Goblin play live in the UK tonight & tomorrow
08:00 am



Yes, that’s THE Goblin, Italian prog supremos and soundtrack authors of Suspiria, Dawn Of The Dead, Tenebrae, Deep Red and more. Not only will this be the first time the band have played in Scotland and the North-West, but this will be their first shows in the UK featuring founder member Claudio Simonetti.

I know, right?! I haven’t been as excited about a gig in years!

OK, I know this is only relevant to readers in the UK, but amazingly there are tickets left for both shows (why haven’t they sold out?), so if you live in Newcastle/Gateshead or Glasgow, there’s still time to catch the band in action. I’ve had my ticket for ages - it wasn’t cheap but it wasn’t extortionate (£22 inc booking fee - it’s cheaper in Gateshead) and this is GOBLIN we’re talking about here. Beloved of horror afficianados, prog rock fans, electronica and dance artists, break spotters, goths, metal-heads, sleuths, zombie hunters and Black Forest headmistresses alike.
Tonight Goblin play at The Sage in Gateshead, with support from Warm Digits.

Tomorrow they play The Arches in Glasgow, as part of the city’s Film & Music Festival, with a special occult-cinema manifestation from the band OV.

Tickets are available directly from the venues (follow the links above) or from Ticketmaser (here’s links to The Sage and The Arches).
If you don’t go, here is what you are missing:
Goblin - “Tenebrae” live in Paris 2009

Goblin - “Suspiria” live in London 2009

Goblin - “Profondo Rosso” aka “Deep Red” live in Paris 2009

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Vee & Simonetti: Italian Disco So Mysterioso

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‘Murmurs Of Middle-Earth’: A sweet new remix from Pogo
12:02 am


Nick Bertke
Murmurs Of Middle-Earth

“Murmurs Of Middle-Earth,” a new work in progress from Australia-based remix wizard Pogo, is one of the sweeter things I’ve heard in the past couple of days. Pogo is a bit of a one trick pony, but I like the trick and still find it alluring.

Pogo, Nick Bertke, will be kicking off a tour of the USA in March. I’m wondering how his work will translate to a live context. Word is he’ll be at SXSW and if so I’ll be there to see for myself.

Via Pogo

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Zimoun redux: Cardboard and swarf symphonies
01:52 pm



Zimoun is a simply wonderful Swiss installation artist that I’ve blogged about previously. Here is some of his quite recent work from shows in San Francisco and Quebec. Somehow the combination of the soft, yet industrial materials amassed in large numbers coupled with the live acoustics leads one to think of any combination of rain, the purring of cats or distant, menacing drummers.


More Zimoun installation clips after the jump…

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John Boehner wah-wah pedal: A face you wanna stomp on

“Crybaby” oil on steel wah-wah pedal, 4"x10"x3”

Amusing John Boehner wah-wah pedal entitled “Crybaby” by San Francisco-based artist Jesse Wiedel.

Thanks, Kenneth Thomas!

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Dangerous Minds Radio Hour Episode 16: Transmissions From Telos
10:21 am


Dangerous Minds Radio Hour

A special guest Dangerous Minds Radio Hour from the San Francisco band Lumerians.

Most of this set are vinyl rips we tracked the other night in Marc’s living room. The whisky was flowing free and so were we. This is real shit. We wanted to showcase our top favorites that we’ve been digging the past couple years as opposed to songs that are obscure for obscure’s sake. If folks get turned on to new music that’s definitely and added bonus. There is heavy San Francisco representation of bands old and new: Chrome, Magnetic Stripper and Bronze as well as a whirlwind trip through Latin America and Africa before returning to the English speaking world with a brief detour in lesser Korea. At the end you can hear Tyler actually breaking Marc’s record needle. Reentry burns every time.

01: Dick Hyman - “Topless Dancers of Corfu”
02: Orchestre Poly Rythmo de Cotonou - “Noude Ma Gnin Tche De Me”
03: Chrome - “Eyes in the Center”
04: Magnetic Stripper - “Extended Play”
05: Fabulous Diamonds -“Track 3”
06: Os Bongos - “Kazukata”
07: The Psychedelic Aliens - “Gbe Keke Wo Taoo”
08: Hydra - “Homem Com “H”
09: Sabu - “Choferito”
10: The Doves - “Mercury”
11: The Clean - “Point That Thing Somewhere Else”
12: Wire - “On Returning”
13: Bronze - “Parallels”
14: Teeth Mountain - “Soft Beast”
15: Jorge Ben - “Errare Humanum Est”
16: Shin Jung Hyun and the Men - “Twilight”
17: Dick Hyman - “The Minotaur”

Download this week’s episode
Subscribe to the Dangerous Minds Radio Hour podcast at iTunes

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Control: Spoek Mathambo & Pieter Hugo team up for wild Joy Division cover/video
10:49 am


Joy Division
Pieter Hugo
Spoek Mathambo

We’ve posted before about both South African artist Spoek Mathambo and amazing photographer Pieter Hugo (his book Nollywood is sitting on a coffeetable 10 feet away from me as I type this) and wow, their new collobaoration on this video for Spoek’s fucking brilliant cover of Joy Division’s “She’s Lost Control” is nothing short of simply astonishing.

You think there’s nothing new under the sun, jaded reader? That every good idea has already been used up by music video directors? Guess again because this will knock your socks off!

Via Dazed Digital:

‘Control’, the fourth single from Spoek Mathambo‘s debut album Mshini Wam, is a ‘darkwave township house’ cover of the Joy Division classic ‘She’s Lost Control’. In collaboration with one of South Africa’s most influential photographers Pieter Hugo, and cinematographer Michael Cleary, the new video explores township cults and teen gangs. Shot on location in a squatted train boarding house in Langa, Cape Town, the video features a cast mostly made up of local neighborhood kids who run their own dance troop, Happy Feet. Spoek Mathambo has been pioneering a progressive take on African music for the last few years via his DJing (as HIVIP), solo and live band projects, having featured on Boysnoize Records and Top Billin.

Directed and shot by Pieter Hugo & Michael Cleary. Edited by Richard Starkey


Previously on Dangerous Minds:
Voodoo Dubstep: Cape Town, South Africa’s rising star, Spoek Mathambo

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‘Smack My Bitch Up’ performed by The Beatles

The Beatles “perform” “Smack My Bitch Up” at Shea Stadium, 1965.

Initially, I thought this video was going to be terrible, but the editing by YouTuber pleaseunhelpme is so damn clever I ended up enjoying the hell out it.

(via KFMW)

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The Young Lady’s Post-Punk Handbook, Volumes 1-3
05:01 am



Volume One (1978 - 1983)

01 [00:00]  Laurie Anderson – “Example #22″ (‘Big Science,’ 1982)
02 [02:48]  Delta 5 – “Innocenti” (‘See the Whirl,’ 1981)
03 [04:54]  The Go-Go’s – “Automatic” (‘Beauty & The Beat,’ 1981)
04 [07:40]  Raincoats – “Red Shoes” (‘Odyshape,’ 1981)
05 [10:28]  X – “The Once Over Twice” (‘Wild Gift,’ 1981)
06 [13:01]  Flying Lizards – “Her Story” (‘Flying Lizards,’ 1979)
07 [17:17]  Jane Hudson – “Mystery Chant” (‘Flesh,’ 1983)
08 [21:00]  Crass – “Smother Love” (‘Penis Envy,’ 1981)
09 [22:46]  Blondie – “Heart of Glass” (‘Parallel Lines,’ 1978)
10 [27:17]  Sonic Youth – “I Dreamed I Dream” (‘Sonic Youth’ EP, 1982)
11 [31:55]  Selecter – “On My Radio” (‘Too Much Pressure,’ 1980)
12 [34:54]  Marine Girls – “A Place in the Sun” (‘Lazy Ways,’ 1983)
13 [37:26]  Lizzy Mercier-Descloux – “Funky Stuff” (‘Mambo Nassau,’ 1981)
14 [41:34]  Weekend – “Nostalgia” (‘La Varieté,’ 1982)

[Total Time: 45:18] Download here. 

Volume Two (1979 - 1983)

01 [00:00]  Family Fodder – “Savoir Faire” (Monkey Banana Kitchen, 1980)
02 [02:23]  Au Pairs – “It’s Obvious” (Playing With a Different Sex, 1981)
03 [08:43]  Chris & Cosey – “This Is Me” (Heartbeat, 1981)
04 [11:42]  Plastics – “Back to Wigtown” (Origato Plastico, 1980)
05 [14:20]  Pylon – “Cool” (Cool/Dub 7″, 1979)
06 [17:18]  The Slits – “Love und Romance” (Cut, 1979)
07 [19:46]  Siouxsie & The Banshees – “Lunar Camel” (Kaleidoscope, 1980)
08 [22:43]  The B-52′s – “52 Girls” (The B-52′s, 1979)
09 [26:19]  Swamp Children – “Boy” (Little Voices EP, 1981)
10 [29:36]  Y Pants – “That’s The Way Boys Are” (Beat It Down, 1982)
11 [32:30]  Antena – “Camino Del Sol” (Camino Del Sol, 1982)
12 [36:15]  Vivien Goldman – “Launderette” (Launderette 7″, 1981)
13 [39:14]  Cocteau Twins – “But I’m Not” (Garlands, 1982)
14 [41:55]  Thick Pigeon – “Jess + Bart (Mix)” (Unreleased [Miranda Dali bonus], 1983)

[Total Time: 45:10] Download here.

Volume 3 (1980 - 1983)

01 [00:00]  Creatures – “Miss The Girl” (Feast, 1983)
02 [02:27]  Eurythmics – “Sing-Sing” (In the Garden, 1981)
03 [06:30]  Phew – “Doze” (Phew, 1981)
04 [09:57]  E.S.G. – “Moody” (ESG EP, 1981)
05 [12:47]  Maximum Joy – “Searching for a Feeling” (Station M.X.J.Y., 1982)
06 [17:01]  Los Microwaves – “La Voix Humane” (Life After Breakfast, 1982)
07 [19:44]  Ludus – “My Cherry is in Sherry” (The Seduction, 1981)
08 [22:24]  Crash Course in Science – “Cardboard Lamb” (Signals from Pier Thirteen EP, 1981)
09 [24:57]  Grace Jones – “Nightclubbing” (Nightclubbing, 1981)
10 [29:57]  Lydia Lunch – “Gloomy Sunday” (Queen of Siam, 1980)
11 [32:46]  Marilyn & The Movie Stars – “So Disgraceful” (So Disgraceful EP, 1982)
12 [36:16]  Young Marble Giants – “Music for Evenings” (Colossal Youth, 1980)
13 [39:19]  The Pretenders – “Lovers of Today” (Pretenders, 1980)

[Total Time: 45:14] Download here.

A set of 3 female-centric, post-punk mixes from the Musicophilia blog. To quote:

In a way, it seems slightly odd to explore “the role of women in post-punk” because I don’t want to ghettoise or marginalise it–women were so central that there is none of the feeling of searching for exceptions to the rule here: many of the artists featured are Big Names, who’d make any top-40 list of Most Important Post-Punk Bands.  However, singling women out only illustrates their centrality: you could play these mixes for a post-punk neophyte, and they would come away with a good sense of the breadth and depth of the fertile era/ethos; but they might not even notice, if you didn’t point it out, that the mix focuses on women.

Full article here.

Thanks to Sian Williams.

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‘Wesley Willis, The Daddy of Rock ‘n’ Roll’: Full length documentary

The good people at See Of Sound continue to offer stellar rock documentaries over on their Youtube channel and I’m pleased to be able to showcase them here at Dangerous Minds for your viewing pleasure.

Wesley Willis: The Daddy Of Rock ‘n’ Roll directed by Daniel Bitton is a sweet, non-exploitive documentary about the weirdly wonderful, tormented, talented and irascible Wesley Willis who died at the age of 40 in 2003.

God gave me this rock career to keep me busy. Back in 1991 I used to hit old people with folding chairs. Suddenly, I moved to the north side of Chicago, Illinois in 1992. It made a rock star out of me at last. I’m the daddy of rock n roll! I’m Wesley Willis, I’m 36 years old. I play music and do art. I have schizophrenia. I have chronic schizophrenia. Roger Lee Carpenter asked me for $600. He told me that if I dont give him $600, he was going to blow my brains out. Thats when I started hearing demons. I have three demons: Nervewrecker, Heartbreaker, and Meansucker….I yell, I scream, I holler at people on buses.”

Willis recorded several hundred songs that were like mini-explosions in a pop culture fireworks factory. Obscene, hilarious, poignant, surreal and angry, Willis had a unique take on the modern world and there will never be another like him.

Via See Of Sound

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Nina Simone: in the name of freedom

Eunice Kathleen Waymon was born 77 years ago today in the tiny town of Tryon, North Carolina. As Nina Simone, she’d go on to become the most powerful singer/songwriter of the Civil Rights era, blending the rawest aspects of jazz, blues, soul, and gospel into a unique style that buoyed her message of liberation.

As a generation of despots falls in the Middle East and people confront the forces of greed in Wisconsin, it seems apropos to recall what Simone bestowed on the world…

After the jump: Simone repossesses the Beatles’ “Revolution” and Billie Holiday’s “Strange Fruit” in the name of avant-garde freedom blues…

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