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  • The Glove: When Robert Smith and Steven Severin played hooky from The Cure & Siouxsie & the Banshees
    12:47 pm



    During Robert Smith’s tenure as the guitarist in Siouxsie and the Banshees (1982-84), a period that yielded the “Dear Prudence” hit single, as well as Hyena and the live Nocturne album, while Siouxsie and Budgie were off doing The Creatures, Smith and Banshees’ bassist Steven Severin formed The Glove, a one-off side-project with vocalist/dancer Jeanette Landray (Smith’s Cure contract forbade him from singing with another group).

    The Glove, named after a character in Yellow Submarine produced just one album, the experimental, druggy, yet still quite poppy-sounding goth psychedelia of Blue Sunshine (yes, they copped the title from the cult film about the bad LSD) and two singles, “Like an Animal” and “Punish Me with Kisses.”

    The 2006 reissue of Blue Sunshine as a 2 CD set that features a second disc of Glove demos with Smith singing instead of Landray. (Many fans were annoyed to find that his vocals were only recently recorded.) Both Severin and Smith have indicated that they would like to record together again.

    Below, “A Blues in Drag”:

    Hear “Punish Me with Kisses” after the jump…

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    Crazy POV footage of daredevil base jump off Bolivia’s ‘Death Road’
    11:04 am



    Grim markers along the Death Road in Bolivia
    Grim markers along “The Death Road” in Bolivia
    More than 25,000 biking aficionados come from all over the world to ride the North Yungus Road in Bolivia, known by locals as “The Death Road” or in their native tongue, “El Camino de la Muerte.” “The Death Road” starts at a staggering 11,000 feet in the snowy Andes mountains, and takes riders on a 40+ mile, adrenaline-fueled trip through the Amazon Rainforest.
    Bikers traveling the Death Road in Bolivia
    Brave bikers traveling the Death Road
    Bikes stop to admire the Death Road in Bolivia
    While at times it may appear to be an idyllic trip full of waterfalls and mythical, untouched vistas, the road lives up to its name, claiming approximately 300 victims a year. The grim reminders of those who lost their lives on the Death Road are marked by crosses. And there are entirely too many of them along the treacherous route. Originally constructed by Paraguayan POW’s that were captured during the Chaco War (1932–1935), the road was formed using only picks and shovels. Some ravines along the one-lane route plunge more than 1,500 feet straight down. Naturally, as it is a road of death, there are precious few guardrails, if any at all, to protect those brave enough to ride the road.
    the Death Road in Bolivia
    Roadside markers on the Death Road in Bolivia
    Base-jumper on the Death Road in Bolivia
    Base-jumper on the Death Road
    Some of the braver (if not brainless) bikers are also known to “base jump” off the road into whatever lies beneath.There are loads of tour companies that offer guided excursions of the road and people who run them have told stories of young tourists showing up to ride hungover (yikes), or of overzealous bikers armed with GoPro cameras on their helmets that only aid in distracting them from the very real dangers of the road.

    Of course not every biker that tries their luck on the Death Road are foolhardy or unprepared for the intimidating trek. Many who take on the Death Road are legitimately skilled thrill-seekers in search of their next challenge. While base jumping into a blissful looking rainforest may be appealing those who live to die another day, I’d just rather watch people doing it. So if you just nodded your head in agreement to my last statement, please enjoy the following video of a guy base jumping off the Death Road. Viva la DEATH!

    POV video of a base jumper on the Death Road

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    XTC, ‘The Nonsvch Colouring Book’
    10:15 am



    Nishimatu Nisei, 1996
    Nonsuch, or “Nonsvch,” as the album cover technically rendered it, was XTC’s final record for Virgin. It was released in 1992 with an arresting medieval cover concept (one might also surmise that this extended to the album’s songs as well). I don’t know anybody who counts it among XTC’s strongest efforts. In fact, last year, when Robert Ham of Stereogum endeavored to undertake a full ranking of all of XTC’s albums, the only XTC album he rated worse than Nonsuch was Wasp Star (Apple Venus Volume 2). Christgau gave the album a bomb, which might be a little harsh.

    An advertisement for the album in Alternative Press featured a cute little poem with the title “Subscribe, A Poem,” the idea being that subscribing to AP would enable you to receive a CD sampler of Nonsuch and also enter the subscriber in a raffle. The poem went:

    It slices not.
    It dices not.
    It belches not.
    It squelches not.
    It lives for you.
    It lives by you.

    Meanwhile, in what today seems like an agglomeration of dropped names that were extra certain to identify the year as 1992, an ad in the August issue of SPY claimed that “George Bush doesn’t get it. David Duke thinks it contains communist codes. William Kennedy Smith just wants to know if it gets chicks hot.” (Ahem, the “George Bush” in question here was George Herbert Walker Bush….)

    Chalkhills, the XTC fan mailing list that later became one of the most exhaustive XTC fan websites, at some point noticed that the attractive woodcut-looking back cover art lent itself to, well, a coloring book (or a “colouring book,” depending). So they asked XTC fans to send in their best “coloured” versions of the various images. Naturally, this became known as The Nonsvch Colouring Book. The results, mostly executed in MS Paint or similar programs, aren’t half-bad.

    Here we present a few of the highlights from the colored-in gallery and then the entire panels in their original b/w form.


    Jeff Parker, 1998

    “Jen,” 1998

    Molly Fanton, 1998
    After the jump, the uncolored versions as well as the album’s first video…...

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    Punk ain’t cheap: One of Dee Dee Ramone’s bass guitars sells for $37,995
    09:54 am



    Dee Dee Ramone and his Fender Precision bass
    Dee Dee Ramone and one of his Fender Precision basses
    According to the folks at musical gear auction site Reverb, some posh punk has paid $37,995 to become the proud owner of one of Dee Dee Ramone’s personal bass guitars (like the one pictured with Dee Dee above).
    One of Dee Dee Ramone's Fender Precision bass guitars
    Dee Dee Ramone’s Fender Precision bass guitar that just sold for $37,995
    Dee Dee Ramone's Fender Precision bass guitar case
    Dee Dee Ramone’s hard shell Fender bass case that sold along with his Fender Precision
    According to the listing, the Fender ‘75 precision bass (with black pickguard pictured above) has been hanging out in a private collection since the 80’s, gifted to its owner by the Ramones themselves. The bass is said to still be in playable condition and even came in the original case (with a Ramones stencil on the back). Also included was a letter from Monte Melnick, the band’s former road manager, validating the instrument’s authenticity. Dee Dee played the Fender Precision for most of his too-short career and used them pretty much exclusively from 1974-1988, favoring the model with the black pickguard from 1975-1977.
    Dee Dee and his Fender Precision bass
    Another of Dee Dee’s Fender Precision basses (the all-white one you can see Dee Dee playing in the video below when the Ramones performed on the Old Grey Whistle Test on February 26, 1985), sold at a 2014 auction for a cool $37,694.48.

    The Ramones perform “Wart Hog” (with Dee Dee on lead vocals) and “Chasing the Night” (from 1984’s Too Tough to Die) on The Old Grey Whistle Test, 1985

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    ‘Bartkira’: Japanese anime classic ‘Akira’ gets Simpsonized
    08:24 am



    If you’ve not seen the definitive anime Akira, I highly suggest you make the time to watch it. If you’ve not read the comic it’s based on, I demand you get on that shit, like, yesterday. Set in post-nuclear Tokyo (well, technically “Neo-Tokyo,” an artificial island in the bay), Akira is a sort of post-apocalyptic coming-of-age story—just with telepathy, gang wars and terrorism. The first of the six volume series was released in 1982, but the decrepit futurism and universal themes have made it a timeless classic.It’s difficult to imagine anyone collaborating with or updating it, but the Akira/Simpsons mash-up, Bartkira, is positively inspired.

    Hundreds of cartoonists are collaborating to re-create all six volumes of the series, panel by panel, recast with characters from The Simpsons—you can see the cast list (pre-determined for consistency) here. The project will run until the series is reproduced in its entirity, and you can actually submit your Bartkira fan art to the Tumblr (which has a ton of great art), or send samples of your work to if you want to contribute to the actual Bartkira comic.
    As if that wasn’t ambitious enough, over fifty animators have actually produced a video trailer for the project, and it’s dead-on. If you’re wondering if this is legal, so are the artists involved:

    We’re not sure. We kind of just leapt into it. To be on the safe side, we’re keeping Bartkira as an entirely non-profit operation and we’re giving all the proceeds from sales of books, shirts and so on to charity. If you’ve made merchandise from your Bartkira artwork, we encourage you to do the same. We suspect the project occupies a legal grey area protected by parody laws. Regardless, as of writing we’re a year in and we haven’t received our cease-and-desist yet.

    Supposedly, Akira creator Katsuhiro Otomo got a kick out of the project, and while Matt Groening hasn’t been reached for comment, he’s got a huge collection of bootleg Simpsons merch, and likely wouldn’t care. And who wouldn’t be flattered by a project this formidable? The scope and artistry of the parody is positively sublime.



    H/t Jason Clarke

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    Getting high with my AK-47: Massive blunts that look like guns and other weapons
    07:33 am



    AK-47 blunt lit up
    AK-47 blunt

    It’s hard to tell how much actual weed master “bluntsman” ValleyRec420 packs into his blunts, but after looking through his mind-boggling Instragram, I think it’s safe to assume that it’s A LOT.

    While his smokable designs run the gamut from animals like sharks and turtles, to helicopters and airplanes, I was most switched on by VR420’s collection of weaponized blunts. According to VR420 himself, his first attempt at a blunt that also doubles as a weapon was a revolver (pictured below) that looks like it was packed with about a half-ounce of the good shit.
    Revolver blunt
    Revolver blunt

    VR420 will occasionally note how much weed (and even the strain) he packed into his fantastic cannabis creations, as well as how many “swishers” (blunt papers) he had to use for each project. The results are pretty incredible, especially when you consider that VR420’s weapons of choice are fully functional. In other words, if you got a blunt that looks like a sweet sawed-off shotgun, then you can actually smoke said sweet blunt. If this post has sent you running for your stash and a pack of old-school Tiparillos, then I highly (zing!) encourage you to paw through ValleyRec420’s Instragram.
    Double barrel shotgun
    Double barrel shotgun blunt
    Double barrel shotgun blunt
    Sawed-off shotgun blunt
    More after the jump…

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    A board game based on ‘The Shining’ actually exists! Download it for FREE!
    06:21 am



    The Shining boardgame, 1998
    The Shining, the boardgame. 1998
    Yes, you heard me right. A board game based on Stanley Kubrick’s mind-fucking film The Shining actually exists!
    The Shining board game counters and pieces (front and back images)
    The Shining board game counters and pieces (front and back images)
    The two-player game was created back in 1998 along with assistance from Stephen King. Which makes this an extra cool find as King (as you probably know) wrote the 1977 novel on which the film is based. The prolific author even acted as the games very first tester. Best of all? You can download the game FOR FREE and put it together yourself.
    The Shining board game pieces
    The Shining board game pieces
    The Shining boardgame gameplay with Jack Torrance and snowmobile
    The Shining board game gameplay with Jack Torrance and snowmobile
    As far as gameplay is concerned, it all starts with the news of the approaching winter storm, which in turn enables the ghosts that inhabit the Overlook Hotel to get to work scaring the shit out of The Torrances’. One player gets to be the Torrance family, while the other player is the House (or the Overlook Hotel). According to a detailed review of the game via a Stephen King fan site, The Torrance family members are able to “engage in mental attacks on the ghosts” and there are even “implements of destruction” available to use such as a snowmobile, an ax in the garage (because, of course), a mallet, and a knife in the Overlook’s kitchen. Aparently the game isn’t a long, drawn out affair and can be completed in a relatively short period of time. The only gripe that I read about was that if players do not monitor the Overlook’s boiler pressure closely enough, the entire hotel gets blown to kingdom come.
    The Shining board game map one
    The Shining board game map one
    The Shining boardgame layout
    The Shining board game map two
    If this sounds like a good time to you (and it should because all work and no play will make you a very dull boy), you can download the game here.

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    The entire print run of classic punk Slash magazine is now online
    06:13 am



    I have excellent news for the world. Ryan Richardson, one of the United States’ foremost collectors, archivists, and dealers of punk rock records and ephemera has given us a most welcomed gift.

    Richardson has uploaded the entire print run of the classic L.A. punk magazine, Slash, to his website

    A true Internet saint, Richardson has previously blessed us with free online archives of Star magazine, Rock Scene magazine, and, a repository of various early punk zines. Richardson also hosts the exhaustive punk info blog Break My Face.

    Unlike crucial, pioneering magazines such as Touch and Go and We Got Power!, which have recently gotten deluxe anthology treatments, Slash magazine has remained hidden from public view since its demise in 1980, save for the surviving copies in the hands of primordial punks and collectors with the scratch to afford valuable originals on eBay.

    Richardson has collected the entire print run of 29 issues from 1977 to 1980.

    The importance of Slash to the L.A. punk scene, and really to the worldwide punk scene in general, cannot be overstated.  The writing of Claude “Kickboy Face” Bessy, Jeffrey Lee Pierce, and Chris D. helped to define the attitude and outlook of the nascent subculture, while the imagery of illustrators Gary Panter and Mark Vallen established punk as an art movement working outside of—but in conjunction with—the music scene. Photographers like Ed Colver and Jenny Lens provided essential documentation of the era, making names for themselves producing some of the most important rock photography ever captured.

    The layout design, graphics, and writing put Slash spiky-head-and-shoulders above most any other punk fanzine before or since. And in terms of being a historical record of a cultural time and place, this print run is priceless. We hope you have several hours to kill. You can download the entire archive right here or from

    The zip-file download of the complete run is free, but Richardson asks that those taking advantage make a charitable donation to Electronic Frontier Foundation, Doctors Without Borders or Austin Pets Alive. He has provided donation links on

    While you’re waiting on this large file to download, here’s a gallery of covers and pages included in the archive:


    More after the jump…

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    Finally, the death metal version of ‘Grease’ we’ve been waiting all our lives for
    06:09 am



    We’re grateful to Andy Rehfeldt for reminding us that most things can be improved with a little death metal. In this case, the classic 1978 musical Grease provides no exception to the rule. Rehfeldt worked up a death metal overdub for the climactic “You’re the One That I Want” scene late in the movie, and it’s fantastic!

    The best thing about this version is that it lets us enjoy John Travolta’s idiotic facial expressions in a whole new way.

    via Uproxx

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    Watch the amazing Grateful Dead light show at the Empire State Building last night
    12:23 pm



    Last night the lights of the Empire State Building were synchronized to give 60,000 fans at the sold out “Fare Thee Well: Celebrating 50 Years of Grateful Dead” concert (which was held in Chicago, not New York) a light show that they would never forget. The light show synchronized the Empire State Building’s LED tower lights to the band’s live performance of “U.S. Blues.”

    The surviving members of the original band were reunited for the “Fare Thee Well: Celebrating 50 Years of Grateful Dead” tour 20 years to the day after the band’s last performance together.

    New Yorkers will get an encore performance of the Empire State Building light show at 9:00 p.m. tonight. Fans can tune into iHeartRadio’s Q104.3 to listen along with the group playing live as they watch the show.

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