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Dangerous Finds: Robots achieve self-awareness; Kitchen nightmare Amy’s Bakery shuts; Feel the Bern!
03:52 pm

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Uh-oh, a robot just passed the self-awareness test: Roboticists at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York have built a trio of robots that were put through the classic ‘wise men puzzle’ test of self-awareness - and one of them passed. Another robot is speaking in an Austrian accent and has taken up bodybuilding. (TechRadar)

400 lb Florida Man Arrested After He Urinates On His Pregnant Girlfriend: A hulking McDonald’s employee was arrested yesterday after allegedly urinating on his pregnant girlfriend during an argument in their Florida home. (The Smoking Gun)

What would an E.Coli do if it were much, much bigger? Researcher models bacteria-controlled robots. “We found that robots may indeed be able to have a working brain,” said Warren Ruder, a professor of biological systems engineering at Virginia Tech. (Popular Science)

Austerity will wreck Europe: Greece and the scary new European ultra-nationalism: “Europe, much less Germany, is not a good place to play with the social dynamite of prolonged depression.” (Salon)

Right-wing racist whack-a-mole: Confederate flag comes down, Donald Trump pops up: Take down the rebel flag and then Trump’s anti-immigration flag goes up. Such hatred is the GOP’s only strategy: Must-read essay from Rick Perlstein. Here’s a quote: “Conservatives understand that the direction of human history is not on their side—that, other things equal, civilization does tend toward more inclusion, more emancipation, more liberalism. That is the great source of their anger. And that, too, is the source of the compulsion to dress reaction in the raiment of liberation. Politically, it is the only way.” (Salon)

The Bernie Sanders Surge Is About Bernie, Not Hillary: Not everyone in the media understands that. Feel the Bern. (FiveThirtyEight)

Science Finds Even More Evidence That Anxiety Isn’t Just ‘All In Your Head’: Thank your genetics. (Huffington Post)

Here’s How Hillary Clinton Thinks Corporate Profit-Sharing Should Work: Candidate announced on Thursday the details of a corporate profit-sharing proposal, part of the slow drip of policy plans the Democratic frontrunner will unveil as part of her plan to boost middle-class incomes. (TIME)

Earl Sweatshirt on Hollywood parties, deconstructing Hermann Hesse and therapy: Once the world’s most notorious teenage rapper, the 21-year-old is back with a second full-length album – and a more mature outlook. (Guardian)

Ben Carson Set To Join Pastor Who Wants Gays Put To Death: Later this year, far-right Colorado radio host and homeschooling activist Kevin Swanson will be attempting to expand his national profile by organizing a “National Religious Liberties Conference” in Des Moines, Iowa. Dumb-dumb former brain surgeon Ben Carson will be there to lend a helping hand! (RightWing Watch)

Tuesday’s Iran deal confirms something that has been clear for a while now: Barack Obama is one of the most consequential presidents in American history — and he will be a particularly towering figure in the history of American progressivism. Obama has reestablished productive diplomacy as the central task of a progressive foreign policy, and as a viable alternative approach to dealing with countries the GOP foreign policy establishment would rather bomb. (Vox)

Five reasons why LePage’s impeachment has become more likely: Maine’s fascinatingly idiotic Tea party governor has really stepped in it this time. (Bangor Daily News)

Micro-Apartments Are Coming to the Midwest: Smaller rental units (think 300 square feet) are popping up in cities with plenty of space. (Bloomberg)

Remember Amy’s Baking Company, the most nightmarish Kitchen Nightmare of all? After two years they’ve gotten the hint and closed, but they’re blaming it on their landlord and a bad odor, not being rageaholic lunatics who made complete asses of themselves in front of millions of people. Best of all? They’re starting another company with the same name. (Phoenix Business Journal)

Bill Clinton: ‘I signed a bill that made the problem worse, and I want to admit it’ On Thursday former President disavowed a tough crime law that he signed in 1994, saying it made the problem of mass incarceration worse. Clinton made his remarks at the NAACP’s convention in Philadelphia, one day after President Obama highlighted criminal justice reform there. (The Hill)

Below, the trailer for Takashi Murakami’s feature film debut, ‘Jellyfish Eyes’:

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Dangerous Finds: End of capitalism begins; Trump: Rick Perry is ‘dumb’; Ben Carson livin’ LARGE
03:40 pm

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The end of capitalism has begun: Without us noticing, we are entering the postcapitalist era. At the heart of further change to come is information technology, new ways of working and the sharing economy. The old ways will take a long while to disappear, but it’s time to be utopian. (The Guardian)

Republicans back a bill that could make it legal to fire single women because they’re pregnant: A number of Republicans in the House and Senate have backed a measure that would shield employers from legal action if they act—say, fire someone—in accordance with their belief that “marriage is or should be recognized as the “union of one man and one woman.” Aren’t Republicans awesome? (Fusion)

Hillary Clinton Declines To Support A National $15 Minimum Wage: Clinton says she supports raising the national minimum wage, but adds that “what you can do in L.A. or in New York may not work in other places.” (Buzzfeed Politics)

Ben Carson Burned a Ton of Cash on Live Music and Private Jets: The conservative rockstar is spending money like one. I wonder how all of his good Christian followers feel knowing that their donations have gone towards keeping Ben and his cronies living in luxury? (Mother Jones)

Off-grid ‘Rambo’ plotted to spark violence against Ferguson protesters by gluing gun to black man’s hand: Prosecutors say the 53-year-old man made racist statements as he discussed his plans, which led to a March raid of his St. Louis home that investigators say turned up more than 20 guns and thousands of rounds of ammunition. (The Raw Story)

Dead Andrew Breitbart’s derpy “Low T” sidekick Ben Shapiro tries — and spectacularly fails — to humiliate trans woman Zoey Tur: “What are your genetics, sir?” “You should cut that out now,” an unshaken Tur replied, “or you’ll go home in an ambulance.” I’d pay good money to see someone beat the living shit out of Ben Shapiro. (Salon)

Donald Trump illuminates the GOP’s dark soul: You might think that the recent poll showing Trump spiking among Republicans is about Trump. It is not. It is about the GOP and its very dark soul when it comes to immigration. The rank and file didn’t much care for Trump as recently as May. It swooned this month when it discovered he’s a bigot.” (Washington Post)

There’s a simple way to end gerrymandering. Too bad Congress made it illegal: A fair system, in which the number of seats in a legislature that a party receives is proportional to the number of votes it receives, is a solved problem. But don’t even think about going there. (Vox)

Donald Trump feuds with Rick Perry, calls him dumb: How many times were Perry’s name and the word ‘dumb’ used in the same headline today? I cannot wait for debates. Trump and a bunch of “losers” and “dummies.” It’s gonna be EPIC. (Politico)

Mike Kelley’s “Little Friend” commercial:

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The ULTIMATE Jade Helm 15 conspiracy video
10:45 am

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I still don’t know how people aren’t seeing that Operation Jade Helm is going down. This is a parking lot at Sam’s Club in San Angelo, Texas where there is obvious Jade Helm activity. There were containers, tarps on chain link fences, moving trucks with Knights Templar insignia on them, and all of this stuff was laid out in a triangle - obvious Illuminati involvement. This is big, people. Get right and get ready!

The only thing I’m going to say about this upfront is that a sizable percentage of the people reading this very sentence will hit play and not realize that this is satire.

And most of them will have something about the Confederate flag on their Facebook page. And bad hillbilly dental work. They will invariably be Republicans. I even bolded the part about it being satire. I’m mentioning it twice, aren’t I? Still some large number of people will not get the joke, or that the joke is, in fact, on them.

For everyone else, enjoy the comedic stylings of Get Right America.

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Nick Cave’s teen son Arthur dies in tragic fall
05:33 am

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Very sad news coming out of England this morning, Arthur Cave, one of Nick Cave’s twin sons with wife Susie Bick, died of injuries sustained in a tragic accident.

Sussex Police confirmed that 15-year-old Arthur Cave died after a fall at Ovingdean Gap in East Sussex. He was found there at about 6pm on Tuesday. Members of the public performed first aid on the boy before he was airlifted to the hospital in Brighton. He died at the Royal Sussex County Hospital soon afterwards.

The grieving parents paid tribute to their son in a short statement issued through Sussex Police:

“Our son Arthur died on Tuesday evening. He was our beautiful, happy loving boy.

We ask that we be given the privacy our family needs to grieve at this difficult time.”

Unspeakably sad. May he rest in peace.

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Dangerous Finds: Iran nuke deal brings $2 gas; Few Women Regret Abortions; Was Jesus Gay?
03:46 pm

Current Events


Was Jesus Queer? “He broke the rules of his culture, of heteronormativity. He subverted masculinities and gender codes in his culture.” (VICE)

Facing ‘Retirement Crisis,’ Sen. Bernie Sanders Leads Charge for Social Security Expansion: On the eve of a once-in-a-decade White House Conference on Aging (WHCOA)—and in the face of what they describe as the “impending retirement savings crisis facing this nation”—a group of 70 Democratic lawmakers led by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.) on Sunday called on President Barack Obama to expand Social Security benefits. (ENews Park Forest)

Iran nuclear deal: Conservatives have opposed every diplomatic breakthrough for decades: It’s what conservatives do, of course. How, you might wonder, could Barack Obama be so naive? And what a strange coincidence that his naiveté was shared by David Cameron, Angela Merkel, and François Hollande such that a completely preposterous deal could be agreed upon despite possessing holes that are both massive and invisible to everyone other than American conservative activists? (Vox)

Hardly Any Women Regret Having an Abortion, a New Study Finds: The conclusion comes after a three-year research period involving nearly 670 women of all social backgrounds. (TIME)

GOP poll: Donald Trump at 17%: Beats Paul, Huckabee, Christie, Perry, Santorum, Jindal, Fiorina, Kasich, Graham and Pataki—combined! Trump has effectively turned this into a two-man race. Looks like it’s him and Jeb(!) and… the rest of these “losers,” ain’t it? Trump himself would still lose to Hillary Clinton. (Suffolk University/USA Today poll)

$2 gas will be back after Iran nuclear deal: Expect to see prices falling right after Labor Day. By Christmas prices will be hovering around the $2 a gallon mark again. Maybe less. (CNN/Money)

The Republican Party’s secret motto: “Don’t tread on my right to tread on you”: “Small government” conservatives talk about limiting federal power — except when it comes to the stuff they want. (Salon)

Scott Walker calls minimum wage a ‘really lame’ idea from Democrats: It was not the first time that Walker called into question the need for a minimum wage. Walker previously raised the issue at last year, saying he didn’t think it “serves a purpose.” Is there ANYONE who doesn’t think this guy would do exactly what his corporate patrons would want him to do, over the will of the people, were he to be elected President? Thankfully, that’s never going to happen. (Journal-Sentinel)

‘Homosexual behavior leads to death’: Ford engineer sues for religious right to harass gay co-workers. “I was stunned to realize that I was fired over expressing my faith in a single comment,” a statement from the unemployed bigot said. (The Raw Story)

Why the Iran Deal Makes Obama’s Critics So Angry: The nuclear agreement highlights the limits of American power—something the president’s opponents won’t accept. (The Atlantic)

Dick Clark introduces the 13th Floor Elevators on ‘Where the Action Is’:

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Dangerous Finds: Texas conspiracy begins; Hackers control missiles; Kid Rock & Ted Nugent are dicks
11:47 am

Current Events


Wake Up, Sheeple! The Military Exercise That Drove Texas Insane Is Finally Here: The multi-state U.S. military training exercise dubbed “Jade Helm 15,” which has spawned myriad conspiracy theories and vexed public officials who struggled to allay the concerns of constituents, is finally here. (Talking Points Memo)

‘Kiss My Rebel Ass’: Ted Nugent and Kid Rock have teamed up to record a song in support of the Confederate flag. “When you get a text from the Nuge, you know you’ve done something right,” laughed Rock. Really, asshole? Most people would have the opposite reaction. Kid Rock, even dumber than he looks! (Ultimate Classic Rock)

Fugitive drug kingpin busted with 9 kilos of heroin: Alexander Dume-Santana, 35, was arrested Thursday afternoon after cops said they noticed him driving recklessly. When they stopped him, they said they discovered seven kilos of heroin in his vehicle. They later searched his house, where detectives discovered another two kilos of heroin, a 9 mm handgun and $340,000 cash. (Boston Herald)

In Fiery Speeches, Francis Excoriates Global Capitalism: Pope Francis does not just criticize the excesses of global capitalism. He compares them to the “dung of the devil.” He does not simply argue that systemic “greed for money” is a bad thing. He calls it a “subtle dictatorship” that “condemns and enslaves men and women.” (New York Times)

Clinton speech reaction: ‘Is that it?’: Hillary Clinton gave a big economics speech in NYC today and the snap reaction among Wall Street investors, economists and ardent financial reformers who thrill to the soak-the-rich rhetoric of Bernie Sanders was a collective: “Meh. What’s next?” (Politico)

‘Hackers’ give orders to German missile battery: German-owned Patriot missiles stationed in Turkey were briefly taken over by hackers, according to media reports on Tuesday. (The

50 Cent Files for Bankruptcy: 50 Cent has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy as an individual, court papers uncovered by the Wall Street Journal indicate. Though the rapper is and has been engaged in a number of prominent business enterprises—he was said to have made at least $60 million off Coca-Cola’s 2007 purchase of Vitamin Water—a box is checked on the filing which attests that his debts are “consumer debts” that were “incurred by an individual primarily for a personal, family, or household purpose.” The form says he has both assets and debts in the $10-$50 million range. Idiot. (Slate)

Fox & Friends rips ‘Mockingbird’ sequel as ‘revisionist fiction’ for making white hero into a racist: Whoever called Steve Doocey “dumb as piss” is… absolutely 100% correct. (The Raw Story)

Another Dumb A-Hole Is Going To Not Be President, And This Time It’s Scott Walker: Compared to Donald Trump, Walker looks like Charlie Brown. Jeb Bush as Linus? When Trump can turn the entire the entire GOP slate into Peanuts characters, the Republicans have got a real problem on their hands. (Wonkette)

Strunk and White’s Macho Grammar Club: The sleek, no-frills esthetic of Modernism and the gray-flannel ’50s both influenced the utilitarian mindset that dictates the rules of usage in ‘The Elements of Style.’(The Daily Beast)

The thing Bernie Sanders says about inequality that no other candidate will touch:  America’s leaders shouldn’t worry so much about economic growth if that growth serves to enrich only the wealthiest Americans. (Washington Post)

After Laying off 175 Workers, J.Crew Exec Celebrates at a Bar, Jokes About ‘Hunger Games’: You have to wonder what Alejandro Rhett was thinking when he Instagrammed his fun night. #fuckyoulittlepeople (Alternet)

Jeb Bush’s ‘Longer Hours’ Remark Will Haunt Him: Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush seems to have earned what is now a rite of passage for White House hopefuls: the out-of-context quote that will be replayed thousands of times. On Wednesday, Bush was speaking to the conservative editorial board of the New Hampshire Union Leader when he seemed to say Americans need to work harder if they want the economy to grow: “It means that people need to work longer hours.”  The comment comes the week after Bush released tax returns that show he made almost $29 million between 2007, when he left the Governor’s office, and 2013. (TIME)

Shirley Bassey brings the house down with an unbelievable rendition of “I, Who Have Nothing”:

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Dangerous Finds: Surge in LA gang violence; Robots WILL take YOUR job; Jimi & the Monkees
05:27 pm

Current Events


48 Years Ago: Jimi Hendrix Joins the Monkees Tour: What do you get when you cross a psychedelic guitar genius with one of the world’s bestselling pop bands? A frustrated guitarist, a disappointed band and a bewildered and confused audience. (Ultimate Classic Rock)

Mysterious Children’s Paralysis Tied to New Virus: Puzzling cases of paralysis in U.S. children over the last year have researchers searching for the cause of the illness. Now, a new study suggests that a new strain of a polio-like virus may be responsible for some of the cases. (Livescience)

Surge in L.A. violent crime ends more than a decade of declines: Gang violence up sharply. “This is bad news,” Mayor Eric Garcetti told reporters Wednesday. (Los Angeles Times)

The radical Bernie Sanders idea that could reclaim America for the 99 percent: Bernie Sanders has brought new attention to the perils of inequality. What if he could do even more? (Salon)

It’s No Myth: Robots and Artificial Intelligence Will Erase Jobs in Nearly Every Industry: Policy makers will have a big new problem to deal with: the disappearance of human jobs. Not only will there be fewer jobs for people doing manual work, the jobs of knowledge workers will also be replaced by computers. Almost every industry and profession will be impacted and this will create a new set of social problems — because most people can’t adapt to such dramatic change. (Singularity HUB)

Poll: Trump leads GOP field in North Carolina: Oh yes he does! How dare the mainstream media try to tear The Donald down. He’s doing God’s work, destroying the GOP, once and for all! (The Hill)

Wil Wheaton talks about anxiety and depression: Geek culture hero wants to help others and erase stigma around mental health issues. (Slate)

On the Phenomenon of Bullshit Jobs: In the year 1930, John Maynard Keynes predicted that technology would have advanced sufficiently by century’s end that countries like Great Britain or the United States would achieve a 15-hour work week. There’s every reason to believe he was right. In technological terms, we are quite capable of this. And yet it didn’t happen. Instead, technology has been marshaled, if anything, to figure out ways to make us all work more. (STRIKE!)

Louisiana Justice Refuses To Obey Supreme Court, Writes Opinion Implying Gay People Rape Their Children: A routine order issued by the Louisiana Supreme Court on Tuesday transformed into a flame war among four of the court’s members, one of whom claimed that he is not obligated to follow the United States Supreme Court’s decisions. (Think Progress)

Warren, McCain introduce bill to bring back Glass-Steagall: Sens. Elizabeth Warren and John McCain are reintroducing legislation to revive the Glass-Steagall Act, which would force big banks to split their investment and commercial banking practices. Glass-Steagall was first passed in 1933 but repealed during the Clinton administration, leading many progressives to argue that it contributed to the 2008 financial collapse. (The Hill)

The Troubling Question in the French Jewish Community: Is It Time to Leave? Antisemitism on the rise sharply in France. (Vanity Fair)

Oregon Will Become Second State to Offer Free Community College: Lawmakers approve new program in last minute pre-holiday vote. (Willamette Week)

It’s official: Latinos now outnumber whites in California: The demographers agreed: at some point in 2014, Latinos would pass whites as the largest ethnic group in California. It should have happened in 2013, but birth rates slowed down. (Los Angeles Times)

White House Petition Asks Obama to Revoke the Presidential Medal of Freedom from Bill Cosby: The Presidential Medal of Freedom is the highest award bestowed on civilians for their contributions to society. Bill Cosby does not deserve to be on the list of distinguished recipients. (We The People)

Eric Holder, Wall Street Double Agent, Comes in From the Cold: Barack Obama’s former top cop cashes in after six years of letting banks run wild. (Rolling Stone)

We’re Old and We are F**king Angry: Haunted by Post Post-Punk. (Now That’s What I Call History)

Fox News built a f**ked-up Frankenstein, dumb, angry and divorced from facts. Now Donald Trump will devour them: Conservative media destroyed conservative politics. The right’s impossible to take seriously. Then came Trump! (Salon)

I Get Knocked Down (The Untold Story of Chumbawamba): The story you never knew, behind the song that you’ve danced to more than you care to remember. (Kickstarter)

Tennessee Ernie Ford sings “Sixteen Tons” (The Go-Go version):

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Do not take a selfie next to an oncoming train: Russia’s goofy ‘Safe Selfie’ campaign
08:59 am

Current Events


(Click on the image for a better view.)
According to the Izvestia newspaper, the Russian government has recently launched a campaign to persuade people not to take selfies in dangerous situations. The government was induced to take action after a series of incidents in which young people were seriously injured or even killed in the process of taking pictures of themselves.

The slogan of the campaign runs, “Even a million ‘likes’ on social media are not worth your life and well-being.”

I really wish I understood Russian, so that I could read the captions in the chart.

It’s difficult not to think of the Darwin Awards, which were and are bestowed on people who obliged humanity by removing themselves from the gene pool, by dying from what can only be called “stupidity.” Actually, a recent submission to the Darwin Awards recounts an incident from Kenya involving death-by-selfie; the opening line reads, “An attempt by two men to take photographs while touching an elephant’s trunk and tusks turned tragic when the beast suddenly turned against them and trampled them to death.”

It’s difficult to say how much a sign will help a person who is willing to entertain the idea of taking a selfie next to an oncoming train—and yet, who knows, maybe they will make a difference.

(Click on the image for a better view.)



More from Russia’s “Safe Selfie” campaign after the jump…

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Dangerous Finds: Harry Shearer back to ‘Simpsons’; Chinese stocks plunge; Jesus found at a Walmart
12:40 pm

Current Events


Harry Shearer—Voice of Mr. Burns, Flanders, More—Is Coming Back to ‘The Simpsons’: Excellent! (Slate)

Some people age three times faster than others, study finds: Other individuals barely age at all in almost a decade, scientists discovered. (The Independent)

Look Who’s Cutting Checks to Republicans Who Fight Climate Change: A donor has given a little bit of money to a lot of Republicans and a lot of money to support one person—Senator Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire—to draw the whole party’s attention to her approach. (Bloomberg)

45 Years Ago: The Stooges Release Second Album, Pre-Punk Milestone ‘Fun House’: 1969, okay? All across the USA… (Ultimate Classic Rock)

Stocks Plunge as Investors Flee From All Things China: U.S.-traded Chinese stocks plunged the most in four years as the rout that’s wiped $3.2 trillion from the value of mainland equities spreads. (Bloomberg)

The Christian Terrorist Who Vowed to Kill Muslims and May Go Free: Robert Doggart was caught by the FBI planning a terror attack on New York Muslims. But a judge still isn’t sure he’s a ‘true threat.’ If this were a Muslim guy vowing to kill Christians, he would not be freed. Double standard much? (The Daily Beast)

Enter Sandman: Why have Democrats fallen in love with Bernie Sanders? Well, for one, no one is afraid of the word “socialist” anymore thanks to Fox News and Republicans neutering this once fail-safe political epithet by calling a centrist like Obama one for the past seven years. The public has become more sophisticated about the language of manufactured moral panic. (Guardian)

Posters threatening gays with death appear in Turkish capital: An Islamist group has pinned posters to walls and posts in Ankara threatening gays with death, adding to concerns over growing intolerance against homosexuals in the country. (Lebanon Daily Star)

Bernie Sanders breathes life into Democratic presidential contest: Left-wing Vermont senator is drawing huge crowds to his meetings as Democrat voters consider alternatives to Hillary Clinton. (Telegraph)

Anxiety is hereditary: Brain scans reveal anxious parents are more likely to have nervous and depressed children. Researchers studied 600 rhesus monkeys from a multi-generational family. Monkeys, like humans, can be temperamentally anxious and pass their anxiety-related genes on to the next generation. (Daily Mail)

Scott Walker Tries To Use A Back Door To Get Rid Of Wisconsin’s Living Wage Law: What’s Walker got against working people being able to eat, anyway? (Think Progress)

Man who was struck and killed by lightning ‘was carrying a selfie stick’: Vanity kills. (The Independent)

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Dangerous Finds: Why this drummer was booted from The Cramps; Everybody hates Bobby Jindal; TRUMP!
06:02 pm

Current Events


Why this drummer was kicked out of the Cramps: “They guarded their image to the utmost degree – almost to the point where they seemed imprisoned by it .” (Critical Angst)

‘Tapers’ at the Grateful Dead Concerts Spread the Audio Sacrament: It’s the last stand of a dying breed. (The New York Times)

Your Wi-Fi Network’s Soft Underbelly: You probably don’t even think about this easy way for hackers to sneak in. (Slate)

Donald Trump gets into Twitter war with Modern Family writer—is obliterated: Trump’s idea of a “sick burn” is on the level of a Depends-wearing Breitbart commenter. (Daily Kos)

Democrats edge past the GOP in party affiliation. Does it matter? A plurality of American voters identify themselves as Independents, eschewing the two major political parties. Still, more voters are registering as Democrats than as Republicans, which could impact the 2016 presidential race. (Christian Science Monitor)

Bobby Jindal’s aides complain the governor is being excluded from Koch brothers events, CNN reports: He’s a fucking asshole, who can blame them? (

The Idiot Thug Running Maine: Maine’s ultra-conservative governor might have finally messed with the wrong people: a school for disadvantaged kids. Now, he could get impeached for it. (The Daily Beast)

Holly Woodlawn, the beloved, iconic transgender pioneer and Warhol superstar is very ill: She is undergoing investigative measures to determine exactly the nature of the lesions discovered on her brain and lungs. Holly’s has made it clear that she wants to return home, surrounded by friends and if she must die, she doesn’t want to die in a nursing home. Friends of Woodlawn hope to raise enough funds to continue her care and hopefully bring Holly home with 24 hour nursing care, after she recuperates. (Bring Holly Woodlawn Home)

Greenland’s ice is melting faster this summer under a dome of high pressure: The heat wave in Europe has hogged all the attention, with Germany and other countries setting all-time national heat records. Yet the same weather pattern that has brought the furnace-like heat to France, Hungary, Germany, Switzerland and other countries has also been kicking the Greenland ice sheet melt season into high gear after a slightly delayed start. (Mashable)

‘Bernie Sanders CAN Become President’ Has Replaced ‘I Like Him, But He Can’t Win’: Bernie Sanders has cut the former Secretary of State’s lead in New Hampshire from 38 percentage points down to just 8. (Huffington Post)

Watch The Rejected, the very first TV documentary about homosexuality. Fascinating San Francisco public television-produced time capsule film from 1961, found after being lost for decades. Features famed anthropologist Margaret Mead.

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