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Charles Johnson: Why I Parted Ways with the Right (Part II)
11:12 pm



It was the blog post heard ‘round the world. When Charles Johnson wrote Why I Parted Ways With The Right in the space of a few minutes and posted it on his popular Little Green Footballs blog, he had no idea the firestorm it would set off. Nasty denunciations, death threats and a New York Times magazine feature article later, Charles Johnson joined me for a discussion of the right wing flame war directed at him, the Darwin-hating, know-nothing Creationists and the frenzied insanity (and racism) of the anti-Obama right. Part one is here. In case you are wondering if some of the comments are being removed, they are. Some of them go too far. We didn’t pull them because Charles asked us to. We’ve removed them because they don’t belong here, okay?

Posted by Richard Metzger
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