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Arguing with Andrew Breitbart, the movie
06:20 pm

Current Events

Andrew Breitbart

Brilliant! Lays out the contents of Andrew Breitbart’s mind with surgical precision. This really will come in handy for people unfortunate enough to find themselves on the same TV show as Breitbart. I’m sure he’s seen this, can you imagine how infuriated he got? His looney debate technique must’ve taken years to develop and this fucks it all up!

Another great clip from conor64.

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As Many As 2000 British Schoolgirls Will Be Genitally Mutilated This Summer

Female genital mutilation (FGM) still goes on today, even in so-called civilized society. The horrifying practice of cutting and removing a young girl’s genitalia serves no hygienic, spiritual or sexual purpose. It is an extreme form of child abuse, savage, cruel and criminal. It should be stopped.

Female circumcision will be inflicted on up to 2,000 British schoolgirls during the summer holidays – leaving brutal physical and emotional scars. Yet there have been no prosecutions against the practice.

FGM can result in acute infection, tetanus, bleeding of adjacent organs, shock resulting from violent pain, and hemorrhage and even death. The lifelong physical and psychological debilities include chronic pelvic infections, vulval abscesses, sterility, incontinence, depression, anxiety, psychosis and sexual dysfunction.

In this article, from today’s internet edition of The Guardian, you can read the dirty truth about this barbaric ritual.

If young boys were having their peckers lopped off, the perpetrators would be doing life behind bars.

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Do Androids Dream Of Electric Blue Jeans?
01:43 pm

Current Events

Forever 21

A Forever 21 clothing store located on Times Square, in the building that used to house the Virgin Mega-Store, has taken a Tron-like approach to advertising.

A digital 61 foot electronic billboard features virtual models interacting with people on the street below. The model takes photos of onlookers, which are then instantly displayed on the billboard. In addition, the models can pick people out from the gawking crowds, create digitized images of them, kiss them and turn them into frogs or pick them up and drop them into “Forever 21” branded shopping bags.

The dystopian mindfuck also displays “love tweets” from so-called “fans.”

Madison Avenue is a very powerful aggression against private consciousness. A demand that you yield your private consciousness to public manipulation. - Marshall McLuhan

For more info and photos on the billboard check out design boom.

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Palin Smokes Dope And Shoots Moose On Taiwan TV.

You don’t have to speak Mandarin in order to appreciate this scathingly funny Sarah Palin animation from Taiwan television.

It appears that Asians find Palin as ridiculous as most clear thinking Americans do. Scary thing is, the reality is so absurd it’s almost beyond satire. How much more of her shit is this country willing to swallow?

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Disturbing PSA against domestic violence
10:37 am

Current Events

domestic violence

The world’s priorities are all screwed up. My God shame on all us:

This social experiment was carried out using hidden cameras in a townhouse complex in Johannesburg. Don’t condone violence by doing nothing. If you or anyone around you is experiencing domestic abuse please call the POWA helpline on 083 765 1235 or visit Counseling services and support is available.

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Do You Take This Big Black Man To Be Your Lawfully Wedded Wife?

Forget about Chelsea Clinton. Jamil Smith Cole and Michael K. Cole were married in what has been called “the wedding of the century.”

If the black gay community has ever come close to having a celebrity- married couple then Jamil Smith Cole and Michael K. Cole are it.

You gotta love Michael and Jamil for not only proclaiming their love for each, but doing it in style.

More images and text after the jump…

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Deep inside the mind of Andrew Breitbart

Anyone who had any doubt about nasty man Andrew Breitbart’s crazypants bona-fides needs to watch the below CNN clip, wherein the strident rightwing windbag proves that he and reality are no longer on a first name basis! From Wonkette:

Yes, how do we know that is the farmer’s wife wife? Does the cow say “moo” or does it say “conspiracy”? What do the letters in the acronym EIEIO mean? The farmer says he was in the dell, but, hi-ho, the derry-o, was the farmer in the dell, or does CNN even know? We can sit here and say the farmer takes a wife, but why does the cheese stand alone, media? WHY?

Breitbart has decided to drown in liquid shit on national television and use the fact that we “can’t” really know if anything is “true” as a life raft. Does somebody with a gun mind shooting this life raft for us? It’s okay if you accidentally “miss” and hit Breitbart. Nobody will ever know if you were aiming for him, because who can say what truth is?

Passive aggressive mindrot at its finest! The thing is, Breitbart has nothing to fear: Anyone dumb enough to care what this well-fed Archie Bunker-manqué thinks was busy eating junk food and watching Fox News and will never, ever hear the truth about l’affair Sherrod, anyway! Life is a win-win situation when you’re a rightwing opinion maker!

Breitbart: Is the Farmer’s Wife Really His Wife? (Wonkette)

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Opening in LA: How We Roll, an exhibition of black surf & skate culture

Attention people of Earth and Southern California!

This Thursday marks the opening of How We Roll, a six-month exhibition on African-America’s contribution to surfing, skateboarding and rollerskating culture at the California African American Museum in Los Angeles.

Starting with the history of black surfing from the 17th and 18th century in Polynesia and Africa and on into the US, the exhibit rolls through the African-American surf-skateboard-rollerskate continuum featuring photos by Glen E. Friedman, Grant Brittain, Jim Goodrich, Lance Dawes, Atiba Jefferson, Neftalie and more. Spotlights include the legacy of pioneering black female pro skateboarder Stephanie Person and the way that skateboarding has cross-pollinated with black music formats like Afropunk, hip-hop, jazz and reggae.

Get a preview of what the exhibit looks like here.

Here’s a piece of the black skateboarding story on the East Coast from Jeremiah Alexis via Current TV

Bonus clip after the jump: a tribute to the irrepressible black skater & actor Harold Hunter, R.I.P.

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What if the Tea Party Was Black? & The End of Whiteness

Tea Party Express leader Mark Williams’s demotion in the amorphous movement—read the foul bit of racial satire he wrote that prompted it—has put the Tea Party’s racial issues in clear focus lately, which made me think of two hip-hop-generation responses to where racial politics stand in the country.

First: Hua Hsu wrote his piece “The End of White America?” for The Atlantic‘s January ‘08 issue, many months before the Tea Party crystallized white resentment. Launching from the refined racial paranoia in The Great Gatsby, Hsu delves into a high-level overview of whiteness and how whites are fleeing both from and into it. The core of it:

Today, the arrival of what [Pat] Buchanan derided as “Third World America” is all but inevitable. What will the new mainstream of America look like, and what ideas or values might it rally around? What will it mean to be white after “whiteness” no longer defines the mainstream? Will anyone mourn the end of white America? Will anyone try to preserve it?

Lots of food for thought, and still highly relevant. Please check it.

Second (and more rhetorically), check Pittsburgh MC Jasiri X‘s new video, based on Nashville anti-racist writer Tim Wise’s essay which asked the same trenchant question:


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Kisses for Cumbio: Argentina’s strangely civilized debate on gay marriage

For a Catholic country that’s endured more coups in the past century than a Tea Party rank-and-filer can conceive of, Argentina seems to have come into its democratic own this week as it joined the other nine nations that have legalized same-sex marriage.

Andrés Duque’s great Blabbeando blog has provided great coverage, including some enlightened sport-star involvement in the issue and the segment below featuring baby-dyke blogstar Cumbio. In a report for Buenos Aires TV magazine Vertigo, homegirl and her camera crew walk right up to participants in an anti-gay marriage demonstration and starts engaging them, taking in a bunch of the usual insulting arguments against equality. But in a startling scene that you couldn’t imagine in a similar segment here in the US, she’s actually embraced and kissed by some of the maternal types among the evangelicals who insist on the old cliché that “it’s the sin, not the sinner.” Cumbio comes out of it a little annoyed, but notes later that they “didn’t treat [her] badly.”

Kinda refreshing, eh?

Bonus clip after the jump: Federacion Argentina LGBT’s simple and powerful ad for marriage equality…

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