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Send a dick lollipop to Donald Trump
09:00 am

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Once upon a time, I naively believed America was all about the pursuit of happiness, fast food, the right to bear arms and so on and so forth. But I learnt pretty quick that if America is about anything it’s about the right to make a buck out of everything. From healthcare to war—and peace—-politics and Presidential elections—everything in America has a price tag, which devalues the worth of everything.

Even protesting the things you hate costs money.

I only mention this as it’s now possible to show your contempt for Donald Trump by sending him a dick lollipop in the mail.

Yes! For just $9.99 (p+p included) you can send a suckable pink phallus-shaped candy straight to the Donald at his Trump Tower penthouse.

The company behind this Send Dicks to Donald even give their reasons (as if any were required) why you should send a dick to Donald:

To say 2016 has been a shit show is an understatement. However the most bizarre and frightening of headlines has been that the next president may be the most power hungry, immature, psychopathic piece of shit to ever walk the face of the earth.

Since the beginning of his campaign he’s preached racism, ignorance, and misogyny. Trump rallies have become a place where people known for their love of NASCAR and fucking their cousins gather for a white power rally without calling it that. Anybody with a higher IQ than a potato knows the turd you took this morning is more qualified for commander-in-chief than he is. So what would a Trump presidency look like?

1) A nuclear holocaust started over a Twitter war.
2)  All American-born minorities being deported to their ethnicity’s homeland.
3)  A revival of Celebrity Apprentice for a shot at Vice President.
4)  Facts are banned.
5)  Forced unpaid maternity leave for all women in the work force despite them having children or not.
6) It’s revealed that repulsive excuse for hair on top of his head is really an alien parasite using him as a host body with one mission: Destroy earth from the top-down, one ignorant statement at a time.

Perhaps a tad over the top—or perhaps not, your mileage may vary—but everyone needs a good sales pitch.

The whole reason for this project is to stop the stream of BS coming out of Trump’s mouth… by putting a dick in it.

Well a lollipop in the shape of a dick that is. has one message: ‘Eat a dick, Donald Trump!’

The lollipop will be sent anonymously. Personally for my $9.99 I would want Trump to know that I’d sent him a dick in the mail—but each to their own.

Send a dick to Donald here.
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Finally, campaign swag that treats Donald Trump with the respect he deserves!
12:32 pm



September has been white-knuckle season for all good-minded opponents of the unbelievable Republican nominee for President, Donald Trump. In recent weeks Kellyanne Conway, Stephen Bannon and Roger Ailes somehow managed to get Trump to pull more or less even with the front-runner, Hillary Clinton. On Monday, Clinton had a very effective performance in the first debate against the harrumphing and hapless mansplainer, and it may just be the trick that puts the race out of reach for Trump—we can only hope!

In the meantime, you need a way to register your opposition to Trump, and Hillary’s lawn signs, God bless ‘em, don’t strike quite the right tone for a monster as malignant as the Donald. No, for that you should consider Pins Won’t Save The World, a suite of funny, rude, blunt campaign swag put out by Sagmeister & Walsh that is a perfect commentary on politics as it is conducted in 2016.

You can acquire the colorful and profane imagery in several forms: pins ($8), T-shirts ($18-$26), stickers ($1), patches ($10), posters ($20). Some of the best pins are already sold out, unfortunately, but there’s plenty of good stuff still available.


More terrific anti-Trump gear after the jump…..

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King Turd: This absurdist play from 1896 could have been written about President Trump!
01:49 pm

Current Events
Stupid or Evil?


Poster design for a re-interpreted version of Alfred Jarry’s ‘Ubu Roi’ from 2013 in which the tale of Donald Trump’s golf course development in Scotland follows the storyline of the play
French absurdist playwright Alfred Jarry’s Ubu Roi (“Ubu the King” or “King Turd”), a pre-Surrealist work, is considered an influential classic of French theatre. It originally premiered in 1896. There were three Ubu plays written by Jarry, but only one, Ubu Roi, was ever performed during his short lifetime (Jarry died at the age of 34 of tuberculosis. After he beckoned a friend to come closer, his whispered last word on his deathbed was allegedly “toothpick” or whatever it is that the French call them).

The Ubu trilogy was conceived to employ actors and marionettes in a vicious satire of greed, royalty, religion, stupidity and abuse of power by the wealthy. The two other plays were Ubu Cocu (“Ubu Cuckolded”) and Ubu Enchaîné (“Ubu in Chains”).

The protagonist “Père Ubu” (yes, this is obviously where the band’s name came from) was originally based on the teenage lampooning of a stuffy teacher written by two friends of Jarry’s from school, but Jarry expanded the plays and used the character as a vehicle for his howling critique of bourgeois society’s evils.

People absolutely hated the scandalous Ubu Roi—it was considered lewd, crude, vulgar and low—and its controversial author. At the premiere in Paris, it was booed for a good fifteen minutes after the first word, “Merdre!” (his coining for “shit,” deliberately close to the French merde and translated in English as “Pshit” or “Shittr!”), was spoken. Fist fights broke out in the orchestra pit. Jarry’s supporters yelled “You wouldn’t understand Shakespeare, either!” His detractors rejoined with their variations on the theme of “shit.”

William Butler Yeats was apparently in the audience that night in 1896 and is alleged to have said “What more is possible? After us, the Savage God.”

I can think of something… or rather *someone*...

The play was accused of being politically subversive, the work of an anarchist mindfucker or even that it was a “hoax” designed to hoodwink a gullible middle-class audience with metaphorical shit that some of them, at least, would say tasted good.

Again, this seems so freaking familiar, doesn’t it?

Not that an absurdist agitator like Alfred Jarry cared about any of this. Characters had names like “MacNure,” “Pissweet” and “Pissale.” Confrontationally pissing off the audience was practically the entire point for him. Ubu’s scepter, after all, was a shit-smeared toilet brush.

A ship of fools in a sea of shit…

Via Wikipedia:

According to Jane Taylor, “The central character is notorious for his infantile engagement with his world. Ubu inhabits a domain of greedy self-gratification.” Jarry’s metaphor for the modern man, he is an antihero—fat, ugly, vulgar, gluttonous, grandiose, dishonest, stupid, jejune, voracious, cruel, cowardly and evil—who grew out of schoolboy legends about the imaginary life of a hated teacher who had been at one point a slave on a Turkish Galley, at another frozen in ice in Norway and at one more the King of Poland. Ubu Roi follows and explores his political, martial and felonious exploits, offering parodic adaptations of situations and plot-lines from Shakespearean drama, including Macbeth, Hamlet and Richard III: like Macbeth, Ubu—on the urging of his wife—murders the king who helped him and usurps his throne, and is in turn defeated and killed by his son; Jarry also adapts the ghost of the dead king and Fortinbras’s revolt from Hamlet, Buckingham’s refusal of reward for assisting a usurpation from Richard III and The Winter’s Tale‘s bear.

“There is,” wrote Taylor, “a particular kind of pleasure for an audience watching these infantile attacks. Part of the satisfaction arises from the fact that in the burlesque mode which Jarry invents, there is no place for consequence. While Ubu may be relentless in his political aspirations, and brutal in his personal relations, he apparently has no measurable effect upon those who inhabit the farcical world which he creates around himself. He thus acts out our most childish rages and desires, in which we seek to gratify ourselves at all cost.” The derived adjective “ubuesque” is recurrent in French and francophone political debate.

Sound like anyone you watched in a debate last night who made a total ass of himself in front of one of the largest television audiences in history?

All that was missing was the fucking shit-smeared toilet brush if you ask me….
More absurdity after the jump…

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Those notorious naked Trump statues are starting to be released to the wild
10:30 am



As Dangerous Minds—and pretty much every online source of news or cultural info—reported about a month ago, an edition of five utterly monstrous and hilarious statues of a nude Donald Trump, titled “The Emperor Has no Balls,” appeared all at once in five American cities, namely Los Angeles, Seattle, New York, San Francisco, and Cleveland. Most of those statues were seized by police almost immediately upon their discovery, and all of them are meeting very different fates.

Most notably, the City of Cleveland Heights has released its confiscated statue to the sculptor, Joshua “Ginger” Monroe, for a nominal impound fee of $110. Monroe got his start in haunted house design, has done work for Cirque de Soleil, and served as the director of Eli Roth’s now-defunct Goretorium in Las Vegas, his current city of residence. Cleveland boasts the distinction of being the only non-coastal city to host one of the original five, and it wasn’t chosen just because that city served as the venue for the RNC. There’s a more personal connection, as Monroe originally hails from the Cleveland suburb Garfield Heights, and he requested that one be placed in his hometown.

More after the jump…

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Grisly vintage North Korean anti-American propaganda art
02:12 pm



North Korea is the ultimate “safe space” where only one opinion matters and no dissent is allowed. Safe spaces stop the dialectic in its tracks—just like North Korea does not permit any serious critique of its Supreme Leader the “Shining Sun” Kim Jong-un. We may not dig what happens in our own western countries, but we are free to question, to protest and to instigate change.

We have the opportunity “[t]o see ourselves as others see us,” as the poet Robert Burns once wrote, which—one hopes—“would from many a blunder free us.”

These propaganda paintings show exactly how North Korea views America and by association the West. Fair dinkum.

The North Koreans and South Koreans suffered terrible atrocities at the hands of the American GIs during the Korean War. At one point during the conflagration the US had a “take no civilians policy” which led to hundreds, if not thousands, of deaths.

Atrocities were committed by all sides—but while those of North Korea and South Korea have been documented—those committed by the American Army only came to light after an investigation by the Associated Press in 1999. Here’s one example of the US Army handiwork:

Just weeks after the conflict had begun, up to two million refugees were streaming across the battlefield; they clogged the roads and the UN lines.

Under pressure and fearing North Korean infiltration, the US leadership panicked. Soon command saw all civilians as the enemy regardless. On 26 July the US 8th Army, the highest level of command in Korea, issued orders to stop all Korean civilians. ‘No, repeat, no refugees will be permitted to cross battle lines at any time. Movement of all Koreans in group will cease immediately.’ On the very same day the first major disaster involving civilians struck.

The stone bridge near the village of No Gun Ri spans a small stream. It is similar to a great many others that cross the landscape of South Korea, except that the walls of this bridge were, until very recently, pockmarked by hundreds of bullet holes. On the very day that the US 8th Army delivered its stop refugee order in July 1950, up to 400 South Korean civilians gathered by the bridge were killed by US forces from the 7th Cavalry Regiment. Some were shot above the bridge, on the railroad tracks. Others were strafed by US planes. More were killed under the arches in an ordeal that local survivors say lasted for three days.

‘The floor under the bridge was a mixture of gravel and sand. People clawed with their bare hands to make holes to hide in,’ recalls survivor Yang Hae Chan. ‘Other people piled up the dead like a barricade, and hid behind the bodies as a shield against the bullets.’

Corroborating the Korean survivors’ testimony are the accounts of 35 veterans of the 7th Cavalry Regiment who recall events at No Gun Ri. Perspectives differ, but the detailed memories of veterans recalling events burnt into their souls by their first days in combat are as painful as they are shocking.

‘There was a lieutenant screaming like a madman, fire on everything, kill ‘em all,’ recalls 7th Cavalry veteran Joe Jackman. ‘I didn’t know if they were soldiers or what. Kids, there was kids out there, it didn’t matter what it was, eight to 80, blind, crippled or crazy, they shot ‘em all.’

Along with the My Lai atrocity 20 years later in Vietnam, the killings discovered at No Gun Ri mark one of the largest single massacres of civilians by American forces in the 20th century.

The events of the war help turn North Korea into what it is today. Everything flows from the Supreme Leader. Every oppressive dictatorship implements a safe space—which should be a warning to all of us today.

I’m sure the following powerful anti-American paintings were successful in getting their message across, still I can’t help but think there is something very twee (dare I say bourgeoise?) about these paintings—like religious paintings for the already converted faithful or like GI comics or James Bond movies.
More paintings of evil GI Joes, after the jump…

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‘MAKE AMERICA HATE AGAIN’: Get your Mexican death metal anti-Trump shirts—from Walmart!
02:43 pm



When Brujeria arrived on the death metal scene in 1990, they announced their existence with the 7” “¡Demoniaco!.” Its cover was a cheap punk collage of extremely graphic crime photos probably culled from ¡ALARMA!, the infamously gory Mexican tabloid (accordingly graphic content at that link). The band was comprised of members of Faith No More, Fear Factory, and Napalm Death, but they hid their identities, pretending to be actual Mexican drug lords who hid their identities to keep law enforcement at bay. I’m not sure how many people bought into that preposterous conceit (though I know one person who did, JIM), but they kept the music and the gory artwork coming, releasing the classic “¡Machetazos!” single on Alternative Tentacles in 1992, then the 1993 full-length Matando Güeros, which instantly became notorious for sporting their nastiest cover yet—a hand from out-of-frame displaying a decomposing severed head.

Once the cat was out of the bag about the band’s true identities, it turned out that for the most part its members really were Latino—which made their “Macarena” parody “Marijuana” all the more potent and hilarious a stab, IMO—and the band has continually existed to this day, albeit with a massively revolving lineup. And as would seem sensible for a band partly comprised of Mexican-Americans, they really do not like Donald Trump, and to register their displeasure, they’ve released a t-shirt that swaps in the Donald’s shitlousy fucking head for the decaying head from Matando Güeros, complete with the necrotic skin on the nose. Do I need to warn you that graphic images of severed heads are graphic? I don’t, right?


Compounding the extremely dark humor in this is the fact that the shirt is being made available through Walmart. (I include a link to Walmart for illustrative purposes only, and I would encourage you, if you want one of these, to buy one elsewhere. They’re way less expensive on Amazon, and of course buying one from the band’s label is a more directly supportive option.) I understand this, actually—there are significant pockets of death metal fans in areas where Wallyworld is the only retail outlet, but are these shirts actually in stores? I would tend to doubt it, since far less graphic record covers have been banned from the chain. And on the political end of the discussion, while Trump’s opponent, Hillary Clinton, famously served on Walmart’s board from 1986 to 1992—at a time when she was married to the governor of Arkansas, where that chain is headquartered—it’s hard to imagine that company would officially or even privately support her candidacy over the virulently anti-ACA, anti-immigrant, anti-corporate tax, pro-wage depression Trump. On the other hand, Trump has talked about a 45% tariff on Chinese imports, which couldn’t possibly make Walmart very happy.

Brujeria’s new album Pocho Aztlan will be released on Friday.

Check out the lead-off single “Bruja” (and more) after the jump…

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Black Metal pioneer Fenriz of Darkthrone was elected to his local town council—against his will
04:35 pm



Drummer Gylve “Fenriz” Nagell has been with the band Darkthrone for 30 years, surviving not only its transition from its original form as a death metal band with the less-inspired name “Black Death,” but also surviving the extremely bumpy early years of Norwegian black metal, when arson and murder were the order of the day. Since then, the band—a duo of Fenriz and guitarist Ted “Nocturno Culto” Skjellum (both band members share bass and vocal duties—not a problem for gigs since they refuse to perform live anyway) has released 15 albums, and their 16th, Arctic Thunder, is due next month.

With 30 years and over a dozen albums to his name, it’s difficult to argue that Fenriz isn’t a pillar of his community—an exceedingly weird community, but hey, takes all kinds. But recently and quite hilariously, he’s become a pillar of a much more straight-laced community, by finding himself elected—quite against his will—to the town council of Kolbotn, Oslo, Norway, which is Darkthrone’s home base. According to Fact Mag:

“They called and asked if I wanted to be on the list [of backup representatives],” he explained. “I said yeah, thinking I would be like 18th on the list and I wouldn’t really have to do anything. They just need a list to be able to … well, it’s hard to talk local politics in another language.”

Never underestimate the power of a cute cat, though. Fenriz jokingly shared a photo of himself holding his cat (whose name roughly translates to Peanut Butter) specifically asking people to not vote for him. Now he will be required to serve as Councilman Gylve Fenris Nagell for four years before stepping down is an option.


This shit WORKS! Clearly there needed to be more cat pics of Bernie Sanders.

It’s easy to crack jokes about the seeming incongruity of a black metal O.G. serving as a straight politician, but as musicians in public service go, I’ll take Transilvanian Hunger over literally anything by Midnight Oil all goddamn day long. And Fenriz is no slouch in other regards—he could serve exceedingly well as a chronicler of heavy metal history. He’s curated the illuminating primer compilation The Best of Old-School Black Metal and maintained a band-of-the-week blog, and honestly, I really wish he’d just write a book already. He’s even done a video lecture on the history and influences of black metal, complete with chalkboard diagrams! It’s one of my favorite things.

Check it out, after the jump…

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Attention lefty hipsters: Stop it with the dumb f*cking Black Flag T-shirts celebrating Jill Stein
10:10 am



I’m writing this from Austria, where the Green Party routinely achieves 10-15% of the vote and a similar proportion of the seats in the legislature. Due to the vagaries of runoff voting systems, Green Party candidate Alexander Van der Bellen received a narrow majority of the votes in May to become the nation’s president (an almost entirely ceremonial figure), but the Austrian Constitutional Court annulled the result based on suspicion of tampering, resulting in a re-do of the election, in which it is devoutly to be hoped that Van der Bellen wins a second time, because the alternative is a far-right type named Hofer with vaguely Trumpy (i.e. anti-EU) views.

So that’s Austria. They have a real, functioning Green Party that provides actual services to residents just like regular elected officials do. In our two-party system, we unfortunately have a Green Party that seldom gets more than 1% of the vote in presidential elections and currently has a woman named Jill Stein running. Unlike Alexander Van der Bellen, Stein has somewhere south of zero of ever being elected POTUS.

All this is to explain why this rash of Black Flag T-shirts remixed to celebrate Jill Stein kind of piss me off. Say what you will about Black Flag’s take on punk, Jill Stein just has nothing to do with it, or them, in any way shape or form. Not tangentially, not at all. These “Green Flag” tees are not creative or witty mash-ups, they’re fucking stupid.

As a service here is a photograph of Dr. Jill Stein:

This picture reminds me of that time in 1980 when the Hermosa Beach cops kicked Black Flag out of town
Sorry to be so hard on Dr. Stein, but this was just the last straw. I’d love for the Greens to be putting up a really good candidate, but Stein just isn’t it. And I simply loathe these dumbshit shirts.

Here are some more pics of deluded hipsters (well, models) wearing these awful Black Flag shirts. Why are there so many varieties to choose from? Has anyone seen these out in the wild?

More nauseating “Green Flag” T-shirts after the jump…...

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‘Freedom for the Wolf’: The rise of Illiberal Democracy
03:50 pm

Class War


Earlier this year, at the opening ceremony for the fifth session of the Scottish Parliament, makar or national bard Jackie Kay read from her poem “Threshold.” The poem is a rallying call for people to come together and protect the nation’s “incipient democracy”:

Find here what you are looking for:
Democracy, in its infancy: guard her
Like you would a small daughter -
And keep the door wide open, not just ajar…

Though I don’t regard Scotland as nation with an infant democracy—our history tells us otherwise—it is fair to say the poem’s sentiment is well-intentioned—if a tad cutesy. Democracy must be guarded responsibly if we are to enjoy its freedoms.

The issues of freedom and democracy are at the heart of a new feature-length documentary by writer and director Rupert Russell. His film Freedom for the Wolf is epic in scale—covering events on four continents—finely made, thoughtful and nuanced. It examines how different people across the world—from Tunisian rappers to Indian comedians, from America’s #BlackLivesMatter activists to Hong Kong’s students—are joining the struggle for “the world’s most radical idea—freedom—and how it is transforming the world.”

This sounds all very exciting—though I don’t think the struggle for freedom as something new—it has been a central thread of human history for millennia. Yet every generation comes afresh to politics (most recently the Occupy Movement and Bernie Sanders revolution) and sex (Fifty Shades of Grey)—and so it is with Freedom for the Wolf.

That said, Russell’s film does highlight how different movements, primarily youth movements, are fighting the threat of governments combining dictatorships with democracy to create what is termed “illiberal democracies.” In other words, countries replacing real democratic freedom with consumerist choice—the right to liberty exchanged for the right to shop—or, as Juvenal put it, “bread and circuses.”
Occupy demonstrator in Hong Kong.
Rupert Russell was born and raised in England. He is the son of the brilliant film director Ken Russell. Rupert graduated from Cambridge University before he went on to study for a PhD in sociology under Orlando Patterson at Harvard University.

Patterson is a preeminent historical and cultural sociologist—best known for his work Freedom in the Making of Western Culture (1991), which won a National Book Award. Born in Jamaica, Patterson has long had an interest in the cultural meaning of freedom. His interest was inspired by his birth country’s association with slavery. Slavery has shaped our understanding of freedom. Patterson examined slavery from a long historical perspective pointing out that the derivation of the word slave comes from the ethnic group Slavs. Blond, blue-eyed Slavs were once the main ethnicity of slaves—further the “vast majority of slaves for over 2,000 years of Western history were white.” But it’s a different kind of slavery that threatens democracy today.

Patterson appears in Russell’s documentary and his work on freedom—what is it? what does it mean? how is it being eroded today?—underpin some of the film’s central themes—as Russell explained to me when I spoke with him over the phone:

Rupert Russell: Our original intention was to examine what freedom meant in different cultures around the world. I’d been thinking about freedom and the paradox of freedom for quite a while and I decided to do a bit of exploration into not only what freedom means in different cultures but how does it relate to power.

My advisor at Harvard during my PhD was Orlando Patterson who had already done quite extensive research on this. For example, he examined how ordinary Americans when you ask them to talk about “freedom” there were all kinds of things they said from being naked on a beach to driving their car. But invariably what they they didn’t talk about was voting.

Orlando’s hypothesis actually explains how people such as George Bush and other politicians of the Iraq war era were able to use the idea of freedom in the forefront of their rhetoric while at the same time eroding democratic institutions through things like the Patriot Act.

I was already aware there was a very sophisticated way to think about the relationship between freedom and power—the different definitions of freedom and how they can interplay with each other. How we may emphasise in a culture too much of a personal version of freedom and not connect that with a democratic or institutional version of freedom upon which our personal freedom depends.

More from Rupert Russell on ‘Freedom for the Wolf,’ after the jump…

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George Carlin recorded vicious anti-cop bit just before 9/11, now hear the uncensored material
10:27 am

They hate us for our freedom


Carlin being arrested in 1972
One distinct post-9/11 memory I have was purchasing Is This It, the debut album by The Strokes, and noticing that it was missing a track. It turns out the song “New York City Cops” had been removed—the NYPD had essentially been canonized and absolutely no one wanted to be seen as critical of first responders. It turns out the same thing happened to the great George Carlin, who recorded some some anti-police material just a few weeks prior to 9/11, only to have it shelved in the wake of terrorist attacks and subsequent ennobling of the NYPD. Now via SiriusXM’s “Carlin’s Corner” you can hear the offending bit below.

George Carlin, let’s not forget, had very good—and personal—reasons to resent the police, having been famously arrested himself for obscenity in Milwaukee in 1972 for performing his “Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television” routine—an off-duty police officer who was in the audience dropped a dime on him for using profanity onstage. As the well-known story goes, Carlin’s wife Brenda got onstage during her husband’s set to let him know that the police were congregating and waiting to arrest him. Carlin’s performance ran 30 minutes longer and he brought the house down, all the while making to ditch the cocaine in his pocket right before the cops nabbed him. Carlin only spent a few hours in jail and was freed on $150 bail, but it was a narrowly missed disaster over some dirty jokes.

The bit about cops, titled “Rats & Squealers” will be on the upcoming album of previously unreleased material I Kinda Like It When A Lotta People Die available from MPI Media/Eardrum Records on CD, limited edition vinyl and digital platforms on September 16, 2016.

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