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Cheerfully INSANE 1967 Kentucky Fried Chicken TV commercials
10:51 am


Colonel Sanders
Cheerfully INSANE 1967 Kentucky Fried Chicken TV commercials

Nothing says savory, fried chicken goodness quite like a forced interrogation of Colonel Sanders, right? At least that’s what some Don Draper convinced the KFC chain’s founder for this pretty out there TV spot: Associate your food with paranoia!

Good thing they passed up on water-boarding him, they’d have probably gotten the Colonel’s secret recipe out of him, pronto.

And then there’s this one, does anything say “Relax, take it easy and serve the family some fried chicken tonight!” quite like air raid sirens and a finger beckoning you to get into a manhole that opens up in your kitchen? I didn’t think so.

And of course, there’s nothing that sells savory chicken goodness quite like implied nudity in this Lady Godiva-themed spot.

If a naked woman on a horse rode up to you, wouldn’t you do exactly what the obviously sexually hypnotized Colonel Sanders did and provide her with some finger-lickin’ good processed meat product nourishment? Of course you would.

Cleopatra may have bathed in fresh milk, but she sure loved her some KFC!

Posted by Richard Metzger
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