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There’s a Steve Buscemi bikini
11:08 am


Steve Buscemi

Okay, I’m putting the final nail in the coffin for Steve Buscemi-themed products. How can you top a sexy Steve Buscemi bikini? You just can’t. Or maybe you can with that Steve Buscemi adult onesie my Dangerous Minds colleague, Cherrybomb, blogged about a few weeks ago? Regardless, I think we’ve reached peak-Buscemi, people. It’s like with all the Aladdin Sane memes. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

You’ve ruined Steve Buscemi, are you happy now Internet???

Now I tried to locate where to purchase this mesmerizing Buscemi bikini online and it looks like it’s made by clothing company called Sadly, it appears they no longer have the Buscemi bikini in stock or else they don’t make it anymore. Perhaps they’ll make it again if you contact them?

Image via Mentality Mag on Twitter

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‘Sexy’ wolf’s head crotch underwear for men
03:43 pm



Apparently it’s my job here at Dangerous Minds to inform our dear readers about the latest trends in men’s underwear. A few weeks ago I directed your eyes towards “sexy” knitted elephant and snake underwear for men and this week it’s wolf’s head underwear. I mean, I totally thought I couldn’t top my last underwear post. But here I am. Blogging about wolf’s head underwear.

You can get these “mens fashion wolf underwear 3D print boxers shorts” from China through Amazon. Here’s the description on Amazon:

  • 3D wolf pattern print underwear make man looks sexy and wild
  • the wide waist design make man comfortable no tight feeling
  • U convex design, large space and breathable
  • High quality material and great handwork, perfect gift to boyfriend or husband

If you’re dying to get a pair, they’re only $20.99 for a set of three.

via Geekologie

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‘Anarchy!’ Malcolm McLaren, punk rock’s Molotov cocktail

Phil Strongman’s new documentary Anarchy! McLaren Westwood Gang is a politically-fueled, fashion-conscious deeper look at how the English punk explosion was ignited—how the bomb was built and under what circumstances, in other words.

Coming in at almost two and a half hours with an incredible cast of characters, Anarchy! McLaren Westwood Gang traces Malcolm McClaren back to his birth with loads of never before seen films and photos, personal information and interviews with family members, friends and others, taking us into the all important mid-sixties where the real nucleus of the Sex Pistols concept begins to form within the Situationist movement, King Mob (the UK equivilent), art school and observing the tribal customs and costumes of rock ‘n roll fanaticism.

The 1968 the French student riots had a huge influence on McLaren, who travelled to Paris at the time, and there were key players from that era who played recurring roles in his life. Much of the concepts and ideas—art, slogans, everything really—originated there and then. The interviews with the people from this period were what I wanted to see most and there was no disappointment. The interviews with Malcolm himself indicate that he still was speaking in slogans right up to the very end.

If you’re looking for yet another love letter to punk rock (yawn) with the same old crap stories, then keep on pogoing as this is a very interesting (for the most part) tale of politics, sex, drugs, bombs, rock ‘n roll, and the all important fashion accessories to wear whilst bombing and rocking and rolling and fucking on drugs. If punk never really happened and this was just a wild tale of a bunch of crazed young people that tried to accomplish what punk wrought and failed, it would still be just as interesting. The fact that first an entire country and then the entire world sat up, noticed, listened and actually feared this tiny group of absurd-looking lunatics (some leading, most following) on their search and destroy mission is incredible to contemplate. Today they’d just be given their own reality TV show.

It’s a bit of a revelation for those who think a few drunk idiots formed a band and yelled and jumped around a lot while desperately trying to learn how to play their instruments. (Even at this late date it is still being said that these guys could not play or sing, which is ridiculous as is easily proven by any Sex Pistols live performance video from any period.) However, someone could have done enough homework to know to leave out Ben Westwood’s totally wrong assumption (stated as fact, of course) that Sid’s mom and girlfriend gave him heroin that he overdosed on (I personally was there that night and I and enough other people have done countless interviews stating what really happened). He even calls Methadone, Methadrone (good name for a band actually). Other than these two minor problems, and the rather large objection that for a film titled Anarchy! McLaren Westwood Gang it’s quite light on the Westwood side of things, this very long film goes by very quickly, and is really well made. Director Strongman was good friends with McLaren, having worked in the Glitterbest offices (the Sex Pistols management company) and was an actual eyewitness to much of what he is discussing here.

There lots of great interviews with everyone from Adam Ant to Don Letts to Tracey Emin to Boy George (who tells a great story about when he sang for Bow Wow Wow) to Sex Pistol Paul Cook (with amazing black and white footage of the Pistols hanging around at the Berlin wall). The music is honestly the least of the subjects focused on. In fact much of the film is framed with scenes of girls modeling Dame Westwood’s fashions (partially topless) to a modern soundtrack with an operatic vocal sung onscreen. (And thank god for that. I’m sick of these formulaic punk rock docs, aren’t you?)

There’s a lot to get out of this film, historically speaking. It’s intelligent and everything a documentary should be. It just may not be about what you thought it was going to be about. This is the history of European Anarchism as it helps beget the birth of the Sex Pistols. It’s also the story of a man who broke all the rules before that was fashionable, who ran blindly into the fire more than once and always came out the other side… many times with the prize. Or at least some money. I’ve already watched Anarchy! McLaren Westwood Gang three times and I’m not the type to really ever watch anything even twice, certainly not in the same day.

All Malcolm McLaren ever wanted was to be something akin to the “next Andy Warhol.” It’s an idiosyncratic aspiration to be sure, but one category that he (and perhaps he alone) truly belonged in.
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You sexy devil: Satanic pentagram bikini
09:35 am



Hail Satan! And hail your bikini this year with a five-pointed star bikini by Etsy shop DiktatorFashionLab. The pentagram bikini sells for $139.03 plus shipping.

I can only imagine this swimsuit will make for some interesting tan lines this Summer.

As a side note: not only does DiktatorFashionLab make pentagram swimwear, but also pentagram lingerie if you’re interested in some Satanic sexytime. Check ‘em out.



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Behold the ‘holy grail’ of fashion: Adult onesie features the many faces of Steve Buscemi
09:35 am


Steve Buscemi

Steve Buscemi adult-sized onesie
Steve Buscemi adult-sized onesie by ‘RageOn.’

If the title of this post just made your day, like it made mine, then hey you’re welcome!

Available over at weirdo apparel purveyors, RageOn, this adult-sized onesie features the gorgeous mug of none other than actor Steve Buscemi at varying stages of his long career. Such as his portrayal of bungling kidnapper, Carl Showalter in the 1996 film, Fargo, and a snapshot of young Steve positioned to sit perfectly across your shoulder. You can pick up your very own “Steve Buscemi Galaxy Collage” onesie for the reasonable cost of just $99.84, a relatively small price to pay to have Steve Buscemi all over you.

Hey, a girl can dream, can’t she?

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‘Sexy’ knitted elephant and snake underwear. For men.
11:51 am



Too bad it’s getting warm outside as I almost considered buying these cozy-looking elephant and snake underwear for my husband. Okay, I’m full of shit. I never considered these as an option. (And I don’t think he would wear them. Maybe?) However, I find them mildly amusing to gawk at. I can’t imagine anyone wearing these with a straight face, but I suspect that’s not really the point.

Etsy shop WarmPresents makes these sausage packers if you’re interested in owning a pair.

Now prior to this discovery, I didn’t know these cock warmer underwear were “a thing”. But. They. Are. So I added a few others I’ve found on the Internet in a similar, er… vein of the elephant and snake.



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Dude, you will get SO LAID at the mall arcade wearing this Pac-Man suit
09:05 am

Pop Culture


Opposuits, the company that brought you the “Cannaboss” pot-leaf suit, is back at it again with the ultimate in retro tacky-chic.

For the stylish young man stricken with Pac-Man Fever, Opposuits offers this sharp-cut jacket with matching pants and tie covered in Pac-Man graphics. The iconic maze, dots, power-pellets, Inky, Pinky, Blinky, Clyde, and Pakku-Man himself are all represented. The full suit runs $109.99. That seems rather inexpensive to me, but then again I’m not so sure how much use one would get out of a full Pac-Man suit… But maybe you’re that guy who likes to look GQ at the arcade on weekends—you just know that when the gamer-babes see you in this, you’re guaranteed to get SO LAID.

May we recommend that the gentleman set it off with a pair of custom high-top Pac-Man sneakers?

Shoes available at Amazon.
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Gorgeous, realistic butterfly wing scarves and capes
09:44 am


Butterfly wings

I sorta wanna get my inner fairy on after seeing these stunning butterfly scarves and capes by Spanish costume designer Alassie of Costurero Real. They’re simply divine, aren’t they? Now if you’re thinking, as I did, that these would cost you into the thousands of dollars… well we’d be wrong. These butterfly capes and scarves are actually quite reasonably priced at around $230 + shipping. I’m dying over these. They’re just so gosh darn lovely. I know a fashion trend in the making when I see one. How long will it be before Urban Outfitter’s knocks these off? Ten… nine… eight…

Check out Alassie of Costurero Real here.


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Vintage ‘rock star’ belt buckles of the 1970s
09:36 am


Belt buckles

Ah, the 1970s, when customized Boogie Vans were king of the road and these “rock star” belt buckles were all the rage with the puka-shell necklace-wearing feather-haired yoots. 

The LA-based Pacifica Manufacturing company made these glorious belt buckles from 1976 - 1978 and they were often featured in the monthly direct mail circular that came to members of The Columbia House Record Club (“Take any 11 albums for a penny! Get the 12th one FREE!”). You can find a lot of these vintage puppies for sale on eBay. I just know you’ve got your eye on that Styx one.

The Bowie one is MINE.



Ohio Players

Steve Miller

Elton John
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Leigh Bowery’s shock therapy: ‘When I’m dressed up I reach more people than a painting in a gallery’

The dictionary defines the word “legend” as:

1. a traditional story sometimes popularly regarded as historical but not authenticated.

2. an extremely famous or notorious person, especially in a particular field.

It would be fair to say this word fits rather snugly with the performance artist, designer, would-be pop star, icon, artist’s model and “work of art” Leigh Bowery.

When asked recently, “Who was Leigh Bowery?” I was briefly flummoxed as where to begin in any attempt to describe this wonderfully extravagant yet self-indulgent character. There were so many facets to his life—so many fictions, so many facts—it seemed rather unsporting to choose only one.

Leigh Bowery was born on March 26th, 1961, in the small working class suburb of Sunshine in Melbourne, Australia. He was was the eldest of two children born to Tom and Evelyn Bowery. His mother had lived her entire life in Sunshine and raised Leigh and his younger sister Bronwyn in a house opposite her own childhood home. Sunshine was that kind of community. People lived and died there—they knew their place and rarely ventured beyond its boundaries.

Leigh was a large beefy child with a head of golden curls. Because of his build, his father hoped Leigh would become an Australian rules football player or at the very least something sporty. Yet Leigh showed no inclination for such physical activities. He preferred gardening and later needlework—something he first learnt while convalescing in hospital after an operation to help his testicles descend.

At school he was a very bright pupil. He had a keen and enquiring mind, was constantly reading books and showed great aptitude for classical music—in particular playing the piano. His life changed after he won a scholarship to Melbourne High School.

Leigh later claimed that he had known he was gay from the age of twelve. During his time at Melbourne High, he began his sexual adventures. On his way home from school, Leigh cruised the public toilets at the central railway station. He discovered wearing a school uniform made him highly attractive to the older men.  By his own estimate—which may or may not be true—he claimed he had sex with about one thousand men before he left school.
His parents had hoped Leigh would study music at university. Instead, he chose to study fashion design at the Melbourne Institute of Technology. Leigh was one of only two boys in his year. He quickly learnt how to machine sew and began making some of his early flamboyant designs. These were not exactly appreciated by his teachers who wanted him to design ladies’ underwear and children’s clothes.

But Leigh had moved ahead of such small ambitions and wanted to create his own designs. He was eighteen and had fallen under the influence of punk—as he later explained in an interview.

The thing which made everything click for me was the punk movement where people used themselves and their appearance to describe so much and I just loved Busby Berkeley movies—all those sequins and feathers—and I would always have my nose in a National Geographic, gazing at women with stretched necks and rings going in strange places.

Leigh was also very enamored with the club scene in London, which he read about in all the imported pop and fashion magazines he got his hands on.

I wanted to hang out with the art and fashion people. I wanted to go to nightclubs and look at the clothes in the shops. I loved the idea of punk and the New Romantics. England seemed the only place to go, I considered New York but that just seemed full of cheap copies of London. I don’t think I made a mistake.

He quit college and worked in a department store to raise the funds for the London move. When he arrived in the city of his dreams, Leigh lived with a friend. When this friend moved out, Leigh decided to change his life and become more involved with the city around him. According to his friend and biographer Sue Tilley, Leigh made a list of four resolutions on New Year’s Eve 1980:

1) Get his weight down to twelve stone.
2) Learn as much as possible.
3) Establish himself in either fashion, art or writing.
4) Wear make-up every day.

Leigh managed to meet three of these resolutions over the next decade.

Read more about Leigh Bowery, plus a documentary about him hosted by Hugh Laurie, after the jump…

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