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Robotic French Space Disco inspired by Star Wars (1977)
03:42 am


The Droids

imageInspired by the 1977 release of Star Wars, Yves Hayat (synthesizers and sequencers) formed Droids along with Richard Lornac on keyboards and Jean-Paul Batailley on drums and tablas. Two of the guys performed the single “(Do You Have) The Force” on French TV in 1977 dressed as robots—which could explain the Daft Punk comparison. Star Peace came out a year later, and then the Droids were out. The LP is sought after for its kitsch appeal but also killer electronics and good vibes.

Star Peace’s connection to George Lucas’ space-opera is essentially negligible. Except for a few signifiers, namely the two-part “(Do You Have) The Force” with its R2D2-ish synth squelches and blaster sounds, the whole thing has less to do with Star Wars and more to do with the big astral-plane ideas of 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Old New Hope: Half-Baked Record Nerd Oddities From Dennis Wilson and Droids Resurface


Posted by Tara McGinley
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