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Nothing says anarchy like these hilarious stock photos of ‘punkers’
10:53 am


Stock Photos

A group of happy punks
Oh dear, the stock photography version of punk. If you asked my nana what a punk was or looked like, she’d point to one of these photos and say “Right here. One of them.”

My favorite image out of all of this cringe-worthy mess is the “punk” dude holding the giant bazooka. As we all know a punk outfit is never complete without a handy rocket launcher. And don’t the ladies love ‘em???

The nut never falls very far from the tree.

Anarchy Angie, the waitress at “SPIT” the new punk rock theme restaurant, brings you your Molotov cocktail.

“This is about the JEANS, people. The JEANS. Not the bazooka, the jeans!”

Never mind the spreadsheet…
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Photos of Victorian women and their long-ass hair
10:24 am


long hair

“Yo, Rapunzel!”

A lot of Victorian and Edwardian era women simply never cut their hair. Now I know this was considered very fashionable in those days, but I can’t imagine how much suffering went along with maintaining such manes. Your head, neck and shoulders would have to be in constant pain trying to hold the weight of all that hair! And think about this, what did they do to cool off during the extremely hot months of summer? I guess one could keep their hair wet all the time, but it would be a royal pain in the ass to have to comb it out and dry it. They didn’t even have blow dryers back then. No way!

This is exactly why the bob cut had to happen in the 1920s. Women couldn’t put up that shit anymore.




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Artist carves pearls into teeny-tiny skull jewelry
09:52 am


Shinji Nakaba

Normally I’m not a fan of skull jewelry designs, but these intricately carved pearl skulls are really, really well done. Tokyo-based jewelry designer, Shinji Nakaba, creates these delicate-looking skull rings and skull brooches.

I’d love to see an entire skull pearl necklace by Nakaba, but sadly I didn’t see one on his website. Hopefully he sees this and considers making one. Now that would be a statement necklace! Exquisite stuff, but since no prices are listed, I’m assuming the prices must be astronomical.




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‘Balkan Pank’: Captivating photos of the explosive 1980s Yugoslavian punk scene
07:33 am



As the only Eastern Bloc country independent from the Soviet Union, the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia was a highly unique experiment in communism. The country wasn’t technically “behind the Iron Curtain,” and culturally it was very open to so-called “Western” culture like metal, rap, New Romantic and yes, punk. The scene was big and incredibly dynamic, with all the diversity of the American or British scenes—Oi!, thrash, hardcore, proto-punk, you name it. Photographer Jože Suhadolnik started taking pictures of bands and fans at the tender age of 15 (his first show was a 1981 Siouxsie and the Banshees concert), and he’s recently compiled his photos into a book, Balkan Pank.

The pictures are sensual and untamed—everything you want from a bunch of young punks, but while Yugoslavia wasn’t a Soviet state, it was still heavily policed. Suhadolnik remembers:

“You could be arrested and beaten hard by police because you sprayed graffiti or were wearing a badge with a ‘Nazi Punks Fuck off’ sign just because ‘Nazi’ is on it. Few people were jailed and later secretly followed by the police.

After the break up of Yugoslavia, Suhadolnik had a chance to look at his own fat police file—over 400 pages about taking pictures of punks, a subversive act, simply by association.



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Time to start thinking about breaking out the hooved leggings for the Pagan holidays
07:14 am



It’s hard to believe that another summer’s almost over. It won’t be long before the dreaded holiday season is bearing down upon us like Bill Cosby in a rutting reindeer sweater once again. After all, there are only 126 shopping days left until Christmas. Can you believe it? With that ominous deadline looming large on the horizon, what rational person has the time to think straight, much less participate in the crass commercialization of that most holy of days—Black Friday—by getting all of the family handgun Christmas shopping squared away before Santa’s annual home invasion drill down the chimney?  Maybe it’s time to take a deep breath, wash a Xanax down with some of last year’s slightly expired eggnog, and think upon simpler times. More Pagan times.

An Etsy shop doing cosplay the hard way, Chaos Costumes, features a line of hooved leggings suitable for your next Pagan holiday celebration.

Shop owner, Blair Ondria, specializes in designing, fabricating, and selling a line of very unusual “custom fantasy costumes and accessories.” Most of her designs are based on creatures with hooves—from horses to fauns, creatures both real and mythical, creatures with both cloven and non-cloven hooves. In fact, the only creature with cloven hooves whose costume they don’t seem to stock is Donald Trump.

Bear in mind that the holiday season begins with Halloween (or Samhain) —and that’s only two-and-a-half months away— so get cracking if you’re looking to receive your faun hooves in time to frolic in a glen (or whatever) on October 31st.  Just add horns, a tail, and a pan flute, and you’re either a satyr dreaming of nymphs, or a hirsute Zamfir ready to serenade his flock.

Halloween out of the way, we have to deal with the agony of a traditional family Thanksgiving. I suggest you score a pair of these werewolf stilts, brandish a turkey drumstick in one hand and a flagon of mead in the other, and attend your own private Bacchanalia until the alcohol and tryptophan kick in to put you out of your misery. With any luck, the synergistic effect will allow you to sleep until December 5th.

Or perhaps line the family up for the traditional holiday Osculum Infame.
December 5th (or 6th, depending on your ancestry) is Krampusnacht, on the eve of the feast of Saint Nicholas. In Alpine folklore, Saint Nicholas, who rewards good children, has an evil, devilish counterpart called Krampus , who appears on Krampusnacht to punish the children who have misbehaved. This antithesis of Saint Nicholas is a hairy beast with cloven hooves and the horns of a goat. Needless to say, a pair of cloven-hooved leggings are tailor-made for creating a Krampus costume to wear on Krampusnacht while running wild in the streets, whipping townfolk with branches, and stuffing children into gunny sacks.

“A tisket, a tasket, stuff this brat into a basket.”
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Here’s that Minor Threat/Black Sabbath mashup t-shirt you didn’t know you totally wanted
07:20 am


Black Sabbath
Minor Threat

The photograph on this T-shirt captures the members of Black Sabbath in their hometown of Washington, D.C., on a sunny spring day in 1983, shortly after recording their only studio album Out of Step, which represented a galvanizing call to arms for a generation of disaffected youth eager to express…... 

No. Try again.

The photograph on this clever T-shirt, put out by Wear Dinner, is an adaptation of one of the many iconic pictures taken by Glen E. Friedman. The photograph, for which Friedman used a fisheye lens, was taken in the summer of 1983, just a few months before Minor Threat broke up. (If you’d like to learn more about that picture, I recommend picking up Friedman’s 2014 book My Rules.)

To get the shirt, you’ll have to fork over $25, or you can get a coffee mug for $12.

Unaccountably, I couldn’t find any clips of Minor Threat or Fugazi playing Sabbath covers (weird!) so here are these two extended videos instead.

Sabbath, Paris, 1970 and Minor Threat, CBGB’s, 1982.



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Cocaine, heroin, and LSD molecules become wearable works of art
10:04 am



Cocaine molecular necklace
“Cocaine” molecular necklace
After working for a biotech lab in Vancouver, BC, science “nerd” Tania Hennessy, originally from New Zealand, decided to start making jewelry based on the molecular structure of various vices, such as cocaine, heroin, and LSD.
Overdose molecular necklace
“Overdose” molecular necklace
Hennessy laser-cuts her 3D designer drugs from lightweight stainless steel in various finishes, and the results are quite stunning. In some cases, Hennessy combines the addictive molecules, such as LSD and MDMA (a practice known as “candy flipping” if you’re into that kind of thing), to create a wearable drug cocktail without all the nasty side effects. Hennessy even created a piece called “Overdose” (pictured above) that combines the molecular images of the following drugs: LSD, psilocybin (psychedelic mushrooms), cocaine, DMT (the powerful psychedelic dimethyltryptamine), THC (marijuana), and MDMA (Ecstasy/Molly). Trippy.
LSD molecular necklace
“LSD” molecular necklace
There are also a few less life-threatening vices in Hennessy’s collection such as chocolate and caffeine, as well good-vibe neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin, among others. The pieces in Hennessy’s collection will run you anywhere from $25 to $95 and can be purchased on her website, Aroha Silhouettes. More images of Hennessy’s druggy designs follow. 
Cannabis molecular necklace
“Cannabis” molecular necklace
DMT molecular necklace
“DMT” molecular necklace
MDMA molecular necklace
“MDMA” molecular necklace
Psilocybin (magic mushroom) molecular necklace
“Psilocybin” (magic mushroom) molecular necklace
Heroin molecular necklace
“Heroin” molecular necklace
Methamphetamine molecular necklace
“Methamphetamine” molecular necklace
Ketamine (Special K) molecular necklace
“Ketamine (Special K)” molecular necklace
Oxycontin molecular necklace
“Oxycontin” molecular necklace
THC molecular necklace
“THC” molecular necklace

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Dallas Cowboys merchandise by feminist conceptual artist Jenny Holzer
09:09 am


Dallas Cowboys
Jenny Holzer

“BOREDOM MAKES YOU DO CRAZY THINGS” cap, originally $19.99, now $10
The craziest things happen and then you find out about them years later. Like how Jenny Holzer has done artwork for the Dallas Cowboys.

Yes. Jenny Holzer—the conceptual artist whose work consists entirely of cryptic slogans—works for the Dallas Cowboys. The relationship started several years ago but I only learned about it through an article published yesterday by Hyperallergic.

When the Dallas Cowboys moved into its expensive new stadium, called AT&T Stadium, for the 2009-2010 season, the Cowboys’ owner put on display a lot of splashy and expensive artworks by some grade-A artistic talents, including Trenton Doyle Hancock, Teresita Fernández, and Mel Bochner. One of the artists in the group was Jenny Holzer; she had adapted her Truisms series for the stadium’s massive new video screen, reputedly the fourth-largest in the world.

Jenny Holzer, “For Cowboys” (2012). Photo: Jean-Sébastien Stehli
Some site-specific art in a big football stadium is one thing, but having your work be available for sale as officially licensed Dallas Cowboys merchandise at the Dallas Cowboys online store is quite another. The Holzer items consist of four shirts and two caps, but there may have been others. A search on Google Images turned up a “RAISE BOYS AND GIRLS THE SAME WAY” model that appears to be out of stock.

Since the 1980s, Holzer has been one of the more successful cross-over successes in terms of authentically confrontational art (whose work is also cool and reserved as fuck). Her canny deployment of koan-like, or if you prefer, fortune-cookie-ish messages in public settings, often scrolling LED displays or T-shirts, has a way of bringing uncompromisingly leftist ideas (insofar as there’s an agenda at all) into the everyday lives of Americans. For her part, as an artist probably should, Holzer rejects the label of feminist, but her work speaks for itself—especially when the work is saying things like “MOTHERS SHOULDN’T MAKE TOO MANY SACRIFICES” or “RAISE BOYS AND GIRLS THE SAME WAY,” the latter of which, interestingly, was one of the slogans she chose for her Cowboys clothing.

Holzer’s Cowboys apparel is decidedly more confrontational and provocative than Mel Bochner’s over-eager “Win!” shirts, also available in the Cowboys’ online store.

I don’t know about you, but I think it’s pretty badass. If you’re an artist and you can choose between putting art in MoMA and putting art in the sightlines of regular sports fans who don’t give art much or any thought, it can’t be close, to a true provocateur.


“PUSH YOURSELF TO THE LIMIT AS OFTEN AS POSSIBLE” T-shirt, originally $27.99, now $15

“EXPIRING FOR LOVE IS BEAUTIFUL BUT STUPID” T-shirt, originally $24.99, now $10

“A SENSE OF TIMING IS THE MARK OF GENIUS” T-shirt, originally $27.99, now $15

“WORDS TEND TO BE INADEQUATE” cap, originally $19.99, now $10


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Kardashian human centipede shirt
10:33 am


Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian human centipede shirt
Kim Kardashian Human Centipede shirt
I honestly don’t know where to begin with this collection of shirts by Cleveland, OH company, Rage On!. Except that I agree with their motto as their strangely wonderful shirts truly are “pushing the limits” of fashion.

In addition to the demure image of everyone’s least favorite famewhore, Kim Kardashian getting a little human centipede action with what looks like her sisters (I’m ashamed to admit that I think that looks like Kim’s sister Khloe at the end of the centipede chain), there are a multitude of other bizarre yet cool shirts in Rage On’s! collection that I think you will dig eyeballing. The shirts are an all-over print so according to Rage On!, “people will be able to accurately double take your awesome shirt and confirm their jealousy of you!”

Some images are NSFW - which is code for “you are about to see some fantastic shit.” The shirts themselves will run you anywhere from $50 - $60 a pop.
Ice T, Ice Cube, Mr. T shirt
Ice T, Ice Cube, Mr. T in a tea pitcher shirt
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Space brides of 1966!
11:05 am


outer space

When I first saw this video, I was sure that it was shot in London—in 1966 that’s where the crazy fashion energy was, after all. But no, it wasn’t London at all, it was actually New York. I reckon that Matthew Weiner now wants to re-do Season 5 of Mad Men in its entirety just to find a way to work in these incredible bridal fashions. After all, that’s about when Don marries Megan, right? Such a wasted opportunity!!

A terrific find from Kelly Faircloth at Jezebel. The AP Archive headline for this clip is “Futuristic and outlandish fashions for brides from 1966,” but you really can’t beat Jezebel’s triumphant invocation of “SPACE BRIDES”!

These designs came from Edythe Vincent at Alfred Angelo—Vincent was actually Angelo’s wife, appropriately enough. I’m not 100% sure but I believe that the promotional text for this presentation ran,

Bridal gown for weddings in outer space! Styled by for Alfred Angelo’s “Bridal Fashions in the Year 2000” collection. Mod mini skirt of open air knit crochet stitch and vinyl plastic, with boots to match. The sky diver’s helmet lends an authentic feeling of jet propulsion for the forward look of the 21st century

Faircloth recommends scoring this wholly soundless bit of fashion footage (more than 8 minutes long!) with David Bowie’s “Space Oddity.” Nailed it…...

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