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Fierce vintage fetish wear from the 1920s and 1930s

A metal bra and chastity belt by Yva Richard (modeled by Nativia Richard), 1920s.
My DM colleague Tara McGinley recently posted some fantastic vintage images of kinky boots—and as I share her admiration for rule-breaking women and fashion I thought many of you would enjoy seeing some more provocative images from the 1920s and very early 1930s taken in Paris of models donning the latest in French fetish wear.

Animal print panties with a tail by Diana Slip, 1920s.
At the time there were only a small number of companies that were actually making the clothing that catered to the robust bondage loving, whip and chains-wearing fans that enjoying living out their fantasies in the clubs of Paris and in the privacy of their own home. If people were getting their freak on in an iron bra and matching chastity belt (pictured at the top of this post) it probably came from France. Two of the pioneering companies that were feeding the fetish community with their playthings were Yva Richard and Diana Slip.

Yva Richard was the husband and wife duo of L. Richard and Nativa Richard. Getting their start sometime in the early 1920s, Nativia was not only the talented seamstress making Yva Richard’s signature risque lingerie, but she also modeled much of the companies cheeky creations and would routinely appeared in Yva Richard’s popular mail-order catalog from which the kinky couple sold everything from masks to iron restraints. The Richards’ biggest competition back in the 20s was Diana Slip—a fetish wear company run by Léon Vidal. Vidal’s collection while very much marketed to purveyors of kink had a slightly more sophisticated air and was not as overtly deviant as Yva Richard’s designs.

The arrival of WWII and the subsequent occupation of France in the early 40s pretty much put the kibosh on the booming fetish business and both companies as well as others closed up shop. I’ve included some incredible examples of what both Yva Richard and Diana Slip were designing for their fetish loving French fans that I’m sure will get your blood pumping. If they don’t, you might want to get that checked out.

If this kind of thing is your thing (I don’t judge and neither should you) the French book Yva Richard: L’âge d’or du fétichisme features a large collection of photographs that chronicle the history of the French fetish wear pioneers. That said, some of the images that follow are NSFW.

Diana Slip, 1920s.
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Teenage Sophia Loren was deemed ‘too provocative’ to win the title of Miss Italy, 1950

The path to success is often circuitous, filled with detours, wrong turnings, dead ends and log-jammed highways. Perseverance and a great desire to succeed are requisite. Where one starts off is sometimes far removed from where one arrives.

Sophia Loren was a mere fifteen-year-old when she stood in line with the other young girls hoping to win the glittering prize of Miss Italy in Rome 1950. The Miss Italy beauty contest was devised as a “pick-me-up” for the defeated and beleaguered Italian nation after the Second World War in 1946.

Many of those early Miss Italia winners and contestants became well known in Italy and abroad. In 1947 alone there were four contestants who later went on to Italian entertainment fame: Lucia Bose (the winner that year), Gianna Maria Canale (second place), Gina Lollobrigida (third), and Eleonora Rossi Drago (fourth).

In 1950 the competition was broadcast live on radio. This was the year Miss Loren made her appearance under the name Sofia Scicolone.  However, the teenage beauty was considered “too provocative” to win the contest and the judging panel awarded Miss Loren the specially devised title of “Miss Eleganza 1950.”

Maria Bugliari won the title of Miss Italy but her success was small potatoes when compared to the long and brilliant career Sophia Loren achieved as an actress from then on.
More early photos of Sophia Loren, after the jump…

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London designer intends to make clothes with the lab-grown skin of the late Alexander McQueen
03:11 pm


Alexander McQueen
Tina Gorjanc

When the fashion designer Alexander McQueen sewed locks of his hair into his 1992 show “Jack the Ripper Stalks His Victims,” it probably never crossed his mind that he was giving some scientifically oriented person in the future a way to generate human tissue with his own genetic material.

But the year is now 2016, and that’s exactly what student Tina Gorjanc is doing—and she’s doing it, remarkably, as a way of emulating McQueen himself, by making clothes out of skin grown from McQueen’s DNA.

McQueen, one of the most arresting and experimental fashion designers of our time, committed suicide in 2010; the next year, Savage Beauty, a retrospective of his creations at the Metropolitan Museum of Art curated by Andrew Bolton, was by far the most talked about show of 2011, causing patrons to wait for hours in lengthy lines stretching around the block.

As part of her “Pure Human” project, Gorjanc, a student at London’s Central Saint Martins art school, is sourcing the iconic designer’s DNA from the locks of his own hair that were incorporated into his first collection inspired by Jack the Ripper. She has already filed a patent on it after convincing the owner of the collection to give her some of McQueen’s genetic material.

We’re still a ways away from actual objects made out of skin with McQueen’s DNA. Gorjanc’s designs at Central Saint Martins’ end-of-year show were speculative designs using pig skin offcuts, chosen for their resemblance to human skin, and with layers of colour and silicon applied to the surface of the leather to enhance the similarity.

However, the plan is for Gorjanc harvesting McQueen’s DNA into skin tissue, which will then be tanned and turned into human leather.

Gorjanc gave the following comment to Dezeen Magazine:

The Pure Human project was designed as a critical design project that aims to address shortcomings concerning the protection of biological information and move the debate forward using current legal structures. ... If a student like me was able to patent a material extracted from Alexander McQueen’s biological information as there was no legislation to stop me, we can only imagine what big corporations with bigger funding are going to be capable of doing in the future.

Hey, it might be creepy, but at least she didn’t resort to the collection methods used by fashion desinger Jame Gumb in Thomas Harris’ novel The Silence of the Lambs......


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Backpack and messenger bag that look like giant books
12:42 pm



If you really want to nerd-out for back to school accessories, might I tempt you with this backpack and messenger bag that looks like a giant leather-bound book? The bags are by ThinkGeek and are reasonably priced. The backpack is $59.99 and the messenger bag is $49.99 . Sadly, these really aren’t leather but made of 100% polyurethane with a polyester lining.

I’d like to see leather versions of these puppies. I think they’d be remarkable.


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Kenneth Anger Resort Collection: New ‘Golden Scarab’ lightweight Lucifer Rising jacket for Summer
04:43 pm


Kenneth Anger
Brian Butler

In recent years underground filmmaker, author and occultist Kenneth Anger has added fashion maven to his multi-hyphenate resume with his tee-shirts and clothing endeavors. Now he’s taking his designer apparel to another level: Witness Anger’s new lightweight “Resort Collection” Lucifer Rising jacket, “ideal” he claims

“...for a midsummer night’s sorceries. The deluxe “Golden Scarab Edition” jackets are made with large embroidery on a vibrant satin material, as if they’d gone through a time machine more than a few times—landing someone in the next century.”

The jackets are the latest release from Anger and LA-based artist Brian Butler’s Lucifer Brothers Workshop:

Although the satin ‘souvenir’ bomber has come into vogue recently with labels such as Louis Vuitton, Valentino and Saint Laurent, Kenneth Anger’s original design tops them all. Featuring a palette known locally as Hodos Chamelionis, or the Path of the Chameleon—the colors of the forces which lie beyond the physical universe, happens to be the Lucifer Brothers Workshop’s house mascot. Here, they are flitted over gold and black satin in a limited edition of 333 with labels signed by Kenneth Anger himself.

Re-imagined in black and gold satin this lightweight edition of the iconic Lucifer Rising jacket is now in Anger’s online store and available to order.

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Lick my boots: Vintage photos of women wearing kinky boots
01:06 pm


boot worship

A few days ago I posted some vintage photographs of dominatrices in all their dominant glory. But what I really dug about those historical images was… the boots. Those incredible mile-high lace-up boots! I should probably be upfront and confess that I don’t actually know all that much about boot fetishism or boot worship and its history, but looking at the photos, I could easily see that boot fetishism went wayyyyy back. In fact, the first historical reference to boots as a fetish object dates back to Émile Zola’s novel Thérèse Raquin in 1868. I had no idea.

If you dig any of these vintage boots, I noticed that a lot of these are available to purchase on eBay. Sadly, most of the sizes are really small. Women had smaller feet back then, I guess. Still, I’m sure that you can find exact replicas or something similar in larger sizes if you look hard enough.



Nanette Rockwell
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Killing Joke’s drummer is making sterling silver jewelry
09:24 am


Killing Joke

via Boneyard
Good news for Killing Joke fans: not only is the long-awaited documentary The Death and Resurrection Show finally coming to DVD (you can order it here), but drummer Big Paul Ferguson has unveiled his own jewelry line, too.

Ferguson’s company, Boneyard, offers rings and necklace pendants cast in sterling silver; there are also bracelets, one of them based on Tibetan Buddhist prayer beads, all of them marked with the Ouroboros. Images of skulls, occasionally wearing the cap of the Killing Joke jester, abound. Boneyard’s website explains:

Skull ’n’ Bones: The symbol of death, danger, warning. Adopted by outlaws, pirates and secret societies throughout history. Placed on tombs, poison bottles and flags to send the message of inherent threat. It is also a meditative tool used to ponder the transience of life and its impermanence.

The symbols are ubiquitous but the pieces are unique.


via Boneyard
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Vintage photographs of dominatrixes
11:41 am



Here’s a gallery of vintage photographs of women dressed in dominatrix gear. Not all of the women pictured were necessarily dominatrixes by trade, some were no doubt fetish models for BDSM-style magazines back in the day. I’m digging the costumes, hairstyles and… the boots. Just look at those kinky boots!

I tried to keep this as safe for work as possible. But, you know, it might be a tad NSFW-ish because of the topic.


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Good news pizza face: The world of high fashion says acne is chic!
05:19 pm


Moto Guo

Now that the silver hair trend has finally made its way to the furthest reaches of Middle America (not to mention the tragically démodé, eager trend-lemmings of Hollywood) unsurprisingly YOUTH, glorious YOUTH is back in a big way for the irreverent and ridiculous world of High Fashion—and not merely the mythical germ-free adolescence that haunted our teen dreams! No, at Milan Men’s Fashion Week, Malaysian designer Moto Guo sent his models down the runway sporting the latest thing: pimples!

I have to admit, high fashion in general usually leaves me flat, but there is a sense of humor about this that I really enjoy. Moto’s line here has a surreally childish feel to it, so why not top that off with with some blemishes as accessories? Sadly the acne is kind of the only thing from the collection that I can imagine wearing (and probably the only thing I could afford).

If you’re not lucky enough to be naturally acneic, Moto’s very own renegade makeup artist Roberta Betti recommends you recreate the look with MAC Mahogany Lip Liner and MAC Coffee Eye Pencil. Better hurry, before they run out and you’re forced to smear your face in Crisco like a plebe!

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Holy shit, Converse is making a wearable wah-wah pedal

In a huge, forehead-slappy piece of holy-shit-why-has-this-not-been-done-before news, there are now Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers with built-in wah pedals—no external hardware, just move your foot and voila, psychedelia. The concept goes back a few years, to a “Chuck Hack” event, when the design firm Critical Mass unveiled a prototype. That version was wired—you had to plug the shoe in, as the videos below will show. Since then, CuteCircuit has made a Bluetooth version.

We’re unable to find any information on when these will be made available to the public, but since half the guitarists I know wear Chucks anyway, I can’t imagine this product would fail.

After the jump, watch the Critical Mass concept video, followed by a demonstration by J Mascis…

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