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America’s top spies look at Michele Bachmann like she’s crazy (for a LONG time)

Put yourself in the shoes of poor John Brennan, the newly installed CIA director as he is lobbed one batshit crazy question after another by GOP Congresswoman Michele Bachmann. He’s trying very hard to be respectful, but it’s obviously very difficult to do that with such a self-important uninformed dingbat confronting him.

Bachmann’s first question, of course, was about Benghazi and it just goes downhill from there. At the end of the clip there is a full ten seconds of WTF looks exchanged as Brennan and his top men try to make sense of the Republican pol’s inane word salad.

It’s bust-a-gut-funny until you consider that she’s asking this question as a member of the House Intelligence Committee! Michele Bachmann could scarcely be considered “high functioning” let along intelligent!

Christian McCarthyite Bachmann will be attending the funeral of Margaret Thatcher in London this week. I simply can’t wait to hear what she will have to say about all of the anti-Thatcher protests. She’s probably going to be extra befuddled. I wonder if she’s ever been abroad before? She doesn’t act like it (Canada doesn’t count).

Posted by Richard Metzger
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