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Allegedly an actual question from a Cambridge University law exam
09:36 am



Click here to read larger image (NSFW-ish).

Redditor BadGeorge uploaded an image which purports to be an actual question from a Cambridge University law exam. Whether this is real or not, I have no idea, but, it does raise a few interesting questions and answers in the thread on reddit. And as absurd as this question may seem (come on, admit you had a wee laff reading it) it is an interesting scenario.

According to Redditor Mondegreen25 there is a reason why this question was presented to law students:

The offences probably won’t mean a great deal to non-UK lawyers, but the main thing of interest is that there’s no rape here. The UK definition specifically requires penetration with a penis, so (ii) is probably assault by penetration. There’s also a causation issue in (iii) regarding whether Richard’s failure to get help is what caused his death, rather than the waxing/ABH/GBH - if there’s no causation, there’s no manslaughter.

You can delve deeper into the discussion here.

Update: Apparently it’s legit according to a BBC News article posted today: Cambridge University law exam question ‘horrific’.

Via reddit

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‘Just Another IKEA Catalog’: IKEA furniture in amateur porn Tumblr (NSFW)
07:55 am



Just Another IKEA Catalog is a refreshing Tumblr dedicated to “Scandinavian modern style furniture and accessories in amateur pornography.”

As you can probably guess by the title, it’s totally NSFW.

Via Nerdcore

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Lesbians React to Lesbian Porn (Priceless and slightly NSFW-ish)
10:37 am



Actual lesbians are invited to watch “lesbian” porn (you know, the kind that men like) and then give their thoughts about what they’re witnessing.

The YouTube comments for this video are as misogynistic as you’d expect. But then again it’s just YouTube commenters, so who cares what they think?

It’s a tad NSFW.

Via BuzzFeed

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Unrepentant Whores: Sex worker activists fight mandatory HIV testing for prostitutes, 1982
07:18 am



Carol Leigh
Carol Leigh, Scarlot Harlot, by Annie Sprinkle
While most of the heroes of early AIDS activism are unsung (even now we’re more likely to associate celebrities with the fight), none get brushed under the rug quite so quickly as prostitutes.

In 1988, the panic surrounding the growing HIV epidemic produced some incredibly Orwellian “solutions,” including California Bill 2319, which would require the mandatory HIV testing for prostitutes and associated felony charges for prostitution. Aside from a gross violation of human rights, the bill would have produced all kinds of terrifying legal precedents to test anyone even suspected of prostitution.

At the forefront of the fight against the bill was Carol Leigh (also known as “Scarlot Harlot”), a member the sex workers’ rights group, COYOTE (Call Off Your Tired Old Ethics). Leigh and COYOTE were early participants in the formation of AIDS activist group, ACT UP. In addition to coining the term “sex worker” in 1978, Leigh still fights for prostitutes’ rights to this day. (Her book, Unrepentant Whore: The Collected Works of Scarlot Harlot is a treat, by the way.)

Even more heartening than seeing folks like Leigh fight the good fight, you can see all the support they get from other communities.The best part is when Leigh quotes COYOTE founder, Margo St. James, who said, “If they want to know if prostitutes are positive, they should test the Vice cops.” Learn your history, boys and girls!

Thanks to Melissa Gira Grant for the tip!

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Man dies after having sex with hornet’s nest
08:51 am



This isn’t sexy! Who would think this is enticing?

I’m still trying to wrap my head around this one. Here goes: A 35-year-old Swedish man—who is only being named as Hasse—was found dead on his farm outside Ystad after making sweet, sweet love to a hornet’s nest.

His body was found by a neighbour, who said Hasse was so swollen he initially mistook him for a whale carcass.

Hasse was unconscious when he was found but died an hour later from the injuries he sustained.


An autopsy of Hasse’s body showed semen on some of the dead wasps and a number of the victim’s pubic hair was found at the entrance of the nest. His fingerprints were also found on the nest, leading the police to believe he had been trying to have sex with the hornet’s nest when he was stung to death.

“To attempt to have intercourse with a hornet’s nest is a very bad idea,” Siv During Livh, a psychologist and expert on sex fantasies told the news website.

You don’t say…

Update: Too weird to be true? Metro UK says so.

You can read the rest of the WTF details at International Business Times.

Via Nerdcore

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Reproduction of the penis prop from ‘A Clockwork Orange’ for sale
08:45 am



The iconic phallic “Rocking Machine,” as seen in Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange, has been reproduced by Medicom Toy Life Entertainment for $1,836.05 and is for sale on eBay. It’s three-feet long and little over a foot wide.

Everyone needs a penis-shaped murder weapon, right me droogy buddies?

Click here to order yours.

Via Boing Boing

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Christian anti-sex education pamphlet from 1968
06:35 am

One-hit wonders


Is the School House the Proper Place to Teach Raw Sex?, written by Gordon V. Drake in 1968, was a Christian conservative pamphlet against teaching sex education in public schools.

What gets me is the “raw” part. It kind of has a porny title, right?

Via Christian Nightmares

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Music for Wanking: Brian Eno discusses his porno collection with Chrissie Hynde, 1974
08:56 am



Photo by Lance Loud, courtesy of Kristian Hoffman
Brian Eno’s reputation as an aficionado of rather extreme pornography is by now well-known, but at the time of future Pretender Chrissie Hynde’s 1974 profile in the NME, he was just letting the cat out of the bag. What an extraordinary thing for a pop star, even one with Eno’s avant garde pedigree, to admit to in 1974!

But what’s even stranger is the casual reference to Eno being an “elite” film star. What the hell does that mean? Is he referring to actually being in the films himself?

“It’s a burning shame that most people want to keep pornography under cover when it’s such a highly developed art form - which is one of the reasons that I started collecting pornographic playing cards I’ve got about 50 packs which feature on all my record covers for the astute observer.

“There’s something about pornography which has a similarity to rock music. A pornographic photographer aims his camera absolutely directly, at the centre of sexual attention. He’s not interested in the environment of the room.

“I hate the sort of photography in Penthouse and Playboy which is such a compromise between something to give you a hard-on and something which pretends to be artistic. The straight pornographers aim right there where it’s at.

“Which is analogous to so many other situations where somebody thinks one thing is important, so they focus completely on that and don’t realize they’re unconsciously organizing everything else around it as well. I have such beautiful pornography - I’ll show you my collection sometime.

The last guy invited me up to see his etchings.

“One theory is that black-and-white photography is always more sexy than colour photography. The reason for this is provided by Marshall McLuhan, who points out that if a thing is ‘high definition,’ which colour photography is, it provides more information and doesn’t require participation as much as if it is ‘low definition’.” I.e. a horror play on the radio is always very, very frightening because the imagery is always your own. If youUre choosing your own imagery, you’ll always choose the most frightening, or in the case of pornography, the most sexual.

“The idea of things being low definition has always interested me a lot - of being unspecific - another thing which is a key-point of my lyrics. They must be ‘low definition’ so that they don’t say anything at all direct. I think the masters of that were Lou Reed and Bob Dylan (on “Blonde on BIonde”). The lyrics are so inviting.

“DO YOU KNOW WHAT ‘burning shame’ is by the way? It’s a pornographic term for a deviation involving candles.


“Very popular in Japanese pornography. They’re always using lit candles because Japanese pornography is very sadistic, partly because of the Japanese view of women, which is a mixture of resentment and pure animal lust.

“In the traditional view, a woman is still expected to be at the beck and call of her husband, so that manifests itself in that kind of pornography. Of which I have a few examples, of course.

“Mexican pornography is an interesting island of thought because they seem to be heavily into excretory functions. The traditional American view is that anything issued from the body is dirty. It’s incredibly puritanical and it resents bodily fluids, so if one is trying to debase a woman, you cover them with that and hence you get the fabulous term ‘Golden Showers’ - the term for pissing on someone, which some well- known rock musicians are said to be very involved in . .

“Here come the warm jets?”

“That’s certainly a reference.”

That he’s considered to be a film star of sorts in a few very ‘elite’ circles. - Any chance of him making a comeback to the Screen?

“Some of the movies I did were very funny - they had to pretend to have a plot. Ha ha. [Emphasis added]

“Can I show you my pubic area?” (! ! !) He exposes his stomach down to his, ah - about six inches below his Navel. “Absolutely bare! Now I’ve got this beautiful bare belly! I’ve got this new Japanese thing, you see and the Japanese don’t have much hair on their bodies ‘Japanese culture I tip as the next big thing.”

I glance nervously over at the flickering candle on the windowsill. Out of nowhere, Eno produces a very extraordinary looking object which he explains to be the ‘Double Punkt Roller’, a massage device used in Victorian times. I marvel at its aesthetic qualities and he assures me that it can only be fully appreciated when used on the bare buttocks. We conclude that art which demands participation holds the greatest appeal.

I have a friend who swears up and down he once saw Eno in a sleazy mid-70s porno loop, in a big “daisy-chain” orgy scene (“Who else had such a hairstyle back then?” he’d ask). I always dismissed this, but maybe he was right?

Read more:
Everything you’d rather not have known about Brian Eno by Chrissie Hynde

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Gateway drug: Reichwing group sez Planned Parenthood wants to hook kids on masturbation

I fantasized about punching this guy in the face as I watched this.

“If a dirty old man in a park showed ten-year-old children the graphic images Planned Parenthood pedals as education, he would be arrested. Planned Parenthood shows this smut to children and is awarded with more taxpayer money and the ability to determine the efficacy of its sex indoctrination, so it can get even more taxpayer money. It is time to stop this madness!”

It must be really difficult for a certain type of conservative Republican to watch Arthur Miller’s classic play The Crucible without wistfully wondering if they were born in the wrong century. The timeless drama, still widely read in US high schools, is, of course, is a scathing commentary on McCarthyism and a peculiar strand of American political extremism, but this would be totally lost on today’s Tea party dum-dums who would simply be envious of all that witch burning people used to get up to in Salem, Massachusetts! Their modern day bluenose counterparts may have to miss out on all that fun “mob rule” stuff they got up to in the 17th century, but the mentality lives on.

Take for instance the new “report,” produced by the “American Life League” (ALL), a feverish, mentally-challenged clip that aims to expose “Sex Incorporated” –aka Planned Parenthood—the bad, very bad, very horribly terrible, terrible people who EDUMICATE our children ALL WRONG and turn them into PREGNANT SEX FIENDS, GAY HOMOSEXUALS or WORSE. Why wouldn’t the heathen, Marxist smart people working at The New York Times and The Washington Post take their good, clean Christian American money to run their ridiculous ad?

Of course the “American Life League” knew well in advance that the Times and Post were never going to publish the video on their website, but that wasn’t the point. The point was instead to be turned down so they could send out a press release saying boo-hoo, “we were censored” by “the Left” and spread the word that way (See how that works? Calvin Klein ads in the past have used the same modus operandi, it’s a time honored public relations tactic). Stir it up and give the reichwing blogs something to get worked into a tizzy over, then follow that up with a statement, decrying censorship from the mainstream media (being seen as a martyr is good business for conservative causes) and well, you just have to read it:

While most Americans associate Planned Parenthood with abortion, this organization is also in the business of promoting a deviate and dangerous sexual agenda that in the long run will benefit the abortion giant’s bottom line, while creating a destructive and broken society for the rest of us.

Planned Parenthood has proven that it is a sex business that self-perpetuates itself by first developing obscene sex education materials that promote indiscriminate and risky sexual behavior to our youth through America’s public schools, families and community organizations.

The second step kicks in once the organization has created an environment of sexual risk-taking behavior among youth. It then markets and promotes contraceptive products and programs that have proven to be ineffective in preventing unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.

Once the ineffective contraceptives fail, Planned Parenthood completes the cycle selling abortions to the teens it has sucked into its deadly cyclone. Tax-paying Americans who work diligently to contribute to strengthening our country are unwittingly funding the absolutely pornographic and child sexual abuse agenda that Planned Parenthood pushes on our society.

Planned Parenthood is like a drug pusher, don’t cha see, don’t cha see getting America’s kids into SEX—masturbation is the gateway drug—just so these PERVERTS can distribute condoms with holes in them and birth control pills that are really only SweetTarts and collect all of those PHAT ABORTION FEES! Planned Parenthood wants to turn kids into sex addicts. That’s the REAL plan of Planned Parenthood! It’s so diabolical that Satan hisself must be personally running the organization…

ANYWAY… so now cue all of the concern trolls who will write in asking me “So then why do you keep writing about these assholes? Just ignore them (and Alex Jones, Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Glenn Beck, Louie Gohmert, etc, etc) and they’ll go way.”

You really think so, do you?

Stuff like this should be out in the open and it should be covered by the mainstream and not so mainstream outlets like this one. “Sunlight is the best disinfectant” as Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis once said.

Personally, I think this LOL stupid video, and the group of twits behind it, deserves to have mockery heaped upon them. Seriously, watch this (NSFW) and tell me if this made you think their message was perfectly reasonable or BARKING FUCKING MAD…

This insane video does not help their cause even one tiny little bit. It would convince no one of anything except that the folks behind it are a bunch of fucking idiots. That’s all that’s being achieved by ALL with this comedy, they’re hurting their own cause in the process of spreading the word about it.

I’m quite happy to oblige them in pursuit of these goals. Enjoy!

Via Wonkette and WorldNut Daily

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Grumpy Cat, Doctor Who and Star Wars BDSM toys
08:57 pm

Pop Culture


Grumpy Cat-inspired BDSM paddle

Etsy shop Geek Kink (based in Sacramento, CA) makes meme-ish BDSM toys. Their goal is “to make toys no man has made before.”

Like a TARDIS paddle.

Doctor Who-inspired Tardis paddle

Darth Vader inspired Lightsaber Cane Mature BDSM

Sith Lightsaber-inspired BDSM flogger
With thanks to Edward Ludvigsen!

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