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Crowning Glory: Incredible vintage photographs of beautiful and intricate Nigerian hairstyles

‘Coiling Penny Penny’ (1974).
Each day photographer J.D. Okhai Ojeikere went out into the streets and photographed women’s hairstyles with his Brownie D camera. Ojeikere wasn’t just documenting the latest trends in hair fashion—he thought hairstyles were an “art form” that were created by “precise gestures” in the same way an artist sculpts the intricacies of a statue. Ojeikere was also aware these individual hairstyles reflected the major changes in Nigeria’s post-colonial politics and culture, together with the growth of personal freedom and the shift towards personal identity.

Ojeikere took thousands of photographs of women’s hairstyles from 1968 onwards. He captured the different weaves and braids on street corners, offices, bars, and at parties, He took his picture then noted down the name of each design. Ojeikere started his photographic career as a darkroom assistant at the Ministry of Information in 1954. In 1959, he was appointed staff photographer with the Western Nigerian Broadcasting Services. He then joined the Nigerian Arts Council in the 1960s when he began photographing and documenting Nigerian life and culture. His work has been exhibited throughout the world, including the 55th Venice Biennale d’arte in 2013, and his work is still exhibited and sold as prints today. J.D. Okhai Ojeikere died at the age of 83. in 2014.
‘Ojo Npeti’ or ‘Kiko’ (1968).
‘Pineapple’ (1969). 
‘Fro Fro’ (1970).
More of J.D. Okhai Ojeikere’s photographs, after the jump…

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Cowboy boot roller skates are a thing
11:26 am


cowboy boots
roller skates

I have this thing with hatin’ on shoes here on Dangerous Minds. Previous examples of my shoe-hating posts include: The worst f*cking shoes on the planet: Cowboy sandal boots and The second worst f*cking shoes on the planet: Basketball shoe cowboy boots.

Maybe it’s just that I dislike any sort of cowboy boot mash-up shoes? I have nothing against cowboy boots—I don’t personally wear them—but there’s something about adding an additional (and uncalled for) new element to the boot that doesn’t jive with me.

For instance, cowboy boot roller skates. Maybe I’m wrong here and these are the best creations ever. But I don’t think I’m wrong, though. They’ve got shitty theme restaurant uniform written all over them, amirite?

If you’ve just gotta own a pair of these boots, then will turn some cowboy boots into roller skates for you. The site is currently under construction. You can visit their Facebook page and contact them there about purchasing and pricing.


More after the jump…

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Neiman Marcus is selling destroyed high-top sneakers for ONLY $1,425!
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First it was the $2,145 Balenciaga handbag that looked a little too much like the iconic blue IKEA bag, then it was Nordstrom pimping $425 jeans with fake mud on ‘em (or was that supposed to be shit?)  AND NOW THERE IS THIS, ladies and gentlemen: $1,425 DESTROYED high-top sneakers in yellow and white. You heard me. Destroyed gym shoes for the low, low price of $1,425.

Who the hell would buy these? Really who would buy these?

The shoes are designed and manufactured by French luxury fashion house Maison Margiela. Neiman Marcus is selling them. There’s currently a “friends and family” 25% off code going on Neiman’s site right now if you need an extra incentive to purchase them.

Or I’ll destroy your shoes for a mere 500 bucks. Cheap!


With thanks to Edward Ludvigsen!


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Horrible hair, animal remains & leather: Zodiac Mindwarp and the Love Reaction talk fashion in 1987

Zodiac Mindwarp and the Love Reaction back in the day.
In the April/May 1987 issue of Smash Hits magazine members of Zodiac Mindwarp and the Love Reaction did a rather strange spread for the glossy mag. But did they talk about their lust for creating flesh-pounding songs about sleazy chicks, breaking the law and screwing your best friend’s wife? No. There was also sadly no discussion about gay Nazi disco dancers or stories about vocalist Mark Manning’s acid-dropping days. Nope. What the two-page spread did enlighten us to was the bizarre (yet completely understandable) fashion choices made by each of the Love Reaction’s members at the time. Let’s begin with Zodiac Mindwarp himself, shall we?

Manning notes in his little bio in the magazine that his vision for the band was for everyone to look like “monsters from outer space” thanks to all the time he spent reading science fiction as a kid growing up. To Manning, the Love Reaction had to look like they just arrived from “Planet Freak Out.” Though everyone in the band was cultivating the “horrible hair” look, Manning went the extra mile by adding animal fur to his, and who knows what else. Because according to the then 28-year-old Manning if it “looks good” you should wear it. Manning’s jacket is covered in patches including a Sonic Youth one (nice) with a bit of fox fur on the shoulders. Topping off Zodiac’s look is a Nazi SS replica hat which Manning only dug because it was a “rather striking tifter” which is British slang for “hat.”

For Trash D. Garbage (bass player Alan P. Bailey) he actually one-upped Manning in the deceased animal department by affixing the paws of a dead cat to the shoulders of his leather jacket. Garbage notes that he obtained the paws during his days as a firefighter in Canada following a failed rescue of a cat stuck in a tree. Oof. On the back of Garbage’s jacket are the words “Sex Pig” and the reason his hair was shorter than usual for the shoot was because according to Trash someone stuck a huge wad of gum in his do at a party. It was then decided it made the most sense to pull his hair out by the roots along with the gum instead of cutting it out like a reasonable person. But this is Zodiac Mindwarp and the Love Reaction we’re talking about, not the fucking Brady Bunch. And rock stars deal with problems that involve gum differently than the rest of us.

Rounding out the sleazy fashion worn by the band are a few other notable things. Like drummer Slam Thunderhide and his “Sex Machine” belt buckle which was crafted from a Triumph motorcycle, Manning’s famous bullet belt, more Nazi symbolism (it was the 80s?), plenty of pentagrams, tons of leather, ripped clothing and more leather, because pretty much all of those things are quintessentially metal, like it or not. I’ve posted the photos from the band’s two-page layout in Smash Hits below for you to wonder at as well as the Love Reaction’s video from 1987 for “Backseat Education.” All hail the High Priest of Love, baby!
More after the jump…

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Iconic occult ‘Angel Heart’ Ring on sale today only for 30% off

One fateful afternoon thirty years ago, NYC-based jewelry designer Alex Streeter was working in the backroom at his eponymous store in Soho. Two gentlemen entered the shop and approached the artist, identifying themselves as the art directors for Alan Parker’s then-in-production supernatural thriller Angel Heart. They then proceeded to tell Streeter that they felt he was, in fact, the strangest jeweler in town, and hired him on the spot to create a distinctive collection in silver to be worn by the film’s stars, Robert De Niro and Charlotte Rampling. Thus, the famous, or perhaps infamous, Angel Heart Ring, a pentagram in an amber orb held aloft by two rams—and soon to become Streeter’s signature work—was born.

One memorable scene in Angel Heart sees De Niro’s sinister character slowly rolling a boiled egg on a plate as Mickey Rourke’s character stares at his amazing ring. Since the film’s release in 1987, Alex Streeter‘s impeccably carved and beautifully-crafted jewelry has been worn by the likes of Jimmy Page, Steven Tyler, Axl Rose, Madonna, Kirk Douglas of The Roots and Marilyn Manson and seen in the pages of fashion bibles the world over. But it’s not just rock stars who covet his fine craftsmanship, it’s people wanting to feel like a rock star—or a sorcerer perhaps—who are attracted to his singular, occult-inspired handiworks.

Alex Streeter‘s work obviously isn’t for everyone, but for those who are attracted to it, it can be an obsession. But did they chose to wear his work, or did his work chose them to wear it?

It’s probably a little of both.

In honor of the 30th anniversary of the ring’s creation, Alex Streeter has designed a new stamped, limited collector’s edition of the Angel Heart Ring. It’s a thicker version of the classic setting, complete with limited edition details, including the trademark Alex Streeter logo and “XXX” stamping on the inner ring.This limited edition setting will only be available through March 6th, 2018 before being discontinued.

Today April 26th—to celebrate Alex’s birthday—is the annual sale at and For one day only you take 30% off with the code “ALEXBDAY” at checkout.

Amber Angel Heart Ring

Side view

Ewaka Red Angel Heart Ring: Hand-created stone in a solid sterling silver setting.
More of Alex Streeter’s exquisite jewelry after the jump…

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For when you have more dollars than sense: $2,145 designer purse resembles the blue IKEA bag
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This is perhaps one of the dumbest ideas I’ve seen in a long time: A $2,145 Balenciaga handbag allegedly inspired by the blue IKEA bag. Is this for rich people to haul their dirty clothes to the laundromat in? ‘Cause that’s what I use my IKEA bags for. But then again, the wealthy probably don’t use laundromats. What was I thinking?

Anyway, the bag is on Barneys website with this description:

Balenciaga’s Arena extra-large shopper tote bag is constructed of blue wrinkled, glazed leather.

The real question is though: does it make that annoying crunchy sound? That’s how you get the full effect of an IKEA bag.

Here’s what IKEA has to say about the $2,145 designer bag:

We are deeply flattered that the Balenciaga tote bag resembles the ILEA iconic sustainable blue bag for 99 cents. Nothing beats the versatility of a great big blue bag!


via Today and Geekologie

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Strangely satisfying photos of food coordinated with monochromatic clothing

‘Licorice’ and ‘Zero Bar.’ Two of the photos from the series ‘Wardrobe Snacks’ by Kelsey McClellan and Michelle Maguire.
The photos in this post are the result of a joint venture by set and prop stylist Michelle Maguire and photog Kelsey McClellan who came up with the idea to coordinate various kinds of foodstuff and people wearing monochromatic outfits with a distinctly 70s vibe.

The series, Wardrobe Snacks, is oddly satisfying to look at and the pair are offering up prints of all twelve photos from the series for $145 a pop, here. Warning: the images in this post might make you both nostalgic and hungry at the same time. So maybe have a polyester pantsuit and some potato chips handy while you look at them.


‘Filet o’ Fish.’

‘Strawberry wafer.’
More after the jump…

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‘Punch Nazis’ in Arabic T-shirt is the latest in alt-right resistance

It’s now come to this. It’s currently necessary in the United States for citizens of good conscience and opinion to signal their public opposition to white supremacy and other Nazi-esque ideas. As was widely reported yesterday, Press Secretary Sean Spicer inexplicably chose Passover to trot out a “Hitler wasn’t so bad” justification for the Trump administration’s recent air strike on a Syrian air base that, regrettably, was not solely justified by a desire to puff up a big, bad foreign despot, was it now?

After all, the Trump administration was scarcely a week old when it released a statement addressing Holocaust Remembrance Day that neglected to reference Jewish suffering in any way. Far from a “gaffe,” Trump spokesperson Hope Hicks told CNN that the wording was quite intentional, because “we are an incredibly inclusive group and we took into account all of those who suffered.” Yeah, right.

All of which just goes to establish that cold-hearted indifference is an easy posture to adopt if you don’t personally care about the people involved. Trump adviser Steve Bannon openly trumpets a race-based theory of some supposed decline of America, and the fact that he may be (please God) on the way out doesn’t mean that we all shouldn’t give him a forceful kick in the nuts as he (please God) exits the stage.

On the day that Trump became president, American Nazi Richard Spencer was standing on a street corner explaining the significance of his Pepe pin to an Australian news crew (seriously) when “a group of masked protesters” abruptly interrupted Spencer’s remarks by punching him in the face. That started a round of gleeful celebration by Trump haters as well as a wan debate about whether it’s morally OK (I almost said “kosher”) to punch Nazis. (It is.)

Artist Molly Crabapple has concocted a nifty T-shirt that is the ideal fashion statement for our fucked-up times—it’s a T-shirt with the words “Punch Nazis” on it, but the language chosen is the one most likely to strike fear in the hearts of white America—Arabic.

The T-shirt exists in unisex and women’s versions and comes in two colors, red and white. (The unisex version actually comes in “Heather Grey” and “Independence Red,” but whatevs.) No matter which one you get, the price is the same, 25 bucks, which is a small price to pay to symbolically punch Richard Spencer in the face. 

Plus, proceeds go to City Plaza, “a squatted, self-managed hotel in Athens which provides dignified housing for refugees.”


via Exile on Moan Street

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The 1970s, when we all expressed our individuality via mass-produced t-shirts and novelty patches

American Motorcyclist Association.
I’ll ‘fess up to owning a Laurel and Hardy t-shirt when I was a child. I also had one with Humphrey Bogart saying something memorable from Casablanca. Damned if I can remember what it was now. This was as far as I would go with my counter-culture wardrobe. Most of my school friends were of similar mind. They opted for plus fours, smoking jackets and a fine selection of Arran-knit cardigans. Life was so different in Scotland then.

Of course, there were some who sported denim jackets decked out in assorted patches imported from America. These mass-produced novelties of old men saying things like “Keep on truckin’” or cartoon dogs offering advice about not eating yellow snow always struck me as frightfully quaint yet rather dumb. I suppose I was just confused as to what these badges were supposed to mean. But what did I know? I was merely an innocent child out of step with the current fashion trends.

Soon nearly every youngster across our fabled tartan nation was dressed-up like Joseph in his amazing Technicolored Dreamcoat or at least a brazen tatterdemalion. These patches all signified the same thing. I am unique. I am an individual. These are my likes and dislikes. And look, haven’t I got a wacky sense of humor?

Sad to say, all of this fun passed me by far too quickly and I missed out in the pleasures of actually becoming an individual. My taste in t-shirts was understandably laughed at by those far more in tune with the heady zeitgeist of the day. Laurel and Hardy could never compete with some twee tee saying Pepsi was the “real thing.”

Most of the fashionable peeps wore the American patches and t-shirts. Soon, these were rivaled by our very own homegrown patches declaring a love for the Bay City Rollers or tops saying “My girlfriend went to Arbroath and all she got me was this lousy t-shirt.” That kind of thing.

Those crazy delights of that faraway decade can be enjoyed with this fine selection of adverts selling counter-culture t-shirts and some ads and fine examples of the quirkier patches which were then available. If this whets the appetite then I suggest a visit to Mitch O’Connell’s blog which will leave you positively sated.
Hustler 1975.
Gilda Radner in CREEM magazine t-shirt ad.
More crazy delights from the heady 1970s, after the jump…

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Mechanical Eyes: Siouxsie Sioux EYE tights
12:58 pm


Siouxsie Sioux

I dig these handmade tights that feature Siouxsie Sioux’s signature eye makeup. There’s no mistaking exactly who those iconic peepers belong to, is there? They’re made by Etsy shop Mass Media and sell for $22.00 each plus shipping.

According to the listing the eyes are only printed on white tights and must be hand washed in cold water and line dried.

I approve of this.



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