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A life-size Xenomorph skull replica can be yours
11:44 am


A life-size Xenomorph skull replica can be yours

Ever wondered what the skull of the Xenomorph from Alien might look like? On top of that, have you ever wanted to own a Xenomorph skull? It’s your lucky day, bucko: Check out this detailed Xenomorph skull replica. I like it. It would definitely be a weird thing to own and would be a fun item to slip into a taxidermy collection to fool people with. “That one? The dealer didn’t know what that was a skull of. Sold it to me cheap, too. Do you know what kind of animal it’s from?”

The replica, designed by ToyWiz, is made of “durable foam rubber and latex that’s carefully hand-painted for extra eerie detail.”

Based on the deadly creatures from the classic Alien movie, this incredible piece measures 36” long and comes with a display stand for tabletop use or wall mounting.

It’s on pre-order now and selling for $229.99. According to the website, it’ll ship in March. 


via Nerdcore

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