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A (very) dramatic reading from cable access television, 1983


“He was the love of the hutch embodied…”

Vintage early 1980s cable access tee-vee at its very finest. No liquids when you watch this golden oldie, ‘kay? (Take my advice or you’ll be investing in a new keyboard soon…)

From the Freakapedia entry:

Aspiring actress Precious Taft appeared on Stairway to Stardom performing a monologue from a play called The Gingham Dog. The best part is the dramatic ending, where Precious (playing the part of Gloria) avows to bash her child’s head against the “goddamned radiator.” She then dramatically drops the microphone and the host creepily tells her how beautiful her performance was.


Thank you, Jesse Merlin!

Posted by Richard Metzger
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