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Occupy Oakland General Strike much larger than they told us

Zennie Abraham, a blogger at Veterans Today, has lived in Oakland since 1974 and believes that the crowd estimate of the Occupy Oakland General Strike provided by Oakland police is way off. Abraham claims the crowd was much closer to 100,000 than the official count of 7000.

You can’t take a snapshot of an event like this, because of its time length; you have to think of it as a dynamic. In any population there are births, deaths, in-migration, and out-migration. For the Occupy Oakland General Strike, there were no births, thankfully no deaths, but a lot of in-migration and out-migration.

What was so amazing about the size of the crowd both inside the plaza and just outside of it, then marching to the Port of Oakland, was that it did not decrease in size; it increased. And that was with some people leaving it, and others coming in from BART and from around Oakland via foot or other parts of the Bay by car.

For that to happen all day long and considering the capacity of the plaza and the crowds outside of it points to 100,000 people. I’ve never seen anything like that in the entire history of this city.

And that is why it must be said that much of the media should be drawn and quartered for the most irresponsible coverage I’ve ever seen. Many outlets just waited for something bad to happen, or looked for it. But there were so many people more having a great time, that whatever happened was far away from downtown Oakland.

The Whole Foods Oakland Facility is on 27th and Harrison and outside of downtown Oakland, and a good mile away from City Hall Plaza. But to the media eye, the vandalism that happened there made headlines. Let’s just get this out of the way: it should not have happened, but that’s no excuse to get the whole story wrong.

The video below is all the proof anyone would need that the official numbers were way, way off, but 100,000? Oakland’s population is around 300,000, even accounting for the folks who came in from the rest of the Bay area (population 4.5 million) to march, that’s still probably too high a number to be realistic. Still, I’m willing to go along with a tally that’s several times higher than what the Oakland police—and the mainstream media—told us.

What’s important to remember as you watch the size of these marching masses, is that less than two months have passed since Occupy Wall Street began. It’s only going to get more interesting from here on out.

Above, a bird’s eye view of a static crowd of 90,000 people at the Rose Bowl posted by redditter BdotTS.

Via reddit

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Foil the Evil Empire: Today is Bank Transfer Day

Take your money out of the Evil Empire today! Image via @SKYENICOLAS

Today is Bank Transfer Day, the day to take your money (should you still be lucky enough to have any), transfer it to a credit union, close down your accounts with the big banks and starve them of the oxygen they need to survive: YOUR HARD-EARNED MONEY.

Not everyone can be in Zuccotti Park, but YOU CAN DO THIS!

It’s Saturday. Do you honestly have something better to do than fucking over the big banks? I didn’t think so…

DailyKos blogger frustrated1 told a tale of closing his or her bank accounts, along with her sister under the title “The bank said ‘You’ll Be Back.’” I encourage any of you who are doing this today to post your own first person stories in the comments.

One thing I should probably mention is that my sister is a very successful medical doctor.  She makes a ton of money.  She also had a ton of money in each of these banks.  She decided to close these accounts out of solidarity with OWS protesters.  

At Wells Fargo, my sister walked up to the teller and politely asked to close her account.  The teller said, “No problem.”  She pulled up her account and saw the balance and told her that due to the amount she had to speak with the branch manager.  The branch manager came out.  He was probably 30 years old and was very arrogant.  He asked my sister why she wanted to close her account and my sister told him she thought Wells Fargo was part of the problem with the economy.  He went thru some talking points about why she shouldn’t move her money, but my sister didn’t back down.  When he asked her where she was going she told him that she would be banking at the North Carolina State Employees Credit Union.  She isn’t a state employee, but anyone can join if you are related to a state employee.  It turns out her husband is.  Anyway, the bankster told her “You’ll be back.  Credit unions can’t provide the services you need.”  We’ll see about that.  She withdrew over $200k from Wells Fargo.

Next we went to Bank of America.  I closed my last account with hardly any questions asked.  Of course, I had taken most of my money out so there wasn’t much left to take.  My sister on the other hand had a large balance in multiple accounts.  They actually refused to cut her a check for the full amounts.  They only gave her 1/3 of her money and told her she’d have to come back to withdraw the rest.  They claimed they were only allowed to make checks for a certain amount, and that they had no authority to cut additional checks on the same day.  Stupid BofA.   She had her check in hand and politely told off the branch manager when he told her she had to come back another day or two to withdraw the rest.  

At BofA, we weren’t the only ones closing accounts.  There was a line of people.  Most had small accounts because they weren’t even being challenged, but she actually had to wait in line to speak with a branch manager.

At SunTrust, the branch manager went off his rocker.  He just kept asking her “is there anything I can do or anything I can say to change your mind?”  He asked probably twenty times.  He even offered to have the market executive meet with her and hear out her concerns. She told him she wasn’t interested.  He really looked nervous about it.  

We then took the deposits we had to NCSECU.  The people there were busy.  There were 5 people in front of us in the line to open an account.  When my sister got to the front she learned that the credit union actually has a trust company and wealth management services. Neither of us knew that.  She is now considering moving her Merrill Lynch (owned by BofA) accounts to the credit union as well.  She’s been with her financial advisor for 15 years, so that’s the biggest reason she hesitates. 

Here’s a link to some helpful Bank Transfer Day resources at AlterNet and Move Your Money

How do I move my money out of a big bank? (Mother Jones)

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The Tea party is FREAKING OUT about Occupy Wall Street

There is an absolutely GENIUS FUNNY missive regarding “what to do” about Occupy Wall Street from one of the “morans” at Tea Party Nation that’s getting passed around this morning and it’s a fuckin’ doozy of dumb, a blizzard of idiocy and slightly more than a soupçon of BALLS TO THE WALL, AGGRESSIVE IGNORANCE. But what did anyone expect? (Even if you had the lowest expectations wait until you get to the “rape camps” section).

It’s a classic in its own demented way. This post was also apparently emailed to members of the Tea Party Nation yesterday and posted on Reddit by postirony. This is good shit. Savor it. Oh and by the way, the TPN poster goes under the nom de plume of “Jane Galt.” Just thought I’d throw that out there, it’s an amusing detail. Here’s an excerpt:

On GBTV this past Monday, Glenn Beck and his guests were discussing Occupy Wall Street ( Which has gone global, as a general socialist-globalist occupation movement now. ), and one of them said that the only way to stop socialism from taking over a country at a point like this, is just to have the police shut them down - break up their demonstrations and riots.

And I was thinking about this. We all have the right to free speech, which anyone can do at any time. We all have the right to petition the government for “redress of grievances”, which anyone can do at any time. And we all have the right to hold a rally, like the Tea Party movement has done on several occasions, though we were totally ignored by this socialist administration and most of the Congress, and even lied about, smeared and called names by the Marxists, as they continue to borrow, spend and tax this country into an eventual Great Collapse.

And meanwhile the Fed continues to devalue our paper and digital currency by constantly expanding the money supply and “loaning” ( more accurately “giving it away”, because so many in the EU can’t reasonably ever be expected to repay it! ) it out all over the world!

(How many of you have noticed a general climate of depression (malaise), especially in the business world, after the August 2nd deadline passed and it became clear that they had no intention of taking any serious steps to correct this, and balance the budget now - not in “10 years or 20 years”, which is meaningless?)

But I digress…

What they don’t have the right to do, and Glenn’s guest was right about this, is to stage - not a demonstration or rally, but an occupation, meant to “bring down” our relatively free market system, capitalism and our individual rights along with it. ( “Capitalism” is, after all, simply the right to own your life and property. )

They don’t have a right to trash things and make parts of these cities uninhabitable in the process. This is an insurrection and these are the kinds of dangerous mobs that led to socialist/communist collapses in eastern bloc countries during the rise of the Soviet Union, and the people in those countries never knew what hit them, until it was too late!

So yes, these people have said their piece, they’ve held rallies and demonstrated, but an Occupation should not be tolerated and they should now be “read the riot act” by the police, and be told to disperse and leave! And if they refuse, the police should force them to disperse!

Update 11-4-11: When I wrote the above blog, I was a little behind on my GBTV. On Tuesday, Glenn Beck reported ( with several video news clips! ) that these “Occupy” Marxist globalist insurrectionists are in fact running their occupied areas as rape camps!

Women, as well as even one man, have been raped, and they’re preventing it from being reported, “for the good of the revolution” and “for the collective good”, which of course outweighs the rights of the individuals being raped and the laws that say that felony crimes must be reported!  These crimes would absolutely not be tolerated if the right were doing them, especially the Tea Party movement! Yes, these camps should be shut down, and they should be shut down now and these Marxist revolutionary insurrections should be dispersed immediately!

Rape camps? Wait a minute, “rape camps”?

Yes. Rape camps.

It’s all they’ve got. Bless their pointed little heads.

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Total Recall: The race to erase the smile from Scott Walker’s face

With today being the first day that recall petitions can be filed in Wisconsin against officials who were elected in November 2010—like say extremely unpopular Republican Governor Scott Walker—we’re happy to report that the first paperwork has indeed been filed with state elections officials to get this sleazy son of a bitch out of office.

WI’s Government Accountability Board confirmed that the request was filed Friday, the first possible date to file a recall petition. Now it’s up to the unions and Democrats in WI to gather 540,000 in the next 60 days to force the recall election. Walker is able to engage in unlimited fundraising now that this initial petition has been filed. The game is on.

The first petition to recall Walker was filed by David Brandt of Muskego in Waukesha County. It’s suspected by some WI Democrats that Mr. Brandt is a Walker supporter who filed the petition today so that Walker’s fundraising could begin immediately. Whether that’s true or not hasn’t been determined, but apparently Brandt gave Walker’s campaign $50 in 2010. It doesn’t rule out that he came to loathe Walker like many others in the state (and nation!) came to loathe this stupid-faced scumbag.

But who cares anyway? It’s not exactly like Walker has the wind at his back or anything, so why wait even one more day? The Republicans are on the run in WI and they are very well-aware of it, too, so why not just get down to the business of ending Scott Walker’s political career ASAP?

GOP efforts to hamstring recall efforts with a plan that would require each recall petition to be notarized were defeated earlier this week and so was a motion to have recall elections take place under a new legislative map favoring the GOP.  The Republican efforts to hinder the recall efforts have been moot.

With the threat of these procedural roadblocks now behind them, Wisconsin Democrats plan to file separate recall petitions against Scott Walker and Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch soon.

Contribute to the WI Democrats efforts to get this union-busting bastard out of office.

Below, hapless Reichwing goofball Scott Walker gets a “mic check” in Chicago:

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Gov. Scott Walker heckled by Occupy Chicago

The face of an idiot.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker was heckled for six solid minutes this morning by fifty Occupy Chicago supporters in front of an audience of 300 people at a breakfast appearance.

When they were finished harassing the hapless, soon-to-be-former WI Republican governor, the protesters left the event at Chicago’s Union League Club.

Around fifty people chanted things like “Union busting. It’s disgusting” and “We are the 99 percent.”

After the protesters left, politically tone-deaf, about-to-be-recalled-from-office Walker said, “The bottom line is, no matter how loud you shout, the facts are the facts. The facts are that our reforms have worked and continue to work in the state of Wisconsin.”

Look into his beady little eyes. Even Walker’s eyes look like they’re sweating. This is a man terrified on one hand, and yet in deep, deep denial on the other. As the Firesign Theatre once said: “A stiff idiot is the worst kind.”

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker heckled at Chicago’s Union League Club from WBEZ on Vimeo.

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Tea party idiot ‘yells names’ at Elizabeth Warren

Last night at the start of an Elizabeth Warren campaign meeting in Brockton, MA, some sad, scared little man on the wrong side of history expressed his support for the Tea party and called Warren a “socialist whore.”

Via Huffington Post:

After the event, Warren reflected on the man’s outburst, which she said was her first such encounter. “I actually felt sorry for the guy. I really genuinely did. He’s been out of work now for a year and a half. And bless his heart, I mean, he thought somehow it would help to come here and yell names,” she told HuffPost.

The assault stuck with Warren, and she continued to think about it throughout the night. Hours later, she she said she wasn’t upset with the man himself, but rather with those who attempt to channel his anger in a malevolent direction. “I was thinking more about the heckler. I’m not angry with him, but he didn’t come up with the idea that his biggest problem was Occupy Wall Street. There’s someone else pre-packaging that poison—and that’s who makes me angry,” she said.

Did you get to the end where he tries to dramatically storm out and the door is locked? Bless his pointed little head!

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Media Reacts To Conan’s Same-Sex Wedding News

Johnny Carson’s comic psychic “Carnac the Magnificent” merely held an envelope to his head, but Conan O’Brien? He really pushes the envelope. As you’ll see.

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Slavoj Žižek speaks about Occupy Wall Street on Fox News?

Yeah, you wish… Me too! Sorry for the bait and switch, folks, but I’ll try to make it up to you with a new half-hour video of Žižek, below, as seen on Al Jazeera last week.

I do have a point, though, for leading you here under false pretenses: The fact that you are interested to see what Slavoj Žižek (or someone like him) would say about Occupy Wall Street, and especially hearing it said on Fox News, is why Roger Ailes needs to do a very quick revamp of his product if he doesn’t want Fox to seem like it’s yesterday’s news…

It’s been interesting to watch how Fox News keeps calling on the very same lame-brained group of talking heads they always call on, to discuss Occupy Wall Street. Like they can’t rotate in ANYONE new to shake things up even a little bit? OWS has upset the Fox News apple cart in a big way. They have no idea how to deal with it, understand it, or even process it intellectually, let alone report on it, and that is becoming more and more obvious every day.

How many variations on the themes of “dirty hippies,” “they don’t know what they want,” “they’re a bunch of violent socialists who are just jealous of rich people (like us and our masters)” and of course, “ACORN!” are there?

I’ve just counted four.

Predictable but hilarious. In less than two months Fox has nearly totally lost its once secure place in the national conversation. They’re floundering very, very badly. They’ve fumbled the ball.

Here’s how I see it: Fox News post-Occupy Wall Street is like The Spice Girls the day after Geri Haliwell left the group. Their entire shtick became anachronistic in a single day.

This is what Occupy Wall Street has done to Fox News, not to mention the rest of the far Reichwing opinion outlets. From talk radio to the various editorials written byTea party twits on WorldNetDaily, what’s been on evidence for the past few weeks is that there is almost zero capability on the part of people who think that way to absorb what is happening because it is happening so incredibly quickly. It’s taken them completely by surprise.

Indeed, the scales have rapidly tipped in the past few weeks and there are shifting sands beneath our feet as I type this. My feet and yours, not just Bill O’Reilly’s or Rupert Murdoch’s. I don’t think anyone, right of left, has a full picture of what’s going on, or exactly where it’s headed, but what should be crystal clear to every person in the world capable of critical thinking is that something big, something very major and something potentially fantastic has happened and it is going to continue to happen for some time to come. Like it or not, this is not a prediction, it is a statement of fact.

The genie is way out of the bottle, but you won’t hear about this from entities (like Fox News) who are threatened by what’s happening. Some of the most objective reporting on what’s occurring in America—and when I say “objective” I mean to impart, in this instance, not an anti-American bias but a NON-American point of view, there is huge difference—is coming from Russia Today and Al Jazeera. You want interesting news, considered opinions, intelligent reporting and something beyond the empty calories of the shrieking taking heads, then check both networks out.

Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Žižek was recently given nearly 30 minutes on Al Jazeera to speak about global revolutionary movements and what’s coming next. Can you imagine the sparks that would fly if Žižek was invited on to The O’Reilly Factor or Sean Hannity’s program?

Why not? If it’s good for ratings, it’s good for ratings. Isn’t that all Ailes really cares about? Well, if so, Fox News will need to update their modus operandi—and pronto, too—to keep up with such rapidly changing events. The thing is, I don’t think they can go on as they have in the past. Not because I think their audience has, or is going to, “wise up” all of a sudden because of what they see happening with OWS (although some of them will). No, my contention is very simply that Fox News is becoming too predictable, even for their admittedly not very intellectually demanding viewers. That’s saying a lot.

Ann Coulter? Hmmm, I mean, I wonder what her take is on Occupy Wall Street, don’t you?

Actually, no I fucking don’t and I never have. I couldn’t give a rat’s ass what Ann Coulter thinks about anything, but beyond that, she’s boring, and predictable, and so is Fox News. The past two months have seen the network foundering badly. Fox has become too rote, too boring. Ann Coulter? She’s not even any fun to mock anymore. Roger Ailes needs to euthanize Ann Coulter and push her off the gangplank just like he did with Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin. She’s the poster child for everything that’s wrong with Fox News right now. Put her and the rest of them out to pasture soon or Fox News will be just like the post-Geri Haliwell Spice Girls in 1998, becoming a glaring anachronism almost overnight.

Below, Slavoj Žižek on Al Jazeera last week:

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Scenes From the Class War in Oakland, CA

Posted on reddit by lazed_and_confused with the title “The view from my Oakland office.” According to local media estimates, the crowd was approximately 12,000 strong.

Because something is happening here
But you don’t know what it is
Do you, Mister Jones?

—Bob Dylan, “Ballad of a Thin Man”


Above, the Oakland branch of Chase bank, via Diane Jenkins on Facebook.

Above, protesters gather at the Port of Oakland.

Nice banner! (via Wonkette)

There are some more evocative photos of the Oakland General Strike in a gallery at the Silicon Valley Mercury News.

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Red vs. Blue: Do Democrats subsidize Republicans?
04:02 pm

Class War



This is a guest editorial from Dangerous Minds reader Em, expanding on some pointed commentary he’s made elsewhere on this blog. Em—who’ll keep his last name to himself, thank you very much—works in the financial industry:

I guess in every country you can find large numbers of people that truly believe something that just isn’t true. The US is special, however, in that we seem quite capable of believing things that are not only directly contrary to the truth, but that would actually result in the self-destruction of the very proponents of those ideas if they were allowed to completely run amok in our social, economic or political policies. Worse than this, the proponents of those same self-destructive policies will often demonize those that oppose them, applying a host of labels that they often successfully get to “stick” with surprising tenacity. Thus, people concerned with global warming are “liberals,” those proposing that a public health option should be made available are “socialists,” and those wanting a better break for the unions are often just labeled out-and-out communists. Sometimes, the vitriol and rhetoric are just so damned ignorant and self-defeating that you are tempted to turn tail and head back to the UK or elsewhere in Europe where things may not be perfect… but at least they are on average rational.

Of all of the issues out there that have gotten turned around and completely distorted, there’s one issue that, the more you look at the numbers and the facts, the more quickly you’ll move from angry laughter through bitter rage and then into sheer seething disgust. In a nutshell, that issue is the impact that the unions have had on federal taxes and which states are net receivers of federal tax money, and which are net donators. Playing with some numbers, I stumbled upon a fact that I suppose some economist out there somewhere must know, but that I’ve never seen mentioned. It is in my mind, at least, shocking, but before I go there let me remind us of a few basics, hum?

One interesting fact that some people are aware of is that the Red States (ie, those that tend to vote Republican) are almost invariably debtor states or (as I like to call them) hobo states, in that they take more federal funds than they deliver in taxes each year. You know the states –Georgia, North and South Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, New Mexico, Arizona and so on. These are the states always looking for (and getting!) a handout and yet where citizens are famous for declaring themselves “proud” and “self-reliant.” Conversely, the Blue or donor states (New York, California, Massachusetts, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Oregon and so on), these are the states that pay more in taxes to the federal government that they receive. These states tend to vote Democrat in presidential elections.

On the surface, of course, it certainly looks like the Red States vote Republican in order to pump tax money out of the Blue States into the hobo states’ hungry coffers. That much has been commented on by many and analyzed in fascinating detail by sources such as this one.

But I got to asking myself: What precisely, is the real source of wealth in the Blue States? Why is it that these states have so much extra cash that they can afford to be net donators of federal money to the Red States? And why are the Red States invariably in need of a handout? One could, of course, do some complex analysis around the concentration of big industries in certain areas, or perhaps look at per capita wealth concentration and then try to piece together some larger picture out of countless details. A bigass computer simulation wouldn’t seem inappropriate in this context.

Or it could be something far simpler than that. Anyone who has read my pieces on Dangerous Minds will know that I’ve been ranting about how the middle class is actually the engine of job creation and that one critical means by which the middle class has in effect been “capitalized” is through the unions and union wages. Looking across the pond, it’s no mistake that some of the most highly unionized countries in the world (Germany and Sweden) were in effect able to fund the bailout of the near-collapse of the EU. In other words, in countries like Germany and Sweden the middle class actually have money, and this disposable income in the hands of the many has a multiplicative effect on wealth creation.

So the question becomes: Is it true here in the US? In other words, could it possibly be that the main reason the donor/Blue States have extra cash with which to provide the Hobo/Red States with what is in effect a perpetual bailout is that the Blue States are more heavily unionized? At this point, the answer shouldn’t come as a surprise, but what did come as a surprise to me at least, was just how extreme the differences are. Consider the following table I generated showing the top 11 states in descending order of union membership matched with their federal tax outlay ratio. In other words, New York State is the most highly unionized state in the lower 48, followed by Washington and California and so on.

See that column on the right? That’s the ratio of federal tax dollars received to those paid. In other words, for every dollar of Federal taxes paid by residents of New York, they receive a mere 79 cents. What is hilarious is that the top 11 most-Unionized states happen to be the states that receive the least in Federal tax benefit compared to what they pay. In other words, the union states are the wealthy donor states. That these states have a surplus is obviously due to the increased wages of the unionized themselves, but also because of all the additional spending driven by disposable income. Perhaps more importantly, new jobs will be created in the donor states as some union employees attempt to strike out on their own and become suppliers to the industries in which they were employed.

How about at the bottom? You got it. Here’s a table of the least unionized states in the US, with their corresponding federal tax ratio:

With the notable (though marginal) exception of Texas, 10 of the 11 least unionized states in the lower 48 happen to be those that eat the most in federal tax money compared to what they pay.  Is this surprising? Maybe. But if you’ve paid any attention to all of the anti-Union rhetoric that has always flown around, then you will not only be surprised but disgusted. Some of these hobo states are precisely the ones that have launched persistent, long-term attacks on their unions.

More than the rhetoric, though, are the implications. The right has always proclaimed that unions kill wealth by pulling capital out of the hands of the wealthy, who have some innate and God-given talent to create more wealth and jobs. But what we see here is precisely the opposite: By pulling wealth out of the middle classes that they receive in the form of union wages, the rich inhabitants of those Hobo states have by no means made up the tax difference. In fact, they have converted their state into a hobo state, that the working unionized people in the Blue States must be taxed to support. Put in another way, every time a union is disbanded or disempowered in one of the hobo states, those of us living in the Blue States must in effect shell out more in order to cover their increasing tax gap.

At this juncture it may be worth comparing union membership to the other method of redistributing wealth: Taxation schemes. While in the short run increasing taxes on the wealthy will almost certainly be necessary in order to make a dent in the huge national deficit, what this analysis points to is that the real, “private” method of income redistribution is through the unions, where there is no Federal middleman. In other words, if we consider middle class capitalization as a necessary prerequisite for wealth creation, then the “left wing” method would be through taxation, but the right should consider union membership as the “private” non-governmental solution to the same problem.

An easy solution, therefore, presents itself: Examining the data across all 48 states, we can fairly easily assert that the breakeven level of union membership in a state (ie, for them to convert from a hobo state to a donor state) is somewhere between 10% to 15% of union membership. So how about this: Let’s push for a law that prohibits net Federal money from flowing into states with anything less than 10% union membership. Problem solved. Any state with union membership lower than this level is welcome to keep their federal tax proceeds but no more blue state money will be poured into their bottomless troughs.

The notable exceptions to this analysis are, of course, Alaska and Hawaii, both with high levels of union membership (with 23 and 22 percent union membership respectively). The additional costs associated with geographically remote and/or vast stretches of unpopulated territory are high enough that even high levels of union membership don’t push them into the black. But as long as they remain states of the US, it will probably be necessary to pump in federal funds, though care should be taken to encourage high levels of union participation less the drain on federal money becomes far greater than it is today.

So if federal money is generated directly or indirectly by the unions in the donor states, what form does the aid take as it goes into the hobo states? Ah, that’s a question better answered elsewhere, but the answer is fairly easy to guess. I’ll give you two hints, though: Hint number one is ‘Afghanistan’, and hint number two is ‘Iraq’.

About the author: Em was a founding member (with John Cale and others) of the New York punk band Doppler Effect in the early 1980s. After living in China in the late 80s, Em worked in the physics and electrical engineering space until 2002, at which time he moved into the financial world. In July, Em returned to the US after having lived in London since 2006 and is a member of the UMOUR art/event collective. He blogs at The Magic Lantern, his"litterbox of the soul.”

Previously on Dangerous Minds:
Occupy Wall Street: A Banker Explains What Really Happened to America

Mad Max in America: Our Republican Future?

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