Killing Nazis with kindness—by ‘liking’ them on Facebook
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Like Attack
January 27 is International Holocaust Remembrance Day, and this year an ad-hoc German collective called Laut Gegen Nazis (Loud Against Nazis) staged an intriguing protest against the Nazi Party of Germany, or the National Democratic Party of Germany, as they style themselves (Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschlands, NPD), by using the innocuous tools of Facebook to call attention to the damnable persistence of Nazi ideology in Germany.

Laut Gegen Nazis called it a “Like Attack”—they encouraged liberal opponents of fascist ideas to flood the NPD’s Facebook page by “liking” it and also by posting, as a comment, a link to a liberal-friendly image such as “Rassismus tötet!” (Racism kills!) or a rainbow version of the Nazi logo. In addition users were urged to adopt one of those very same images as their personal icons for the day (as they would obviously be seen on the NPD’s page itself).
Laut Gegen Nazis
The slogan for the day was “Wir überfremden die NPD!”—which clever phrase requires a bit of unpacking. The German word überfremden is not a common one; it appears to be a bit of neo-Nazi jargon, and it means to be overrun by foreigners—such sentiments are surely discernable enough in the U.S. and U.K. as well. The genius of the slogan lies in the fact that Laut Gegen Nazis was proposing to do just that to the NPD’s Facebook page—overrun it with outside elements.

As the Das Kraftfuttermischwerk blog pointed out, the project had the distinct drawback of having to oblige users, however briefly, to “like” such an odious entity as the NPD in order to function. But a sizable number of people appeared not to mind that particular taint, anyway.
NPD Facebook page
In the end, the NPD admins presumably had to work a little harder to maintain their page (it appears that many of the comments were scrubbed, although as of this writing—1/29—a few more recent comments could be seen on NPD’s website), and who knows how many minds, if any, were changed. But it remains a pretty clever implementation of social media to land a collective political point.

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Woman claims to see Jesus on bruised toe
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According to KRQE-TV in Albuquerque, NM, a woman is claiming to see Jesus in painful bruises on her feet that she sustained after falling down the stairs

Paula Osuna’s fiancé rubbed some “holy” dirt from the town of Chimayo in New Mexico on her feet to help her heal. What happened next surprised her:

After putting the holy dirt on her foot and then bandaging it, she says the next day the bruise formed in the shape of Jesus on her second toe.


“My family has always done the pilgrimages to Chimayo and this is the first time I ever used it and I’m seeing something kind of come out full circle, I guess.” Osuna said.

Oh for Christ’s sake…

The best comment:

The caption should read “Crazy woman gets pushed down stairs and Jesus figured lets create an image of myself on this wacko’s toe.”


Via Christian Nightmares

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The Fat White Family want to inject you with their ‘Wet Hot Beef’
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Class War

Fat White Family

Like… well, like a lot of other people—I’m hardly alone in this opinion—I’m prepared to call The Fat White Family the best new group in rock and roll. They’re obnoxious. They’re trashy. They’re brash, they’re young, they’re (quite) wasted and they don’t give a fuck. According to one journalist, they stink. Musically, they remind me of The Fall, The Birthday Party, The Cramps, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion and Captain Beefheart. They’re Marxists. They make completely insane videos and their debut album, Champagne Apocalypse, is one of the best things released last year. These randy, freaky, sleazy, druggy motherfuckers are committed.

What’s not to love?

If the epic “Wet Hot Beef (Parts I,II & III)” from their recent EP (a three-song/two song split with Taman Shud favoring Fat White Family) is anything to go by, 2014 is going to be their year, but right now, they’re broke and trying to raise some dosh to do a short American tour:

Alas, my budget for flying out to tour America currently stands at £3.47. With the rest of the group languishing in similar or worse financial hopelessness, we are turning to you, sisters and brothers, to fund our venture; don’t let those yanks go away thinking that all this country produces is middle of the road, safe as houses homogenized industry crap, send them the Fat White Family, make a difference, make a pledge….

In return for your pledge we are offering ourselves up body and soul, for the next 6 weeks we are on sale. You can have the band come around to your house and cook you dinner, you can have any member of the band give you a special massage, you can purchase a 25 track limited edition anthology of rarities and b-sides, you can have us do some casual labour on your property, there is no low to which we shall not comfortably stoop; the future of bad taste is in your hands, don’t let it slide through your fingers and mucky your shoes.

The list of available rewards for donating include: massages; a “Primal Scream workshop”(?); drum lessons; dinner for two with The Fat White Family cooked by a band member; you can sing backing vocals onstage with the group; be in one of their videos, get a tattoo from the drummer, some original art or even a show at your own home. They were also offering a limited edition CD of unreleased material with handmade artwork, but sadly they’ve all been snatched up already.

The Fat White Family’s US tour is supposed to be some dates at SXSW and then a crawl up the Eastern seaboard. I hope they get out to Los Angeles, too. In February, they’re taking their act on the road across the UK.


“Cream of the Young” (DO watch this one until the end, won’t you?)

“Wet Hot Beef (Parts I,II & III)”

“Auto Neutron”

“Heaven on Earth” (directed by the notorious comic artist Mike Diana)
Plenty more of The Fat White Family after the jump…

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Metal albums with googly eyes

Beheomth, Zos Kia Cultus

The name of this Tumblr says it all. Its author seems to value brevity:

I have way too much spare time on my hands.

As spoofs of metal’s sometimes over-the-top grimness go, this one is often laugh out loud funny, and there are some albums I really love in there. But if whoever’s doing this reads this, and is taking requests, I’d love to see IX Equilibrium, Shadows of the Sun, and Skullgrid, please and thank you sir or ma’am.

Dehumanized, Prophecies Foretold

Dying Fetus, Descend Into Depravity, back cover

Skeletonwitch, Serpents Unleashed

Vital Remains, Icons of Evil

Immortal, Pure Holocaust, probably the best one of the whole bunch

Ensiferum, From Afar

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Spy-Fi: When Shirley Bassey teamed up with Lalo Schifrin for ‘The Liquidator’
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Lalo Schifrin
Shirley Bassey

Take a gander at this superb Richard Williams title credits sequence from The Liquidator. The theme tune is sung by the great Shirley Bassey and was written and conducted by Lalo Schifrin.

Obviously, the makers of this 1965 film were trying their hand at creating another James Bond, with Rod Taylor playing “Boysie Oakes,” a character that came from a Cold War-era spy book series that also tried to get in on the James Bond action. There were dozens, maybe hundreds of “sub-Bond” rip-offs produced during the Sixties. The Liquidator, to its credit, tried harder by hiring Bassey and Schifrin. They even presciently snagged the gorgeous young Jill St. John a few years before she became a proper Bond girl in Diamonds Are Forever.

Here’s a boffo live vocal version of the theme:

Schifrin would go on to score another James Bond wannabe, Murderers’ Row starring Dean Martin as secret agent Matt Helm. It’s got one of the greatest opening sequences of any “Sixties” movie. Watch it here.

Bonus clip: Shirley Bassey sings “Goldfinger” in 1974.

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Bad Music for Bad People: The second best Cramps footage you’ll ever see!
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The Cramps
Kid Congo Powers

This might not be the very best footage of The Cramps you’ll ever see—that designation would probably be bestowed upon the infamous video shot at the Napa, CA mental hospital in 1978—but it’s most probably the second best. Oh yes…

This is The Cramps—Lux, Ivy, Nick Knox and Kid Congo Powers—caught live at the Mudd Club in NYC, at their prime, in 1981. The source for this was a broadcast of Paul Tschinkel’s Inner-Tube and it was apparently taped off the air. Recently it turned up on the Dime a Dozen torrent tracker and then on YouTube. I’ve owned—for about 25 years—a really good low generation dub of the final three songs, so to see the entire set is pretty glorious.

A few years ago, Paul Tschinkel teased the Internet by releasing a little bit of what he’s got and here’s what I wrote:

Since I was only ever able to catch a few of them on TV (I moved to NYC the year it went off the air), I was always on the look-out for bootlegs of a cable access program called Paul Tschinkel’s Inner-Tube, perhaps THE greatest (I can’t imagine what would compare to it) underground video archive of late 70, early 80s punk, post-punk, No Wave and New Wave music that exists.

The Gun Club, Bad Brains, Dead Kennedys, The Cramps, Blondie, Talking Heads, James Chance and the Contortions, Johnny Thunders, Television, Richard Hell and the Voidoids, The Dead Boys, The Ramones, Siouxsie and The Banshees… the list of bands seen on Inner-Tube goes on and on and on. Shows often shot in color, with two cameras and sound board audio. Performances taped at CBGB, Mudd Club, Danceteria, Max’s Kansas City, Irving Plaza and usually the camera was right up front.

Inner-Tube ran for ten years on Manhattan Cable (meaning that you could only watch it if you lived in Manhattan, the outer boroughs didn’t get it, TV Party, Midnight Blue or The Robin Byrd Show, either). Seriously, it was the best of the best. Unbelievable shit.

I’ve been waiting in vain for years, hoping for a proper DVD release of the “best of” Inner-Tube, but the rights issues would probably make that a nightmare. Now it looks like Tschinkel is starting to put some on YouTube. This should be encouraged!

I wrote that two years ago. Since then Paul has released precious little of his treasure trove on YouTube. Hopefully he’ll note the interest in this Cramps post and give us some more? Pretty please???

The sole downside of this amazing video is that Poison Ivy spends much of the time behind a big pillar, hidden from the camera. You do see her, but not as much as you might want to.

Set list:
“Don’t Eat Stuff Off The Sidewalk”
“New Kind Of Kick”
“The Green Fuz”
“Can’t Find My Mind”
“Goo Goo Muck”
“Natives Are Restless”
“TV Set”
“Sunglasses After Dark”
“Voodoo Idol”
“Human Fly”
“I Was A Teenage Werewolf”
“Beautiful Gardens”

If this doesn’t get you off, then you don’t like rock and roll… and get the fuck off this blog.

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Who wants some handbags and high heel shoes with nipples on ‘em?
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Nicola Peleteria

The “Human Furriery” series by Argentinian artist Nicola Constantino features 3D silicone nipples on high heel shoes, Hermès, Birkin and Kelly handbags. Don’t lie, you know you want one.

The series also features areola-adorned gowns with human hair as the “fur” trim. Aaaaaaaaand if that’s not enough for you, perhaps the puckered anus starfish men’s shoes are more to your liking?



Via Boing Boing

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Ramones drop some truth on a little know-it-all (a young Marilyn Manson?) on Nickelodeon, 1981
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Marilyn Manson

The Ramones appeared on Nickelodeon’s Livewire in 1981, on the cusp of the release of their Pleasant Dreams LP. It could have just been a cool artifact of an important punk band incongruously showing up on a kids show. But no, some self-satisfied little weed decided to ask a wiseass question about producer Phil Spector’s involvement with the End of the Century album, not to actually find out the answer, but to show off how all “insidery” he was and to belittle the band.

To their immense credit, The Ramones answered the smartass’ pitifully thrown gauntlet with a great deal of class. Joey starts strong, and though he drifts off-topic, Johnny saves the moment with a succinct and thoughtful statement of purpose.

An amusing aside: when you go to the YouTube page for this video—which you’ll have to if you want to watch it, as embedding, unfortunately, is disabled—the uploader makes the claim that the smirking brat is a young Marilyn Manson. I think the differences in appearance outweigh the admittedly striking similarities. Not only is this trying-too-hard little fistpuppet’s facial structure not quite like Manson’s (cheeks and chin are both much wider), Manson spent his childhood and teens in Ohio and Florida, and the eminently punchable, way-too-proud-of-itself assface of the smug little taintbreather in the video is emitting an accent that’s pure New York. Plus, Manson would have been 12 then, and this kid seems more like 14 or 15 to me. Not ruling out the possibility altogether, and I certainly don’t fancy myself the last word on it, but my best educated guess/hunch is “nuh-uh.”

Behold: a wasteland where proper awe in the presence of genius vanishes like flatus into a squall.

Behold: actual young Marilyn Manson. I say “very close but no cigar,” but judge for yourself.
Lastly, what might have been a fine money-shot fades out too quickly, but stay attentive at the end, and you’ll catch Joey’s answer to the question from the girl in the awesomely Welcome Back Kotterish outfit. She, her question, and Joey’s blink-and-you’ll-miss-it answer are all fantastic.

Watch it here.

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Ian McKellen gives a Master Class on acting Shakespeare, 1982
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Ian McKellen

These days, Sir Ian McKellen is best known for playing characters in big-budget CGI films such as Gandalf in The Lord of the Rings, or Magneto in The X-Men, but once, not so long ago, when he was just a plain “Mister,” McKellen was to be found giving incredible performances on TV in the likes of Tom Stoppard’s play Every Good Boy Deserves Favor, where he played an imprisoned dissident; or, his unforgettable, ambitious and murderous Thane of Glamis in Trevor Nunn’s adaptation of Macbeth; or, an increasingly paranoid commuter in Armchair Thriller; or, just as himself reading children’s stories on Jackanory.

All of the above was my introduction to the talented Mr. McKellen, and these productions have remained lodged in my memory long after some of the things he has done with CGI, no matter how compelling and brilliant his performances. (This has little to do with the quality of his acting, rather my own aversion to the bloody awful world of CGI movies.)

One of my favorite McKellen productions from way back then was his “entertainment” Acting Shakespeare, in 1982.

You don’t have to be a fan of Shakespeare to enjoy this brilliant one-man show, in which McKellen interweaves key moments of his life—from childhood productions of Hamlet, to his beginnings as an actor at school, university and beyond—with stunning performances of the Bard’s best known works. McKellen performs on stage without props or costume in front of an audience, and his talent to almost shape-shift from one character-to-another is something to behold.

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South Korean plastic surgeon constructs twin towers of human jawbones
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South Korea
human jawbones

South Korean jawbones
In the list of the top 10 countries ranked by the raw number of plastic surgery procedures undertaken, South Korea stands out for being the smallest country in terms of population—thus, pound for pound, it’s fair to consider the nation fairly obsessed with plastic surgery. So perhaps it’s not so surprising that South Korea made the news this week for a mildly gruesome story involving plastic surgery. In the posh Gangnam district of Seoul, South Korea (yes, that Gangnam district), which features a so-called “Beauty Belt” neighborhood with dozens of plastic surgery purveyors, the offices of one such joint briefly displayed a pair of impressive translucent cases filled with the jawbone parts of roughly 1,000 patients.

For reasons that resist brief summary, chin reduction surgery is very common in Korea. I would show you some impressive before/after pics from South Korea, but the ones I was looking at didn’t seem legit to me, and my command of the Korean language gets a little pyeongbeomhan after my third glass of soju. You can see a few typical pics here.

This diagram depicts one of the typical chin procedures:
Chin surgery diagram

Every jawbone in the glass cases bore a label with the name of the respective patient. The clinic in question mostly specializes in jaw procedures, as many women desire a thinner facial look. A procedure to narrow one’s face by shaving off sections of jawbone to get a more V-shaped chin costs more than $3,000.

The sculptures, if they can be so called, have gotten the clinic in a bit of legal trouble, as they “contravened regulations requiring the disposal and incineration of body parts removed in medical procedures.” An official from the Gangnam district office “visited the clinic after some people filed complaints” and intends to levy a fine of three million won ($2,796), which, coincidentally, is pretty close to the price of one jaw reduction surgery.
via RocketNews24

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