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Is Rep. Joe Walsh the Andy Kaufman of the Republican Party

GOP Rep. Joe Walsh of Illinois, suppressing a fart and ‘thinking’ about stuff.

Remember not-so-bright Tea party favorite Joe Walsh? This guy must REALLY want to lose his seat. How better to go about it than to criticize a war hero who has lost both of her legs??? Or anyone who has lost both of their legs?

Who told him this was a good idea?

Via Talking Points Memo:

Republican Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL), knocked his Democratic opponent Tammy Duckworth — a veteran who lost both of her legs as a helicopter pilot in Iraq — for talking about her military career too much. Discussing her accomplishments, Walsh suggested, meant that Duckworth was not a “true [hero].”

Walsh said at a town hall meeting on Sunday that unlike Duckworth, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) rarely spoke about his military service during the 2008 presidential election — a claim that ignores the thrust of McCain’s campaign and his entire political career.

“That’s what’s so noble about our heroes. Now I’m running against a woman who — I mean, my God, that’s all she talks about,” said Walsh, in video posted by Think Progress. “Our true heroes, it’s the last thing in the world they talk about. Our true heroes, the men and women who served us, it’s the last thing in the world they talk about. That’s why we are so indebted and in awe of what they have done.”

A spokeswoman for Duckworth said Walsh’s comments were insulting to all veterans. “Congressman Walsh’s comments insult those who sacrificed to make this country free,” campaign manager Kaitlin Fahey said in a statement. “Tammy is proud of her over 20 years of service with the Army and her family’s legacy of fighting for this country. We can’t recognize our servicemen and women enough and ask that we keep them in our thoughts during this holiday week.”

The Walsh campaign did not immediately return a request for comment.

Because they’re obviously totally dumbfounded by his statement!

I feel sorry for his staffers. How would you feel if you worked for a Tea party dumbass who threw you a hot potato like this one???

Making your constituents want to spit in your fucking face or beat the shit out of you is no way to win an election. SO WHAT IS HIS GAME?

Someone tell me, because I just can’t figure this guy out. Performance art? He’s surreal.

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Mitt Slip: Romney thinks Americans should get ‘as much education as they can AFFORD’!
03:58 pm

Class War
Stupid or Evil?


Some people accuse Thurston Howell III Mitt Romney of infuriating vagueness. 

I’m not one of them.

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Poor LOSERS: Republicans organize temper tantrum ‘repeal vote’ for July 11

I love watching Republicans playing the absolute WORST possible hand they could have been dealt. There is no schadenfreude quite like Republican schadenfreude. Those assholes were caught so off guard, and it has been bust-a-gut hilarious to watch them scramble. Thurston Howell III Mitt Romney and “Team Backwards” are royally fucked, so what’s their plan? ANOTHER “symbolic” repeal vote!

You lost, GOP clown boys… Now move on, you pathetic dickheads.

NOPE, that’s not gonna happen!

The Hill: 120 Republicans Introduce Bill To Repeal The Health Care Mandate
Just hours after the Supreme Court upheld the requirement to buy health care insurance or face a penalty, 120 House Republicans proposed legislation to eliminate the mandate. The bill’s sponsor, Rep. Michael Turner (R-Ohio), called the mandate a tax, since that is how the court justified keeping it around. The Supreme Court said the government had no right to require the purchase of health insurance under the Commerce Clause, but said the mandate and its penalties could stand as a tax on people who choose not to buy health insurance.

Politico: The Republican Recipe For Repeal
Republican hopes to repeal the health care law may come down to a bank shot: A GOP sweep in November and a simple Senate majority—along with some arcane budget procedures—could kill the individual mandate in 2013. The House will hold a symbolic vote to repeal the law on July 11, but the real long-term strategy for rolling back the law is already under way. Republicans are stoking voter anger over the law until Election Day, which they hope will produce a Mitt Romney presidency and an all-Republican Congress. And it ends by employing budget rules that would allow a fast-track repeal with a 51-vote majority in the Senate, circumventing a Democratic minority and potential filibuster.

CBS News: Cantor: Health Care Repeal Vote Coming July 11
The Supreme Court gave some validation to the Affordable Care Act on Thursday when it declared the law constitutional, but House Majority Leader Eric Cantor is ready to move forward with yet another House vote to repeal the controversial law. “We know that most of the American people don’t like this law,” Cantor said on CBS’ This Morning Friday. The House, he said will “look towards the kind of health care people want,” which he said is “patient-centered.” Cantor said that the Republican-led House will take up a repeal vote on July 11th, after Congress comes back from its July 4th recess. The House first voted to repeal the law in January 2011, soon after Republicans took control. The move, however, was essentially symbolic .

Exactly HOW MANY American families with dependent children under the age of 26 do they really think are going to vote for them this year? Even some of the staunchest older Republican voters are going to rethink their commitment to the “party of Reagan” between now and November, if only so their young adult grandchildren won’t be thrown off their parents’ health insurance. Many of them won’t go to the polls at all, preferring not to vote against their party, but not wanting to vote against the benefits their own families will be receiving as a result of healthcare reform.

It might surprise the Republican leadership, that for many red state voters, standing up to the black guy isn’t their highest priority. Their families are.

Methinks, the comically flailing GOP might want to do some “internal polling” on the matter! Having to watch their leadership and their glass-jawed nominee dig an even deeper hole for themselves must be very depwessing for old school Republicans to witness. Talk about being caught between a rock and a hard place and none of them saw this coming! Liberals and conservatives alike were shocked by yesterday’s SCOTUS decision, there is no denying it, but it’s plain for all to see that the GOP had no “Plan B” by their flat-footed response and scheduling of a July 11 public hissy fit! They must want to be mocked by late-night comedians, judging from their behavior.

It’s fun to watch the Republican Party engaging in a Mexican standoff with itself. This quagmire will be very difficult for them to wiggle out of before November. Casting yourself as the party who wants to pull the rug of healthcare out from under a public who is only too well aware that the guarantee of employer-provided insurance is a thing of the past, is a difficult position to be put in, but they did it to themselves, plain and simple. And now they have to deal with the consequences of that.

If you look at the incredible zig-zag trajectory of the political landscape after just 3 1/2 years of an Obama presidency, it’s striking to see how how truly “transformative” of a figure he’s been, just NOT in the way it looked like he would be on January 20th, 2009…

Below, hapless-looking lick-spittle waterboy to the rich and powerful, Eric Cantor, lets the American people know which side of the class war he and his party are on. God, I hate this guy’s fucking face….

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Desperate Jobseeker Sets Fire to Himself Outside Jobcentre Office
08:18 am

Class War
Current Events


A 48-year-old, unemployed man set fire to himself outside an unemployment office in Birmingham, England, in an alleged row over his benefit payments.

Eyewitnesses saw the man tie himself to railings outside the Jobcentre Plus in Harborne Lane, Selly Oak, before dousing himself in flammable liquid and setting himself alight. The incident happened at 9.20am local time.

Police rushed to the man’s aid, and managed to extinguish the flames. It is believed the man suffered sever burns to his lower legs.

The Birmingham Mail reports:

One eyewitness, who did not want to be named, said: “The guy came into the Jobcentre with petrol and made threats, so they evacuated the whole building. I think it was something to do with a payment he had not received.

“He tied himself to the railings and tore open the bottom of his trousers. You could smell the fumes from the liquid he used, but the police arrived by the time he had set himself alight and they managed to put him out quite quickly.

“He would have to have been very desperate to have done something like that.

“It’s shocking that somebody could have been driven to those depths.”

A spokeswoman for West Midlands Police said: “Officers were called at around 9.18am to reports that a man had tied himself to railings and was threatening to set himself on fire.

“The man doused himself in liquid and set himself alight.

“Officers extinguished the fire and the man was taken to hospital with burns to his legs. The injuries are not life threatening and the man remains in hospital receiving treatment.”
A spokesman for the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) said: “Police were called after an incident today at Selly Oak Jobcentre.

“The office will remain closed for the rest of the day with claimants directed to a neighbouring office.

“It would be inappropriate to say more at this time.”

The DWP has recently issued new guidelines to staff on how to deal with threats of self-harm and suicide from claimants as the squeeze on benefits takes hold.

A leaked memo was sent to all staff in April ahead of cuts to incapacity benefit and disability living allowance.

It details a “new policy for all DWP businesses to help them manage suicide and self-harm declarations from customers”.

The guidelines include a “six-point plan” for staff to follow.

The DWP insist that the new guidelines are not related to any recent policy changes and had been in development since 2009.

The Jobcentre was closed for the rest of the day, and claimants told their benefit payments would be paid directly into their accounts.

Read the full story plus eyewitness comments here.
Via Niall O’Conghaile and the Birmingham Mail

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Obamacare ruling: Best pic of the (entire) day
06:21 pm

Class War


Caption this…

(When I first saw this, I actually thought the shadow on Boehner’s suit was a piss stain.)

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New Contest: Celebrate SCOTUS ruling with prank calls to conservative talk shows

I read a comment this morning suggesting prank phone calls to conservative radio talk shows.  The commenter had heard one such call where the caller just started laughing hysterically once they put him on the air.

Childish? Sure.

Fun? You betcha!

So in an effort to encourage this form of merriment, we’re going to hold a contest for the next 48 hours to see who can make the best, funniest, or even just the most childish prank phone calls to reichwing radio shows. All you have to do is record your prank phone call, post it to YouTube, link from the comments on this post and then DM’s readers will select the winner.

It’s that simple. We don’t know what the prize will be yet, but we’ll try to make it a good one. I don’t think the prize is actually the lure here, but we’ill update the post once we figure it out.

(If you can get on Rush, Glenn Beck, Dr Laura Schlessinger or on Michael Savage’s show, you’ll get extra points!)



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Dollars and Dentists: Inside America’s Dental Care Crisis
05:22 pm

Class War
Current Events


Frontline’s Miles O’Brien joined forces with The Center for Public Integrity to produce this hard-hitting report that aired on PBS last night, investigating the shocking consequences of America’s broken dental care system.

One-third of Americans cannot afford basic dental care anymore. One-third! I found myself feeling something close to vertigo as I watched this. The tape recording of the dentists meeting in Alabama at about 27 minutes in, is chilling. Actual dental professionals meeting like mafioso trying to prevent affordable care for the most vulnerable people in our society! So cynical, it’s breathtaking.

On the eve of the country’s uninsured residents likely to be told to fuck off and die by a conservative Supreme Court decision that will be announced tomorrow, this report is all the more vital. By focusing in specifically on the dentistry crisis in America, O’Brien and crew elegantly sidestep the confines of the political debate on lack of access to affordable medical care in this country, here highlighting the human toll from the accident of being born in the richest country the world has ever known.

Nothing short of tragic.

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Wild Thing: Maurice Sendak thought about assassinating George Bush and Dick Cheney
01:04 pm

Pop Culture


Just before he died, Maurice Sendak told The New York Times that he hated people, but the late children’s author may have hated two people a little more than others…

Via ABC News:

In one of the children’s book author’s last interviews before he died of a stroke in May, Sendak said he thought about trying to assassinate former President George W. Bush and former Vice President Dick Cheney.

“Bush was president, I thought, ‘Be brave. Tie a bomb to your shirt. Insist on going to the White House. And I want to have a big hug with the vice president, definitely. And his wife, and the president, and his wife, and anybody else that can fit into the love hug,’” Sendak told The Comics Journal’s founder Gary Groth in an interview that will be published in the magazine’s next edition.

“And then we’ll blow ourselves up, and I’d be a hero,” Sendak continued.

“It would have been a very brave and wonderful thing,” said Sendak, who wrote the whimsical “Where the Wild Things Are.”

Sendak has had his share of unorthodox comments, although none perhaps as violent as pondering a presidential assassination.

In that same Comics Journal interview, Sendak also calls Newt Gingrich, “an idiot of great renown.”

“Wild Thing, I think I love you…”

Via The Comics Journal on Twitter

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Gay Rights: What Mitt Romney ACTUALLY said when he was running against Ted Kennedy

How does this buffoon keep track of his own “convictions”?

“There’s something to be said for having a Republican who supports civil rights in this broader context, including sexual orientation.”

“Convictions” are confusing things!

Slippery too, like greased eels.

Via reddit/r/politcs

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The Tea party is quiet… too quiet
10:43 pm



“I mean Thomas, no one has seen a grandmother carrying an “Obamacare = Socialism” sign or a screaming man dressed in colonial costume in years.”

The Tea Party has all but disappeared, but an expert urges us not to think they won’t be back.

Tea Party Quiet… Too Quiet

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