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Crusader Cat: Jesus Christ People Are Weird
08:54 pm


Crusader Cat is a Christian furry who “crusades” for abstinence and against homosexuality. Meanwhile, he posts confessionals to the net about his foot fetish and actually having sex with his cat. Apparently the Internet just lost its collective shit about this guy.

WikiFur says this about him:

Crusader Cat (a brown house cat) is a fursuiter, amateur artist, writer (mostly stage and screen plays), aspiring actor, who plays the bagpipes. He is a Christian fur known for his fundamentalism, and love of Garfield. Crusader Cat is a zealous Independent Baptist who will only read the King James version of the Bible, despises C.S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia, and opposes Christian rock. He makes stage and screen plays with Biblical themes, anthropomorphic cartoons, and Jack Chick style tracts featuring anthropomorphic characters; he brought some of these tracts with him to Anthrocon. Crusader Cat was introduced to the furry fandom when he was 17, through yiff art. As a result, he became fiercely anti-furry. A couple of years later, after discovering and contacting Christian furries, he became more tolerant of the fandom. In March 2008, he decided that becoming a furry could help him deal with some of his issues regarding sexuality, and he attended Anthrocon 2008. Although he has changed his views on furry fandom, Crusader Cat is still strongly opposed to yiff. Before he discovered the fandom, he had struggled with foot fetishism and bestiality.

He also has an Encyclopedia Dramatica entry.

Note to human race: Really?


Posted by Jason Louv
08:54 pm



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