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David Bowie bartender
09:02 pm


David Bowie

14 years before he stopped drinking, David Bowie tried his hand at being a mixologist in this photo from 1966.

Did you know there’s a Diamond Dog cocktail?  Well, there is. Combine equal parts of sweet Campari, vermouth, Roses lime juice and fresh squeezed orange juice. Serve on the rocks. It was created at the George V Hotel in Paris, France.

Here’s the recipe for the Ziggy Stardust:

4 parts vodka. 1 part violette liqueur. Dash of orange bitter. 1/2 part Goldschläger. Ground cinnamon. Stir first two ingredients with bitters over ice and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Light a small glass of Goldshläger and pour over the drink.  Dust the flame with cinnamon and serve.

Posted by Marc Campbell
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