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Church gets in on the 4/20 Easter action: ‘Because you can’t get any higher than RISEN!’
03:11 pm



Freedom Church, located in Los Angeles, is getting in on the 4/20 action this Easter with the tagline, “Because you can’t get any higher than RISEN!”

Yes. Yes, you can.

Apparently they’ve never smoked pure THC hash oil through a Healthstone waterpipe rig.


Via Christian Nightmares

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Comedians on psychedelic drugs

If you just want the tl;dr, feel free to skip to the bottom of this post where comedians George Carlin, Joe Rogan, Doug Stanhope, Bill Hicks and Duncan Trussell are heard discussing their experiences with psychedelic drugs. I won’t be offended.

There was a period of my life when I was in my 20s where I had no idea what to do next. I’d been in Los Angeles pitching TV show ideas around, without success, and had moved back to New York in an effort to shake things up and change my luck, but that was even worse. I was depressed and confused basically about what direction my career and life should take, working in a shitty job I hated and… things just sucked.

It was at this point fate intervened and presented me with a gram vial of DMT. Why not? It was a message in a bottle from God, I rationalized, as I went through that gram, and then a second, and about, I dunno, perhaps 45 grams of mushrooms in the coming two months. I could smoke DMT four times a day, easily. That probably seems just a little bit excessive, I realize, but I still held down a job even if I was carrying on a schizophrenic dialogue with my spirit guide, a wise-cracking raven with a voice like Eddie Murphy.

Just kidding. No, I’m not going to get into any of my “tripping stories” or anything like that (plenty of those—not mine—over at Erowid Vaults) but I will say that it did inspire me to change my act basically, like George Carlin talks about in his section of this video. Within a few months of my “psychedelic period”—this was in the mid-90s—the possibility the Internet seemed to offer as a place for my particular talents to prosper was becoming apparent to me and I started trying to get Disinformation off the ground.

I agree with Terence McKenna: If you go to your grave without having pierced the veil with psychedelics, it’s like dying a virgin. Yeah, I maybe went a lil’ ‘round the bend for a couple of months, but like the gentlemen in the video below, no regrets:

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John Waters calls it ‘the worst taste thing I ever did,’ Divine in ‘The Diane Linkletter Story’
07:44 am


John Waters
Diane Linkletter

In my tireless quest to become a John Waters completest, I’ve been perusing his interviews and writings for lesser-known films. So imagine my thrill at finding his 1970 16mm short, The Diane Linkletter Story on the humble platform of YouTube! (Okay, don’t hate me because I didn’t even have to trek my ass down to a repertory cinema. I’m in my 20s. Do those even still exist?) For the uninitiated, Diane Linkletter was the daughter of Art Linkletter, a family-friendly media father-figure, and host of such wholesome television fodder as, Kids Say the Darndest Things!. Art was also a staunch conservative, and by the late sixties he was touring the country, giving lectures on the growing “Permissiveness in this Society.” But what really solidified his “brand” as the nation’s moralizing Republican dad was his “duet,” with Diane, “We Love You, Call Collect.” (If you’ve never heard it, click the link, and try not to puke.)

The spoken word recording is among the most insipid drivel I’ve ever heard, and I’ve heard “The Christmas Shoes.” Over a maudlin score, Art and Diane read aloud a fictionalized correspondence between father and daughter. The daughter has run off to join the counterculture, and the father gives loving advice while begging her to come home, or at least call. This wild child is breaking her dear dad’s heart, and the listener is meant to sympathize with the family, but ultimately blame the daughter and the decaying morals of our time. It’s quite the pearl-clutcher.

Tragically, in October of 1969,  just months after the release of “We Love You, Call Collect,” Diane Linkletter jumped from a sixth floor window to her death. Perhaps from grief, maybe he believed it or maybe even to do some damage control, Art Linkletter quickly told the press that Diane had only jumped under the influence of LSD. When Diane’s toxicology report came back clean, he still stuck to his story, with a second career as an anti-drug crusader. Art and his late daughter even won the 1970 Grammy Award for Best Spoken Word Recording, and Art maintained that all proceeds from the record went “to combat problems arising from drug abuse,” whatever that means.

Starring Divine as Diane, and Waters regulars Mary Vivian Pearce and David Lochary as Ma and Pa Linkletter, The Diane Linkletter Story is a satirical interpretation of Diane’s final moments, similar to the style of drug moral panic films of the time. It even opens and ends with excerpts from “We Love You, Call Collect.” But that’s not the worst of it.

Waters actually made the movie the day Diane’s death made it in to the papers, and showed it before the funeral even happened.

I think the film is a gem, and it’s not like the surviving Linkletters were going to make their way up to Baltimore to see it. Waters has since praised the idea as an excellent exercise in creativity—instant movie-making from the headlines of today. And before you get too sensitive, he’s since found out what everyone with half a nose for Republican careerism had already suspected—that Linkletter always knew Diane’s death wasn’t drug-related, but in fact used his daughter’s suicide to push his anti-drug political agenda—so who’s in bad taste now?

Below, a cringe-worthy “showdown” takes place when douchey conservative TV host pits Art Linkletter (on phone) against Timothy Leary, the man he blamed for his daughter’s death:

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‘He promises to just smoke pot as mayor. Not crack’: Hilarious anti-Rob Ford campaign posters
10:47 am

Current Events

Rob Ford

^^^^^ I’d vote for him!

Apparently parody election signs are popping up all over Toronto by No Ford Nation. The tagline on all signs are, “Anyone’s better than Rob Ford.”

The reaction by Torontonians have been a mixed bag so far. Some people are finding the signs absolutely hilarious, while others are pissed-off and claim the signs are damaging the city’s reputation.


Via reddit

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If you like ‘Breaking Bad’ you’re gonna love ‘Break So Bad’

This is one of those things I clearly missed the boat on. Okay, let’s just call for what is… I missed the damned yacht! (This is some 2013 shit right here!) If you, like me, haven’t seen the Chinese bootleg of Break So Bad you’re in for an eyeful treat.

With the cancerous concern lonely man must use chemistry skill in making most potent of drugs methamphetamine. Danger and serious threat comes to man’s family to bring his to life to serious impact.

According to what I’ve read online about the glorious bootleg cover art is that it was done on purpose to avoid legality issues. Whether or not this is true, I simply don’t know? Could it be the work of an evil genius photoshopper? Perhaps. Perhaps.

Update: It was done by these folks back in 2012. 



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Coffee *everywhere* and ‘road rage’: IS THERE A CONNECTION???
11:55 am



I am forbidden to drink coffee. My wife says it turns me into a speed-talking, speed-walking lunatic (“and an asshole” she insisted I add) and this is, if I am honest, undeniably true. It was none other than Lemmy himself who once told me that speed really did what cocaine is supposed to do, but as far as my body processes caffeine, it has a far greater effect on me than even the best coke does. My wife is right, it does turn me right into a Tasmanian devil. Sometimes I sneak coffee behind her back and I feel like I’m a former drug addict backsliding. As pathetic as I realize this sounds, it feels kind of shameful. She always knows when I’ve had a cup or two. Every time. Without fail. I try to lie about it, but she sees right through that.

Yep, coffee has a super-pronounced effect on me. Personally I really enjoy the effects, but when your partner can peg your “wired” and “weird” behavior just as easily as if you had snorted a pound a blow, there might be a problem, right?

In any case, knowing how coffee transforms me into a complete maniac, I have long suspected that the rise in “road rage” in recent years had much in common with the parallel increase of premium coffee chains like Starbucks and Peet’s popping up on every street corner like mushrooms after it rains… People drink a lot more coffee than they used to, this much is undeniable. When did we first start hearing the term “road rage” or experience it ourselves? Coincidence? I think not.

Which brings me to my next topic: Red Bull. The first time I drank a Red Bull, it was at a party and about 9pm. I drank two because I was really exhausted and because it tasted like a liquid version of Flintstones Vitamins.

I perked right up to be sure, but I also did not sleep again for two whole days!

With the above in mind, this morning I became aware (via Caffeine Informer) that on average (because caffeine levels can vary so widely) a 16oz Starbucks Grande coffee, with approximately 330mg of caffeine is FOUR TIMES stronger than a Red Bull, two times stronger than a Monster Energy Drink and eight times stronger than a Coca-Cola Classic.

When coffee was first introduced into the European diet in the 16th century, there were calls to ban what was then thought of as a “Muslim drink.” (Coffee was also banned for quite some time by Arab societies.) Some of the earliest examples of what we’d now call an “advice column” apparently address the problem of coffee addiction causing weird behavior. In 1511, according to Terence McKenna in his Food of the Gods, the Prince of Waldeck set up what was basically the first “drug snitch” program and offered monetary rewards to anyone who turned in a coffee drinker. People were fined and given floggings over coffee. After a few centuries, most of us (not me!) are accustomed to the effects of caffeine, but for some people it can cause anxiety, depression and other psychological discomforts.

Or perhaps make you act like an asshole when you’re driving? I’m not a scientist, I’m just throwing it out there.

Here’s some nice road rage footage. Not sure what this driver drank before this unfortunate incident, but I suspect that it had a lot of caffeine in it. Skip to the 1:00 mark.

Via reddit

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Bitcoin, the gateway drug: Apparently there’s now Bitcoin ecstasy
12:29 pm



It used to be that you bought drugs on Silk Road using Bitcoins, but now you buy Bitcoin drugs with real currency.

Switzerland-based Redditor Omnibrain uploaded the above image with this caption:

I heard some guy in the restroom of a club talking about bitcoins. After a short, extremely confusing conversation, he showed me what he was talking about…

Masongy on reviewed his/her experience taking the Bitcoin-themed ecstasy back in February, 2014:


dropped 1 of these pills at 8.30pm(crunched)and came up furiously within 15 minutes. Lovely waves of rushes, eye wobbles and some serious gurning (went through 2 packs of spoggy)! Felt SO loved up, there was some massive group hugs going around. Peaked after about 50 minutes and felt amazing. MDM-AZING! Dropped another half later on when peak started to wear off. And then another half in the small hours. Dancing like crazy to Trevor Nelson on 1EXTRA, inhibitions totally went so poppped a few moves I’d normally be incapable of. This was a flashback to the old days, my Mrs. was rushing so much she just layed there with a crazy gurn during the peak. All in all a GREAT night, with my Mrs and best mate there and all, my new mate too on his 21st birthday…

Easily as advertised. A good 200mg banger! Happy partying.

Remember kiddies, don’t do drugs. And definitely don’t do Bitcoin!

Via Nerdcore and ANIMAL

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Neil deGrasse Tyson has smoked the best pot in the Cosmos
08:40 pm


Neil deGrasse Tyson

What is this, unseen footage of Neil deGrasse Tyson as the ‘luded out astrophysicist character that was cut out of one of the Bill & Ted movies?

Pass the gravity bong, Neil!

Via reddit

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Before ‘Crocodile Dundee,’ Paul Hogan was a ‘drug dealer’?
02:48 pm


Paul Hogan

I have always thought there was something likable about Paul Hogan and his seemingly unassuming, rough, good-natured charm. It was what made Crocodile Dundee such an international hit, and even tempted travelers to visit Down Under with the promise of “another shrimp on the barbie.”

With Crocodile Dundee it was always difficult to know where Hogan finished and the fictional character began. They seemed one-and-the same—even if there was a sneaking suspicion that for anyone to be this nice in the world of entertainment he must be a bit of a bastard.

Crocodile Dundee was a phenomenal success by any standards, but especially for a first film.

“Everything was a first. It was my first film script. I’d written 500 sketches but this was a long sketch.

“John (Cornell) had never produced a movie. Peter Faiman was the boy wonder of television but he’d never directed a movie. Everyone in it except the technical crew were first-timers.

“It went through the roof. It became the most successful independent movie ever made around the world. It was like going to the Olympics and rolling your jeans up and saying, ‘Can I have a run in the 100?’ and winning the gold medal.”

Paul Hogan’s comedy career started when he was a rigger and painter on the Sydney Harbor Bridge. His break came doing stand-up on the TV talent show New Faces, which eventually led to his own hit comedy series in 1973.

Like many other actors and actresses, Hogan did a brief spell selling cigarettes to his fellow Australians in the 1970s. His ads for Winfields made the brand a best-seller, and his tag-line, “Anyhow, have a Winfield…” became a national catchphrase.
It is something Hogan now regrets, and he considers “encouraging people to smoke,” as akin to being a “drug dealer.”

“At the time, 1971 or something, they used to say: ‘Doctors recommend …’ or ‘Nine out of 10 smokers prefer…’ We were all being conned. When they put the medical warning in there I said, ‘I’m going to get out of this.’

“Young ones were taking up smoking and all going for Winfield. It was a staggering success but I was a drug dealer.

“But who knew then?”

There it is again, that disarming charm.

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Colorado’s new marijuana DUI PSAs and the YouTube comments they inspired…

Earlier this month, the Colorado Department of Transportation rolled out a series of PSAs to discourage folks from driving while they’re stoned. While I agree no one should drive while they’re high—hell, I don’t think people should even drive while taking Benadryl, cold/ flu medications, painkillers or especially too much coffee—these commercials seem pretty silly to me. The stereotypical dum-dum stoner is in full effect here.

I posted all three commercials here for your viewing pleasure. I also added some choice comments from the general public from the YouTube comments. I’m not endorsing these comments, I am merely stating “here they are” and “make of this what you will.”

- Nobody gets high alone, bullshit PSA nobody will relate to. 

- I call bullshit.  Potheads don’t buy T-Bones, they buy double cheeseburgers and more pot.

- Apparently being stoned on marijuana magically reduces your to cognitive abilities to that of a chimpanzee.  Who knew. 

- I inject 4 marijuanas, now i punch babies for fun.

- Hey CDOT, if you want marijuana consumers to listen to you, I’d suggest talking to them like the rational, normal adults they are instead of insulting them.

- Well I don’t know what drug he was on cuz it definitely wasn’t weed…

- I’ve never broken something or forgot to do an important step, while high. This commercial makes us look stupid.

- The stoner stereotype bullshit is insulting. Keeps perpetuating that people that smoke look and act like this. Fuck the marketing team that came up with this.

- There is a difference between being high and having down’s syndrome.

- Wow!! this is EXACTLY what being high is like!

- What a totally insulting stereotype they are building in the publics’ mind that anyone who uses cannabis becomes borderline retarded. Folks who doesn’t know better must think you automatically lose 40 IQ points afterwards. What a shame, as it has inspired so much art, beauty, and productive work by responsible users, who are unjustly subjected to this demonetization.

- Isn’t it great when people who don’t blaze it act like they know what it’s like?

The spelling mistakes were left “as is” and like I was saying “make of it what you will.”

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