Cooking with Vincent Price to a funky beat!
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Vincent Price

Here’s Vincent Price’s very own recipe for boneless pork sirloin like you’ve never heard it before. Price boasts that “the meat will be as tender as a woman’s heart and the flavor can only be described as… reckless.”

Mix by RenRok.

With thanks to Colony!

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Coffee *everywhere* and ‘road rage’: IS THERE A CONNECTION???
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I am forbidden to drink coffee. My wife says it turns me into a speed-talking, speed-walking lunatic (“and an asshole” she insisted I add) and this is, if I am honest, undeniably true. It was none other than Lemmy himself who once told me that speed really did what cocaine is supposed to do, but as far as my body processes caffeine, it has a far greater effect on me than even the best coke does. My wife is right, it does turn me right into a Tasmanian devil. Sometimes I sneak coffee behind her back and I feel like I’m a former drug addict backsliding. As pathetic as I realize this sounds, it feels kind of shameful. She always knows when I’ve had a cup or two. Every time. Without fail. I try to lie about it, but she sees right through that.

Yep, coffee has a super-pronounced effect on me. Personally I really enjoy the effects, but when your partner can peg your “wired” and “weird” behavior just as easily as if you had snorted a pound a blow, there might be a problem, right?

In any case, knowing how coffee transforms me into a complete maniac, I have long suspected that the rise in “road rage” in recent years had much in common with the parallel increase of premium coffee chains like Starbucks and Peet’s popping up on every street corner like mushrooms after it rains… People drink a lot more coffee than they used to, this much is undeniable. When did we first start hearing the term “road rage” or experience it ourselves? Coincidence? I think not.

Which brings me to my next topic: Red Bull. The first time I drank a Red Bull, it was at a party and about 9pm. I drank two because I was really exhausted and because it tasted like a liquid version of Flintstones Vitamins.

I perked right up to be sure, but I also did not sleep again for two whole days!

With the above in mind, this morning I became aware (via Caffeine Informer) that on average (because caffeine levels can vary so widely) a 16oz Starbucks Grande coffee, with approximately 330mg of caffeine is FOUR TIMES stronger than a Red Bull, two times stronger than a Monster Energy Drink and eight times stronger than a Coca-Cola Classic.

When coffee was first introduced into the European diet in the 16th century, there were calls to ban what was then thought of as a “Muslim drink.” (Coffee was also banned for quite some time by Arab societies.) Some of the earliest examples of what we’d now call an “advice column” apparently address the problem of coffee addiction causing weird behavior. In 1511, according to Terence McKenna in his Food of the Gods, the Prince of Waldeck set up what was basically the first “drug snitch” program and offered monetary rewards to anyone who turned in a coffee drinker. People were fined and given floggings over coffee. After a few centuries, most of us (not me!) are accustomed to the effects of caffeine, but for some people it can cause anxiety, depression and other psychological discomforts.

Or perhaps make you act like an asshole when you’re driving? I’m not a scientist, I’m just throwing it out there.

Here’s some nice road rage footage. Not sure what this driver drank before this unfortunate incident, but I suspect that it had a lot of caffeine in it. Skip to the 1:00 mark.

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Nirvana nightmare: Apparently Kurt Cobain is alive and well selling beer in the Netherlands
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Kurt Cobain

Here’s a commercial for Bavaria Radler beer where it shows the likes of Kurt Cobain, Tupac Shakur, John Lennon, Bruce Lee, Marilyn Monroe and Elvis chilling on a tropical island drinking some cold brewskies.

I’m sure Mr. Cobain—who famously feared being a sell-out—would have just loved this concept. Doubtful that it’ll cause Yoko Ono to yuck it up much either. I smell a lawsuit!

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Baking bad?: ‘Machete’ star Danny Trejo makes ‘Breadanimals’
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Danny Trejo

We all know Danny Trejo as an international action star of such movies as Machete, Heat, Desperado, and more recently Bullet and Vengeance. But there’s one thing most film fans probably don’t know about the likable ex-con Mr. Trejo and that’s his love of baking bread animals!

Yes, according to the folks over at Nerdist our favorite Mr. Bad Guy really does have a soft doughy inside, and likes to spend his free time making cutesy “Breadanimals.” Allegedly.

All jolly good fun, and I could certainly see this as being a profitable (if unlikely) sideline for the talented Mr. Trejo.


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Watch this and you will probably think twice about eating meat again
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Ron Fricke

This will leave you speechless and probably not very hungry.

A six-minute extract from Ron Fricke’s incredible Samsara, a 100-minute documentary, filmed over five years in 25 countries.

Samsara explores the wonders of our world from the mundane to the miraculous, looking into the unfathomable reaches of humanity’s spirituality and the human experience. Neither a traditional documentary nor a travelogue, Samsara takes the form of a nonverbal, guided meditation.”

Non-verbal, but LOUD AND CLEAR all the same…

You could say this is NSFV—not suitable for vegetarians.

With thanks to Trevor Ward

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Breakfast the Fritz Lang way: Martinis with scrambled eggs (and a toy monkey)
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Fritz Lang

Fritz Lang and friend
Fritz Lang and friend
The record seems clear on this point. Fritz Lang loved monkeys, and especially toy monkey dolls that he could pretend were his constant companions. The best-known of the succession of toy monkeys was called Peter, but possibly all of them were called Peter, it’s not really clear.

Here’s some testimony on the subject, courtesy of Fritz Lang. His Life and Work: Photographs and Documents, edited by Rolf Aurich, Wolfgang Jacobsen, and Cornelius Schnauber:

Lang had a rather touchingly tender, sentimentally boyish relationship to Peter the Monkey: he took him with him on trips, put him to bed, dressed him up and posed in pictures with him. In the countless letters he exchanged with his lifelong friend Eleanor Rose, there are many passages devoted to Peter: for example, greetings from him for Magali, Eleanor Rose’s favorite cat; or letters directly addressed to Peter or “written” by Peter to Eleanor:

“Peter sends his warmest regards. He is meditating a great deal and enjoying the California sun. He loves martinis, smokes a long pipe now and again, and has taken to chewing gum. He sends his compliments to Magali and wishes her the best.”—Fritz Lang to Eleanor Rose, July 30, 1963

I found that quotation from this “Old Hollywood” blog—there’s slightly more on the subject there, so be sure to check it out.
Fritz Lang and friend
Fritz Lang and Peter the Monkey at home, c. 1960’s

As you can see from the quotation, Peter the Monkey favored martinis, according to Lang. In fact, Peter liked to have them for breakfast. Well-known Hollywood biographer Charlotte Chandler, author of books on Groucho Marx, Alfred Hitchcock, Mae West, Billy Wilder, Bette Davis, etc., had first-person experience with Lang’s morning repasts:

It was his favorite breakfast—scrambled eggs with martinis. Or rather, martinis with scrambled eggs. It was a breakfast he preferred, and he preferred not to eat it too early in the morning. There were scrambled eggs for two, Fritz and me, and two martinis—one for Fritz and one for Peter, who was sitting at the table with us. Peter was a German felt monkey doll who wore his sailor cap at a rakish angle, a turtleneck sweater, a gold earring in one ear, and a suave, urbane look on his face that indicated he knew Hamburg’s St. Pauli district well. Fritz always ordered a martini for Peter, who was his mascot and alter ego. Then he helped Peter drink it.

(For those puzzled about the biography of Lang that Chandler never wrote, her account appears in the Anthology Film Archives book Fritz Lang 2000, edited by Robert Haller.)

Here’s Lang being interviewed by William Friedkin in 1975:


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Irate woman calls 911 over raw waffles
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Raw waffles

“They gave me some raw waffles,” starts the woman’s story, “and I told him that I don’t want the waffles.”

Do I really need to say where this wacky-ass 911 phone call over raw waffles happened? Do I really?

Tampa. Florida.

Via Arbroath

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What no pastrami?!: Egg cream scented candles from Katz’s deli
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New York City

For the many years that I patronized Katz’s deli on Manhattan’s Lower East Side I don’t recall the smell of egg cream being the first thing I was hit with when I walked through the venerable joint’s doors. It was the pungent scent of vinegar, rye, mustard and smoke that permeated the air like a Romanian storm front.

I guess a pastrami-scented candle won’t appeal to the masses so Katz’s is offering something tame for the Goyim out there. You can buy the candle here. Personally, I’ll wait for one that smells of brine and garlic.
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The Kids in the Hall’s Scott Thompson has plenty to say about fruits
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Scott Thompson

I wish I knew about this when it was still active: Scott Thompson, the member of the Kids in the Hall sketch comedy troupe who broke ground as an out-of-the-closet gay performer at a time when homosexuals were still punching bags for some of the world’s most popular comedians, used to maintain a blog about fruits. Ha ha.

Thompson announced the fruit blog’s existence with the following, in February of 2011:

In the beginning there was the apple and everything was quiet. Then Eve took a bite and that’s when the fun started. The apple is the most popular fruit in the Western Hemisphere and grows pretty much everywhere. There are thousands of types of apples. My favourite is the Macintosh or Macs. Maybe that’s why I love my computer so much. I used to love Delicious apples when you only had them rarely. Then one day they were there every day, their bumps no longer exotic, their almost cloying sweetness no longer exciting. And then they weren’t even called Delicious any more and we were all suppposed to pretend that it had always been that way. No thank you Big Brother. I’m fine with my Mac and a hunk of cheddar. And no thank you, you can keep your fancy handkerchief to yourself. I’ll just polish it on my jeans.

New postings ended in September of 2012, roughly coincident with the announcement that Thompson would play crime scene investigator Jimmy Price on NBC TV’s Hannibal. But in that year and a half or so, Thompson (and friends) blogged a ridiculous series of video fruit reviews. He bravely took on the pomegranate, confronted guava with steely resolve, and went toe-to-toe with tiny bananas and lived to tell the tale. It’s pretty obvious these were all made in a single session. Since I’m laughing, I don’t care.

Pomegranates, part I
More fruit reviews after the jump…

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Hilariously WRONG sexist ad from the 1970s
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Balls, huh? They give you courage? What the fuck was in them?

Here are a few choice quotes from this 1978 ad:

“You need BALLS to conquer the world.”

“Just pop a few BALLS in your mouth and you’ll be ready for anything.”

And my personal favorite:

“Brown-bag your BALLS to work, so you don’t run out of steam.”

Click here to read a larger image.

Via Boing Boing

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