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Customized cassette tape coffee tables

I definitely do not need this, but goddamn it I want one! The Cassette Tayble is handcrafted with birch hardwood and a “vinyl label that is sealed and protected with a clear epoxy coating.” There are two stainless steel cup holders and the “tape-run folds down to offer a practical storage space for remotes and magazines while amping up the nostalgic look of the cassette tape.”

...we offer custom options to fit your personal style and decor. Be your own furniture DJ and choose from different stains, colors, labels, graphics and legs. If you want a Cassette Tayble built into a bar cart or just want your Tayble to say “Larry’s Jams ‘98”, you name it and we’ll work with you to see your vision through.

I can’t find the pricing for these lovelies, but I bet they ain’t cheap. You can contact the makers of Taybles here to ask them directly.

Update: Here are the prices.




Posted by Tara McGinley
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