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‘Born In Saudi Arabia’: Angry Black Man takes down Bruce Springsteen

Tea Party freak Elmer Williams Jr. (The Angry Black Man) runs a blog called “Whatever Happen To Common Sense” (spelling is his, not mine). Williams is living proof that it doesn’t take a shitload of intelligence to operate the machinery of the Internet. He also seems to have gotten the hang of Youtube as well. In this particular rant he goes after Bruce Springsteen and predicts a future in which The Boss is under the thumb of Ayy-rabs in some sort of Ayy-rab concentration camp.

Riding around in his bigass pick-up truck and wearing a pair of mirror shades that would make Erik Estrada envious, Williams’ worldview is a pungent mix of stupidity and arrogance and would be funny if it weren’t so damned pathetic.

Posted by Marc Campbell
04:10 pm
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