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Big Hair: A collection of epic ‘80s hairstyles
01:11 pm


hair styles

In the past on Dangerous Minds I’ve blogged about ‘The higher the hair, the closer to God’: Glorious BIG hair from the 1960s and Outrageously HUGE pompadours. This time I’m tackling the ever so awesome hairstyles of the 1980s. Just like the ‘60s bouffant and the ‘50s pompadour, the 1980s had its own signature look: Bad perms, crimping irons, hair gel and more Aqua Net than you can shake a stick at. Now some of these ‘dos—if I recall correctly—did follow some of us around into the early nineties.

I’m dying for the patented 80s BIG HAIR look to make an ironic hipster comeback. It just has to. All you Millennials reading this, please take note of these images and make BIG FUCKING HAIR a thing again, please? I’m begging you.

As a side note: someone needs to make a coffee table book solely dedicated to these totally rad hairstyles. Don’t say I never gave you a million dollar idea.


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Not your average weekend bags
10:54 am

Pop Culture


Bea Arthur

Here are some interesting “weekend bags” that will certainly grab people’s attention. The bags are by 99 Wooster and they’re delightful, in my opinion. I’m really liking the Elizabeth Taylor in Boom! bag. Or even the Bea Arthur bag. I mean, how many of these are you going to see around town? You’d be truly an original with one of these puppies.

I’d probably use mine as a gym bag because who in the hell has time to take weekend trips anymore?

The bags are selling on 99 Wooster’s site for $75 each. I didn’t post all of their bags. You can check out the rest of them out here.

Mommie Dearest

Donny & Marie

Elizabeth Taylor in BOOM!
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Here’s a dirty little song to play while you get that $13 tattoo today
11:28 am


Tattooed Lady
Skeets McDonald

Many tattoo parlors across the country offer Friday the 13th specials, most often offering small flash art for $13. If you decide to visit your local tattoo shop today, be sure to play this classic slab of Americana from a 1950 78 rpm record on the Fortune label. The artist is Skeets McDonald (spelled “Skeet’s” on the label), and the song is “Tattooed Lady.” Next to The Who’s “Tattoo” (and Groucho Marx’s “Lydia the Tattooed Lady,” of course) it’s the most awesome song ever written about tattoos.

The tune details a man’s marriage to a woman who is tattooed with a map of the United States. The lyrics seem to indicate that the map is laid out pretty strangely—I’m not sure if there’s any way to imagine this being “geographically correct”:

Once I married a tattooed lady
Twas on a dark and windy day
And tattooed all around her body
Was a map of the good ol’ USA
And every night before I’d go to sleep
I’d jerk back the covers and I’d take a peek:
Upon her leg was Minnesota,
On her knee was Tennessee,
And tattooed on her back
Was good old Rack-em-Sack (Arkansas)
The place where I long to be.
And on her (wolf whistle) was West Virginia
Through those hills I just love to roam;
But when I saw the moonlight on her Mississippi
That’s when I recognized my home sweet home.

West Virginia likely seems to be the woman’s boobs or ass. One would assume she has Mississippi on her hoo-ha, but then again, maybe my mind’s just in the gutter. Wherever it is, clearly there’s some distortion going on with this particular map.

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All-too-realistic serial killer jacket covered in latex skin, ears & human faces can now be yours!
09:34 am


Ed Gein
Kayla Arena

A jacket inspired by murderer Ed Gein made by Kayla Arena.
Not only can you own a jacket that that would make “Buffalo Bill” forget all about putting the fucking lotion in the bucket shout “shut up and take my money!” you can have it customized to your precise measurements. Because nothing looks worse than a poorly fitting blazer made of authentic looking body parts.

The inspiration for this creation by Kayla Arena and Toby Barron was, according to their Etsy page,  “American Murderer and Body Snatcher, Ed Gein.” If you’re unfamiliar with Gein’s handiwork, Arena and Barron are referring to the career of one of the world’s most infamous murderers. Ed Gein’s life and nefarious activities have provided storylines for numerous films including Psycho, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Silence of the Lambs. After Gein’s mother died he descended into a poor mental state and became a regular at local graveyards searching for body parts which he collected in great numbers. Gein would return the bodies to their resting spots sans a few limbs with such care that his grave robbing went unnoticed for several years. When he escalated his after-hours activities to include the murder of two women in 1957, he was arrested, tried, and convicted for his crimes. Gein would die at the age of 77 in a psychiatric facility in Wisconsin.

As a full-time ghoul myself, I enthusiastically applaud Arena and Barron’s commitment to making this odd piece of outerwear as realistic as possible. Arena has worked as FX talent on several films since the late 2000s. According to her Etsy page it takes 8-10 weeks to make one of these babies which will ship to you from her homebase of Australia for $1100. In addition to the jacket she also sells many more gorgeously grotesque items on her website such as hats, lamps, handbags, shoes and a retro-style chair all constructed with the same “fabric” (which includes details synthetic hair and false eyelashes) as the Ed Gein jacket. Yikes!

A close look at the back detail of Arena’s Ed Gein jacket.

YOU could be wearing this!
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There’s a “Leave me the ‘f*ck’ alone’ sweater and I want one
09:33 am



Apparently I’m on some kind sweater-blogging kick today. Maybe because it’s currently 17° outside and this brilliant sweater struck a chord with me. I’m feeling sick, sorry for myself and in a really terrible mood today so this “Leave Me Alone Sweater” by Ruth Grace totally makes terrific sense to me right about now. I’d wear the shit out it today if I had one. Just zip it up and tell the whole world to fuck off. It’s my alone time.

It’s also perfect for someone with social anxiety who just wants to disappear for a moment. Although, it might bring more attention while wearing it. I mean, you would look kind of weird. And you’d be bumping into shit and all…

I got all excited and was prepared to buy this puppy but you have to make it yourself or find someone to make it for you. I can’t knit or sew, so I’m going to have to do the latter. The full instructions are on Instructables.


via Bored Panda

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Man makes sweaters of places and takes photos of himself wearing the sweaters at those places
08:55 am



Everybody needs a hobby, right? Meet “sweater dude,” Sam Barsky whose hobby is to knit sweaters of places and then have photos taken of himself wearing those sweaters at these places.

Sam was making the Internet rounds a few days ago but I didn’t really look at the photos when they first popped up in my feed. I finally clicked on it—because I couldn’t help myself—and was shocked at just how many sweaters he’s made! The photos are endless. I admire the man’s commitment to his craft. I particularly dig his sleeveless sweater looks.

I wonder how many sweaters he owns in total and just how long it takes to make one? If you want to see more of Sam’s unusual hobby you can follow him on Facebook


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Cinemetal T-Shirts: Iconic film directors remixed with band logos
11:20 am



Werner Herzog / Danzig
I feel like such a dum-dum for not knowing that these clever remix t-shirts of iconic film directors meeting band logos existed! In fact, they’ve been around since 2005! How the hell did I not know about this? Shame on me. A few of my Dangerous Minds colleagues even own a few.

Anyway, if you, like me, didn’t know about these film-geek meets “metalhead” shirts, they’re called Cinemetal T-Shirts and they’re manufactured in Los Angeles.

Before there were Cinemetal T-Shirts, film-lovers had no means of expressing their favorite auteur directors and musical tastes at the same time.

Well I guess now they do, huh? I really dig the Alejandro Jodorowsky / Judas Priest t-shirt, below.

Each one sells for $29.00 through the Cinemetal T-Shirts website.

Alejandro Jodorowsky / Judas Priest

Stanley Kubrick / Kraftwerk

Brian De Palma / Def Leppard
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High-end hipster clothing for your action figures is a thing
12:58 pm


action figures

Two of the best dressed 1/6th scale action figures you’ll ever see. Clothing designed by Monika Hegedus Strada of Hegemony77.
If you follow my posts here on Dangerous Minds you know that I’m kind of a huge freak when it comes to action figures. But even with my extensive experience in the world of plastic people I actually had NO IDEA that there was a market for custom made clothing for 1/6th scale figures. And now that I know I’m completely obsessed. Specifically with Monika Hegedus Strada the fashion designer behind the Etsy shop Hegemony77 that sells cargo pants, sweaters, t-shirts and even tighty-whitey knit underwear for action figures. Yes, really.

Based in Sheffield, UK Strada makes the tiny designer duds herself and even does custom orders. So if your dream is to clothe your figures in a pair of skinny jeans, an Iron Maiden t-shirt and a cool pair of kicks, then this is your lucky day. Though I will warn you that Strada’s expertly tailored Ken-doll couture does not come cheap and can run anywhere from $23 bucks for a long sleeved shirt (for an action figure mind you) to almost $150 for a long sleeve olive drab henley with four buttons and a seven-pocket cargo pant with belt loops. Many of their “models” were even captured in settings that look like tiny Abercrombie & Fitch stores. Because everyone knows that any discerning action figure owner really needs to have their toys wearing the latest hot styles.

Pawing through Strada’s Wordpress site is sort of like taking a deep-dive down the Internet K-Hole and for me it was nearly impossible to stop scrolling once I happened upon it whilst conducting some very important “research” for my job here at DM. Lest you doubt that there is a market for Strada’s spendy threads, she’s made over 2000 sales since opening the virtual doors of Hegemony77 in 2011. And just so you know you’re not going crazy some of the faces on the figures are plastic facsimiles of Michael C. Hall, Christian Bale, Jake Gyllenhaal and other hunky actors made by Hot Toys.

Steve Aoki t-shirt and beanie for a 1/6 scale action figure.

An action figure fronted hipster band wearing clothing designed by Strada.
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Game of Microphones: Hip-hop/‘Game of Thrones’ mash-ups

London-based artist Madina produces Hip-Hop designs for posters, pins, T-shirts and sweaters. He was the designer behind the best-selling GoldenEra Hip-Hop stamp collection—previously featured on DM.

Now Madina has launched a range of clothes and prints titled Game of Microphones featuring a mashup between the Kings and Queens of Hip-Hop and George R. R. Martin’s The Game of Thrones.

Check out the full set here.
Biggie Smalls.
Ice Cube.
Full set on a T-shirt.
More ‘Game of Microphones,’ after the jump…

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Big Eyes: Gorgeous Margaret Keane scarves that won’t break the bank
09:32 am


Margaret Keane
Big Eyes

The Stray $200.00
This is one of those “I did not know these exist, but I’m majorly happy they do” moments. American artist Margaret Keane, creator of the “big-eyed waifs” paintings and drawings, has a line of drop-dead gorgeous scarves. I wish I would have known about these sooner, as I’m sure there’s probably someone on your holiday list as well who would have totally flipped over owning one of these beauties. What a great gift to give, but especially to get!

Maybe they can do a rush delivery?

The scarves are made in Italy and the fabric is Micromodal, “a natural fiber made from vegetable raw materials: this creates a smooth surface and allows the scarf to maintain a bright color and shine over time.”

And I’m sure they’ll become collector’s items, selling for inflated prices on eBay in short order. Don’t forget that people of the future will consider Keane to be one of the greatest artists in history. Woody Allen predicted that in 1973’s Sleeper.

The shorter scarves range from $100 - $200. The longer, dress-like scarves sell for around $250. Not too bad considering just how beautiful they are. I put prices and links below each image.

Wistful $250.00

The First Grail $250.00
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