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‘Black Juju’: Mind-bending early Alice Cooper performance
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Alice Cooper
‘Black Juju’: Mind-bending early Alice Cooper performance

In Bobcat Goldthwait’s delightfully violent 2011 comedy, God Bless America, Roxy, the homicidal teenager played by Tara Lynne Barr, goes off on an epic Tarantino-esque rant about the titanic greatness of Alice Cooper that begins:

“You don’t ‘like’ Alice Cooper, Frank… that’s like a Muslim saying he ‘likes’ Mohamed”

By the time she was finished, I wanted to stand up in the cinema and cheer. YES!

I love Alice Cooper, but the band, not so much the frontman with the same name. I lose interest pretty quickly after Welcome to My Nightmare, but Alice Cooper the group, well, they’re one of my top, top, top favorite acts of all time. Alice Cooper will probably never be fashionable or cool again, but fuck it, they were great and this extended clip of them on Barry Richard’s Turn On, a local Washington, DC “free form” rock show, circa, 1971, is proof of how utterly mind-bogglingly brilliant they were in their prime.

They do “I’m Eighteen” and a killer take on “Black Juju.”

If there’s ONE Alice Cooper song I’d want to see an extended vintage performance of, it would be “Black Juju,” hands down. This clip does not disappoint. Trust me, you’ll love it to death.

This material and a lot more from Barry Richards’ personal archive can be purchased on DVD as Turn-On, Groove-In, Rock Out! The Barry Richards TV Collection Vol. 1 put out by Resurrection Productions.

Posted by Richard Metzger
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