serenity. Frees was admittedly resourceful and found a cheap, easy, pragmatic solution to the problem. He was still, however, a creepy bastard.

Via Retronaut and Vice

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If YOU stole this watermelon you’d better call Poison Control immediately!
08:33 am



Can you imagine if you worked at a Poison Control Center and got this phone call?! “Excuse me, I think I’ve just ingested a watermelon that was injected with rat pee full of steroids.”

Via reddit

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