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Big Balls: Rarely seen, intimate photos of AC/DC taken back in the 70s
01:17 pm
Big Balls: Rarely seen, intimate photos of AC/DC taken back in the 70s

Angus Young (top left), Phil Rudd (top right), Bon Scott (bottom left), and Malcolm Young (bottom right).
Spoiler alert! This post does, in fact, contain an image of AC/DC guitar hero Angus Young’s balls, a sight you may have witnessed yourself if you’ve ever seen the band in concert. And that’s because Angus is known for flashing his ass and low-hanging fruit in the wild, much to the delight of AC/DC’s loyal fans during their live performances.

I got to thinking rather nostalgically about AC/DC on Sunday as it would have marked the 71st birthday of long departed vocalist Bon Scott, who passed away at the way too young age of 34 in February of 1980. Many of the images in this post were previously uploaded to various AC/DC fan forum sites, and others were published in rock magazines in the 1970s. I also came upon more that were taken backstage by fans of the band as well as some behind-the-scenes images that were captured of the boys while they were recording their face-smashing 1978 album Powerage in 1977. Some days, the Internet is very generous, and today was one of those days.

Of all the groups who reside at the top of the mountain that built rock and roll, AC/DC is probably the band with the most universal appeal. I mean, do you know anyone who doesn’t like AC/DC? I sure as fuck don’t.  And if I did, I’d get right to not knowing them as quickly as possible. Even after the death of Bon, which nearly caused the band to call it quits right then and there, they not only carried on but would put out one of the most influential albums of their career—1980’s critically acclaimed Back in Black with vocalist Brian Johnson. With Johnson at the helm, AC/DC would put out a slew of studio albums that collectively sold more than 93,000,000 copies worldwide as of 2014. While it’s possible you may have seen some of the images in this post before, I’m betting that you haven’t seen most of them. Either way, this stuff is a treat for the eyes that deserves two devil horns up! Some of the pictures are NSFW which should make sense since this is AC/DC we’re talking about. Also, balls.

In the studio during the recording of ‘Powerage’ in 1977.

An early shot of AC/DC and drummer Phil Rudd’s awesome sweater.


A photo from the photoshoot for ‘Powerage.’

A young Bon Scott sporting an Elvis shirt.

A photo of a very young AC/DC. Angus is wearing a sweet shirt with a cartoon image of his stage persona.

Another shot from the ‘Powerage’ photoshoot.

A ‘poster portrait’ that appeared in the UK publication TV Times. Bon’s jacket and hair are everything.

A photo I dug up in an AC/DC fan forum of the band performing live in the late 1970s.

A photo of Angus Young (far right) posing with a few of his fans in Glasgow following the release of ‘Powerage.’

Angus in the studio during the recording of ‘Powerage.’

Italy, 1970s.

Bon Scott and a fan hanging out backstage in Houston in the 70s.

A poster for a show in Sydney in 1977.

Angus Young.





Two more images from the ‘Powerage’ shoot.

As promised, here’s a vintage shot of Angus Young flashing his ass and big balls at a live gig. YAY!

Insane footage of AC/DC performing “Live Wire” for the show ‘Rock Goes to College,’ 1978.


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