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Hot Stuff: Glowing neon strip club and peep show signs from around the world
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Neon sign for the
Neon sign for the (or at least ‘a’) “Sex Palace” in Amsterdam.
After finding myself in a typical Dangerous Mindset “research” kind of rabbit hole, I spied a few of the naughty neon signs you’ll see in this post that help advertise the availability of strip clubs, peep shows and other “establishments” that help aid the hot-blooded pursuits for sex from around the world.
A neon strip/sex club sign in Bangkok
A neon strip/sex club sign in Bangkok.
A neon strip/sex club sing in Hong Kong
A neon strip/sex club sing in Hong Kong.

“Super Pussy” neon sign, Bangkok.
Neon sign with a stripper on a pole
Neon sripper sign
It’s pretty easy to procure these kinds of neon signs for your own personal display - if you’ve got a few extra hundred bucks lying around, such a sign can be yours.

Grab a roll of dollar bills as loads of sexy, slightly NSFW-ish signage from Bangkok, Germany, Amsterdam, Hong Kong and of course, the good-old U.S. of A. follow.
Neon strip/sex club sign, Costa Rica
Costa Rica.
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‘Oh my aching oyster slot!’: Play ‘Heavenly Hamhouse’ the kinky role-playing board game
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The cover of the 1994 board game
The cover of the 1994 board game “Heavenly Hamhouse: The Safe-Sex Virtual-Reality Role-Playing Game.” Illustrations and concept by Lloyd Dangle.
If the illustrations for this 1994 board game designed by Lloyd Dangle called “Heavenly Hamhouse” (a game of “safe-sex, virtual-reality and role-playing) look familiar to you, it’s probably because you see the same artist’s work on the packaging for the popular “nutritional suppliment” Airborne. Dangle, who once worked as a cartoonist for the Michigan Voice under the publications’ editor, the-soon-to-be-famous filmmaker Michael Moore, also penned the staunchly liberal-minded syndicated comic Troubletown which ran for twenty-two years in various publications across the country. But my recent discovery that Dangle was the creator and designer of this “anything goes”-style board game where players get to perform acts of fetish and kink upon each other—“guaranteed to annoy the hell out of Christians!”—was a new one on me.
Heavenly Hamhouse silk-screened game board and
Heavenly Hamhouse silk-screened game board and “action-fetish spinner.”
The rules of game play for
The rules of game play for “Heavenly Hamhouse” and game pieces/markers.
The bottom of the
The bottom of the “Heavenly Hamhouse” game box.
A pervy insert for the board game
A naughty insert for the board game “Heavenly Hamhouse.”
Less than 100 of the bawdy “Heavenly Hamhouse” games were ever produced and apparently the game board itself was silk-screened, making it a very cool collectible. According to the “rules” players spin the “action-fetish spinner” and “bounce from one steamy situation to the next.” Such as landing on a game square that tells you to start “grabbing your privates (noted as “xxxx” on the game board) the “European way,” or “obediently satisfying each player’s seediest “xxxx” fantasy.” Because playing a board game that has the potential to lead to a full-on orgy with some of your closest pals, really is the very definition of a great Saturday night.

It should also be noted that according to the game rules, prior to game play the room must be cleared of children, bible-thumpers and anyone from Florida. After a quick search on the Internet, I did find one copy of the game out there for sale for cheap if you need to get your hands on one so you can finally get your hands all over your best friend’s wife without getting in trouble. It’s just a game after all.
H/T: Board Game Geek

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‘Mah Nà Mah Nà’: Song made famous by the Muppets was originally from a 1968 Italian softcore film
10:49 am

Pop Culture


Although most people would associate “Mah Nà Mah Nà” with The Muppets or Sesame Street, this iconic song that’s been sung by children the world over for nearly half a century actually originates from a racy 1968 Italian softcore “mondo” documentary called Sweden: Heaven and Hell.

The film, which has scenes of swingers parties, nude beaches, porn films and lesbian nightclubs—and even a scene of drug addicts huffing gasoline and eating shoe polish on bread to get high—used the song in the context of its camera ogling several towel-clad blondes cavorting in a sauna giving the scene a comic “leering” quality when a few of them drop their towels and decide to frolic in the snow (because that’s what nude Swedish ladies apparently used to do back then).

Italian cinema composer Piero Umiliani’s original soundtrack score—or at least one number—“Mah Nà Mah Nà”—took on a separate life when it became a novelty hit, reaching #55 on the Billboard singles chart in October of 1969. (It would eventually reach #8 on the British singles chart in 1977. It’s been covered by the likes of the Dave Pell Singers, Tom Jones, Giorgio Moroder, Goldie Hawn, Nancy Sinatra in her Vegas act and there’s even a Moog version.)

The song was also associated with both Benny Hill and Red Skelton, then it was adopted by bearded hippy puppeteer Jim Henson. The beatnik Muppet character who would become known as “Mahna Mahna” debuted on Nov. 30, 1969, on The Ed Sullivan Show.

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The end of an era: Every single Playboy centerfold from 1953 to 2016
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Miss April 1955, Marilyn Waltz
Some kind soul on Imgur who goes by the name theground2 lovingly scanned, uploaded and captioned every single Playboy centerfold from 1953 to 2016. I can’t post all that many of the images on DM for obvious reasons (my God that would take forever), but here’s the link with every centerfold. It should go without saying a lot of these images are mildly or beyond mildly NSFW.

Miss August 1955, Pat Lawler

Someone also made a YouTube video using all 746 images. Again, use your discretion before clicking “play.”

via Boing Boing

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The Secret Confessions of a Dominatrix
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Have you ever wanted to be able to ask a professional dominatrix anything? Anything at all about the private kinks of the rich and powerful financial elites?

That’s what happens in the latest episode of VICE’s outrageous Confessions of A... series: Wearing a mask, hoodie, and with a robotically disguised voice, a professional dominatrix in NYC shares the details of the torturous techniques she uses to help “de-stress” her high-powered Wall Street clientele.

And if you don’t know what “CBT” is… you’re about to find out. Ouch!

This video was brought to you by Rebtel.

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Mexican immigrant makes the Donald Trump butt plug
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I blogged about this last summer, but since we live in an age where new information is hurled at us constantly, things like the Donald Trump butt plug are easily forgotten or become “old” within a matter of minutes. The Donald Trump butt plug really needs to make a comeback in your newsfeed. And the good news is, you can still buy one. Or more if you’re into that sort of thing (I’m not judging!)

Artist Fernando Sosa—a Florida-based Mexican immigrant who came to the United States at the age of 11—has designed a delightful Donald Trump bum-hole plug.

I usually make Butt plugs to insult dictators, homophobes and politicians. However, when i heard [von Clownstick’s] remarks about Mexicans and latinos from south america i was extremely angry. You see I was born and raised in Mexico and moved to United States when i was 11 years old. So i don’t approve of what [F$27.99, Ted Cruz and the republican party have to say about us hard working americans.

When [Fuckface von Clownstick] decided to announce he is running for president he decided to use Latinos as a scapegoat and blame us for everything that is ailing America. Many republican politicians have done this before but never a politician running for president.

If you recall, Sosa was also responsible for the Vladimir Putin plug last year. If you really’ve got to have Trump AKA “Fuckface von Clownstick” up your butt, they’re being sold on Shapeways for $29.99 plus shipping. It’s a steal!

via Death and Taxes

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Happy 22nd birthday to the legendary 88-year-old burlesque queen Tempest Storm!
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Cheers to all the Leap Day babies, for they stay forever young! Some notable Leap Day birthday celebrants who may be of interest to DM readers include the mononymic Brazilian illustrator Jaguar, the extraordinary experimental hip-hop artist Saul Williams, and the serial killers Aileen Wuornos and Richard Ramirez. But today, we’re concerned with an iconic burlesque artist with a redundant stage name: Tempest Storm. Born Annie Banks 88 years ago on February, 29th, 1928, she celebrates her 22nd birthday today.


Along with Blaze Starr (RIP 2015), Storm was one of the performers who sat squarely atop that great last gasp of American burlesque that existed on the west coast in the mid-1950s, when cinematic expressions of the form like Striporama, Varietease, and Teaserama brought a tame form of striptease to New Yorkers and hinterlanders, where many actual strip clubs had been put out of business by social puritans. In person, though, it was anything but tame: Storm distinguished herself not just with a massive chest (though obviously that would hardly have been a demerit), but with a larger-than-life persona and outsized stage moves which not only bolstered the flagging form, but which spoke directly through the decades to the burlesque revival currently ongoing. From Rachel Shteir’s Striptease: The Untold History of the Girlie Show:

In the South and the West, a flamboyant striptease was emerging. The woman epitomizing this style was Tempest Storm. Beginning in the early 1950s at the Follies Theater and the El Rey in Oakland, Storm stripped and did highly exaggerated bumps and grinds. Journalists described her as “a force of nature,” as they had Ann Corio in the 1930s, but here the phrase was meant to be even less glamorous and more parodic. “The ‘Storm’ Returns,” one of Storm’s posters read. Storm wore a leopard-print bra in pinup photos and even considered recording an album, which she wanted to call Stormy Weather.

Born Annie Blanche Banks in Appalachia in 1928, Storm escaped into stripping from a turbulent home life. She fled an abusive father at age sixteen, and after a few years’ worth of detours and marriages, came to Los Angeles after the war. She first stripped at the Follies Theater at the end of 1951, under the name Stormy Dan. Quickly, she changed it to Tempest Storm. In keeping with the national trend of “oversized” strippers, Storm’s appeal relied less on grace or charm than on her dimensions. A 1955 Playboy pictorial, “Tempest in a C-Cup,” did exactly that.

More Tempest Storm after the jump…

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Cheerfully NSFW paintings of Satan worshippers, serial-killers, suicide and strange sex
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“I Forgot How Much I Liked All Of Them” a painting inspired by the 2000 film “Battle Royale” by Kristen Liu-Wong
The alarmingly colorful works of Los Angeles-based artist Kristen Liu-Wong depict scenes of strange sexual encounters, killers doing their dirty work, as well as all sorts of other weirdness. And I’m completely obsessed with her brightly-colored mayhemic paintings.

“House 1121”

“Satan Worship in the Suburbs”

“She Decided to Be With A Bad Boy For Once”
As the title of this post should strongly indicate, the images from Liu-Wong’s captivating catalog of work are definitely NSFW, and feel like a hybrid of cartoon art crossed with classic Japanese erotica commonly referred to as “shunga” or “spring pictures” (which dates as far back as the 1600s). Liu-Wong’s vivid imagination is beautifully unfettered and her paintings that include visions of kinky sex, murderous stalkers and disembowelment seem almost cheerful, thanks to her liberal use of bright colors that look like they came into Liu-Wong’s possession by way of a time-traveler from the “neon” 90s. Many of the paintings featured in this post are also for sale. Click here for more information on that.

“Don’t Pet My Dog”
More colorful murderous mayhem after the jump…

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Take a peek inside a sex doll factory
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Photographer Robert Benson takes a us through RealDoll’s factory and gives us a brief glimpse of how these pricey, lifelike sex dolls are manufactured. If you don’t know exactly what RealDoll is—it’s 2016, of course you do—look it up.

“Everyone was super passionate about what they’re doing, and they take the work seriously,” Benson said. “I guess the fascination wears off after a week and it becomes like any other job.”

For a team of nine, it takes over 80 hours to complete one doll. 300 to 400 dolls are produced in a year.

The standard RealDoll comes in 18 female body styles and two male styles with five skin tones and 39 available faces. The standard line also includes transgender bodies with male or female anatomy.

The average price for a RealDoll is around $12,000 depending on your customization requirements and… imagination. (Things like tails and two heads cost extra)



More after the jump…

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A groupie’s tales: Pamela Des Barres’ sexy stories of Morrison, Jagger & Waylon, now animated!
12:24 pm



Pamela Des Barres was the original rock and roll groupie, a founding member of the GTOs (which, as Stanley Booth wrote, could stand for “Girls Together Outrageously or Orally or anything else starting with O”), and lover to Mick Jagger, Jimmy Page, Keith Moon, Gram Parsons, Waylon Jennings, and many others.

The woman can obviously spin a tale, what with several books to her name; her 1987 memoir I’m with the Band is essential reading for anyone interested in the sex lives of major 1960s and 1970s rock stars. (Kirkus called it “a classic account of rampant narcissism among guitar egomaniacs,” which seems about right.)

In this amusing short animated by Evan York, Des Barres tells stories of her sexual adventures as a groupie, including encountering a naked Mick Jagger (she was still a virgin at the time), coaxing Waylon Jennings into his long-haired outlaw phase, and watching as Keith Moon perpetrated an epic prank on a major hotel.


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