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Buy or die! The Residents release ‘The Ultimate Box Set’ for only $100,000
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The Residents
Buy or die! The Residents release ‘The Ultimate Box Set’ for only $100,000

When you search for images of “the residents” and “christmas” you get mostly depressing pics from old folks homes.
Celebrating the 40th anniversary of their first record release, 1972’s “Santa Dog” 45, The Residents are putting out the Ultimate Box Set which includes practically everything they’ve ever done and more, even a replica of one of the eyeball masks!

On Christmas Day, the set—it all comes packed inside of a 28 cubic ft. refrigerator—will go on sale at The Residents website. The $100,000 package includes the first issue of every Residents album, 45, CD, CD-ROM, video and DVD in the group’s 40-year career—even the stuff on dead formats, I’d guess—including the festive 2012 Residents’ Christmas single.

“Have a bake sale. Break open those penny jars. Sell a goddamn kidney if you have to,” Residents lead singer “Randy” suggests in the infomercial.

The Residents are selling just ten of these “box sets.” If all ten sell, that’ll add up to one million dollars for “Randy,” “Chuck” and “Bob.” There’s even a special “mystery box” edition that sells for, gulp, $5 million.

In honor of their 40th anniversary, The Residents will be embarking on their “Wonder of Weird” twenty date tour in January (I saw them on their 13th Anniversary Tour. Christ I’m getting old).

“Randy Rose,” lead singer for The Residents, hosts an infomercial where the group presents its entire catalog of music in an uplifting once-in-a-lifetime offer:

Thank you Chris Campion!

Posted by Richard Metzger
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