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‘Atlas Shrugged’ jewelry: Show your sweetie you care (about yourself) this Valentine’s Day
08:52 am

Class War

Ayn Rand

Ugly bracelet
For the record, that’s not “Rearden Metal,” it’s made of aluminum
The Atlas Shrugged jewelry line was not just inspired by the Ayn Rand novel—the pieces are actual reproductions from the ill-fated Atlas Shrugged film! What? You didn’t know there was a two-part Atlas Shrugged movie?!? That’s because it bombed horribly! (They spent $20 million on the first installment and didn’t even earn back $5 million. On the second they spent $10 million, and didn’t earn earn back $3.5 million.)

But, for a mere $159.00, you can warm the blackened cardiac lacuna of your very own Dagny Taggart and help the producers pay their investors back…
This pendant goes for $129.95 in silver, or $489.95, if you want to spring for the gold. You can even special order it for a Valentine’s Day arrival, but like anything with value, only a limited number are available for the rush delivery!

And if you’re shopping for the man in your life, snag the “Who is John Galt?” necktie, for a pittance at $79.95.

neck tie
At least it’s actually silk

In some ways, merchandising the ever-living hell out of this commercial failure seems like the most intuitive thing one could possibly do to dig oneself out of a $15 million hole, but sorry, if I’m going to reward true free market innovation, I’m holding out for slutty Objectivist lingerie.

They could call the line “RANDy”!

Posted by Amber Frost



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