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Breastfeeding On Ohio Billboard Shocks
04:01 pm


The state of Ohio is all bothered over a new billboard which shows a breast-milk smeared bab-ay, urging passing motorists to breastfeed, presumably after they’re out of the car. It bothers me, too, but that’s just the atrocious design. The billboard kind of looks like a PSA against undead zombie babies addicted to breastmilk instead of brains. And goddamn, but that baby looks like he’s about to start wiggling his eyebrows suggestively up and down like Groucho freaking Marx. Haunting.

You can always count on the topic of breastfeeding to spark thoughtful and measured debate—or else hysterical attacks and counterattacks. The latest skirmish in the breastfeeding vs. bottle feeding war is being fought in Ohio, where billboards like the one shown here, from the state health department, have been spotted around Cleveland and Toledo and probably elsewhere. Sure, there’s the implication that formula doesn’t satisfy—but the bigger issue here seems to be just what the heck is up with that baby? One local tells Toledo’s Fox affiliate: “When I first saw it, I thought, you know, I agree with breast milk, it’s fine, but then I saw it with the milk around its mouth and I thought that was so unappealing. The baby’s cute, but I did not like the milk coming out of his mouth.” Cleveland Scene readers are more straightforward. Says one: “The little fella looks SATISFIED AS HELL—like a tit vampire with all the drool and boob milk dripping off his chin.” The Ad Council’s breastfeeding campaign seems boring by comparison. Via @rickuldricks.

(AdFreak: Ohio not drooling over breast-milk billboard)

Posted by Jason Louv
04:01 pm
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