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Teabaggers ask yourselves: “Are we the baddies?”

imageAbove, Iott and pals indulging in some good clean Third Reich fun!
Rich Iott, the Tea party favored Republican candidate for Ohio’s 9th Congressional district, found himself in the unenvious position yesterday of having to defend himself against The Atlantic’s revelation that he—get this—donned a NAZI UNIFORM to play act in WWII recreations a few years back. Not to fear, Iott’s got a whole mess of rightwing blowhards blogging in his defense, because, as Charles Johnson writes at Little Green Footballs,  “this kind of thing really isn’t a problem for them.”

No, but it might be a problem for, I dunno, Jewish voters in his district and, let’s face it, anyone WITH HALF A BRAIN who MIGHT BE UNCOMFORTABLE voting for a politician whose judgement is so incredibly poor that he CHOSE to wear, and be photographed in, a Nazi uniform, for any reason whatsoever (professional actors aside).

It’s simply amazing to me how many skeletons (and now Nazi uniforms) are falling out of the Tea party candidate’s closets as we get closer to election day. To me, this idiot Iott and his NAZI UNIFORM are a STRIKING REMINDER OF WHAT WE ARE DEALING WITH IN THIS COUNTRY.

Tea baggers, I ask you: Do you see yourself in the below clip (taken from UK sketch comedy series That Mitchell and Webb Look)? And if so, which character do you most identify with?

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Was Glenn Beck more crazypants than usual today?
06:45 pm


Glenn Beck

Earlier in his show, he talked about how he was going to be “out west” having a battery of tests done at a hospital next week. Then the above soliloquy took place. What’s going on?

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How to spot a meth cooker
03:42 pm


meth cooker

Dangerous Minds likes to keep its readers up to date on the latest in drug info. An educated mind is a dangerous mind.

Note that some meth cookers look like one of the Blues Brothers.

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The F.B.I. is still harassing John Lennon 30 years after his death


John Lennon has been dead for 30 years, but the Federal Bureau of Investigation is still on the case. On Wednesday morning a small pop-culture memorabilia shop in Midtown opened an 836-lot auction timed to what would have been Lennon’s 70th birthday, which is Saturday. The prized item was a set of Lennon’s fingerprints made in 1976 as part of his application for citizenship. Minimum bid: $100,000. But after an hourlong standoff involving cellphone calls, faxes and meetings with an agent in a parked car outside the East 57th Street storefront, the F.B.I. served the shop — called Gotta Have It! — with a subpoena and seized the fingerprint card, which was made at a New York police station on May 8, 1976, and bears a signature and the name John Winston Ono Lennon.

Read the full article on the New York Times website here.

Thanks Joshua JKanizzle Cunningham


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Rightwing Christian radio host: ‘Jesus would have let that house burn’
01:43 pm


low IQ buffoonery

Rightwing radio dolt, Bryan Fischer, the same idiotic asshat who said last month that the US should handle Muslims the way Germany handles neo-Nazis and who compares gay sex to terrorism, opened his big, dumb mouth again yesterday. Fischer declared on the American Family Association’s blog, after posiing the “What would Jesus Do?” question regarding the firefighters in Obion County, TN who let a family’s house burn to the ground, that JESUS WOULD HAVE DONE THE SAME THING!

Is Fischer saying that the central figure of Christianity is a cold-hearted sociopath like he is… or what??? I do not recall anything in the Gospels about Jesus liking privatization or being a Rush Limabugh-listening “dittohead,” but maybe I fell asleep that week in Sunday school…

I’m not even going to put a link to his blog because I don’t want to send a complete dickhead like Bryan Fischer a lick of traffic, but the comments were, as you might’ve guessed, kinda priceless:

10/6/2010 2:05:46 PM
You’re as dumb as a box of hair, we get that. But do you really think Jesus would have stood by rather than lend his help, especially considering there were innocent pets inside? Everything you write flies in the face of what Christ taught, so it would seem you are not in any way qualified to determine what is Christian and what is not.

10/6/2010 1:52:42 PM
The truly Christian act would’ve been to take two pieces of wood, one approximately 8 feet long with the other being slightly shorter, and attach the smaller piece perpendicular to the longer piece about 1/4 of the way from the top. Then plant it in the their lawn and use the conveniently located flames of their home to ignite the newly constructed “T” shaped device.

10/6/2010 1:45:42 PM
Whom Would Jesus Burn Out?

10/6/2010 1:41:09 PM
Yes, he failed to pay. Yes, that was foolish of him. That said, fire protection is such an important part of local government’s role that it’s unethical to offer the service on a pay-to-play basis. It runs against the very purpose of society - Christian or otherwise - for a municipal crew of trained professionals in possession of the resources to fight a fire to refuse to do so over a mere $75.

10/6/2010 1:40:10 PM
No. You are wrong. Period.

10/6/2010 1:35:21 PM
Who is my neighbor? I’m sure glad Jesus told a story about personal responsibility when asked that question.

10/6/2010 1:23:45 PM
Your argument assumes that, if one person chooses to behave irresponsibly and the mature, responsible, intelligent, compassionate people of the world help him, then, suddenly, those people will become stupid and think that it’s OK if we all make the same mistakes that the first guy did.

10/6/2010 1:05:18 PM
If secularist means caring for your neighbor as you would yourself, then sign me up.

10/6/2010 12:50:35 PM
Yeah, Jesus would have let the place burn. You’re a moron.

10/6/2010 12:48:49 PM
Mr. Fischer; I think you are Rightly Insane in trying to propose WWJD and quoting Mr. Cranick Have you interviewed both? BTW, this FD has made exceptions to this no-fee rule before.

10/6/2010 12:46:20 PM
Somehow, I get the feeling Jesus preached charity a lot more frequently than he preached “it’s your own fault, suck it up.” But no, I guess not. I must be thinking of Mohammad, or one of those other crazies. As a side note, I like the feminine/masculine comparisons going on in this piece. I bet you feel real manly right now, Broseph.

10/6/2010 12:36:51 PM
Bryan, I believe you are the one that has adopted a worldview that is in fact not Christian but rather is American. I wish you would simply admit you love America more than you love Jesus Christ and stop using the name of Jesus Christ to push your distorted view of Christianity. Read the Sermon on the Mount, read the parable of the Good Samaritan, read James 1:27. Your interpretation of the parable of the ten virgins is wrong at best and blasphemous at worst.

How much longer can people like Bryan Fischer, Sharron Angle, Jim Demint, Glenn Beck, Michele Bachmann, Rand Paul, Joe Miller, and people who “think” like them share the same country with the rest of us??? My lovely and perceptive better half, Tara, has been saying for years that a distinctly uncivil war was coming, and I always laughed that off, but I’m not so sure anymore. What’s going on in our society today is ROTTEN and if you take certain things to their logical conclusions, it’s not very pretty. Not at all.

Posted by Richard Metzger | Discussion
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New fresh low for Fox News: Did the Bible Predict the Global Economic Meltdown?


“For Christians who really kind of read the Scriptures, and believe in them and believe in these prophecies, this is really wonderful stuff. But for people outside the Christian church, what you’re talking is really crazy stuff.”


It would be really, really difficult to come up with the definitive dumbest Fox News segment ever—anything with Steve Doocey would have to be a frontrunner, no matter what the topic might be—but I would nominate the above clip to be, at the very least, amongst the lowest depths of anti-intellectual foolishness that Fox has ever sunk.

Want proof positive that Rupert Murdoch is laughing in your face as he banks billions? Then watch in horror as Christian pinhead Dr. David Jeremiah—who obviously did his research looking through Chick Tracts and Left Behind novels—discusses how the current state of the economy indicates we’re in the “Endtimes” as foretold in the (batshit crazy, epically nonsensical) “Book of Revelations.” and that Obama, natch, is the Antichrist. Line up the rubes, Rupe!

Now consider the notion, just for a moment, it’s too painful, of Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee, Mike Pence or ___________,  (fill in the blank for the next Republican theocrat shit-for-brains who’ll throw their hat into the 2012 Presidential race) with their finger on the nuclear button. Laugh all you want, these clowns are going to kill us all. But that’s okay because Jesus will come back and take all the believers and Fox News viewers and teabaggers to Heaven to be with the invisible father figure in in the sky.

A sampling of the YouTube comments:

“That man is insane. The last 15 seconds are chilling, this asshole wants the world to end and sees it as the “ultimate solution”. If this clown is right and his Jesus comes back, billions will suffer and die and he calls it a message of “hope and joy.”

“You people who constantly bash people like David Jeremiah will be on the other side of the Rapture wishing you’d listened to him. Your fate in is your own hands.”

“The solution to Armageddon: Tell them to believe in a magic and big men in the sky instead of taking real action and trying to avoid it. Christians are so hell-bent on seeing the world end.”

Take one loony, give him a suit and tie, give him a hair cut, airbrush his face and VOILA a respectable looking loony.  How could we have been fooled by this?”

“Wait. His example for the evils of ‘consolidation’ is the use of the word ‘czar’ to describe administration positions? A word, a nickname, that has been used for years by both Republican and Democratic presidents? THAT’S your consolidation that’s a harbinger of Armageddon? Not corporate consolidation. Not the increasing merging of corporate and political interests, like, I dunno, say… FOX NEWS? Well for fuck’s sake. Looking for the hand of Satan in the world, it’s this guy.”

This is fucked up. Watching this clip, I felt violence welling up inside me.

Via Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs

Posted by Richard Metzger | Discussion
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The dance craze that can break your dick
11:47 pm

Current Events

dancehall reggae



Doctors from local hospitals in Kingston, Jamaica, report that they’ve been seeing a record number of broken dicks in the past few months. They attribute this to the increased popularity of daggering. Dr Alverston Bailey advised men to seek medical help if they suspect their penises have been broken. Signs of a fractured penis include a loud popping noise, followed by excruciating pain, swelling, and sometimes blood.

Reggae dance craze daggering has been banned in Jamaica, but no amount of banning can keep a good thing down…unless it gets broken. As a public service to Dangerous Minds readers, here’s an instructional video from Major Lazer that could save you from unwanted suffering.


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Michigan homophobe Andrew Shirvell, the prequel: Been there, done that—back in 2005!

Andrew Shirvell, the asshat Assistant Attorney General in Michigan who made headlines this week for his cyber-bullying of Chris Armstrong, a gay student body president at the University of Michigan, actually has a history of being outspoken about his anti-homosexual views. This man needs to be medicated.

Read all about it in this July 18, 2005 article titled “Gay pride sticker sparks controversy at pizzeria” from The Michigan Daily:

Members of a local student-oriented Catholic parish received an e-mail last week urging them to boycott the New York Pizza Depot on East William Street because of a gay pride rainbow sicker on its front door.

The sticker has upset some people, including Andrew Shirvell, an NYPD customer and member of St. Mary’s Student Parish, located down the street from NYPD.

Shirvell, a University alumnus and former president of Students for Life, said the sticker is offensive because it endorses homosexuality instead of simply tolerating it.

“I find the rainbow flag offensive because it is a symbol of the homosexual movement that, in my opinion, indicates a validation of the homosexual lifestyle, as opposed to a sign that indicates ‘openness’ to customers who are of the homosexual orientation,” he said.

Jaya Kalra, a co-chair for Stonewall Democrats, said that it was very surprising that a parishioner reacted so strongly to the sticker, especially because she knows that St. Mary’s has been supportive in the past.

Actually, it’s not all that surprising coming from Mr. Shirvell is it? Have you seen him? You hardly have to be Nostradomus to see where this one is headed… Cue the inevitable Funny or Die parody clip with Paul Reubens playing Shirvell!

Shirvell said he does not speak on behalf of the St. Mary’s church or parish, but that he does think it is necessary for them to know that this has occurred.

“I was solely acting in my capacity as a parishioner of St. Mary’s in communicating to my fellow parishioners what was going on, again, since many St. Mary’s parishioners frequent NYPD after weekend masses,” Shirvell said. “In my e-mail, I in no way indicated that I spoke on behalf of the parish or any of its ministries, including the Student Social Justice group.”

Timothy Wright, operations director and pastoral associate for St. Mary’s Student Parish, said St. Mary’s does not discriminate against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered Catholics.

Wright said that Shirvell does not have any official status as a spokesman for the church and that Shirvell’s view on this matter is in opposition to the majority of the parish.

Wright added that of the people he had spoken to about Shirvell’s statements, he could not find many who agreed with him.

“Most of the people — at least of the people I’m at work with — more were outraged and indignant about (Shirvell’s) posture than (the sticker itself),” he said.

After watching Shirvell’s boss, Mike Cox, defend this creep on Anderson Cooper’s show last night, the thought that occurred to me is how Shirvell is undoubtedly harming his chances for gainful future employment. Clearly the guy would be a total liability for any professional law firm to take on. This excercise in hatred, intolerence and utterly pathetic childishness will follow this idiot for HIS ENTIRE CAREER. Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm wants him fired. Everytime someone will google this fool for the rest of his life, what is going to come up about him? Who would hire him after a single Google search? And he seems OBLIVIOUS to how stupid he looks. What a trainwreck this dude is.

Then again, maybe there is a niche market in Michigan for criminal defense lawyers for homophobes and cyber-bullies? He’s their advocate!

And in a related story, there were four suicides of gay teens this week...

Posted by Richard Metzger | Discussion
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Michigan Assistant Attorney General stalks gay college president

Andrew Shirvell, Michigan Assistant Attorney General, has got to be one of the single most ridiculous people living in America today and that is REALLY SAYING SOMETHING. The guy is a fucking clown. It’s unbelievable that he’s still in his position. You can read the backstory here.

You have to hand it to Anderson Cooper, he’s really sticking it to some people who deserve it this week. This fellow is the very definition of “dickhead.” Watch it for the comedy of it all and laugh until you cry.

Previously on Dangerous Minds: Anderson Cooper vs. Islamphobic Hillbilly Republican congressional candidate

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White America Has Lost Its Mind

Hey, you know something people? I’m not black, but there’s a whole lots a times. I wish I could say I’m not white”—Frank Zappa, “Trouble Every Day”

There is a well-written, fascinating—but fucking depressing—cover story (avec an awesome Drew Friedman cover illustration) by Steven Thrasher in the Village Voice today. Not much for me to add to this, I snarked myself into exhaustion yesterday, just read it and weep amongst yourselves:

About 12:01 on the afternoon of January 20, 2009, the white American mind began to unravel.

It had been a pretty good run up to that point. The brains of white folks had been humming along cogently for near on 400 years on this continent, with little sign that any serious trouble was brewing. White people, after all, had managed to invent a spiffy new form of self-government so that all white men (and, eventually, women) could have a say in how white people were taxed and governed. White minds had also nearly universally occupied just about every branch of that government and, for more than two centuries, had kept sole possession of the leadership of its executive branch (whose parsonage, after all, is called the White House).

But when that streak was broken—and, for the first time, a non-white president accepted the oath of office—white America rapidly began to lose its grip.

As with other forms of dementia, the signs weren’t obvious at first. After the 2008 election, when former House majority leader Tom DeLay suggested that instead of a formal inauguration, Barack Obama should “have a nice little chicken dinner, and we’ll save the $125 million,” black folks didn’t miss the implication. References to chicken, particularly of the fried variety, have long served as a kind of code when white folks referred to black people and their gustatory preferences—and weren’t many of us already accustomed to older white politicians making such gaffes? But who among us sensed that it was a harbinger that an entire nation was plunging into madness?

Who didn’t chuckle, after all, the first time they heard that white people had doubts that Barack Obama had even been born in the United States and was therefore ineligible to be president? It sounded like one of those Internet stories in which some (usually white) writer does his best to prove something everyone knows to be true is actually the exact opposite. And you go along with it for a few paragraphs to see how long the writer can convince you that what you know is right is actually wrong.

Seemed like that, didn’t it? After all, what was the beef? Obama’s father was Kenyan, and the kid was born in Hawaii—which is barely a part of the United States to begin with (only a state in 1959!). His mother was white, and after the Kenyan guy left, she married an Indonesian guy, so little Barack lived in Jakarta for a while before coming back to Hawaii to be brought up largely by his white grandparents. . . . And that’s it? Come on, this was after-school-special material, the kind of thing that brings a tear to your eye because little half-Kenyan/half-white Barry made good, not the stuff of conspiracy novels.

But the more you shook your head at it, the more it seemed to have taken root deep in the lizard part of the white nervous system. Obama is not an American. He says he’s Christian, but he has a Muslim-sounding name. He’s not black, he’s not white. . . . Is . . . is he even human?

Today, Newsweek has found, nearly a quarter of Americans believe that Obama is a Muslim, with barely 42 percent of the nation accepting his claim that he’s a Christian. CNN finds that a quarter of Americans also believe that Obama was “probably or definitely” born in another country.

Harris found in an online poll that 14 percent of Americans believe in their hearts that President Barack Obama is the antichrist, with nearly a quarter of Republicans saying so.

Read more of White America Has Lost Its Mind (Village Voice)

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