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There’s a petition to make Black Sabbath’s ‘War Pigs’ the U.S. national anthem
03:56 pm



Who’s your favorite candidate for the presidency? The one who plans to carpet bomb ISIS? The one who wants to murder the families of terrorists? Or the architect of our disastrous intervention in Libya, who once threatened to nuke Iran? Whose saber-rattling do you think demonstrates the blithest disregard for civilian lives?

While bellicose enough to reflect our leaders’ thirst for human blood, our current national anthem has a few deficiencies. No one can sing it, its melody is ripped straight from “To Anacreon in Heaven,” and it has a truly awful third verse that disses slaves.

One Shannon Madden of Birmingham, Alabama, has proposed an elegant solution: replace “The Star-Spangled Banner” with Black Sabbath’s “War Pigs.” This is an idea whose time has come. For starters, you can sing it. “Satan, laughing, spreads his wings” is a more realistic image of the aftermath of our merry adventures than “our flag was still there.” And though I seldom take in a game of sports, on those rare occasions when I do, I would rather lend my voice to an Iommi, Osbourne, Butler and Ward composition than a song by a slave-holding anti-abolitionist. Wouldn’t you?

Sign the petition here.

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Socialist artist Vladimir Mayakovsky’s agitprop posters for revolutionary Russia
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Vladimir Vladimirovich Mayakovsky (1893-1930) was a poet, playwright, artist and actor. He cut a rather dashing, nay swashbuckling figure—with his shaved head and Crowleyan features—during the height of the Russian Revolution. He dressed like a dandy. He was hailed as the “artistic genius of the Revolution.” Performed poetry exhorting workers to rally to the cause. Produced plays that were considered the greatest of their day. And he created a series of agitprop posters—promoting news and political ideas—that became an art form launching a whole new approach to Soviet propaganda and graphic design.

In the 1980s, I was fortunate enough to see an exhibition of Mayakovsky’s artwork at the the Fruitmarket Gallery in Edinburgh. The exhibition was dominated by his bright, colorful posters with their (often simplistic) political messages. These fragile yellowed sheets of paper had once been displayed in shop windows or distributed to the countryside to inspire the largely illiterate Russian populace.

When he was a student in 1907, Mayakovsky claimed that he’d:

Never cared for fiction. For me it was philosophy, Hegel, natural sciences, but first and foremost, Marxism. There’d be no higher art for me than “The Foreword” by Marx.

He was expelled from college for non-payment of fees the following year. He then involved himself with the Bolsheviks—distributing leaflets, organizing meetings, and on one occasion he helped a female prisoner escape from jail. Such activities led to his eventual sentence of eleven months in prison. Here he started writing poetry and the fusion of “Revolution and poetry got entangled in [his] head and became one.”

On his release, Mayakovsky dedicated himself to the socialist cause. Not as a revolutionary leader but as an artist producing “Socialist Art.” He performed poetry, wrote plays, disseminated political pamphlets and produced agitprop posters. His work as a playwright and poet brought him considerable success and fame. He became the leading figure among the young revolutionary writers and artists of the day.

Come the Russian Revolution, Mayakovsky saw no question on what had to be done. He embraced the revolution wholeheartedly.  In 1919, he joined the Russian State Telegraph Agency (ROSTA). Here he was responsible for designing and writing many of the now legendary political posters. Unlike many of contemporaries, Mayakovsky kept to the tradition of hand-made posters—using linocut and stencils, rather than the more clean cut graphic design of Alexander Rodchenko—though the two did later collaborate on several designs.

Mayakovsky also embraced the artistic Futurist and Constructivist movements, which caused him to lose favor with some Party members including the new soviet leader Josef Stalin, who had replaced Lenin after his death in 1924.

During the 1920s, Mayakovsky became involved with the Left Art Front. In their manifesto the poet controversially stated the group’s policy as:

..[a] re-examining [of] the ideology and practices of the so-called leftist art, rejecting individualism and increasing Art’s value for the developing Communism…

As the decade progressed, Stalin implemented radical and oppressive changes which caused Mayakovsky to question the direction the Communist Party and the country were heading. He was deeply concerned by the oppression of the arts and the silencing of any dissenting voices. Mayakovsky raised some of his hopes and fears in a poem “Conversation with Comrade Lenin” in 1929, where he imagined himself giving a progress report to the dead soviet leader:

Without you,
        there’s many
              have got out of hand,

all the sparring
        and squabbling
                      does one in.
There’s scum
        in plenty
              hounding our land,

outside the borders
            and also

Try to
    count ’em
            tab ’em -
                  it’s no go,

there’s all kinds,
          and they’re
                  thick as nettles:
    red tapists,
              down the row,
They strut around
                as peacocks,
badges and fountain pens
                studding their chests.
We’ll lick the lot of ’em-
                  to lick ’em
is no easy job
        at the very best.

Stalin and his cronies branded Mayakovsky as a “fellow traveler”—which damned the poet as untrustworthy. A smear campaign was orchestrated against him. He was denounced in the press and loyal party members barracked him during poetry readings. It seemed his fate had been sealed.

On April 12th, 1930, Mayakovsky committed suicide by shooting himself through the heart. His suicide note read:

To all of you. I die, but don’t blame anyone for it, and please do not gossip. The deceased terribly disliked this sort of thing. Mother, sisters, comrades, forgive me—this is not a good method (I do not recommend it to others), but there is no other way out for me.

Mayakovsky’s agitprop posters were never intended to be exhibited in galleries or museums. They were propaganda used to spread revolutionary ideas, to satirize and expose injustices, and inspire the mass of the Russian public to take control of their lives. Ironically, the message was lost and it was the museums and galleries that have kept Mayakovsky’s art and ideas alive.
Do you want to join? (circa 1920).
More of Comrade Mayakovsky’s posters, after the jump…

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‘I am f*cking white!’: Acid-dropping Trump fanboy freaks out
11:22 am



A goofy bandanna-wearing Donald Trump supporter—allegedly high on acid according to one of his friends—had a major YUGE bad trip when Trump’s rally was cancelled in Chicago last Friday night.

The, um… “dude”—who looks like he belongs at a Phish show and not a fascist rally—is seen freaking out, shouting “Fuck you” over and over and giving police(?) the finger. Via Raw Story:

According to a tweet from John Sheehan — who uploaded the video — a friend of the Trump supporter confirmed that his buddy “was high on LSD (acid)” and “freaks out when he hears that the March 11 Trump Rally in Chicago is cancelled.”

Outside the arena, the man is confronted by protesters and the conversation becomes garbled, outside of a few more “f*ck yous” and “I am f*cking white!”

Prior to being lead away, his friend can be heard telling the protesters, “He’s really f*cked up.”

Ya think?

The video was uploaded by The Video Catalyst Project:

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Trump, Putin and Obama cat scratching posts
10:10 am



We’ve blogged about political leaders cat scratching posts before here on DM. Awesome, yes, but the problem with them was the price! Each one was selling for £4,500.00 a pop! That’s nuts! (At least it’s not practical).

If you just gotta have one, there’s a more affordable option: Politikats’ Trump, Putin and Obama cat scratching posts! So far they’re only prototypes and it’s on Kickstarter, but if Politikats’ make their goal, each one will retail for around $139.00. Not too bad.

My only complaint is that The Donald’s signature combover could be a bit more extreme. Also, he’s not orange enough. Or mean looking enough.

Having said that, I’d really love to see my cat tear the shit out of Donald Trump. She’d show him who was the pussy.





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‘Short-fingered vulgarian’: The Tumblr dedicated to Donald Trump’s tiny hands
10:14 am



A few days ago on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, Oliver revealed just how burned Donald Trump was over an old SPY magazine article from the 1980s by longtime Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter who described Trump as a “short-fingered vulgarian.” Apparently Trump was so damned upset over that particular slight that he has been sending Carter his finger tracings and photos of himself with his hands circled to prove that he wasn’t short-fingered ever since!

It’s something that must really get under his skin. Imagine President Trump meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Putin just won’t stop staring at his fingers. I think that would really wig Trump out.

Now there’s a Tumblr dedicated to Donald Trump’s tiny hands called “Short-Fingered Vulgarian.” Of course the images are ‘shopped, but you just know it’s pissing Trump off. I wonder how long it will take him to comment or tweet about it? Everyone should send it to him @realdonaldtrump.


More after the jump…

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Donald Trump versus Cassetteboy is pure evil genius
12:28 pm



“This could be the end of the world,” says Donald Trump in Cassetteboy’s perfect satirical cut ‘n’ splice of the Presidential hopeful’s true political ambitions.

Editing together seemingly innocent and unrelated sequences from Trump’s TV series The Apprentice, Cassetteboy has revealed the ugly truth about the billionaire megalomaniac and his ambitions for world domination…

As this comic nightmare suggests…“nobody is going to escape….” Watch before it gets pulled!


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HEY YOU: If you’ve been thinking about donating to Bernie, THERE’S A VERY GOOD REASON TO DO IT TODAY
01:07 pm

Class War


Design by Aaron Thornburgh
If you’ve been kinda sorta thinking about maybe donating to the Presidential campaign of Senator Bernie Sanders and you haven’t done it yet, today would be a very good day to stop procrastinating and actually do it: The Sanders campaign is trying to raise about $4 million dollars by the end of the day today, before the end of the month in other words, and before the Federal Election Commission’s monthly reporting deadline.

If that can be accomplished, it would mean that the Vermont senator, who has set grassroots fundraising records and raised an already astonishing $21.3 million in January from small dollar donors, will have nearly doubled that amount the following month. By comparison, Hillary Clinton raised $14.9 million in January. Ted Cruz, the leading Republican fundraiser for the month, took in $7.6 million.

The average donation to the Sanders campaign is $27. If you can afford $50, send that. If you can only afford to send $5, by all means, send it. It all adds up and it’s a chance to send a powerful message that the Sanders campaign is alive and well after the unfortunate drubbing he got in South Carolina.

But forget about that, America is a big country.

I want to see how Bernie does in California. I don’t think that I even know a single person who’s not all in for Bernie. I see no excitement, none, for HRC. I see plenty of excitement for Bernie.

Speaking of, have you seen the reputable polling showing that Bernie Sanders can beat Donald Trump and beat him handily? I’m not confident that Hillary Clinton can beat Trump. Democrats need to vote strategically, everyone agrees, so that we don’t have a wily vulgarian Republican strongman orangutan with cotton candy hair and a spray-tan moving into the White House and redecorating it like a certain gaudy Fifth Ave apartment building/tourist trap. Bernie’s lead over Trump is, as both men might say “YUGE.” Numbers don’t lie.

Want to beat Donald Trump and help America win our collective IQ test? Please consider donating to the Bernie Sanders campaign today.

If you still believe that it’s possible to beat back the oligarchs, please support Bernie Sanders and pass this on via Facebook and Twitter. And just remember DO IT TODAY.

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Mexican immigrant makes the Donald Trump butt plug
10:53 am



I blogged about this last summer, but since we live in an age where new information is hurled at us constantly, things like the Donald Trump butt plug are easily forgotten or become “old” within a matter of minutes. The Donald Trump butt plug really needs to make a comeback in your newsfeed. And the good news is, you can still buy one. Or more if you’re into that sort of thing (I’m not judging!)

Artist Fernando Sosa—a Florida-based Mexican immigrant who came to the United States at the age of 11—has designed a delightful Donald Trump bum-hole plug.

I usually make Butt plugs to insult dictators, homophobes and politicians. However, when i heard [von Clownstick’s] remarks about Mexicans and latinos from south america i was extremely angry. You see I was born and raised in Mexico and moved to United States when i was 11 years old. So i don’t approve of what [F$27.99, Ted Cruz and the republican party have to say about us hard working americans.

When [Fuckface von Clownstick] decided to announce he is running for president he decided to use Latinos as a scapegoat and blame us for everything that is ailing America. Many republican politicians have done this before but never a politician running for president.

If you recall, Sosa was also responsible for the Vladimir Putin plug last year. If you really’ve got to have Trump AKA “Fuckface von Clownstick” up your butt, they’re being sold on Shapeways for $29.99 plus shipping. It’s a steal!

via Death and Taxes

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Donald Trump’s eyes and mouth are interchangeable
03:56 pm

Current Events


Well, here’s a thing: Someone has noticed that’s Donald Trump’s mouth forms the exact same shape as his eyes.

Danny from Northern Virginia tweeted the image of Trump’s face with his strangely tight-lipped eyes.

Not content with that, Danny then photoshopped Trump’s mouth onto his eyes to make his point indelibly clear.

He’s right—Trump’s mouth does match his eyes and putting his mouth where his eyes should be makes no discernable difference.

WTF does it this mean?

Who cares…? It’s a chance to troll Trump.

And if the eyes are the windows of the soul—then what does this tell us about he who would be king of America? If his mouth spews offensive racist and deluded gibberish and his eyes look like his mouth—then his soul must be one dark festering pus-filled sore of poisonous bile. Or something like that.
H/T Buzzfeed.

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‘They Live’ Donald Trump mask will make Halloween great again
02:31 pm

Pop Culture


Yep, this is pretty much perfect. A They Live Donald Trump mask by Trick or Treat Studios. You can pre-order it now for $69.99.  By next Halloween, Trump is gonna be YUGE.

Now you can get the first in a very limited collection of They Live Alien Masks made to look like the Presidential hopefuls, the Donald Trump They Live Alien Mask.

Again, this is a very limited run, so make sure to get your Donald Trump They Live Alien Mask today.

Please note that this is a Preorder and the mask will ship between August and September.

Trump’s signature combover could be a bit more severe, IMHO. But I’m sure you could style that on your own. You can pre-order the mask here.




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