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Beth B. takes on TV evangelism in 1987’s ‘Salvation’
11:34 am


Beth B.

Exene and Dominique

Television evangelism meets rock ‘n’ roll mayhem in Beth B.‘s Salvation, a delirious satire from 1987 starring Exene Cervenka, Viggo Mortensen (in his first starring movie role), Dominique Davalos (singer in Dominatrix) and a splendidly deranged Stephen McHattie as the Swaggart-like Reverend Edward Randall.

Even with a rather hefty $800,000 budget, Salvation manages to exude a down and dirty D.I.Y. vibe that feels true to Beth B.‘s roots, underground subversiveness slathered with a sleek Hollywood veneer. The movie is not altogether successful in eliciting laughs, but it’s cock-eyed energy has a manic propulsion that sent me into fits of giddiness. And it has an exceptionally cool soundtrack.

With music by New Order, Cabaret Votaire, Arthur Baker, Dominique and The Hood.

Posted by Marc Campbell
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