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3-D View-Master: Vintage adverts & images of Yogi Bear and Huckleberry Hound

Vintage adverts for the 3-D View-Master, that delightful stereoscopic device through which thin cardboard reels or discs of images were viewed. I can still recall the pure pleasure of viewing these brilliant-colored, photographic images that made the everyday world seem slightly anemic. The stills of Alpine scenes, with pink roses blossoming around a snow-capped chalet; a copper-haired Gulliver (who looked like my neighbor’s biker son) tied to the ground, his hand pin-pricked by Liliputian arrows; pink puppet pigs escaping a drooling, sharp-fanged wolf; Huckleberry Hound crash landing on the Moon; Yogi Bear having his portrait painted; or, Jerry as a Musketeer (Mouseketeer?) probing Tom’s nasal cavity with a sword; The Flinstones; Droopy; London by day and night; Edinburgh Castle under a summer’s sky. It was a delightful portable world, one which my inner geek wanted to join.
Via Pop Culture Safari

Posted by Paul Gallagher



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