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‘Beth’ by KISS: Best/worst music video ever?
12:04 pm


‘Beth’ by KISS: Best/worst music video ever?

Personally, I’ve always hated KISS—even when I was a little kid, I saw no appeal to them whatsoever, they just seemed moronic to me (and not in a good way)—but that didn’t stop me from using their 1976 hit single “Beth” as a deliberately annoying ringtone until it annoyed even me too much (so I switched over to the banjo break in “Squeeze Box” by The Who, arguably even more annoying!).

Here’s the pre-MTV era music video for “Beth.” I saw this for the first time this morning and LOL’d at how utterly pathetic this is. Aside from Peter Criss (and Paul Stanley to a certain point, I suppose) the band dosen’t really have anything to do. It’s just ridiculous.

Posted by Richard Metzger
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